WWE Bismarck House Show Results

WWE Live Event Results (6/30): Bismarck, North Dakota

WWE ran the Bismarck Event Center in Bismarck, North Dakota this weekend for a RAW brand house show.

eWrestling.com reader Travis Tolsedt sent along the following results from the show.


There were storms in the area last night and I know that for the show on the 29th (Rapid City?), a couple of superstars ended up missing their flights. (Baley, Sasha)

This is a 10,000 seat arena, I would say that attendance was about 2,000-2,500, I can get an exact number next week, I know someone who works for the arena.

Before the show they had the crowd vote to watch clips from 1 of 3 Wrestlemania 34 matches, the choices were; the IC title match, the Rousey match, and Charolette vs Asuka. the winning vote was the Rousey match at 60%.

Bobby Lashley def Jinder Mahal in ~15 min

* Crowd was really into this match

* Jinder was accompanied by Sunil Singh who still had a neck brace on.

* Jinder was pushing his new “Peace” gimmick super hard and was getting loud boos from the crowd.

* Lots of interference from Singh throughout the match

* Lashley finally getting the pin after doging a clothesline from Jinder that ended up hitting Singh

Baley and Natalya def Riot Squad (Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan) in ~15 min

* This was a pretty great match, as far as effort from the talent and crowd reaction, I’d say best match of the night in my opinion.

* Baley was probably the most over person of the night, she was being cheered by everyone, gave away about 6 or 7 different merch items and hugged about 10 little girls, if she was supposed to turn heel last week, it did not show at this event at all.

* Not sure what it is currently like on TV but Natalya didn’t start selling her knee until about halfway though the match.

* About 3 or 4 minutes into the match the Riot Squad started working over Natalya pretty hard Baley kept trying to get the hot tag but was unsuccessful for about 8 minutes.

* I thought that maybe Baley would “snap” or have some type of anger issue and get DQ’d or something but she did end up eventually getting the hot tag with a huge pop and just squashed the Riot Squad until she got the pin on Liv Morgan.

* After the match the crowd cheered on Bailey and she kissed Natalya’s knee.

* Natalya sold her knee and Bailey proceeded to take selfies, sign autographs, and hug every child in the front row.

Matt Hardy def Mojo Rawley in ~10 min


* Hardy was not accompanied by Bray Wyatt (He was not on the show)

* This match was a lot quieter aside from some “delete” and “Twist of Fate” chants

* Matt must be having some back problems because it seems that he just doesn’t have very much range of motion there.

* Matt ended up winning with a Twist of Fate.

Elias Segment

* He played guitar for a pretty long time before he said anything, much longer than I have seen on TV.

* His promo dissing the town was pretty generic, not as creative, more of a (insert town name here) type song.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Roode def. Elais and Baron Corbin in ~15min

* 5 minutes of Elais and Corbin arguing about who goes in first to fight Braun, Elias went first.

* Lots of loud cheers for Strowman, “Get these Hands” chants.

* Strowman tossed Elias around for a bit before tagging in Roode

* Elias and Corbin worked over Roode for 5 or 6 minute before Braun got the hot tag and ended up pinning corbin.

AOP def Titus Worldwide and Heath Slater/Rhyno in ~10 min

* Dana Brook entered with Titus Worldwide but immediately went backstage after their entrance.

* This crowd was really into Rhyno, a lot of ECW chants.

* Looks like they played on it pretty well and waited to tag in Rhyno until the very end.

* Rhyno had a small hot tag but eventually missed a gore on one of the AOP and they ended up pinning him.

Alexa Bliss def Sasha Banks and Retains the Raw Womens Championship in ~15 min

* Sasha might have had a wardrobe malfunction, it was tough to tell but the match ended very suddenly and she was holding her hand to her chest and went straight to the back when it was over, barely addressed the crowd.

* Sasha had about 1/3 of the cheers that Bailey had.

* Crowd was not into this at all

* This was a very lazy match, there was a lot of Alexa just throwing Sasha out of the ring for 9 counts.

* So much standing around in this match.

* You could tell this was being called on the fly, perhaps because Sasha missed her flight the night before and they didn’t have much time to prepare?

* After a couple small comebacks from Sasha, the match ended with a quick rollup where Alexa was pulling Sasha’s tights.

* No interference from Bailey no sign that Sasha might be heel either, she was handing out merch before the match too.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns def. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre in ~30 min

* Being from Bismarck I was surprised to see Roman being Booed by about 40% of the crowd, I thought almost everyone would be cheering him.

* This match was one of the slowest starting matches I have ever seen, slower than Omega vs. Okada at Dominion. I feel that these guys might have been trying to buy time from the women’s match being cut short.

* There were about 10 minutes of locks and holds to start the match I think everyone got a turn to have control of someone and bring them to the floor/back up again.

* The crowd was absolutely dead except for when Roman would get tagged in.

* The chemistry between McIntyre and Reigns was great those two worked great together in this match

* Eventually, Ziggler and Mcintyre started working over Rollins which built to Reigns getting a hot tag and a huge pop followed by long boos.

* Reigns went for his superman punch about 10 times and finally hit one on McIntyre, but didnt get the pin and Ziggler/McIntyre started working him over.

* The match actually ended with Rollins getting a tag and the curb stomp on McIntyre for the pin.

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