WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 31, 2022): American Airlines Ctr. – Dallas, TX

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we’ll have live results coverage with updates frequently throughout the broadcast!

Our official preview sets the stage for our go-home edition of Monday Night Raw. Crown Jewel is this Saturday and tonight’s the last chance for the Red brand to get their licks in before the trip around the globe. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will return to Raw ahead of his match Saturday, against Pogan Paul. Not to be outdone is the Beast himself, Brock Lesnar, who also returns to Raw ahead of his match against Bobby Lashley this weekend. We’ll have non-title action as Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair clashes with the returning/repackaged Nikki Cross. Also on tap tonight is a Trick or Street Fight match between “the Original Bro” Matt Riddle and the Alpha Academy’s Otis.

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw!



WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 31, 2022): American Airlines Ctr. – Dallas, TX


Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

With the WWE Crown Jewel premium live event this Saturday (with a special start time of 12pm Eastern), it’s time once again for a go-home edition of Raw. Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us after our opening “credits,” so to speak. They hype this weekend’s event and we get our program under way!

Non-Title Singles Match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs Nikki Cross

Belair is out first. Commentary mentions a “Dallas roar” from the crowd but they look really subdued. We kill a few more minutes hyping various matches from the upcoming Crown Jewel. Nikki Cross is out next, complete with new theme music and tron/video. Commentary mentions the “concern” on Belair’s face as she readies to square off with a Nikki who’s a little less of a superhero and a little more…insane. We get our bell at 8:05pm and both women lock up. Belair overpowers Cross early on but it’s not long before Cross takes control with a sliding duplex. Cross takes the action outside and continues to dominate Belair as we head into, and through, the break at 8:08. We return at 8:11pm and Belair starts to get some offense in, chaining together a pair of suplexes and a slam to take Cross down hard. Belair with a stalling suplex attempt but favors her leg. Commentary postulate it’s a possible hamstring and note that Cross has targeted it. The action spills back outside again, and Cross hops up on Belair’s back! Belair drops back, laying Cross out, too. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky both suddenly hit the ring and distract the referee! Bayley attacks Belair from behind, shoving her into the ring post all unseen by the ref! Cross hops up and attacks Damage CTRL, taking down Bayley before entering the ring to drop Kai & Sky! Cross gets a pop and chant for her efforts, and enters the ring only to get a KOD for her efforts. Belair picks up the win at 8:14pm!
Your Winner, Bianca Belair! (9 minutes)

After the Match; A Beat-down, a Return, and a Moment of Bliss

Damage CTRL start to triple-team Belair, beating her down in the ring until the theme hits for a returning Asuka! Asuka and Alexa Bliss hit the ring, evening the odds, and together the trio send Damage CTRL packing.

Sit-Down Interview: Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar

We head to a break as Lashley is shown in a split-screen setup for his verbal confrontation with Lesnar. Lesnar no-shows and Lashley starts to make a remark on it until “the Beast’s” music plays. “Cowboy” Brock Lesnar makes his way out to the ring to a great pop from Dallas! Lesnar gets on a mic in the ring and gets a weak “Lesnar” chant from the crowd. “Good evening, Texas! Now, Brock Lesnar didn’t come to Texas to have a sit-down interview with Bobby Lashley. When Brock Lesnar visits these good folks in Texas, Brock Lesnar wants to do what (these) Texas folk want (me) to do,” and tells Lashley to get his ass out here for an ass-beating! “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley’s theme plays and Lesnar gets ready in the ring. Lashley finally enters, removing his suit jacket as he walks down the ramp. Lesnar rushes up the ramp and tackles Lashley. The two begin throwing fists and a small army of officials hit the ramp to try to separate them. Multiple Superstars are out in this effort, ranging from Otis to Moss, Riddle to Elias (Ezekiel’s older brother). Triple H heads down the ramp and tells them this fight is off, but Lesnar ignores him and rushes Lashley again! Again they have to be separated. Triple H continues to yell “this fight is off” and we head to break at 8;28pm.

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Austin Theory

A-Town…down.Boos welcome the youngest “Mister Money in the Bank” in WWE history, Austin Theory, and he works the crowd lightly as he makes his way down to the ring. Commentary question this match, with Joseph stating he thought Rollins was a mentor to Theory. We get a pre-recorded promo in which Theory states he heard what Rollins said on commentary last week during Theory’s match–that he’s not a threat–so Austin wants to prove him wrong. That’s why this match exists. The crowd wakes up as Seth Rollins, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men; Lord of the Seven Kingdoms Protector of the Realm–and sing him in to his theme. The ref checks both men as Graves tries to cover for Rollins, stating Seth was “complimenting” Austin last weke. The ref calls for our bell at 8:37pm! Rollins taunts Theory after streaking past him and running up the turnbuckles, crooning to the crowd for a pop. Rollins is definitely the face in this as the two finally lock up and get to the action. The battle goes back and forth in the ring, with the only constant being the crowd’s frequent humming to Rollin’s theme. Rollins maintains control for a few moments, but Theory takes it back when he sends Rollins hard into the commentary table! Theory introduces Rollins’ head and the hard side of the ring and we head to break at 8:41!
We return at 8:44pm and find Theory still in control of the match. We’re told that a women’s tag title match was made during the break, so it’s official–Bliss & Asuka versus Damage CTRL later tonight! Rollins begins to rally and the two exchange blows. The crowd boos with every Theory strike, and cheers for everything Rollins does. For what it’s worth, Rollins has blonde highlights in his dark hair now. Rollins battles Theory to the ropes and clotheslines him over them and to the outside. Rollins sizes up Theory and hits a Suicide Dive! Rollins enters the ring, sets up once again, and hits a second Suicide Dive! Theory enters and catches Rollins with an elbow strike. Rollins counters a suplex attempt into a Falcon Arrow for a quick two. Both men are down. Rollins conducts the crowd as they hum his theme. Rollins looks for a Stomp but Theory avoids it. Rollins catches him with a headbutt and a springboard strike, setting up a Superkick for a close two. Theory endures and clocks Rollins with a huge right, nearly picking up the win. The two then proceed to engage in a quick game of roll-ups, with each man reversing a roll-up into one of their own. Rollins eats a standing Blockbuster from Theory for yet another close call. Theory stands over the fallen Rollins, motioning for the A-Town Down. Rollins hammers him with elbows, fighting out of the grip twice. Rollins batters Theory down into the mat. Rollins looks for a Stomp but Theory counters with an A-Town Down attempt! Rollins escapes and both men throw blows,with Theory catching Rollins with a superkick and a thunderous forearm! Theory talks smack to the prone Rollins. Theory pulls him up as the crowd boos loudly, and Theory sets up the Pedigree! Rollins manages to escape and float over, drivingTheory down to the canvas before hitting the Stomp to pick up the win at 8:52pm!
Your Winner, Seth Rollins! (15 minutes)

Let’s Make a Deal, feat. Roman Reigns & the Miz

The Tribal Chief and his special counsel make their grand entrance and, over the span of 13 minutes, we get two breaks and a loooong entrance. Heyman starts his normal shtick, hyping this weekend’s match against Pogan Laul. The Miz makes his way out and talks to Roman, first acknowledging him as the tribal chief. He then verbally vomits an offer of a deal–the Miz will ‘help’ Roman strategize for Logan Paul, as the Miz knows him well, if Roman will help handle Dexter Lumis for the Miz. Roman feigns contemplating it and then hits a Superman Punch on the Miz! Roman tells the camera that people need to not worry about what Paul will do, but worry about what they know Roman will do. Roman jaws off to the camera about this being his house, or something similar, and we go to break!

Backstage: the Miz is Having a Bad Night

The Miz is backstage icing his jaw when we return from break. Cathy Kelley approaches him and asks about his attempts to get out of his match with Mustafa Ali tonight, and the drama with Lumis. Ali walks up and the two threaten each other. Ali states everything is bigger in Texas, then looks down at the Miz’s junk and says, “well, almost everything.” The Miz warns him not to go there, but Ali does–and mocks the Miz’s tiny balls.

Singles Match: Damian Priest w/ the Judgment Day vs Karl Anderson w/ the OC

As the Judgment Day make their way out, commentary hype their six-man tag match against the O.C. on Saturday. Rhea Ripley is praised as the “secret weapon of the Judgment Day.” Corey Graves calls Dominik the “Pete Davidson of the WWE.” Out next is his opponent, Karl Anderson, with the rest of the OC. We get our bell at 9:22pm and Anderson starts off fast, quickly taking Priest out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope. Priest drags Anderson out of the ring but Anderson sends Priest down to the floor. Dominik Mysterio successfully distracts Anderson, allowing Priest to catch him with a superkick as he turns! We head to break at 9:22pm–yes, it was that short–with Priest yelling smack. We return at 9:26pm and find Priest still in control of Anderson. Priest keeps the pace slow, alternating stiff kicks with stiff words. Anderson hits a jawbreaker to gain some separation. Anderson chains together some offense, including a “martial arts kick” that makes him literally yell “heeyah!” Bruce Lee would be ashamed. Anderson follows it up with a senton to a downed Priest. A huge spine buster from Anderson nearly picks up the win. Karl climbs the turnbuckles as Rhea Ripley distracts the referee. Anderson leaps off and Priest catches him mid-flight, chokeslamming Anderson! Priest roars, pulls Anderson up, and looks for the Reckoning–but Anderson counters with a backslide to steal the win at 9:29pm! Bedlam ensues as the OC and the Judgment Day begin to immediately brawl in the ring! Ripley junk-punches Gallows and Styles finds himself eating a Fallaway Slam from Priest. Finn hits a Coup de Grace on Anderson and Dom gets massive boos when he poses on the turnbuckle before hitting a Frog Splash on AJ Styles. There was more action in the post-match beat-down than the match itself.
Your Winner, Karl Anderson! (7 minutes)

In the Ring: JBL and Baron Corbin

JBL makes his way out to a mild welcome from Texas and commentary hype this segment, coming up after this break at 9:33pm! JBL really looks like Vince in that suit. We return at 9:38pm and JBL begins to speak, praising the great state of Texas and stating the United States of America was “centered” around Texas and it wouldn’t exist without Texas. He name-drops every big-name athlete in Texas, from the Cowboys to Stone Cold Steve Austin. “The greatness of Texas has been immeasurable…until you snowflakes came along and ruined it! You Gen Z and Millennials and all of you people who have enabled them, you turned Texas into an embarrassment! Today’s your day, Halloween, where you teach your young children to go door-to-door begging for food. That’s not what this entitled generation” needs, he exclaims. He continues to insult the Texans in the audience and tells them they shouldn’t even call themselves Texans. He insults them even as he introduces Baron Corbin, insisting the fatties get up and clap their fat paws together to welcome Baron Corbin. Corbin comes out to his old Happy Corbin music and iron, and wearing an atrocious white jumpsuit with tiger face prints all over it. Corbin takes a turn on the mic, telling the crowd “you are welcome!” He knows it made all of our nights to be “in the presence of a modern-day wrestling god.”
He takes shots at the Texas crowd, too, and boasts about having “it all…and all of you have very, very little. So I wanted to come out here and I wanted to say thank you…from the bottom of my heart that you scraped together your last few dollars to purchase a ticket, to come see me–here, in the flesh–tonight!” Boos while JBL applauds. Corbin states that the audience probably “had to put in a few extra hours at the factor or whatever farm you work at, but that just shows me how much you truly, truly” like him. He keeps talking about the truth until…R-Truth and Pepe make their way out! Truth rides Pepe down to the ring, so to speak, and enters. JBL calls him a buffoon, and asks what he’s up to while stating Truth’s cowboy outfit looks ridiculous. Truth states, “I just wanted to come out here and wish Dallas a happy Halloween! But I especially wanna come out here and tell you both that I really, really really really really really really like both of y’all’s Halloween costumes!” JBL doesn’t take to the insult, telling him, “we’re not wearing costumes, you idiot!” Truth says that, in fact, they are wearing costumes. He says JBL dresses like “a mean, hostile, steaming mad, angry, angry, angry out of touch old man.” He could’ve just said Vince. He starts to address Corbin, but Baron attacks Truth! Corbin beats Truth down as the crowd boos and JBL cackles.

Trick or Street Fight Match: Matt Riddle w/ Elias vs Otis w/ Chad Gable

We return from break to find the ring and its surrounding area decorated with fall festive shit, and pumpkins ring the inside of the, uh, ring. Gable & Otis are out first, dressed like Patrick Swayze as “Chip,” and Otis will wrestle this match in tights and a bow tie. Matt Riddle is out next, escorted by Elias, and Riddle’s dressed up as Elias’ younger brother, Ezekiel, paying homage to the injured Superstar whose short career was ended far too soon. Otis takes control early on as the two brawl in and out of the ring. Steel chairs and kendo sticks are introduced. The ref calls for the bell at 9:51 and the men brawl briefly before we head to a break. Otis gets a decent pop when he stops to hit the Caterpillar for the first time in some while. A steel chair is wedged in the corner. Both men go back and forth, with Riddle rallying and sending Otis’ head into the steel chair by dodging a spear. Riddle looks for the RKO but Otis shoves him off and slams him down. Gable interferes and Riddle kicks him off the apron and through a decorative table set up at ringside. Elias helps to even the odds and Riddle picks up the win at 10:02pm.
Your Winner, Matt Riddle! (11 minutes)

Backstage: Damage CTRL

Dakota Kai is freaking out to Bayley, clearly upset that Asuka and Bliss have a title shot tonight as she feels they didn’t earn it (truth). She states Bliss and Asuka are lucky that Kai & Sky don’t back down from a challenge. Kai clings to her belt protectively as Bayley reassures them, stating that they’ll retain their titles and Bayley plans on beating Bianca–giving them all the gold Saturday night. The reassuring pep talk works and we cut to the ring.

Singles Match: the Miz vs Mustafa Ali

he Miz is out first and we head to break at 10:05! e return from break at 10:09pm and Ali makes his way out to a decent pop. Ali’s rocking white and gold shorts and boots that remind one of the White Ranger. The ref calls for the bell at 10:11pm and both men lock up. Ali’s ring gear does really look sharp, but anything did compared to the Retribution outfit. The Miz sells his “broken jaw” despite commentary pointing out that medical’s not made that diagnosis. The Miz uses it, and the ref’s distraction, to take control from Ali. The Miz takes his time, sending Ali from corner to corner with a strong Irish Whip. The Miz charges after the second, but Ali avoids the strike. Ali ducks under an attempted clothesline, fakes a big right and rolls up the Miz when he tries to duck under it! Ali with an atomic drop! Ali holds his own crotch and mocks the Miz, exclaiming “you’ve got tiny balls!” Ali hits a rolling neck breaker on the Miz for a short two. Ali climbs the turnbuckles, perches on the top and goes for the 450! The Miz moves and Ali rolls through, but the Miz catches him with a boot to the face! The Miz rips off his tee, tosses it at the audience, and wrenches the jaw of Ali. The Miz grabs Ali by the head and runs it into the corner, bouncing Ali’s head off something hard as we go to break at 10:14pm! …just four and a half minutes after returning from one.
We return from the break at 10:17 with the Miz losing control to a rallying Ali. Ali with multiple chops to the Miz’s chest. Ali looks for a rear roll-up but the Miz locks onto the top rope, blocking it. The Miz attempts a cover for two, with Ali getting the shoulder up quick. The Miz again wrestles control until Dexter Lumis hops over the barricade! The Miz is successfully distracted and turns into a superkick from Ali! Ali heads up top, hits his finisher and puts the Miz away at 10:21pm!
Your Winner, Mustafa Ali! (10 minutes)

WWE Investigates: The True Story of Dexter Lumis & the Miz

In a spoof on “60 Minutes,” we get the ticking clock and Byron Saxton presenting “WWE Investigates.” Byron mentions he recently sat down with Johnny Wrestling, who claims he’s uncovered “the truth.” We cut to the interview, again done “60 Minutes” style–smart, well-executed. Gargano addresses learning to love Lumis like a son-in-law, or a pet raccoon, and we’re treated to clips from The Way’s run in NXT. His tale takes a dark turn, however, mentioning that The Way fell apart after Dexter married into Gargano’s NXT Family. He states that Dexter lost his job (he was cut) and that’s when the Miz did Lumis wrong. Gargano pulls out a phone, playing a recorded conversation from the Miz–supposedly the Miz, but doesn’t sound exactly like him–which appears to show a financial arrangement between the Miz and Dexter Lumis, in which the Miz paid Lumis for the attacks a la Jussie Smollett. Saxton tells Gargano that these are very serious accusations, and Gargano points out the various encounters with Lumis and the Miz, claiming that they were still in cahoots. Gargano’s asked about when the Miz was put to sleep by Dexter Lumis. He claims it was a con, and throughout this “investigation piece” we get random text on the screen, a bit witty, with comments such as “pay that man his $$$” etc. Gargano states that Dexter is coming after the Miz and will continue to do so until the Miz pays up. Corey Graves on commentary claims its a completely farce.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: Damage CTRL(c) vs Asuka & Alexa Bliss

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair escorts out the challengers, with Asuka and Bliss getting a great reaction from the Texans. We head to break at 10:36pm Our main event is next! We return at 10:39pm and it’s time for the champs! Damage CTRL come out as a trio, with Kai and Sky wearing their straps around their waist. We get our bell at 10:42! Bliss and Sky start us off, with Bliss aggressively taking Sky into the corner right out of the gate! Bliss pummels Sky in the corner as Graves praises her returning aggression. Bliss stomps away at Sky on the canvas. Sky hits a quick sliding clothesline to take control from Bliss, then takes Bliss into the Damage CTRL corner. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai engage in a lengthy stretch of control, keeping Bliss contained to their quarter of the ring. Damage CTRL with quick tags to keep Bliss off-balance. Bliss starts to get some offense in but Kai weathers it. Kai with a whip to the corner. Bliss comes out of the corner, dropping Kai and tagging Asuka in for the first time tonight at 10:45! Asuka easily handles Kai, using kicks and a German Suplex to drop the champ. Kai recovers quick, however, and tags in Iyo Sky. The former Io Shirai and Asuka stand across from each other and the crowd pops. Both women unload on each other, throwing fists and kicks into each other, unrelenting! Asuka gets the upper hand after a clothesline and tags in Bliss. Bliss and Asuka whip Iyo into the ropes. Big right from Bliss, followed by a kick from Asuka! A cover yields no joy and the Empress of Tomorrow sends Sky out of the ring. Asuka drops Kai with a bump on the apron, then she and Bliss dive out of the ring and attack Damage CTRL as they attempt to regroup! Sky uses a Dragonscrew on Asuka to take her down, and Kai drops Bliss, sending us to a break at 10:48!
We return at 10:52pm with Sky and Asuka grappling in the ring. Bayley barks orders to them and Asuka hooks up Iyo from behind. The rear waist-lock takedown picks up a quick two. Asuka and Sky continue at it until both women are down. Kai is tagged in and prevents Asuka from tagging in Bliss. Asuka with a backslide pin attempt for a two. Kai is sent out of the ring by Asuka, who makes the hot tag to Bliss after sending Iyo Sky out of the ring after she attempted to interfere! Bliss comes in hot, raining down lefts and rights per Corey Graves! Bliss unloads on Kai, leveling her with a dropkick. Double-knee strike to the back of Kai! Bliss avoids a corner charge and rolls Kai up for another near fall after the Code Red in the corner! Asuka is tagged in and Wrenches Kai’s arm. Bliss and Asuka hit a double-team move–Bliss drop-kicked Kai into a Side Russian Leg Sweep from Asuka–but Kai doesn’t stay down for long. Kai fights off Bliss and Asuka, who tags back in, and brings in Iyo Sky. Sky dominates Bliss as we begin to build towards our finish. Sky is dropped by Asuka and Bayley begins to brawl with Bianca Belair outside the ring! Dakota Kai hits the Scorpion kick an everyone’s down in the ring as we turn our attention to Bayley and Belair. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly on Belair off an equipment box and through nearby stacked shit! The crowd rips off an appreciative “holy shit” chant! We return to the ring as Bliss drags Kai out. Asuka nad Sky continue to go at it. Bliss comes in after Asuka quickly drops Sky with a huge blow. Bliss ascends the turnbuckles and hits the Twisted Bliss! She covers and picks up the win at 10:58pm!
Your Winners AND NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions, Asuka & Alexa Bliss! (16 minutes)

Tomorrow Night on NXT

NXT celebrates the one-year anniversary of Mandy Rose’s NXT Women’s Championship reign.

Friday Night on SmackDown

Bray Wyatt/Uncle Howdy will be present, as will MVP and Otis.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there. And don’t forget–WWE Crown Jewel is THIS Saturday at 12pm Eastern!


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