WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept. 19, 2022): SAP Center – San Jose, CA

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we’ll have live results coverage with updates approximately every ten minutes.

Our official preview listed a pair of matches and a special episode of Miz TV featuring none other than Dexter Lumis. Also on tap is a rematch between Kevin Owens and Austin Theory, and we’ve got a title match as United States Champion Bobby Lashley puts it all on the line against Seth Rollins!

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept. 19, 2022): SAP Center – San Jose, CA


Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

We open with our standard music and video package, the show’s actual introduction, before Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us all to San Jose, California, as pyro erupts in the arena. The crowd seems hyped for tonight’s program and we get right on to things.

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs Seth Rollins

Seth’s music hits and the crowd sings him out to the ring as we’re kicking off our program with the recently dubbed “Face of Raw” and our commentary team hype tonight’s announced matches. We cut to the ring where the Visionary awaits the Almighty One. We hear the familiar drums preceding Lashley’s entrance and the crowd is hyped up for this match. Expect a long one, folks, if the rumors are to be believed. We get official introductions for both the challenger and champion, and both men have the crowd behind them. Definitely have a big-fight feel as commentary hypes the 47-year history of the United States Championship. The ref presents the bell and at 8:07pm, he calls for it! Here we go, folks! Rollins looks to grapple the champ, but the champ starts off showing his sheer power as he shoves Rollins back and across the ring like a child. The crowd sings along with Rollins’ theme as the two lock up, with Lashley using a wrestling takedown to Rollins. Rollins sends Lashley outside and looks to capitalize on it with a Suicide Dive, but Lashley has it scouted! The champ catches the challenger and looks to swing his head into the ring post. Rollins wiggles free and shoves Lashley’s head into the ring post! Rollins looks to springboard into the ring but Lashley blocks! Rollins fires off a short spurt of offense, using a Superkick to set up a Stomp attempt–but Lashley doesn’t go down! The champ sends Rollins outside and pulls a “Lashley Express,” running Rollins over with a big shoulder and sending us to commercial at 8:10!

Back from the break at 8:13pm. Rollins has Lashley in a Biceps Slicer hold, grounded on the mat, and we’re informed by commentary that Rollins has controlled throughout the break and has targeted the right shoulder and arm. Rollins follows the move up with a pair of shoulder-breaker strikes and covers for a two. Rollins holds Lashley’s right wrist and kicks the biceps twice, then slaps on another Biceps Slicer hold. Commentary commend Rollins for the strategy in an effort to neutralize the Hurt Lock. Rollins looks for frequent covers, and takes a lot of time post-cover as he slowly circles the champ. Lashley is shown rubbing some blood flow into the arm. Rollins again goes after the right arm, using a wrist lock to drop the champ before leg dropping Lashley’s right bicep. Again Rollins slaps on a working hold, targeting Lashley’s right shoulder. The crowd starts a mixed Lashley/Rollins chant. Lashley escapes the hold but Rollins pivots, looking for a Triangle Hold on the champ. Lashley counters with a single-arm Powerbomb! Rollins is down as the champ rubs his right arm, attempting to get the blood flowing. Lashley looks for a stalling suplex but Rollins escapes and sends Lashley outside. Rollins follows it up with a successful Suicide Dive this time, then rolls into the ring and taunts the champ! Rollins goes for another Suicide Dive and catches the champ in it–but not before Lashley somewhat deflected Rollins into the floor, too. Rollins is quickly grabbed by the champ and sent face-first into the ring post, sending us to another break at 8:17pm!

Back from the break at 8:21pm. We find Rollins and Lashley brawling in the corner. Lashley puts his back to Rollins, pinning him in the corner, and unloads rapid-fire back elbows. Lashley with a big suplex. Lashley kicks Seth to the gut and looks for a Dominator–and connects! Lashley covers but Rollins kicks out! Lashley indicates a spear but Rollins gets a knee up, catching Lashley across the crown. Lashley fires back, laying out Rollins and covering for a close two. Lashley takes Rollins into the corner and up to the top rope, looking for a Superplex. Rollins goes after Lashley’s eyes when the ref is out of position, slips under Lashley and carries him across the ring to hit a buckle bomb! Rollins goes up top for a huge Frog Splash and covers for another close call! Rollins slaps a Crossface on Lashley, and the champ inches slowly towards the ropes. Rollins calls Lashley a bitch, pissing the champ off. Lashley starts to power out of the hold until Rollins breaks it and rains down elbows on Lashley’s shoulder! Rollins looks for a pedigree but Lashley counters and rolls up for two. Lashley with a running Powerslam! The crowd comes alive as Lashley positions in the corner and looks for the spear–but Rollins reverses the spear into a Pedigree, covering for another close damn call! Lashley moves, then slaps the Hurt Lock on Rollins! Rollins struggles in it for several long moments until he uses the turnbuckles to flip over and attempt to cover Lashley. Lashley reverses it into a pin attempt of his own! The ref is down during the kick-out, and Rollins uses it to his advantage to kick Lashley in the junk! The champ’s down and the ref didn’t see it! Rollins posts up, looking for the Stomp, when Matt Riddle makes his way out! He distracts Rollins long enough for Lashley to recover and hit the spear! Lashley picks up the win at 8:27pm.
Your Winner AND STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley! (20 minutes)

Arriving in the Parking Lot: Damage CTRL

A white stretch limo pulls up and out comes a smiling Bayley and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky. The trio begin their way out to the ring for a celebration–after this break at 8:30pm.

In the Ring: Damage CTRL’s Championship Celebration

We return from the break at 8:34pm, and it’s announced that we’ll have Survivor Series: WarGames this fall! Back to the arena, Bayley drives the tag champs out on a cart as they play up to the crowd. They drive down to the ring and enter it, all three rather jovial and celebratory. Makes sense, though. The ring is set up with hundreds of strands of ribbon (like a parade). Bayley gets on the mic. “Ding Dong, San Jose! That’s right, your Bay Area Hero is here! So I thought we could do a little homecoming celebration together! Oh, but don’t worry, I”m not talking about you guys,” she says to the crowd, “when I say we, I mean us, and I mean me, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky.” Boos from the crowd. “Excuse me? I don’t appreciate those boos; I think you should show some respect…” The crowd boos her again, and she takes a jab at the local sports team, the Sharks, stating they “can’t get it done for us.” Iyo hops on the mic and says (awaiting translation). Bayley thanks Kai & Sky for going with her on “this journey and believing in my vision.” Kai takes a turn on the mic, stating the division needs them but what it doesn’t need is Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. More heat from the crowd. Kai goes on, stating “they were once the face of this division but now they’re in control of nothing!” Kai says Alexa Bliss walks around like she’s had a lobotomy, Belair’s allowed herself to be so weak Bayley pinned her, and Asuka was “once a warrior.” Kai states the trio should pack it up and go home (indicating Bliss, Belair, & Asuka).
Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka make their way out with Belair on the mic. She tells them she can’t let them disrespect her and her allies “like that so now we(‘re) gonna have to teach you some respect.” The trio enter and all six women face off. Bayley tells Belair she’s too impulsive and she lacks the ability to see the big picture. She reminds Belair that she told the champ when they fight, she’s taking Belair’s title–but it’ll be when Bayley’s ready. Bliss threatens bodily harm to Bayley if she keeps talking smack. Bayley indicates the Lily Doll with Bliss and makes a crack about it. She then says Bliss is “a shell of the old Alexa.” Bliss tells Bayley that she’d “love nothing more than to torment you more, Bayley, so how about tonight? You versus me? And you’re right, Lily does bit, but I still do, too!” Everyone drops mic and Damage CTRL start to leave the ring. Bayley attempts to sneak attack Bliss but is flattened! Damage CTRL drag Bayley out of the ring, ending our segment at 8:42pm!

Singles Match: Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory

We return at 8:47pm and get Austin Theory’s entrance, complete with good heat from the crowd. We’re treated to clips from last week, when Theory attacked Gargano, leading to Owens and Theory coming to blows over it. The youngest “Mr. Money in the Bank” is growing a beard, or so it seems. Owens makes his entrance to a solid pop from the San Jose crowd. As Owens attempts to enter the ring, Theory strikes! Theory sends Owens into the barricade and the ref chastises him for the pre-match attack. Theory readies-up in the ring and the ref yells at him to back up. Owens rises as the crowd rains boos on Theory. Owens rolls into the ring and the ref checks in on him. After confirming KO is good to go, the ref calls for the bell at 8:50! The two go at it right out of the gate. KO sends Theory to the corner early, setting up a KO cannonball, but Theory wisely rolls out and awaits Owens’ approach. Theory attacks KO as soon as he rolls outside, and battles him to the steel steps. KO fights back, introducing Theory’s face and the commentary table. The ref begins a count-out but Owens steps out of the ropes–and is tripped up by Theory! Theory drops KO at ringside and talks smack as we go to break at 8:52pm!
Back from the break at 8:56pm. Theory and Owens continue to battle back and forth. KO misses on a cannonball attempt but catches a charging Theory with a brutal DDT. KO follows it up with an Atomic Drop and looks for a cover but no joy. KO looks for a pop-up sit-out Powerbomb but Theory evades; KO pivots to attempt a Stunner but Theory shoves him off! Owens drives Theory into the mat and heads up top, connecting with a Senton off the top for another close cover. Owens rises to a good pop and drags Theory into position, then looks to head up top again! The crowd loudly chant “who’s your Daddy?” Theory pops up and starts to battle Owens in the corner, on the middle rope. Both men unload fists in rapid secession until Owens sends Theory to the canvas. Theory pops up again and runs up the turnbuckles, attempting a Superplex once, twice, thrice! KO continuously hits the brakes and finally starts to string together offense as he sends Theory to the mat! Owens looks for a Moonsault but Theory moves! Theory with a rolling pop-up cutter for a close two! Theory hoists up Owens and connects with a driver, hooking a leg for a cover but no joy! Theory covers Owens, repeatedly, only getting a two as Owens kicks out again and again! Theory looks for the Money in the Bank Briefcase–and finds it in the hands of Johnny Gargano! Theory allows himself to be distracted, setting up a Superkick, followed by a cannonball, and finishes Theory off with his pop-up sit-out Powerbomb at 9:03pm. Afterwards, Gargano drops Theory with a Superkick and gives him a thumbs up.
Your Winner, Kevin Owens! (13 minutes)

It’s Fight Night! The Brawling Brutes Return to Raw; the Street Profits Welcome Them

At 9:15pm we return from a series of breaks and Logan Paul hype. Ridge Holland & Butch of the Brawling Brutes make their way out and welcome Monday Night Raw to fight night! Holland, on the mic, tells us to get used to seeing them because they’re going to win the titles off the Usos. They say Sheamus is out preparing the celebration right now. Holland starts to continue, saying “whether it’s Mondays or Fridays–” but is interrupted by the Street Profits! Dawkins starts on the mic, congratulating them on their win last week. Ford says it’s amazing, and then introduces them as the “triple-crown that puts it down, the Street Profits!” He name drops Barry Bonds and the two enter the ring. Ford mentions that they’ve gone through all the other teams, and Dawkins chimes in “but you’ve not beat us.” Butch and Holland challenge them to a match. Ford rhymes about wanting the match and we’re getting a tag match after this break at 9:19pm!

Tag Team Match: the Street Profits vs the Brawling Brutes

We return from break at 9:22pm and the ref calls for the bell! Dawkins and Holland start off, with both men putting on a short display of counters and dodges until Dawkins drops Holland with a dropkick. Ford is tagged in and hits a cross body on a whipped Holland, covering for two. Holland manages to tag in Butch, and Ford circles around with Butch, yelling at him “don’t you touch my hand!” Dunne proceeds to go after Ford’s hand and Ford lets out a high-pitched scream, haha. Ford breaks free and does his best to evade Butch, ranging from sliding under Butch’s legs to kick-flipping back and using the ropes to propel himself even further away. Butch grows tired of this and charges in–right into a standing dropkick! Ford tags in Dawkins and the two double-team Butch with a back drop. Dawkins covers but Butch escapes. Dawkins looks to pull up Butch and regrets it as the technically-sound Butch quickly repositions and puts Dawkins in a shoulder lock. Butch positions the head, turned inward, with the elbow up and jump-stomps Dawkins’ elbow! Holland’s tagged in and looks for a suplex. Dawkins counters with an attempt of his own but Holland slaps on the brakes! Dawkins with a big right that leaves Holland reeling, then tags in Ford. Ford with a skyscraper splash that drops Holland. Ford drops Butch with a dropkick then lets loose a flurry of kicks into Holland. Holland drops Ford out of nowhere and tags in Butch. Butch & Holland execute a series of quick tags, each staying in long enough for one or two moves before bringing in a fresher man. Ford is kept off his toes as the Brutes tie him up in the ropes and take turns hitting the Beats of the Bodhran on Ford! Dunne finishes the spot with a clubbing forearm to the back that sends Ford crashing to the floor! We head to break at 9:28pm.
At 9:31pm, we return from break and find Pete “Butch” Dunne’s maintained control throughout the break. Butch continues to work the digits sadistically until a desperate drop from Ford buys the Profit enough time to bring in future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins! Butch tags in Holland, who immediately eats a series of offensive strikes from Dawkins as he’s sent flying into the corner. Dawkins with a spinning elbow strike and a back suplex, then attempts a cover. Butch and Ford enter the ring. Butch sends Ford out; Dawkins battles Butch out, temporarily, but fails to see Holland tag in Butch! Dawkins is whipped into a step-up kick from Butch, who covers for two. Holland and Butch work together in tandem, driving Dawkins into the mat. Holland covers but only picks up a two. Both men again clash, dropping each other with simultaneous clotheslines to each other. Butch gets the tag in but there’s no Ford in the corner for Dawkins to tag! Butch slaps on a Triangle but Dawkins powers up, hoisting Dunne up and tagging in Ford! Ford climbs the turnbuckles as Dawkins holds Butch up in a powerbomb position. Ford does the DX crotch-chop and hits a super Blockbuster, dropping Dunne from Dawkins’ shoulders to the mat hard! The crowd rewards them with a “this is awesome” chant. Ford wraps up Butch from behind, but the Bruiserweight performs a standing switch. Dawkins makes a blind tag. Butch kicks Ford and is shoulder-shoved across the ring from his blindside! Butch tags in Holland, who clashes with Dawkins. Dawkins sends Holland outside and tags in Ford, who wipes out both of the Brawling Brutes with a suicide attack! Dawkins and Ford use quick tags and set up Holland in a Doomsday position. Butch grabs Ford’s fingers, preventing the move! Butch snaps the fingers and Ford falls all the way to the outside. Butch tags in and kicks Dawkins in the head, while Holland holds Dawkins upside down, and Holland used the momentum to drive Dawkins hard into the canvas! The Brutes pick up the win at 9:38pm.
Your Winners, the Brawling Brutes! (16 minutes)

Backstage Interview: Rey Mysterio

We’re presented with a video showing the recent events between the Mysterios, Edge and the Judgment Day, including Dominik Mysterio’s betrayal. Rey wishes he had known the resentment his son held for Edge, as he feels he could’ve stopped him from joining the Judgment Day. He reminds us Edge won’t be out for long, and Dom has to answer for his actions. Rey pleads for his son, whom he knows is listening, to come back to him. Riddle shows up and we head to break at 9:42pm, with our tag match next!

Backstage: The Alpha Academy, Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens

Johnny Gargano is shown backstage when we return from break at 9:45pm. The Alpha Academy walk up and call him Johnny Shoosh. They then attempt to intimidate him, stating that he’s messing with them when he messes with Theory, meaning they (Theory & the AA) have the numbers advantage. Kevin Owens walks up and backs up Gargano, and the four engage in a quick, humorous segment that sets up a tag match next week.

In the Ring Promo: the Judgment Day

The Judgment Day come out together–Finn Bálor & Damian Priest representing the faction in-ring, accompanied by Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio. Graves reminds us that Dominik is “fascinated” (whipped) by Rhea Ripley. The four pose on the apron and in the ring, then Rhea hops on the mic. She gloats with Priest about what they’ve done to Edge, and states that Dominik’s a man now, so he’s an asset to the Judgment Day. Finn praises Dominik for being brave enough to stand up to his father. Priest shows Dom some love too, calling him “a man who no longer walks in a shadow. You’re talking about a man who is willing to fight his own battles and he proved that last week when he faced Edge one-on-one.” Priest asks them to roll that beautiful bean footage of Dom defeating Edge last week, but instead they all take more turns on the mic. Rhea tells Dom “Papi’s really proud of you” and he thanks her. The crowd drown him out in boos and Finn demands they let him talk, as does Priest. Priest warns the crowd “this is Dominik Mysterio! You sit down, you shut your mouth and show respect!” Again Dom tries to talk and again the crowd drowns him out. The kid can get heat! Every time he says anything, the boos grow louder and louder. Dom states he couldn’t be prouder than he is now, alongside his “new family” the Judgment Day. The crowd does not like this one damn bit and show him hell for it. They then pose for a “family pic” and work up the crowd more. Finn starts to speak more but is cut off by Riddle. Time for a match, finally!

Tag Match: Matt Riddle & Rey Mysterio vs the Judgment Day

Riddle rolls his scooter to the stage and awaits Rey. The two make their way to the ring to a great pop. We go to break at 9:56pm. We return three minutes later and the ref calls for the bell at ten o’clock sharp! Riddle starts off with Bálor, who rocks the Original Bro with a big right. Bálor and Priest use quick tags to give themselves an early lead over Riddle. Riddle fights back, however, using a trio of gut-wrench suplexes to drive Bálor into the mat! Rey tags in and Riddle assists the cruiserweight legend with a buster drop. Rey and Bálor clash, with Mysterio sending Bálor flying to the corner. Priest comes in and catches Rey mid-move, but Rey escapes. Priest pulls a 180 and drops Rey with a snap lariat, then begins to slow the pace as he uses the ropes to choke Rey. Priest takes Rey into the corner and distracts the ref by taunting Riddle in, allowing Bálor to sucker-punch Rey. Finn tags in and attempts a cover, garnering a one. Bálor slaps on a rear chin lock and takes it to the mat and yanks the neck. Priest comes in and works the neck before executing a Snake Eyes, looking for a cover. Bálor comes in and uses a snapmare to take Rey back to the mat, again working the neck with a hold. Rey powers to a vertical base and attempts to break free with elbows. Bálor, however, holds on and fires off the Three Amigos with an Eddie G shimmy; the shimmy costs him, however, as Rey floats over on the third Amigo! Rey with an Enziguri to the ear of Bálor, gaining some separation. Riddle comes in and drops both Bálor and Priest with Pele kicks. Riddle with a series of running forearms to both members of the Judgment Day before using suplexes to take each one down! Riddle hits the Bro-ton on Bálor and covers for a two. Riddle climbs up top and looks for the Floating Bro but Bálor moves! Priest comes in and finds himself in the corner as Riddle attacks him, then Bálor. Priest and Riddle struggle at the ropes and on the apron. Riddle kicks Bálor from the apron and springboards towards the ring, only to be intercepted by Damian Priest and choke slammed to the outside! We head to break at 10:07pm!
Back from the break at 10:11pm. The Judgment Day have maintained control throughout the break and we return to find Riddle tormented by Priest and Bálor. At one point, Rhea attacks Riddle outside the ring when the ref is distracted. Bálor looks for a cover but only gets a two, and the quick tags resume for the Judgment Day. Priest stretches Riddle’s arms back, pushing a knee between his shoulder blades as the King of Bros struggles to a vertical base. Priest with a kidney shot, then a second, dropping Riddle to a knee! Priest whips Riddle into the ropes but Priest is caught with a roundhouse from Riddle that rocks him so hard the ref has to help steady him. Riddle and Priest are both down and both sides cheer their mates on. Rey and Bálor get the hot tag simultaneously. Rey with a sunset flip to Bálor, followed by a step-up kick. Top-rope Senton from Rey to Bálor! Mysterio attacks Priest as he attempts to enter the ring, allowing Bálor to attack him from behind. Bálor can’t hold onto control, however, as Rey uses the ropes for a beautiful springboard cross body and a near fall! Rey takes the action to the corner, mounting the middle ropes and punching Bálor until Finn escapes.
Rey and Finn jockey for control until Rey sends Finn across the middle rope and threatens a 619! Priest makes the save, leading to Riddle entering the Fray and battling him to the outside. Riddle drops Priest with a modified Pele, allowing Rey to connect with the 619 to a distracted Bálor! Rey climbs up top and Rhea Ripley climbs on the apron, distracting him. Seth Rollins shows up, threatening to attack Riddle with a steel ch air. Rey prevents the assault and chases Seth off. Dom comes over to Rey and kneels (and is almost as tall as his dad), begging his dad to hit him with a steel chair. Rey’s distracted for several long moments, allowing Bálor to attack him from behind and take it inside the ring. Priest tags in and hits a chokeslam, then tags in Bálor who connects with the Coup de Grace to pick up the win at 10:17pm!
Your Winners, the Judgment Day!

Miz TV, feat. Dexter Lumis

After a clip from last week, when Lumis was spotted in the Miz’s house, is shown, we find the Miz and Tommaso Ciampa backstage making their way out. We head to break at 10:20pm, and Miz TV is next! We return at 10:24 and find the Miz in the ring, with Ciampa and the Miz TV set in place. The Miz welcomes us to the most talked-about talk show in WWE history, Miz TV, then informs us that he’s the victim of “a deranged madman.” He says Lumis crossed the line when Dexter entered the Miz’s home. The Miz checked his security footage and saw Lumis draw a picture of the Miz’s family, put it on the coffee table, and leave. The Miz is sick of feeling paranoid, always looking over his shoulder, because of Dexter Lumis. The Miz mentions a Minions-themed third birthday party for his daughter Madison but he couldn’t enjoy it as he kept thinking one of the Minions in costume was Lumis, leading to the Miz to falsely attack a poor actor in a Minions outfit. He calls out Lumis to face him, man to man. While he waits, the crowd chants “tiny balls.” We see a knife cutting the ring from beneath!

The Miz continues to gloat on the mic as the crowd rises to their feet. The knife finishes cutting a hole in the ring behind the Miz as he threatens to kick Lumis’ ass the next time he sees him. He turns around to play up to the crowd and fails to notice the hole. The crowd again with a “tiny balls” chant. The Miz talks smack at the crowd until Dexter Lumis stands up from beneath the ring! Lumis drags the Miz into the hole but Ciampa drags the Miz out–only to find himself being dragged beneath! Ciampa throws a right to Lumis, smacking him with the microphone and sending Lumis under the ring again. The Miz and Ciampa carefully approach the hole–and Lumis pops his head up, scaring the Miz and Ciampa off. Lumis stares them down as they back up the ramp before he ducks under the ring, again, and we go to a break at 10:28pm.

Backstage: the Judgment Day, AJ Styles

The Judgment Day are shown backstage and, ugh, the cringe as Dom makes jokes. YouTube it if you want to see cringe. Styles is shown and Finn walks up, mentioning it’s been a long time since they’ve spoken. Styles doesn’t approve of Finn’s Judgment Day faction, but Finn shrugs off the comments, hugs AJ, and offers Styles a spot in the Judgment Day if he ever wants.

Singles Main Event Match: Alexa Bliss w/ Asuka & Bianca Belair vs Bayley w/ Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

Bliss is out first, escorted by Asuka and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Out next are Damage CTRL with a new, modified theme (with lyrics). We head to break at 10:39 ahead of our fifth and final match of the night! We return at 10:43pm and the ref calls for the bell. Bliss and Bayley spend the opening minutes jockeying for control, and commentary throws some fun, pointless stats at us. For example, Bliss and Bayley haven’t fought on Raw since April of 2019 and five years ago, in this very ring, Bliss defeated Bayley for her first Raw Women’s Championship. Bayley takes the first commanding lead, clocking Bliss across the back of the neck and sending the action outside. Bayley slams Bliss into the commentary desk then pulls off the desk’s top protective cover. Bayley positions Bliss on the desk but Bliss shoves her off. The damage is done, however, as Bayley’s focused her assault on Bliss’ left knee. Bliss hits a cannonball off the commentary table to wipe out Bayley, and we go to break at 10:49pm with Bliss groaning in pain and holding her left knee. At 10:52pm, we return from break. Bliss’ knee is still under assault from Bayley. Bayley gives way to Bliss, who chains together a lengthy stretch of offense focused on strikes and corner work. Bayley fights back, firing off a Bayley-to-Belly suplex to shut down Bliss’ offense. Bayley attempts a cover, her feet perched on the middle rope, but Belair shoves her feet off. This leads to Asuka and Kai brawling at the ringside. Bliss takes the lead again, hammering Bayley across the ring. Bliss scampers up the turnbuckles but Iyo Sky interferes, shoving Bliss off and to the canvas! Bayley uses the opportunity to hit the Rose Plant on Bliss and picks up the win at 10:58pm!
Your Winner, Bayley! (15 minutes)

After the Match: Controlled Damage

Immediately after winning, Bayley and Kai & Sky begin stomping away at Bliss. Asuka is neutralized and Belair hits the ring, attempting to make the save. The Raw Women’s Champ puts up a fight but the numbers aren’t in her favor. She’s restrained by the Women’s Tag team Champions and Bayley drops her with a big right, issuing a challenge–Bayley wants Belair’s Raw title at Extreme Rules. We fade to black with Damage CTRL standing tall.

Next Week on Raw

The Alpha Academy face Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano. Matt Riddle takes on Damian Priest.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 (? 1.0? 2.1?) wrestling in the world today–NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.


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