WrestleMania 35 Update

WWE Looking At “Unique” Venue For WrestleMania 35 Week

— According to a report at pwinsider.com, WWE officials visited The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts this week, a NYC complex that houses the Metropolitan Opera, The New York Philharmonic, The New York Ballet and more in different theaters. The company was there looking at their historic venues for potential use during Wrestlemania week in 2019.

— The report adds that while WWE has yet to find a home for the annual AXXESS event, it appears unlikely that the Lincoln Center is being sourced for that as the theatrical style layout of the Center is not going to work for an event like AXXESS, which is more of a convention style gathering. As such, the guess is that WWE officials are looking at the Lincoln Center for another reason, perhaps even a yet-to-be-announced event for next year.

— The Lincoln Center is a reasonable distance to the Barclays Center, which is scheduled to be the site for WWE’s other events around WrestleMania with the actual PPV being held at MetLife Stadium, also a short 20 minute or so drive to Lincoln Center.

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