WWE Monday Night Raw Go-Home Live Results (August 29, 2022): PPG Paints Arena – Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. Tonight’s go-home edition of Raw, ahead of Saturday afternoon’s Clash at the Castle, airs LIVE from Pittsburgh–home of intensity, integrity, and intelligence. Don’t forget–the final NXT UK event and the merging of NXT + NXT UK takes place this Sunday afternoon at Worlds Collide!

Our official preview for tonight’s show has dropped. Riddle & Rollins will come face-to-face tonight; Kurt Angle returns to Pittsburgh, the host of tonight’s program; we’ve got two matches announced, too. United States Champion Bobby Lashley will take on the Miz–and where the Miz goes, Dexter Lumis seemingly follows. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah take on Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky (with Bayley, of course) in the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament finals. Also set for tonight are the Usos & Sami Zayn from SmackDown, who’ll also help hype this Friday’s celebration for the two-year anniversary of Roman’s current reign.

So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here for our shortened, quick recap!

WWE Monday Night Raw Go-Home Live Results (August 29, 2022)


Tag Team Match: AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler vs the Judgment Day

We open with commentary–Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves–welcoming us to the Steel City. We start with the Phenomenal One’s entrance and get a video recapping last week’s big match in Toronto that saw Edge defeat Damian Priest in his first match in his hometown in over a decade. The video shows The Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley & Finn Bálor hit the ring to end the segment–but were held at bat by a ringside Beth Phoenix, who smartly hit the ring with a steel chair to make the save. Out next are their opponents for tonight, and the crowd boos loudly for the Judgment Day as one-by-one they’re cued up by their music and the lighting. Rhea Ripley escorts her faction to the ring and they soak in all the boos, real and digital.

Ziggler starts us off, taking us into the commercial break as the Judgment Day slowly asserts its control over the veteran. When we return from the break, the Phenomenal One takes the hot tag and begins to clear house. In an…unusual…moment, Priest pops Styles up and Styles hits the brakes to avoid from crashing into Finn on the apron, as if it were his partner. Styles sets up a Styles Clash on Priest and follows it up with a Calf Crusher, nearly getting the submission win. Finn pushes the rope in slightly, allowing Priest to grab hold of it. Ziggler and Styles work together for a beautiful roll-up spot in which Ziggler nearly picks up the win–but the ref is inadvertently distracted checking on Styles. Priest hits the South of Heaven on the upset and distracted superstar to pick up the win!
Your Winners, the Judgment Day!

After the Match: “the Rated-R Superstar” Edge is Here!

We see a vehicle on the tron and out of it pops Edge! The crowd pops as he storms inside the arena. The Judgment Day take note and retreat back to the ring, deciding to make a stand, and we head to break! When we return, the trio are in the ring and get on the mic, calling out Edge. Priest taunts Edge, stating he doesn’t have Toronto’s hometown “man” or his wife–WWE Hall of Famer Beth Legend–to back him up and, again, calls out Edge. Ede comes on out, mic in hand! Edge addresses the faction and tells them that he came back to teach them, but their egos were too big and got in the way. He points out yeah, they’re not in Toronto–wait for the cheap pop–but “we’re in Pittsburgh.” He then states he’s comfortable enough “in my masculinity to admit Beth and I both wear pants int he family. Because it is 2022, stop being a caveman. You’ll be single for the rest of your life. And Beth is a bad ass. Rhea, (you) best keep your hand to yourself or you’re going to find out. Now Priest, last week, you and I went to war. And I beat you. So now I am standing here, all by myself, while the three of you are in that ring looking all angry and emo because you couldn’t score tickets to the My Chemical Romance tour, telling me I’ve got to ‘face my judgment day,’ whatever that means!”
He continues. “But guess what–here’s what you didn’t’ learn all those months, sitting under my learning treat. You didn’t pay attention. Because,” he states as he climbs on the apron, “I didn’t come here alone.” The Mysterios attack with kendo sticks! Edge sends Priest to the outside after Priest takes some shots from Dom. Rey and Finn battle around the ring with a kendo, leaving mullet-wanna-be Dom with Rhea in the ring. He holds a kendo as Rhea tells him to put it down, taunting him, and the crowd wake sup for this. He almost begs her off, telling her he doesn’t want to do it and she comes too close–he starts to strike but stops. Rhea and Dom look like they’re both about to laugh at this segment. Rhea continues to taunt Dom, daring him to put down the kendo stick as he continues to circle her in the ring, keeping his distance. She again tries to placate him and he seems to fall for it–allowing Rhea to grab his kendo by the tip. The crowd boos and she disarms him! Edge & Rey slide in simultaneously and Rhea backs up, daring them to come at her while she wields the kendo. Finn & Damian then pull her out of the ring, dragging her back to end our segment and proving–she’s got the biggest balls of ’em all.

Six-Woman Trios Match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Local Talent

Katie Ark–not getting the spelling or competitor names right due to lack of title card–but our trio, set to take on Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky, have a short yet fun match with the local enhancement talent. Asuka, Belair and Bliss each take a turn on offense against the enhancement talent, pairing up with various, unnamed talent. Each hits their key moves while lightly toying with Katie Arch–Ark, Arque, whatever–being the only name we really get, and the most of the offense for her weak team. The match is quickly put over when Belair hits the KOD and Asuka taps out poor Katie Surname quickly to pick up the easy win and “send a message” to their opponents this weekend.
Your Winners, Belair, Bliss & Asuka!

Belair, Bliss & Asuka Address Future Opponents Bayley, Kai & Sky

The Trio cut a quick promo with each woman taking a turn on the mic to taunt their opponents this weekend. Asuka informs us nobody is ready for Bianca, Alexa, or Asuka.

Backstage Interview: the Miz and Ciampa Address Dexter Lumis, Bobby Lashley

We cut backstage where the Miz is informed the police released Dexter Lumis, largely in part because the Miz will not publicly speak on the incident. The Miz again refuses to make a comment, then complains about having to face Lashley later tonight. We head to break.

In the Ring: Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence. Shoosh.

Angle comes out to hype this weekend’s Clash at the Castle when he’s shooshed by Chad Gable & Otis–the Alpha Academy! We cut to break. When we return, Gable shooshes the crowd and praises Angle for winning his Olympic Gold Medal 26 years ago. Angle reminds them that he did it “with a broken freakin’ neck.” Gable chuckles and the crowd pops. Gable states that the Academy is looking for new members and he was going to hold his open challenge, but there’s none amongst “these mouth breathers we’re looking at right now.” Cheap boos, but they linger! Ouch, the crowd took that one personal! Gable demands that they show respect because there’s an Olympic-caliber athlete in the ring…and Kurt Angle. He then asks Angle to accept, “for one night only, as our newest member! Kurt, we’re happy to have ya! Otis, hit him with the jacket! A-thank yew!” When he finally shuts up to allow Kurt to talk, he states he’ll pass and tosses their jacket down. Gable and Otis are shocked. “Um, ex-squeeze me? Baking Powder? It sounds like you just turned down the single greatest one-night-offer in history. Tell me you did not say no. Tell me that is not true.” Angle starts to reply–“oh it’s true” but is interrupted by Gable. Gable goes on to threaten bodily harm for rejecting their invitation but the Street Profits hit the ring wearing Steeler-stylized jerseys. They challenge the Academy to a match and that’s coming up after this word from their sponsors!

Tag Team Match: the Street Profits w/ Kurt Angle vs the Alpha Academy

Apologies for the shorter coverage of this match; due to incriminate weather, we’ve experienced some technical difficulties. The Street Profits continue the recent trend of showcasing a more physical side, especially with the future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins who’s been a bit more aggressive under the Triple H regime. The action goes way of the Alpha Academy early on as they’re “fighting for Olympic Gold” per Corey Graves. Ford gets a hot tag and cleans house, and eventually the Profits put away the Academy for the win. Post match, the Profits poured a drink for Angle–who immediately spit it out and shared, instead, some ice, cold milk with the winning duo then the crowd as he made his way out to a great pop. We head to break.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!

Split-Screen Interview: Corey Graves with Rollins and Riddle, Face-to-Face…-ish

We get a pre-recorded (earlier today) video of Riddle showing up to the arena, as does Seth Rollins. Both men begin to jaw in the parking lot and start to disrobe down to fight. Security and refs separate the two. Finally we see Corey Graves in the mock-ring setup for special interviews backstage. We then see Riddle and Rollins on split screen from different locations in the arena. Not so much a “face-to-face” as a “side-by-side.” Rollins accuses Riddle of “creeping” around outside his bus. The two exchange barbs and Rollins accuses Riddle for being the reason why Rollins has constantly targeted Riddle. Graves asks them what to expect this weekend; Rollins tells him “I’m Seth Freakin’ Rollins, baby, I’m gonna steal the show!” Riddle calls him a little bitch and threatens to beat his ass until Rollins gets up. Riddle is censored with beeps as he threatens to “f—” up Seth Rollins. Riddle angrily stormed off and Jimmy Smith apologized for the “language that aired.” He threatens to show Riddle who the Man around here really is. Riddle retorts “I’m going to prove to you there is only one Man in your marriage, bro, and that’s Becky Lynch.” Burn! We end our segment.

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs the Miz w/ Ciampa

Backstage, Ciampa & the Miz are shown walking. They approach security and the Miz pauses, leery and weary of Dexter Lumis. We head to break as Ciampa encourages the Miz to let it go. The match runs about ten minutes, during which Ciampa repeatedly attempts to interfere on behalf of the Miz. We go to break and return as the Almighty One finds himself in danger when the Miz connects with a Skull-Crushing Finale! He’s distracted by Dexter Lumis, shown way up in the fan section adjusting his gloves. The Miz lets this, and an attempt to play “Where’s Waldo” with Ciampa as he attempts to find Lumis, allows Lashley to pick up the win with the Hurt Lock.
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage: Kurt Angle and Edge; the Mysterios

Kurt Angle is shown backstage when Edge comes up with a bunch mounted pictures on cardboard. First, Kurt states he won’t “fall for that one again” but after reviewing the first poster with a photo, he feels there’s nothing wrong with entertaining a trip down memory lane. Edge holds the back to the camera and from the second picture onward, Edge has statements tied to each of the photos–moments from their battles together, ranging from “sorry I shaved your head” to “sorry I started the ‘you suck’ chant” and “sorry I beat you for the US title.” Haha. Angle doesn’t discover it until after Edge leaves and he shows the Mysterios the slides–and realizes there’s a message on the back. Rey and Dom reaffirm they’ve got each others backs and end our segment.

The Bloodline-Lite Come To Raw, Kevin Owen Welcomes The Ones

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos, along with honorary-Uce Sami Zayn, are here tonight to flex their muscle ahead of this Friday’s celebration–Roman Reigns has crossed the two-year mark for his Universal Championship run. The trio come out as Corey Graves questions when “the honorary-Uce” Sami Zayn can get his own graphic (for entrances, the 3D-CGI bit). We’re treated to clips during their entrance from Friday, when McIntyre defeated Zayn in singles competition–only to take a beatdown from the entire Bloodline. We cut to the ring. Jimmy and Jey hype the celebration this Friday as Roman will cross the 730-day mark as Universal Champion later this week. They invite the viewing audience and Raw brand to a big celebration. Sami Zayn interrupts, adding “something that’ll make this celebration even bigger if you can believe it…is that the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, has personally appointed me as the master of ceremonies for the night!” He starts to state what an honor it is and Jimmy glares at him, shutting him up. He then hypes the Usos, spokesman style, calling them the most dominant tag team in the history of the WWE and introduces the Undisputed WWE Tag champs. Jey states that nothing changes, which means “the Bloodline is running both shows.” Jimmy states Drew will beat Roman but is interrupted by Kevin Owens!
He gets on the mic> “First of all, the Bloodline doesn’t run anything on Monday nights because I’ve made it clear these past few weeks that Raw is still the Kevin Owens show. But I’m glad you guys are here so I get the opportunity to remind you tot ell your boss, Roman Reigns, that he–as far Is I’m concerned–he still owes me one.” Jimmy asks Sami, “is this your boy right here?” Kevin asks, “Am I your boy, Sami?” Zayn mentions, yes, technically, he’s his boy. “Yeah? You better get him before I do,” Uce adds, and KO echoes. Zayn attempt to de-escalate things. “So Kev, here’s the thing, buddy. …Roman Reigns doesn’t owe you or anybody anything ever. Okay? SO that’s how it is.” Sami’s got the hair and beard growing long by the by. “Sami, man, I didn’t know you could find a way to make yourself look stupider than when you grew that insane hair out, right? Yet every single week you manage to by running around with these guy and letting them treat you the way they do. Seriously, I mean it, I’m generally sad to see that you’ve forgotten the fact that you are absolutely one of the greatest in ring performers of all time. All time. And now you’re reduced to being the Bloodline’s personal clown and it’s pathetic.” Owens tells Zayn he considers him like a brother and tells him to look in the mirror an reassess things, see what he’s become. The Usos glare at Zayn, testing his loyalty. He gets on the mic and tells KO that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, comparing him to “people online sending me that stupid meme, ‘oh he think he on the team.'” He then states the Usos like him and does a special handshake with Jimmy Uso and Jey.
He refers to Jey, who does nothing, and states “well…we’re working on it. And most importantly, (Roman Reigns) likes me. That’s why he invited me to his personal dressing room.” He states it was the four of them as the Bloodline who dropped Drew McIntyre. The Usos threaten to drop him the way they did Drew if he doesn’t go. KO turns his back, thinks about it, then gets on the mic. “You know Jey, I really don’t care about what you did to Drew McIntyre. What I really do care about though is what you did to me. Don’t think I forgot the fact that you and Paul Heyman are the only reason I didn’t beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Title and put an end to his title reign 18 months ago. And you know what, on Friday, you can celebrate…two years of you having your head shoved nice and tight up your cousin’s ass.” Sami again tries to de-escalate, and the Usos warn him to “get his boy.” Sami warns KO that the way he’s talking right now is “begging for Jey Uso (here) to kick your ass.” KO smiles. “Yeah? Then know what, Jey, I think this is the part where we drop the microphones, get a referee out here, and just fight, isn’t it?” He drops his mic and the crowd pops for him. A ref–Brad Maddox I think–makes his way out and it’s official–after this break!

Singles Match: Kevin Owens vs Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso & Sami Zayn

We return from break and KO starts off in charge as commentary praises his recently-adopted, more aggressive style–a trend amongst our stars it seems. Owens is praised for his recent attack and hospitalization of Ezekiel, who’s still in a coma (don’t worry, it’s reported Elrod keeps constant vigil) and Graves reminds us of “Main Event” Jey Uso’s status as a singles competitor and his title as the Main Event one. Owens gives way to Jey briefly but quickly sends Jey to the corner and hits his Cannonball, smooshing Jey and sending him outside. Sami Zayn watches from ringside, as does Jimmy, and commentary discuss the possibly inner turmoil as Zayn’s pulled between loyalties. Jimmy distracts KO long enough for Jey to rally and hit a Superkick, then a Samoan Drop, on the steel steps, sending us to another break moments into our match! We return and find Jey in charge, looking to fire off a Superplex from the bottom-right corner. Owens fights him off and hits a huge Senton off the top to nearly pick up the win. Owens counters a Superkick with one of his own and looks for the pop-up sit-out powerbomb but Frog Splash avoids it and hits a Superkick! Jey rushes up top and hits the Uso Splash, hooking the leg and counting with the ref–but only to two! Sami argues with the ref and we get replays in slow-mo of that beautiful Uso Splash.
Jey goes for one more but Owens is ready for it and gets the knees up! Owens with a Superkick to Jey; another for Jimmy who jumps on the apron! Owens climbs up top and hits his Frog Splash for a close two! Jey flees to the outside and Owens follows, where Sami Zayn stands between him and Jey. The two argue and it sets up a Suicide Dive from Jey to wipe out KO at ringside. Jimmy and Jey then tell Sami at ringside to get a chair. He hesitates and they shove him and order him tor get one. Jimmy distracts the ref by standing on the apron while Jey restrains KO on the middle rope. Sami hesitates and doesn’t hit his friend with the chair! The ref eventually takes notice and KO is forgotten–just long enough to quickly recover, hit a Stunner on Jey Uso and roll out the ring to escape! Sami and Jimmy hit the ring just a split second too late to make the save!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

In the Parking Lot: the Miz and Ciampa

The Miz is hauling ass to his SUV and Ciampa tries to catch up with him, telling him he shouldn’t be going home, and should be cautious, et cetera. The Miz insists he’s fine and Ciampa walks off. Interviewer Jonathan walks up and startles the Miz, who refuses to answer and hops in his Wagoneer–driving off without realizing Dexter Lumis is in the back cargo area, his face barely lit by a small light as the Miz drives us off to a commercial break.

Earlier Today: Johnny Gargano Interviewed; Theory Shows Up

We return from break and find Gargano in the empty arena. He’s asked about Theory and states it sucked, but wrestling is in his blood and he’s ready to be back. Theory comes up and sits and asks Gargano why he never called Theory when Theory got called up, when Theory competed at WrestleMania, became the youngest Mr> Money in the Bank/United States Champion. He states Gargano was jealous and “too busy playing dad.” He then states it’s “true what they say. It’s lonely at the top. Welcome to Raw. (Because) you know what, good luck–you’re swimming with sharks now.”

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals:
Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley

We get a video package hyping the tournament, with Corey Graves narrating it and lending a bit of that overly-used “big fight feel” to the match. After the video we return to the arena and see the titles, on a podium, and it’s time to crown new WWE Women’s tag champs! For the first time in the months, the straps will have a home. Dakota Kai & Raquel Rodriguez share a unique NXT accolade–two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions and one of these two will make history as the first-ever woman to hold NXT & WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship gold. Out first are Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky, accompanied by Bayley. We head to break ahead of our main event match! When we return, Raquel & Aliyah are out and pose together on the ramp. We get official announcements after a lot of hype and Raquel starts us off on a lengthy stretch in the ring, taking abuse from both Kai & Sky as the duo show some impressive teamwork early on. Backstage, Nikki A.S.H., Doudrop, Tamina, & Dana Brooke are all shown watching backstage. Kai & Sky use quick tags to keep Raquel off-balance, and the younger Aliyah shows her rookie status-and is chastised by Graves for “having fun”–leading to the heels taking a commanding lead and sending us to a break. Kai & Sky use quick tags to keep Raquel off-balance, and the younger Aliyah shows her rookie status-and is chastised by Graves for “having fun”–leading to the heels taking a commanding lead and sending us to a break. We return and the match takes an odd turn, with the ninety seconds seeing a confusing, almost semi-breakdown in the match. The dominant Kai & Sky fail to notice a basic tag, setting up a sudden Aliyah roll-up victory to crown new champs. Rodriguez gets a very unique distinction and honor in being the first woman to hold NXT and WWE women’s tag team gold.
Your Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah!

Post-Match Celebration

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss all come out to congratulate the new champs, who celebrate in the ring to end our program. Kind of an awkward finish and ending. But that’s not what you pay me for, folks, so let’s wrap things up for the night.

In Closing

Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night the go-home edition of NXT 2.0 ahead of this weekend’s huge Worlds Collide event, Sunday afternoon! If you’ve missed out on the word, NXT UK has its final champs as the promotion comes to an end–and this Sunday, they’re fighting their NXT equivalents in a bunch of fun title unification bouts! Until then, y’all have a great night and stay safe out there.



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