WWE Live Event Results – December 10, 2022 – Saginaw, Michigan

Mike Rome host and ring announcer for the night.
The OC (Gallows, Anderson, and Mia Yim  vs Dominik Mysterio, Damien Priest, Rhea Ripley w/Finn Balor
Judgment Day’s entrance is bad ass in person.   JD are starting to become the “cool heels” and got a lot of cheers.   Most of the match was Karl Anderson getting worked over.  Finn Balor did the heel trip of Gallows and then the second time he got booted back to the dressing room.   End was Mia Yim did the suicide dive onto Rhea to hold her from interferring while Dom got worked over.   Finish was the Magic Killer on Dom after about 15 minutes.   Solid opener.
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championshp
Damage Control (c) vs Asuka and Alexa Bliss
Surprisingly I thought this was kind of a sloppy match.  Not a lot of crisp moves by Kai.  Hopefully by working house shows can clean up some of those.   Most of the match was Asuka getting worked over.   High spot was Bliss getting the hot tag and doing the doub
boole DDT on Kai and Sky.   Finish was Bliss getting knocked outside and then Asuka getting double teamed with the referee’s back turned and Sky pinning Asuka with a rollup.
The Miz vs Dexter Lumis
Miz entered with his TV robe and telling us what a “D” city Saginaw is and how he is an “A lister” and isn’t sure what he is doing here.   He is great at getting heat and getting the crowd riled up.   After about 7-8 minutes of his schtick he started to leave.  Proceeded about 3/4 up the ramp when Lumis intercepted him and chased him back to the ring.   Lumis did not get a lot of crowd reaction and didn’t even get an introduction.   Slow match with Lumis mostly on offense.  Miz had the Figure 4 on Lumis which was eventually reversed.  End was Miz tapping out to Lumis’ submission after about 10 minutes.
Bobby Lashley vs Omos w/MVP
A lot of the match was Lashley getting knocked outside and then MVP hitting Lashley with his cane a few times.  Not of lot of “wrestling” as you would expect.   A few tests of strength and very few near falls.   Omos and Lashley were battling outside when Omos used the chair for the DQ after about 7 minutes.
Alpha Academy vs Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens
As Chad Gable entered the stage he stated how poorly educated people in Saginaw are and couldn’t wait to leave.   Johnny Gargano came out and then Kevin Owens entered to perhaps the biggest pop of the night.   JG, AA, and KO all grabbed signs from the ring siders and held them up getting the typical “yay” and “boo” from the crowd.  First 5 minutes was a lot of comedy.   However, Gable and Otis did have some near falls and as you would anticipate nice mat wrestling from CG.   Gargano was worked over pretty good, got the hot tag to Owens.   Owens cleared Otis out of the ring.  Gargano hit his finisher on Gable for the pin after 14 minutes.
Raw Women’s Championship
Bianca Belair (c)  vs Bayley
Bayley did a lot of old school 80’s heel stalling at the beginning of the match.  Getting interaction from the crowd to draw some heat.   Bayley hit the Bayley to belly for near fall about 10 minutes in.    Bianca tried the backwards legs on the rope followed by the somersault dive which Bayley got her legs up for.   Not a real fast match.  Bianca went to the top rope with Bayley down.   Damage Control came out to knock her off but then were chased off by Asuka and Alexa Bliss.  Bayley tried do gain momentum back, but Bianca reversed and hit the KOD for the pin after 13 minutes.
United States Championship
Austin Theory (c) vs Seth Rollins
Crowd was really into the Burn it down theme and sang along before the match and started it on their own during it.   The guys brawled through the crowd, which was nice to see for a change.   Did the ref bump spot and then Rollins hit the pedigree.   After a minute or so a different referee came running out only for Theory to kick out at 2.   Theory attempted to leave but Rollins chased him up the ramp and threw him back in.  Low blow to Rollins with the replacement referee’s back turned followed by the A Town finisher after 18 minutes.  After the match, Theory told us how he “told us so” which was followed by Rollins hitting the curb stomp to end the show on a happy note.
Overall, a very solid show which was fun and entertaining.   Nice to see a lot of the stars here.   I am surprised they had the heel go over in the main event.   I thought it would be a count out or DQ finish to not make the babyface look weak because obviously they weren’t going to switch the title.
Attendance:  3,200
Tom Skulley

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