Liv Morgan Update

WWE: “Liv Morgan Has A Concussion”

WWE has confirmed that Liv Morgan suffered a concussion during the six-woman tag team match last night on Raw. As noted, Morgan was caught by two Yes Kicks by Brie Bella – the first of which caught her and looked like it knocked her out. As a result, she began slumping forward and was caught by a second kick. Morgan still was able to convince a ringside WWE doctor to let her get back in the ring and she was involved in one last spot before the match ended. WWE’s statement on the matter reads as follows:

“Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive wellness program.”

Morgan must now pass concussion testing and because of the varying nature of these types of injuries, it is unclear when she is back in action. Normally, passing any sort of concussion testing would take a minimum of one week. Based on reports, she is doing “okay” but was having trouble remembering details.

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