WWE Live Event Results (9/7/16) – London, England

WWE Live in London, 7th September 2016, Live Report:

Results by: Jamie Butler, rajah.com reader

Barely a spare seat in the house, so had to be upwards of 15,000 jam packed into the o2.

Show started a couple of minutes late, most unlike WWE from past experiences!

Match #1: The New Day defeat Gallows & Anderson to retain the Raw WWE Tag Team titles. New Day come out to a huge pop from kids and grown-ups alike. These guys are goofy but they’re such great fun, spirit-lifters for sure.
As for the match, early chants of “Festus” directed at Gallows. Very entertaining and once New Day got their trombone/twerking antics out of the way, a good contest emerged. The champs retained with the Midnight Hour.
Just a shame we didn’t get to hear Woods, Kingston or Big E on the mic!

Match #2: Neville defeats Bo Dallas (with Curtis Axel). With Dallas recently returned with a new mean streak against England’s own Neville, tough one to call. Really competitive contest, surprised just how good a performer Neville is – also easy to see why he’s had injury problems! Neville finishes it with the ever-impressive Red Arrow. Post-match, Neville says he’s proud to compete around the world as an Englishman and gave a shout-out to his mum in the front row.

Before the next contest, ring announcer Jo-Jo gives a special shout-out to Saracens rugby team for their achievements in rugby league this year, awarding them with a special championship belt.

Match #3: Braun Strowman defeats Goldust. Have seen Strowman before, and he really is bigger than he appears, built like a brick wall. Goldust gets a good reaction, deservedly so, and starts off with some good offence before falling victim to Braun’s Cobra bear hug.

Match #4: The Big Show defeats The Shining Stars. Primo & Epico cut a promo beforehand about why they are great and London is not, but were drowned out by chants of “what?” and “who are ya”. The chants continue during the match, including “Big Show’s gonna kill you”, “Big Show’s gonna eat you” and “easy, easy, easy” with Show dominating from start to finish. Big Show always comes across as a true gentle giant and the kids absolutely love him. A great servant and a vital part of any show no pun intended, even aged 44.

Match #5: Cesaro defeats Sheamus in the 4th of a Best-of-7 Series. Longest match so far, good exchanges towards the end sees an inevitable win for Cesaro via a roll-up to prolong the series. Very good technical contest that we’ve seen before from these two.

Before heading to the interval, Jo-Jo asks who wants a signed photo of Roman Reigns. This is greeted by loud boos from many, to which Jo-Jo cannot help but laugh.

Match #6: Charlotte defeats Sasha Banks to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Good 10-15min match, lots of back-and-forth action, considering this was Sasha’s first match back from injury, she looked like she’d never been away. Roll-up win for Charlotte with a hook of the tights.

Match #7. Roman Reigns defeats Chris Jericho. Pre-match Jericho cuts a promo dissing London and the people, who continue to cheer for him in spite of being called the “anus of England” and “plonkers”. Reigns comes out to a 50-50 reaction, followed by the old “let’s go Roman, Roman sucks” chant. Best match of the night technically, lots of near falls and big moves, top stuff.

Match #8. Kevin Owens defeats Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn to retain the WWE Universal Championship. Three outstanding athletes with a superb Triple Threat main event – Rollins arguably the best and most interesting of the three. Owens inevitably gets the win with the Power bomb on Zayn after 20 minutes. After the match, Rollins & Zayn clean house and shake hands to send the fans home happy!

Overall, 8.5 out of 10 for me. Just missing that star quality in the form of a Cena, Orton, Rock, Lesnar or Undertaker which would have made it special. The crowd deserved one of these five to be present. Chicago house show in a few weeks has Orton vs. Lesnar as main event, so irritated that London gets overlooked in this regard.
Highlights were New Day, Neville, Big Show, Jericho and the last two matches.

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