WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept. 12, 2022): Moda Center – Portland, OR

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Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we’ll have live results coverage with updates roughly every ten minutes.

Our official preview dropped earlier today with three announced matches. Johnny Gargano returns to action after eight months against an as-yet-unnamed opponent. Edge is set to clash with Dominik Mysterio, newly of the Judgment Day faction, in a match absolutely none of you have been dying to see. Also on tap is a title match, as Women’s Tag Team Champions Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez have their first title defense against Damage CTRL‘s Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai.

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click right here!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept. 12, 2022): Moda Center – Portland, OR


Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and BLANK welcome us to Monday Night Raw. We waste no time in getting right to things as the Architect makes his way out!

In the Ring: Seth Rollins Ponders What’s Next, Riddle Offers Suggestion

The crowd sings the Freakin’ one out and even after the music stops, he still “conducts” the crowd. Portland loves Rollins and pops for him with all of his catchphrases, helping out when they can, and routinely interrupting him by singing the “whoa-oh” portion of his theme. “You are too kind! But I have a question for you guys,” he starts, “do you believe in karma? You know, good things good people, bad things bad people…I’ve gotta admit guys, I was a little skeptical, but nine days ago at Clash at the Castle the universe was in perfect harmony because I beat Matt Riddle, hahaha, I stomped his head into this here mat not once, but twice, and I had sixty-thousand plus fans singing my song!” He soaks it in as the Portland crowd gives us a demonstration of what he meant. He addresses the fact that Riddle’s recently requested a rematch, stating the problem is that he (Rollins) isn’t really interested in a rematch. “So you may be asking yourselves, ‘what’s next for Seth Freakin’ Rollins?’ And while I pondered that exact question over the past week,” he pauses as the crowd chants for a rematch and raises a hand. “I told you, I’m not interested in a rematch with Riddle, so zip it,” he snaps at the crowd and gets plenty of boos.
“What I am interested in is the fact that it’s been far too long since I have held championship gold. And now–” He’s interrupted as Matt Riddle makes his way out with a mic in hand! Riddle doesn’t use it, however, as he drops it and hits the ring. Rollins and Riddle unload in each other, with Riddle beating Rollins to the outside. Rollins slams a pursuing Riddle into the commentary table and then enters the audience. Riddle pursues and the two brawl briefly until Rollins takes a sucker shot at Riddle. Rollins climbs back over the barricade and up the ramp. Riddle starts to pursue when he’s interrupted by the Judgment Day! Finn Bálor and Damian Priest come down the ramp, mic in hand, with Priest paying tribute to Scott Hall briefly in his entrance motion. As they near the ring, Bálor tells Riddle to relax as they don’t want a fight. All three enter the ring.
Priest speaks first, reminding Riddle that Priest, Rhea and Riddle go way back to NXT. He and Bálor claim Riddle has had the same problem as them, and Bálor points out that they’re problem solvers. Priest again implores Riddle personally to “rise with the Judgment Day or fall against us.” Riddle gets on the mic. “Bro, we do go back, dude! But right now my focus is on Seth, so the answer is ‘no, bro.'” Bálor tells Riddle that he knows “the laws are a lot more relaxed in Portland so maybe you’re brain’s a little cloudy,” and the crowd pop at the weed reference, “so let me be clear: you either stand with us or you stand in our way.” Riddle looks around then dropkicks Bálor! Riddle clotheslines Priest over the ropes and the crowd pops as the Original Bro is in control of the ring as we head to break!

Singles Match: Matt Riddle vs Finn Bálor w/ Damian Priest

We return from the break and find this match under way; we’re told it was made official during the match. Riddle quickly turns to gut-wrench suplex to rock Bálor and attempts a cover early. Riddle pursues Bálor into the corner and Finn makes him pay for it, cutting his left knee out from under him. Bálor begins to target Riddle’s knee, focusing multiple ground attacks on it. Bálor takes Riddle to the ground and initiates a chain of working holds, relying heavily on a bulldog chin lock early on and targeted elbow strikes to soften Riddle up. Bálor with a snap suplex and pin cover, but Riddle gets the arm up right at two. Finn questions the count…but it was right at two. Bálor slaps on a chin lock and Riddle angrily powers to a vertical base as the crowd rises with him. Bálor is having none of it, however, and quickly uses a neckbreaker to drop the Original Bro before attempting a cover. The crowd rains boos down on Bálor as he stomps and kicks away at a vulnerable Riddle. The ref warns Bálor multiple times as he uses the ropes to assist in his stomps, stopping long enough to reset the ref’s count before doing it again. Bálor is finally sent to the floor by Riddle with a scissors headlock. Riddle looks for a running punt along the apron but Damian Priest steps in the way and Riddle pulls up short–not wanting to attack his former friend. Riddle again looks for the running punt but Priest bought Bálor enough time to avoid it. Riddle and Bálor battle on the apron itself and Riddle looks for a driver; Bálor wiggles out of it and hits an inverted DDT (think: Scorpion Death Drop) on the apron! We head to break with both men down.

Back from the break. Corey Graves informs us Riddle spent the entire break at the mercy of Finn Bálor, but luckily we’re back in time as Riddle starts his comeback sequence. Riddle with a gutwrench suplex to drop Bálor out of nowhere, then follows it up with a barrage of kicks and fists. Riddle sends Bálor outside of the ring and weaponizes the ropes, nailing a springboard apron moonsault to wipe out the Judgment Day! Priest again attempts to cause issues as Riddle continues his onslaught. Rey Mysterio shows up and battles Damian Priest into the crowd and off-camera. Riddle turns his attention back to the ring and continues to work on the Irishman. Riddle has a misstep and Bálor drops him, then ascends the ropes and fires off a Coup de Grace! Riddle moves and Bálor lands on his feet, but immediately checks his left leg as he planted it poorly on the landing. Riddle quickly hits the Orton DDT on Bálor. Seth Rollins shows up and Riddle attacks him on the apron. Riddle looks for the Orton DDT on Rollins but this allows Bálor enough time to recover, drop Riddle with the 1916, and connect with a Coup de Grace to steal the win!
Your Winner, Finn Bálor!

After the Match: Seth’s Old Stomping Grounds

As Riddle attempts to rise, Seth hits the ring again and hits a Stomp on a defenseless Riddle! Even as they boo, a portion of the crowd sings Rollins’ theme. Seth tells Riddle that he’s done with him, their business is done, calls Riddle a bitch and that’s that!

Video Promo: Dominik Mysterio’s Teenage Angst

We get a video of Dom, zoomed inc lose on his face in a dark room. He’s trying to grow a mustache and beard, FYI. He complains about living in his dad’s shadow, complains about Edge and–after Rhea Ripley is shown whispering in his ear on camera, he adds “I’m not your baby boy anymore. I’m a man.” Oh god, make it stop. We see Rhea smiling as he heads off.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez(c) vs Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL–Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky, with Bayley as manager tonight–make their way out, followed by the champs. After introductions, we start with former two-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Raquel “Gonzalez” Rodriguez. Raquel uses a stalling suplex early to drop Kai. Aliyah comes in for a move then Raquel tags herself back in. Corey Graves and Jimmy Smith praise Raquel as a powerhouse, and Saxton points out the “concern” on Bayley’s face as Raquel dominates Kai easily. Kai attempts a roll-up but Raquel blocks it and drops an elbow. Iyo Sky attempts to attack Raquel and is sent over the top as well. Raquel hoists up Aliyah in a press position and throws her own partner over the top ropes, wiping out the challengers and sending us to a break!
Back from the break. Aliyah is shown at the mercy of the challengers as Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky use quick tags, keeping Aliyah’s ring cut in half. Kai uses the ropes in an elevated pin position which the ref doesn’t see, but Aliyah gets the shoulder up. Kai connects with a running kick to Aliyah in the corner and pins her; Kai lingers, checking on Aliyah and looks legitimately concerned. The ref checks Aliyah. Kai takes Aliyah to the Damage CTRL corner and the ref checks on her again. Corey Graves even acknowledges she’s in a lot of pain as she continuously grabs her left shoulder. Not sure if this is a work or what. Raquel starts to yell as Kai works Aliyah with a hold; you can see Kai talking off-mic to Aliyah as Raquel eagerly tries to work the crowd up, wanting the hot tag. Iyo Sky comes back in and wrenches both arms back, so I’m assuming the arm isn’t truly hurt, thankfully! Aliyah, in fact, manages to reverse the hold and fights off Iyo Sky but can’t get the tag. Kai is tagged in and Aliyah drops both with a double-neck breaker! Raquel gets the hot tag!
Raquel cleans house and drops Kai with a Fallaway Slam before hitting her corner Olympic splash! Raquel looks for a cover but Iyo makes the save. All four women brawl in the ring. Kai & Aliyah fight to the outside as our legal women; Raquel looks for a Tejana Bomb but Iyo fights it and both women dump to the outside. Aliyah and Kai enter the ring and Aliyah looks for a cover, but Kai kicks out. Aliyah unloads on Kai and covers but Bayley causes a distraction. Raquel focuses on Bayley, stalking her around the ringside until Iyo Sky can take her out with a Moonsault from the ring post to the outside floor! In the ring, Dakota Kai hits the Kai-ro-practor on a vulnerable Aliyah and covers, picking up the win! Raquel has no luck with women’s tag gold retention, eh? We get pyro as Damage CTRL celebrate on the ramp!
Your Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions, Damage CTRL!

Backstage: Rey Mysterio Attempts to Talk Sense into Dominik Mysterio

Rey pleads with Dom backstage, but Dom refuses to even look at his father. Rey begs Dom not to fight Edge, stating he’s like a brother to Rey and like an uncle to Dom. He warns his son that he’s never seen Edge like this before and when Edge is backed up into a corner, he doesn’t hold back. “Dominik, if you fight Edge tonight, things will never go back to how they were. He’s that dangerous.” Rhea Ripley walks up and laughs, reminding Rey that “Papi knows best” and she’s Dom’s papi.

Singles Return Match: Johnny Gargano(r) vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

Gable & Otis are out first and, after a break, Johnny Wrestling himself is out to a great welcome from the Portland crowd. The ref calls for the bell and both men circle before locking up. Gable with a side takedown. Gargano kicks up and hits one of hi sown. The crowd with a loud Johnny Wrestling chant! Gargano feigns a lock-up and goes for the ankle. Gable fights out of an ankle lock attempt and both men engage in a series of holds and rolls, transitional positions changing frequently, as both look to gain the upper hand. Gable truly impresses with a blitzkrieg-fast spinning discus takedown. Gable begins to work the shoulder but neither man maintains long. Gargano drops Gable with a flying Hurricanrana, followed by a rapid-fire flying hip toss and arm drag. Gargano slaps on a head lock and the crowd again cheers for Johnny Wrestling as commentary praise them. Gable breaks out of the hold and with a big right square to the teeth, drops Gargano. Gable takes Gargano into the corner and hits a chop, dropping Gargano, followed by a second. Both men continue to battle as we head into a break. Back from the break. Gable stomps Gargano and yells “Shoosh!” at the crowd as they shower him with boos.
Gable focuses his assault on Gargano’s left knee, working it with a variety of holds and strikes whenever it’s not in a hold. Gargano eventually squirms out and attempts a comeback, firing off rights. Gable whips Gargano into the ropes and he comes off the rebound absolutely on fire, dropping Gable with a flying cross body, a shoulder block and a step-up Enziguri. Gargano uses a springboard spear to drop a charging Gable, covering for two. Gargano favors his targeted left knee. Gargano attempts a rolling kick but Gable has it scouted and slaps on an Ankle Lock! Gargano scurries to the corner and tries to kick out of it as the ref counts a warning. Gable transitions them into a crucifix carry and hits a modified driver. Gable climbs up top and looks for a Moonsault but nobody’s home! Gargano and Gable exchange lefts. Gable counters a wheelbarrow facebuster attempt with a German Suplex, bridging into a pin, but Gargano barely gets the shoulder up at three. Gable again goes up top and looks for a diving attack–but Gargano moves and Gable splashes the mat! Gargano locks in the Garga-No Escape! Gable transitions out and slaps on another Ankle Lock! Gargano rolls through and rebounds off the ropes, looking for another submission. Gable counters with a rolling German but Gargano counters that! Both men counter and roll-up each other multiple times in short fashion. Gargano and Gable exchange discus clotheslines, leaving both men down in a spectacularly fast-paced spurt of offense that has the Portland crowd cheering for both men. Gargano sends Gable outside but Otis catches him. Gargano wipes out both members of the Alpha Academy with a suicide dive, takes it back inside and hits a unique driver DDT on Gable to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano!

After the Match: Otis Is Angry

The crowd pops for Gargano. Otis attempts to attack Gargano post-match but Johnny ducks under, does the DX crotch-chop and escapes the ring, leaving an angry Otis to huff and puff, and blow the ring down. And, without warning, Austin Theory clocks Gargano in the back of the head with the Money in the Bank briefcase! Theory poses and takes a selfie with the downed Gargano. We head to break.

In the Ring: Austin Theory Complains; Kevin Owens Offers Advice

We return from the break and find Austin Theory in the ring. He begins to cut a promo on Gargano and the crowd starts to “What?” him. He snaps at the crowd angrily to stop it, then dares them to “what” him one more time–which they do. Kevin Owens then comes out and gets a great pop. KO gets on the mic and Austin yells at him, “shut up! am sick and tired of my moments being ruined by idiots like you, Kevin, idiots like Tyson Fury, idiots like Johnny Gargano.” He claims he’s going to take over the entire industry. Owens interrupts him. “We heard all of that last week,” he states, then points out Theory had an issue with his jaw (from Fury hitting him at Cardiff). Owen and Theory go back and forth, with Theory taking the “vain heel” approach and claiming Owens and “none of these people could ever look anything like me. But you know, Kevin, I know why you guys are jealous.” He claims he’s done more in the past five months than “you two combined have done in the past five damn years.” KO calls him a delusion jackass to a pop, and points out Theory’s accomplishments–stating that they were all handed to him. “Don’t get me wrong, I can’t blame you because when I became Universal Champion, that title was handed to me on a silver platter,” KO goes on, then tells Theory that’s where their similarities end.
KO is proud to be the “complete opposite” of Austin Theory. KO compares Theory to “hundreds” of guys “chiseled out of stone” like Theory who were going to be the “next big thing” but failed. Owens claims people like Theory are a dime-a-dozen where people like KO and Gargano are one in a million. He states people like himself (Owens) and Gargano “are the heart and soul of this business. And people like you are the appendix of this business–completely disposable.” Owens tells Theory that he hopes Theory is the future but he doesn’t think Theory has what it takes. He challenges Theory to prove him wrong by checking his ego at the door and let his passion drive him to get better. Owens gives a passionate speech to try to fire up Theory, telling him how to become “the face of WWE.” The crowd pops at the motivational speech. A loud person near ringside yells “kick his ass,” haha. The crowd pops for KO as Theory seems to think things over. Theory flexes his bicep. “You’ll never be like me, Kevin.” Owens shakes his head. “Well, talking sense into you didn’t work but maybe this will.” Owens slaps Theory! Theory vibrates with rage and the two unload on each other! Officials attempt to separate them and KO breaks free, battling Theory along the ringside area and back into the ring until officials finally separate them. Austin Theory’s busted open, looks like maybe a broken nose as he’s got blood from it and smeared on his forehead. KO yells, “a broken nose is just the beginning, bitch!”

Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship Open Challenge

We see the EST of the WWE walking backstage. After a break, the champ makes her way out to a great welcome from Portland. She gets on the mic after soaking in a hot pop and chant. “You know, if there’s anything these past few weeks have taught me, it’s that I have to stay read,” she starts, addressing the fact that she’s always walking with a target on her back. And that’s why she’s decided to issue an open challenge “to remind everybody that I ain’t nothing to play with because I’m the EST of WWE and you can’t whoop me,” and asks for someone to come out. Sonya Deville comes out and reminds Belair that she’s not forgotten their history recently. We’ll have these two fighting for the Raw Women’s Championship, next!

Raw Women’s Championship Open Challenge: Bianca Belair(c) vs Sonya Deville

We get our introductions at 9:53pm. It’s time for a championship clash! Belair opens strong, dropping the challenger with a gut buster, but Deville weathers through it but the EST maintains non-stop offense, dropping Deville with suplexes and lariats, and a running single-leg dragon kick before executing her handspring splash for a quick cover of two. Deville rolls to the outside and Belair pursues. Belair looks for an apron Moonsault but Deville ducks under and catches Belair with a clothesline as soon as she lands! We head to break with the champ laid out on the floor. We return and find Deville in control in the ring, using the ropes to choke the champ as the ref counts a warning. Commentary reflect on Deville’s absurd feelings that Belair cost Deville her job as a WWE Official. Deville takes the action outside and the two brawl around the ring and back into it. Belair fires up her comeback, taking it to Deville and rallying in the corner. The champ hits her KOD and picks up the easy win over Deville!
Your Winner, Bianca Belair!

After the Match: Bayley Confronts Belair

Bayley makes her way out and lays into Belair verbally, asking her if she feels tough for beating up “the prize fighter.” Bayley challenges Belair, then refuses to grant her a match tonight. Damage CTRL ambush Belair until Alexa Bliss & Asuka hit the ring to make the save. Bayley finds herself surrounded by the trio and chased off. Belair dances with her allies and we head to break!

Squash Match: Omos w/ MVP vs Two Local Jobbers

Omos shows up, spends more time walking to the ring, squashes two local jobbers named Ryan Tombs (spelling?) and Cass Spiradian (not even sure if that’s close to right at all), and wins in a minute. Typical “giant squashes nobodies” match.
Your Winner by Squash, Omos!

Backstage Interview: Seth Rollins; Bobby Lashley

Rollins is asked about Riddle and cuts a quick promo stating he’s the “face of Monday Night Raw.” Lashley walks up and the United States Champion takes exception. Rollins insults Lashley’s IQ and challenges him to a United States Championship match next week.

Singles Main Event Match: Edge vs Dominik Mysterio w/ the Judgment Day

After much ado about nothing, we finally get the Hall of Famer’s entrance. Edge gets a great welcome from the Oregon crowd. Commentary questions if Edge will be conflicted as he’s facing the son of one of his best friends. Graves states Edge has to “discipline someone else’s son,” meaning Dominik, a pain Rey’s felt for a long time. (Eddie joke, get it? No? Move along). Dominik comes out to a remix theme, similar to his father’s but darker, with Rhea Ripley representing the Judgment Day. As soon as the bell rings, Edge bum-rushes Dom and sends Dom flying into the corner. Edge unloads on Dom, taking him in and out of the ring, beating the youngster around the ring and ringside area. Edge introduces Dom’s face to many fun objects, such as the barricade, the commentary table, the steel steps, the apron, and his fist all while rolling in and out of the ring to reset the ref’s count and prevent a count-outs. Edge finally takes things back into the ring. As the ref checks on Dom, Rhea Ripley attacks Edge’s knee! Dom takes control of the action as we head to break!

Back from the break. We return to find Dom focusing on Edge’s leg, and Corey Graves reminds us that the Judgment Day began focusing on Edge’s leg a week ago. Dom executes the Three Amigos on Edge to heavy boos, even stopping to do the Eddie shimmy before the third one. Ripley, at ringside, laughs as Dom climbs up top. Dom pauses to again do the Eddie Guerrero shimmy and Edge makes him pay for it, striking the top rope and causing Dom to crotch himself! Edge strikes Dom as he begins to climb the ropes, standing on the middle rope. Dom throws body shots and Edge pays homage to Dom’s other Uncle, Chris, by firing off a dozen headbutts in a row in an effort to concuss himself! Edge looks for a Superplex but when the ref is out of position, Rhea distracts Edge and interferes. Dom sends Edge crashing back then hits the Frog Splash for a close two. Edge starts to look for a Figure 4 but Edge pushes him off with a boot to the butt, causing Dom to hit his head rather hard on the ring post. Edge starts a comeback, dropping Dom twice and covering for a close two. Dom immediately fires off rap fists to Edge’s injured knee in an effort to take control back. Edge hits the Impaler DDT as both men rise!
Edge takes up position in the corner and looks for a Spear but Dom counters, driving Edge to the mat and slapping on a half-crab! Dom drags Edge into the middle of the ring and wrenches the left leg in the half crab! Edge grits his teeth in pain and the crowd starts to fire up for the Rated-R Superstar! The crowd’s encouragement works and he pushes up, powering out and rolling Dom up for a close two on an inside cradle. Edge uses the ropes to tie up Dom’s arms. Edge yells at him, “you wanted this Dom!” Edge begins to slowly throw fists into Dom. Finally Rey Mysterio hits the ring and tries to beg Edge off. Edge has to shove Rey out of his way a few times. Finally Rhea Ripley drags Rey out, and Damian Priest attacks Rey! And out of nowhere, sporting a purple sash and purple bandana, is Finn Bálor! Finn tackles Edge, causing the DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Edge!

After the Match: the Judgment Day Viciously Assaults Edge

Afterwards, Rey is neutralized at ringside by Priest. Then the full might of the Judgment Day–Finn Bálor, Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest–begin to viciously beat Edge, focusing on his left knee. Dom is given a chair and beats the knee repeatedly as the crowd roars with boos and a loud “you suck” chant. Finn yells at Edge and we fade to black.

Next Week on Raw

Kevin Owens faces Austin Theory in singles competition. United States Champion Bobby Lashley defends his gold against Seth Rollins.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today–NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.


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