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WWE Modifying Names of Title Belts, News on Stephanie McMahon’s Book

– WWE will be slightly changing the naming on some of their belts.  The main title on Raw will be referred to as the “Universal Title” and on Smackdown, it will be called the “World Title”.  The Intercontinental and US title belts will remain the same.   The former WWE tag team championship and WWE women’s championship are now going to be called the “Raw Women’s Championship” and the “Raw Tag Team Championship”.  The reason for dropping “WWE” from the titles is that it would in theory make the Smackdown titles seem less important since it would only have the brand name attached to it rather than a company name.  

– Stephanie McMahon’s upcoming book has been delayed.  Originally scheduled to release this year, Stephanie recently stated that it will now be out on bookshelves next year and the reason it isn’t on sale this month is because she has so much more to share. 

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