WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 17, 2022): Paycom Ctr. – Oklahoma City, OK

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. Our official preview dropped earlier today and set up a plethora of events. Elias–you might remember him as the older brother of currently-injured Superstar, Ezekiel and trainer of his other brother, Elrod–will make his return to Raw.
But not to be outdone, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar will return, too, after attacking Bobby Lashley last week–and costing him his United States title. Speaking of the strap, Seth Rollins will defend his newly-acquired title against old foe Matt Riddle. We’ll also have Gallows & Anderson in action against the Alpha Academy! Last but never least, Dexter Lumis will finally face off with The Miz. If Lumis wins, he’ll get a Raw contract. We’ll have more build-up towards the next Crown Jewel event in a few weeks.


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 17, 2022): Paycom Ctr. – Oklahoma City, OK


Bobby Lashley Calls Out Brock Lesnar

We start our program as Lashley is mid-promo, calling out Lesnar, demanding if he’s got a “damn problem” with him to come on out and fight with him in front of Oklahoma. Lesnar’s music plays and out comes “Cowboy” Brock! At 8:02pm the two begin to brawl at the ringside area, around the south side of the ring and towards the commentary section. Lashley with a Spear to Lesnar through the timekeepers’ area! A couple dozen personnel–security, refs, and Superstars like Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin–separate them and back Lashley up the ramp. At 8:04pm, he escapes, circles the ring as Lesnar rises and spears him across the commentary table! Officials fail to contain him as he puts Lesnar through the damn table! The crowd with a loud “Lashley” chant! Graves exclaims Lesnar’s possibly hurting after the eating spear through the barricade…and across the table…and.a spinebuster through the table, so sounds legit. Lashley warns the staff to get their damn hands off him and we go to break early, at 8:06pm. We return at 8:09pm and Kevin Patrick & Corey Graves hype the announced matches for tonight’s program.

Tag Team Match: Gallows & Anderson w/ AJ Styles vs the Alpha Academy

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are escorted out by AJ Styles–collectively known in their last stint as “The OC”–to their old tron but new music. We get clips rehashing last week’s surprise return by Gallows & Anderson as they aided Styles in fighting the Judgment Day. The Alpha Academy come out and at 8:14pm, we get our bell. Gable starts us off with Anderson but after a few moments, we’re with the big boys–Otis and Luke Gallows. They start to slug it out in the ring and Gallows whips Otis into the corner. Gallows works over Otis in the corner until a back elbow buys Otis but a few seconds’ respite before Gallows back drops him. Anderson is tagged in and battles Otis too close to the Alpha Academy corner, and Gable helps Otis take control. Gallows objects to the ref, only to have Gable take him off the apron the hard way! We head to break at 8:17pm.
Back from the break at 8:20. We return to find Otis & Gable double-teaming Karl Anderson. Otis continues to dominate and tags in Gable. Gable starts strong but fails to contain Anderson, who brings in Gallows. Gallows sends Otis out of the ring and drives Gable hard into the canvas. Gallows & Anderson look for the Magic Killer double-team finisher but Otis makes the save! Gable with a close cover on Anderson as Otis and Gallows brawl outside the ring. Otis is whipped into the steel steps as Gable climbs up top. Gable attempts a Moonsault; Anderson gets the foot up but Gable counters by landing on his feet, grabbing the foot and looking for an ankle lock! Gable almost gets it in but Gallows escapes. Big spinebuster from Gallows. Anderson is tagged in and the Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer! Cover for the three at 8:23!
Your Winners, Gallows & Anderson! (9 minutes)

The Judgment Day Confront the OC

As Styles & Co. celebrate, we hear the all-too-familiar tune from Altar Bridge as the Judgment Day make their way out. Dominik Mysterio, his “Papi” Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest and Finn Bálor make their way out out stand on the stage. Bálor mocks them for their “too sweet” gimmick and mentions he created the (Bullet) Club and he can shut it down, too. Bálor then challenges Styles, Gallows & Anderson–the OC–to a six-man tag at Crown Jewel. Styles accepts and challenges them to a match tonight, if their “mother” (Rhea) will let them come out and play. Dom gets defensive and threatens to have Styles change brands just like his coward dad. Styles takes special exception at that and lays into the youngster, challenging him to a match right here and now. Ripley accepts for Dom; Dom refuses to fight now as he needs to “tape up” and get ready, and says he’ll face AJ “in about an hour.” Styles tells him to go ahead, change his gear, and drink plenty of water “because I”m going to do something your father should’ve done to you…beat the piss outta you!” We end this segment at 8:28pm.

Seth Rollins Addresses the WWE Universe; Mustafa Ali Addresses Seth

The Freakin’ One makes his way out in a bright red suit. He welcomes Oklahoma City to Monday Night Rollins and goes on to re-introduce himself as the visionary, the architect, and the new United States Champion. The crowd sings his song at his request and he soaks it all in. He promises this is the start of a very lengthy reign and he’s got his first defense tonight against Riddle. He wants to address Extreme Rules and the crowd lightly chants “you tapped out.” Seth states he only tapped out for the WWE Universe, because he knew he had a United States title to win forty-eight hours later. He’s interrupted by Mustafa Ali! Ali comes out on the mic, making his way to the ring as he speaks, congratulating Rollins for his win. Rollins exclaims he knew that’s what Ali wanted, happily, until Ali makes a sly comment about Rollins needing Lesnar’s help. Ali states that if Rollins doesn’t want to acknowledge that, that’s okay. He reminds us that Lashley promised Ali the next title shot after Rollins, and Ali wants Rollins to give him a match. Rollins tells Ali to get in the back of the line as he’s got to face Riddle.
He gives him two options: “you can stay out here, party with us….or you can skedaddle out my ring because you don’t belong in a ring with me.” Seth starts to cackle until Ali yanks off Rollins shades. “Nah,” Ali states, “it’s not going down like that. You might be Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins but (I’m) your next freakin’ problem!” Rollins tells Ali he appreciates what he’s trying to do, and he likes Ali–he has a lot of respect in fact, and he praises Ali as being one of the best performers in the WWE. HE praises Ali for being “an even better human being” because he helps out the young guys in the back. “You’re a great friend, you’re a great father, you’re a–” And Rollins proceeds to sucker punch Ali. Huge boos. The crowd sings his theme again and he exclaims “Problem solved, baby, problem solved!” Ali attacks him from behind and the two brawl briefly until Rollins sends Ali’s face into the ring post. Ouch. Rollins yells for his music and leaves up the ramp.

In the Garage: A Limo Arrives…

Just before we go to break, a rather familiar limo drives up. We’ll be back after these words from their sponsors!

Tag Team Match: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs Candice LeRae and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair

Damage CTRL are out first and Bayley is invited to join commentary by Corey Graves. The tag champs pose in the ring and LeRae makes her way out ahead of the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Bayley speaks highly of Candice LeRae, stating she’s an admirer of LeRae and has been since LeRae was on the indies and Bayley was a rookie. Bayley explains that she took offense because LeRae didn’t call her to inform her that she was being called up. The ref calls for our bell at 8:52pm and we start with LeRae and Sky. Sky with a takedown; both women roll, changing positions multiple times as they throw weak rights at each other. LeRae and Sky jockey for control, seemingly equally matched, so LeRae drops Sky with a dropkick and tags in the EST. Belair quickly covers but no joy. Sky tags in Kai and Belair runs her over with a shoulder block. Kai throws a forearm to Belair’s back and drags her into the Damage CTRL corner, allowing Sky to tag in. Both women attempt to double-suplex Belair but the EST escapes and tags in LeRae! Belair hoists LeRae onto her shoulders and uses her like a weapon, battering Sky & Kai. LeRae & Sky fight to the outside. Belair throws Kai over the top and to the outside, where LeRae follows it up with a diving wipe out to send us to break at 8:55!
Back from the break at 8:58pm. We’re informed, and show clips of, Sky & Kai dominating throughout the break. Luckily the EST rallies as we return, firing off a backbreaker to Sky. Sky tags in Kai and Kai blocks Belair from tagging in LeRae. Kai sends Belair into the corner and eats a foot for it. Kai prevents Belair from making the tag by holding onto Belair’s braid. Belair nearly drags her across the ring. Sky attempts to attack LeRae on the apron; LeRae avoid sit and tags in, coming in hot while battling Kai & Sky into a corner. She unloads on both women, stacked in the corner, and hits a splash. Candice uses Kai to step up and leap, crashing down with a Senton on Sky! Dakota Kai rallies, however, and starts to stomp Candice LeRae in the corner. LeRae finds herself in the Damage CTRL corner as both women utilize frequent tags to stomp away and keep her isolated. Sky with a double-knee strike to the face for a close two! Note on commentary, Bayley name drops Indi Hartwell and states LeRae needs to “get her old partner back” (paraphrasing.) Bayley hypes that Damage CTRL has 45 years of wrestling experience together as they’ve each got about 15 years experience. Sure, we’ll pretend that’s how experience works.
Kai looks for a cover but LeRae with an inside cradle for a close two! LeRae tags in Belair who flattens Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai with running shoulders. Gut buster to Kai and a back body drop sends Iyo stumbling into the corner. Belair climbs the middle ropes and begins corner punches, firing off 14 before Sky ducks under and escapes. LeRae recovers, rises to the apron and makes a blind tag. Belair and Sky continue until LeRae hits a dropkick to Sky as Belair holds her in a stalling suplex! Close fall but Kai makes the save! Kai with a Scorpion Kick! Belair looks for a KOD but Kai sends her to the apron with a reversal, then hits a running kick to send Belair flying off the apron. LeRae’s alone with the champs in the ring. All three women are down. Bayley hops off the mic, gets a kendo stick, and attempts to attack Belair. Belair ducks under and takes Bayley out, sending her crashing across the commentary table! Sky & Kai have LeRae outnumbered however and work together with a pair of double-team moves, including a beautiful new finisher (Not yet named) to pick up the win at 9:05pm!
Your Winners, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky! (13 minutes)

Backstage Interview: Matt Riddle; Mustafa Ali & the Miz Show Up

Riddle’s asked about Rollins comments and babbles on about hoverboards and how easily they break. Riddle reminds us he tapped out Rollins at Extreme Rules and he’s going to kick Rollins’ ass tonight. He sees Mustafa Ali holding his neck backstage and greets him, then promises when he wins the title, he’ll give Ali a title shot. They then hear crying and turn the corner to see the Miz who claims he’s injured his left knee and “torn an ACL at the very least.” He threatens to sue the entire building and states Riddle and Ali got to get him out of the building, now, as he can’t fight Lumis–he needs a doctor. We head to break at 9:08!

Backstage: The Judgment Day Meet NXT’s Cora Jade

The Judgment Day barely begin to speak when NXT”s Jade walks up and talks to Rhea. She explains the “pick your poison” match for tomorrow night, in which she chooses an opponent for Roxanne Perez–her opponent at this Saturday’s Halloween Havoc–to face tomorrow night. On SmackDown, Perez chose Raquel Rodriguez to face Cora Jade tomorrow on NXT.

JBL Returns to Raw; Insults OKC & Rey Mysterio, Introduces “The Future Wrestling God” Baron Corbin

JBL makes his way out to a decent welcome, complete with full entrance. “It takes a momentous occasion for the wrestling god to come back to Monday Night Raw.” He says he has a very important announcement but before he makes it, he wants to say to the world: “I apologize for doing this in Oklahoma. I mean, you gotta be kidding me, the Great State (of Texas) is just right there, the promised land is south of the river and you trailer park hillbillies didn’t have any common sense to leave. But wait, you did have the sense to lead when the Longhorns put up half a hundred points against (the Boomer Sooner) idiots!” Great heat, haha. He continues to piss off Oklahoma while telling them how much he really, truly, deeply disdains every one in the audience haha.
He has great news–“Rey Mysterio has left Monday Night Raw and Dominik has finally figured out what we knew decades ago.” HE calls Rey a dead-beat dad and claims he wear a mask to hide his shame. He then pivots to say “That void” (meaning Mysterio heading to SmackDown) needs feeling and he introduces “the greatest edition to Monday Night Raw, Mister Baron Corbin!” Corbin’s been repackaged with new music despite the “casino slot” style opening to the theme and entrance. He comes out wearing what looks like MVP’s ring gear. It’s not but still. JBL welcomes the Baron into the ring as Corey Graves fan-girls out. JBL goes on to call Baron Corbin a star and insults Dolph Ziggler (yes, random) by stating that Ziggler wouldn’t have made the cut in the Attitude Era. JBL then proclaims Baron Corbin as the new/future “wrestling god.” Cue Ziggler’s music!

Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin w/ JBL

Ziggler heads straight to the ring and we head straight to break at 9:21! We return at 9:24pm with JBL on commentary and our match just getting started. Corbin sends Ziggler outside and pursues him, taking it back in. JBL snaps at commentator Kevin Patrick, calling him an Irish slur, amongst other insults. He then thanks Graves, who’s a big JBL fan. Corbin with a knee shot to Ziggler’s head; the pace stays slow as Corbin takes Ziggler to the corner and throws a single right to the gut. Corbin jaws off at the crowd and throws another right. He takes several long seconds between strikes. Baron Corbin looks for an early cover but no joy. JBL continues to reiterate that “Dolph in the Attitude Era doesn’t make the cut; Baron Corbin does.” Corbin looks for a charge in the corner but Ziggler dodges and hits a splash of his own. Ziggler with mounted corner punches but only gets five before Corbin escapes. Ziggler fires off a snap Tornado DDT for a short two. JBL compares Corbin to Sammartino and Hogan; remind me to find out what he’s smoking for future use. The pace of this match is incredibly slow. Long, long pauses between moves. Corbin hits an inverted vertical suplex before using his Misdirection Clothesline to nearly decapitate Ziggler. Dolph rolls out and JBL yells congratulations to Corbin, telling him to take the count-out win. Corbin heads outside and sends Ziggler into the steel steps, the crowd booing as we head to another break at 9:29.
Back from the break at 9:32pm. Corbin’s in control as we return and the crowd greets him with an old McAfee favorite–chanting “Bum-ass Corbin” much to his chagrin. Ziggler starts his comeback sequence, getting his second wind as he sends Corbin into the corner and runs up the ropes, firing off five rights to Corbin’s head before a snapmare toss sends Corbin to the middle of the ring. Ziggler with a DDT. “The Future Wrestling God” Baron Corbin catches Ziggler as he runs rebound off the ropes and hits a Fallaway Slam! (RIP Scott/Razor) Corbin cover for a two and gets another denigrating chant from the crowd, albeit weakly. OKC is kinda quiet tonight. Ziggler nearly steals the win with a Famouser but Corbin gets the shoulder up after the snap attack. Both men stay down–again, the pace of this match is very, very slow.
They begin to slug it out as they rise to knees then a vertical base. The crowd chants alternating “boo” and “yay” as the two unload on each other. Ziggler looks for a Zig-Zag but Corbin reverses it into a Deep Six! Corbin covers but only gets two. Again the crowd chants it and Corey Graves asks JBL his thoughts on it. JBL blames it on the guy who Graves replaced–not naming McAfee–and slanders him. Ziggler and JBL start to pick up the pace as we build towards our finish. A dropkick from Dolph rocks Baron; Baron looks to counter with a Big Boot but Ziggler dodges it and hits the Zig-Zag for a close two! Ziggler crawls to the corner and the crowd comes alive as he calls for the Superkick. Corbin catches the foot and hits the End of Days to counter it, finally picking up the win at 9:38!
Your Winner, Baron Corbin! (14 minutes)

Backstage Promo: MVP with Omos

MVP, with a sharply-dressed Omos, cuts a promo that, simply, says monsters aren’t real but giants are and Omos will wreck Braun Strowman soon.

Backstage: the OC and NXT’s Cameron Grimes

The OC–AJ Styles and “the Good Brothers” Gallows & Anderson–are approached by NXT’s Cameron Grimes. He needs tag partners for a six-man match against the Schism tomorrow and asks if the Good Brothers would be available. Gallows recalls Grimes made a fortune in crypto and states that cash can buy Grimes all the brothers he needs. Tomorrow night’s NXT will have a minimum of five main roster stars on it (Apollo Crews, Gallows & Anderson, Raquel Rodriguez, Rhea Ripley).

Singles Match: AJ Styles w/ the OC vs Dominik Mysterio w/ the Judgment Day

Kevin Patrick continues tonight’s trend of giving Gallows & Anderson multiple team names at various times–so the OC and the Good Brothers all refer to Gallows & Anderson, if you missed their last run about two years back. The OC pose in the ring with Styles until the Judgment Day escort Dominik Mysterio to the ring. Rhea whispers in Dom’s ear, what Corey Graves calls a “hypnotic grasp” over the youngster, and we get our bell at 10 sharp! It’s nothing but styles for the opening ten minutes of the bout (commercial break included) as the veteran easily handles the upstart. The Judgment Day constantly attempt to distract Styles. At one point, Ripley positions before Styles at ringside and threatens him to attack her–just a distraction so Dominik can fly over the top to wipe him out. That’s about the highlight of Dom’s offense (and one of all 10 moves he managed to get in).
Dom attempts a Superplex in the corner but Styles slaps on the brakes. The Judgment Day once again cause a distraction and finally Dom’s able to chain together three whole moves–stomps–before a clothesline in the corner, per Graves, makes Styles “show the signs of battle.” That’s not how you spell “age,” Corey. Dom looks for the Three Amigos–and finds them, covering Styles for a close two. Dom’s held control of the match for about ninety seconds now when the Good Brothers taunt him, distracting him and allowing Styles time to rally. Styles and Dom brawl in the corner. Styles with a huge clothesline to drop Dom; another clothesline! Styles with a snapmare and a sliding forearm to lay out Mysterio! Styles pulls Dom up and fires off a pumphandle into a gut-buster for another close two!
Dom looks for a Tornado DDT but Styles blocks it. The two jostle, briefly, in the corner before Dom picks up a two on a close fall. Dom with a dropkick to Styles’ back, setting up the 619! Dom looks for the 619 but Styles ducks under, rolls through and slaps on the Calf Crusher! Dom manages to reach the ropes in seconds, and the ref forces the break. Styles starts to pull Dom by the foot and the ref warns him as he still has the ropes. The Judgment Day pull Dom out of the ring; the OC confront them and Styles attacks Dom! The ref tries to maintain order outside the ring, keeping the OC and the Judgment Day separated as Rhea Ripley helps Dominik steal the win behind the ref’s back! Styles’ leg is caught by Rhea and he tries to shake it free until Dom rolls him up from behind, stealing the win!Styles is in shock at 10:15pm as Rhea and Dom cackle up the ramp. HUGE boos from the crowd.
Your Winner, Dominik Mysterio! (15 minutes)

Backstage: the Miz and Johnny Gargano Exchange Words

The Miz, who previously tonight attempted to feign an injury to escape his match with Lumis tonight, is shown backstage when Gargano walks up. Gargano offers some advice as he’s dealt with Lumis, his “son-in-law” in the Way, but the Miz quickly dismisses Johnny Wrestling’s advice. He stats there’s something in the Miz and Lumis’ background, something the Miz has kept secret and “all Lumis wants” is for the Miz to admit to whatever it is. The Miz refuses. He then warns Gargano that he’s coming for him after he’s done with Lumis.

Contract-at-Stake Match: Dexter Lumis (unemployed) vs the Miz (employed)

If Lumis defeats the A-Lister, he’ll receive a WWE Contract! The Miz, who previously tonight attempted to feign an injury to escape his match with Lumis tonight, is shown backstage when Gargano walks up. Gargano offers some advice as he’s dealt with Lumis, his “son-in-law” in the Way, but the Miz quickly dismisses Johnny Wrestling’s advice. He then warns Gargano that he’s coming for him after he’s done with Lumis.

No Match/No Result

Backstage: the Miz and Johnny Gargano

Gargano tells the Miz that he’s made a bad move, and insists the only thing that will stop Lumis is the Miz giving Dexter what he wants. The Miz refuses to, and Gargano asks what’s the worse that happens if he tells the truth? He then goes on a tangent that leads to a daydream that he and Candice LeRae could take over Miz & Mrs.s if the Miz gets canceled. Gargano threatens to blow the whistle on the Miz–literally–again referring this “secret” he knows about the Miz and Lumis.

Elias Returns ; Updates on Ezekiel’s Medical Condition

Elias is shown in the ring with a keyboard in front of him and two guitars set up, and gets a good pop. “Hello, I am Elias! And it feels great to be back. Now as you may or may not know, my younger brother’s career was tragically cut short.” The potential hall of famer Ezekiel will be missed. Elias continues. “But that’s the reason I am here tonight. We have a saying in our family that the show must go on. And so I have one question for everybody here tonight. Who wants to walk with Elias?” Big pop! He states that normally he’d come out and sing a song “But I want to do something special for Oklahoma City tonight.” He wants to play a song straight from his soul on the keys but he gets “a little emotional.” He asks us to silence our cellphones and hold our applause. He takes a deep breath and…Matt Riddle interrupts.
Riddle comes out, mic in hand and a pair of bongos, getting a healthy “Bro” chant. Elias smiles and welcomes Riddle into the ring as Graves complains the entire time. Elias asks Riddle why he’s interrupting him on his first night back. “Hey bro, I”m not here to interrupt you,” Riddle tells him, and tells him he’s a huge Elias fan, stating he freakin’ rocks. “And when Zeke was around dude, I’d get so Zeke’d up bro, it was crazy bro! Anyways I brought my bongos, wanna hit my bong?” Har har. Elias states it’s not really his thing. Riddle continues, saying “There’s one truth and that WWE means ‘oh, walk with Elias'” which he gets the crowd to sing to the White Stripes-beat of “Seven Nation Army.” Elias tells Riddle that he’s got a big match coming up next, and should take a seat with his bongos so Elias can play his special song.
Riddle asks if he thinks maybe they could one day play together; the crowd pops and starts a “yes” chant at the possible team-up. Elias speaks, “I promise you right now in front of the entire world, one day you and me will play together.” Riddle tells him he’s the best and will take his seat. Elias sighs as Riddle sits in the ring instead ringside, then begins to play the keyboard as Riddle…uh…”plays air bongos.” They’re then interrupted by Seth “Freakin'” Rollins.

United States Championship Main Event Match: Seth Rollins(c) vs Matt Riddle

After a break, as both men are out, we get our official introductions and the ref calls for the bell at 10:43! Riddle shoots out of the gate and immediately looks for the submission, hoping to tap Rollins just like he did barely ten days ago. Rollins escapes to the outside and angrily jaws to himself, clearly realizing the danger his title is in. Rollins stops the nonsense after enduring Riddle’s opening onslaught, battering Riddle with blows in the corner and a strong Irish Whip to the other to bounce the Original Bro off the turnbuckles. Rollins pulls Riddle to his feet and the two briefly exchange rights, with Rollins getting the upper hand at first. Riddle blocks a pair of blows but Rollins catches him with a spinning kick and suplex for a quick two count. Elias at ringside distracts Rollins, unintentionally, leading to Rollins to repeatedly state, “you think that’s funny?” He provokes Elias and, when the ref’s back is turned, Elias slaps the taste out of his mouth! We head to break at 10:47!
We return from break. Riddle starts to string together strikes, targeting Rollins torso. Riddle with a combination of strikes and a Bro Derek but no joy on the cover! Rollins endures and attempts a comeback, but a diving attack is countered mid-air by Riddle into a submission attempt! Rollins squirms out of it and connects with a Powerbomb but, again, Riddle finds a way to convert it into a submission attempt! Rollins groans in pain but finally makes the break. Rollins heads out the ring to the commentary table and begs Elias to hit him as the crowd chants for a table, or so it sounds like. Elias won’t take the bate so Rollins hits him with a Superkick! Riddle takes advantage of it, taking Rollins back in and dropping him with an elbow. Rollins sets up the Orton spike DDT and connects! The crowd’s coming alive for Riddle as he makes like Orton and pounds the mat! Orton goes for the RKO but Rollins shoves him off–and right into Elias as he’s entered the ring! Rollins uses the confusion to his advantage, hitting a Stomp to Riddle to pick up the win at 10:58! Rollins hits Elias with a Stomp for good measure immediately after securing the win.
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Seth Rollins! (15 minutes)

After the Match: Mustafa Ali Attacks!

As Rollins celebrates his win and contemplates more damage to his downed foes, Ali hits the ring, looking for a measure of revenge. The two brawl briefly but the United States Champion is too much and we end our program with Ali laid out.

Tomorrow Night on NXT

Main roster Superstars the Good Brothers, Raquel Rodriguez, Rhea Ripley and Apollo Crews will all be present. We’ll have a “pick your poison” pair of matches as Ripley takes on Roxanne Perez and Raquel faces Cora Jade. Also, it’s our go-home edition of NXT before Saturday night’s Halloween Havoc!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the Halloween Havoc go-home edition of NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.


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