WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept 26., 2022): Rogers Place – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we’ll have live results coverage with updates every five to ten minutes.

Our official preview is up, and tonight’s preview has five matches already laid out for us. In addition to SmackDown’s White Rabbit teasing tonight’s location, we’ll have the following matches and more: Bianca Belair takes on Iyo Sky in non-title action; the Alpha Academy have a date with Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano, who want to teach the two Academics some respect. Rey Mysterio clashes with “the Architect” Seth Rollins while the newly, officially-minted “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn takes on AJ Styles in what should be a solid match. Lastly, we’ll also have Matt Riddle taking on former NXT friend, Damian Priest of the Judgment Day, in singles competition.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair; Iyo Sky Matt Riddle; Damian Priest w/ the Judgment Day
Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano; Otis & Chad Gable Seth Rollins; Rey Mysterio


Catch all this and more tonight on Raw!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept 26., 2022): Rogers Place – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Then. Now. Forever. Symbiotically.

Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

We open with our “opening credits & theme” video package, then we’re welcomed to Edmonton by Byron Saxton, Jimmy Smith, and Corey Graves. Shout-out to all the Rajahmaniacs in attendance tonight! Commentary hype Extreme Rules, which is in two weeks, and mention Damage CTRL is running wild. We get right on with things!

In the Ring: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka & Alexa Bliss

The Champ skips her way out with her allies as commentary run down the announced matches for tonight’s program. In the ring, Belair gets on the mic first to a great pop. Belair mentions she considered challenging Bayley tonight instead of waiting for Extreme Rules, but she knows Bayley would never make it about the two of them–and Bayley would not accept the challenge alone> Belair touts that she learned from her mistakes, especially after last week when Iyo & Dakota interfered to help Bayley defeat Alexa Bliss. The crowd boos. The truth hurts. Belair tells Bayley that she’ll have Asuka & Alexa Bliss backing her up to ensure the numbers stay fair. Out come Damage CTRL–Bayley on the mic and flanked by Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky. Bayley tells her this is bigger than just the two of them, then accuses Belair as being handpicked, groomed, and trained to be a champion. “But people like us,” Bayley continues, “we trained ourselves.” She reminds us that she plans on taking over the WWE and “that’s exactly what I’m doing.” Damage CTRL enter the ring and stand opposite Belair and her allies.
Belair disputes this, stating nothing’s been handed to her, and she’s been here “showin’ up and showin’ out. And where have you been, rehab?” Bayley starts to acknowledge Belair and yells at the crowd. “Yeah, yeah, shut up! Yeah, I was injured!” She mentions she wasn’t even supposed to be able to walk ten months ago but she’s rehabbed, come back, and pinned Belair. She says Belair only benefited because Bayley was on the shelf and “you need to fall in line like every(one) else!” Belair points out that Belair was here when Belair won the Rumble, won the title, and even beat her in a ladder match. The crowd heckle Bayley more and she tells Belair that she’s sick of hearing Belair run her mouth about the past. She then has a great idea. “I feel like winning the Raw Women’s title in a ladder match.” The crowd pops big at this. Belair accepts then challenges Iyo Sky to a match, right now!

Singles Match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky w/ Damage CTRL

A ref shows up, calls for the bell; Belair clotheslines Sky and we head immediately to break at 8:10pm! When we return, we see Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa arrive backstage. We return to the ring where Belair and Sky continue to go back and forth. Belair uses a rear waistlock takedown to take the air out of Sky’s lungs. Sky attempts a ripcord attack to gain some separation, but the champ easily drops her. The champ throws Sky across the ring once, twice, then spears Sky in the gut in the corner! Belair uses her shoulder to drag Sky up to her shoulder and walks around the ring, parading her strength. Sky attempts a roll-up but Belair easily blocks it. Sky attempts a head-scissors takedown but Belair blocks that and slams Sky down, covering for two. Sky chains together a few offensive moves, even attempting a submission hold, but the EST easily breaks free. Belair with a driver, followed by a rear waistlock. Sky sets up Belair, using a distraction from her cohorts to position Belair strung over the bottom rope. Sky exits the ring and hits a running jump kick to Belair’s face, sending us to break at 8:19pm! We return back at 8:23pm.
Commentary inform us it’s been “all Iyo Sky” throughout the break. As we cut to the ring, both women engage in a brief set of shoves. Belair starts her comeback sequence, dropping Sky and kipping-up. Belair clubs Sky’s back with right forearms then counters a charge into a Suplex. Belair hangs on and rolls to her feet, hoisting up Sky for a stalling suplex! Belair drives Sky into the mat and covers for two. Sky looks for a reverse roll-up but Belair escapes. Sky stands on Belair’s braid, which Corey Graves tell us is now perfectly legal. Sky with a kick to the gut to Belair, followed by a springboard attempt. Belair scouts it and catches Sky, reversing it into a slam! Belair cartwheels to the ropes, rebounds and hits her Moonsault signature for a close cover. Belair pulls Sky up and sets up for the KOD as the crowd chants “This is awesome!” Sky escapes to the apron and kicks the champ, then climbs up top. Sky hits a cross body off the top rope to the champ–but the EST holds on, rolls through, to her feet and hits a Fallaway Slam! Belair covers for a close two! Belair positions Sky in the corner then ascends the turnbuckles. Sky is up quicker than the champ and clubs her!
Sky climbs the middle turnbuckle and throws fists into the champ. Sky climbs tog the top and looks for a Super Hurricanrana but the EST holds on, blocking it! Sky escapes free and Belair climbs to the top turnbuckle, threatening a missile dropkick. Iyo recovers quicker, however, and runs up the ropes to hit what looks like a modified Spanish Fly off the top! Iyo wastes a few precious seconds taunting the champ before climbing up, allowing Belair to recover! Belair shoves Sky (fka Io Shirai) to the outside! Belair springboards to the outside, wiping out Bayley and Dakota Kai! Belair and Sky take it back into the ring, where the champ hits the KOD and picks up the win at 8:28pm!
Your Winner, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair! (18 minutes)

In the Ring: Seth Rollins Hypes the Fight Pit

We return from break at 8:37pm and out makes the “Freakin'” one, Seth Rollins, the crowd singing his theme. Rollins will face Riddle in a “Fight Pit” match. He teases some insecurity before telling us he reminded himself that he’s “Seth ‘Freakin” Rollins” and he’s going to be the king of the fight pit, leave Riddle broken and battered, and then tells Riddle to watch as Seth gives Rey the “beating he’s too big a coward to give to his own son!” He cackles as Rey makes his way out at 8:44pm!

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

Rey attacks Seth, not bothering to wait for the bell, and we head to break at 8:46pm as the match starts! When we return at 8:49, we find Rollins in control as he takes Mysterio into the corner. Rollins batters Rey in the corner, uses the ropes to temporarily choke him, then takes it back to the corner. Rey fires off a headscissors takedown off of an Irish Whip rebound. Rey chains together two strikes before Rollins counters a tilt-a-whirl into a spinning backbreaker! Rollins is busted open on the forehead (looks like a bullet wound). Rollins lays out Rey with a back drop and covers for a close two. Commentary focus on discussing Rey’s “heavy heart” because of his son Dom’s recent betrayal. Okay. Rollins and Mysterio fight on the apron and Rey attempts a springboard Sunset flip roll-up. Rollins escapes and kicks Rey in the head, knocking him down again. Rey takes it for a few moments longer before fighting Rollins in the corner. Rollins whips Mysterio into the ropes; Rey throws a back elbow to Seth’s jaw and looks for a springboard. Rollins catches him and hits a side breaker. Mysterio is thrown out of the ring by Rollins. Dominik Mysterio starts to come down the ring, steel chair in hand. Rollins holds up hands and takes a step back but Dom pats Rollins on the back and smiles. The crowd boos loudly and we head to break at 8:54pm!
Back from the break at 8:57pm. We return to find Rollins once again in control as commentary informs us he’s maintained it throughout the break, again. Dominik is shown sitting next to commentary as Byron Saxton complains. “God forbid if a son wants to watch his father compete,” chimes in Corey Graves. Rollins positions Rey with his head hanging over the apron and hits a running bit boot at ringside. He fist bumps Dom to more boos. Graves comments “Seth would be a great dad for Dominik,” haha. In the ring, Rollins, locks up with Rey and insults the lucha legend by firing off the Three Amigos, including an Eddie G shuffle after the second! Mysterio counters the third Amigo into a DDT, though, leaving both Superstars down! Rey starts his comeback sequence, slower than normal, and drops Rollins with a kick. Rey looks for a Frog Splash but takes far too much time climbing the ropes. Rollins pops up and the two fight at the top rope. Rey fights Rollins off, but Seth pops back up and runs up the ropes again! Rollins looks for a Superplex but Rey slaps on the brakes and shoves Rollins off again! Rey dives and drops Rollins with a cross body. Rey rolls up Rollins for a close two.
Rey trips a charging Rollins and looks for the 619 but Rollins catches him and counters with a Buckle Bomb! Rollins looks for a cover but only picks up two. Both men are down for a few moments as this match has been going well over a quarter hour. We’re shown Dom repeatedly at the desk. Rollins looks for the Stomp but Rey avoids it. Rollins looks for a Pedigree but Mysterio blocks it! Rollins looks for a Powerbomb but Rey counters, sending Rollins over the top rope to the outside! Mysterio hits a suicide baseball slide splash on Rollins! Rey takes Rollins back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles, then dives, hands behind his back as he hits his old 2000’s splash finisher for a two count. The crowd chants “Dom is useless,” I think. Rude! Rey and Rollins jockey for control, with Rollins laying out Rey with a snap bomb. Rollins climbs the ropes but Rey crotches him by shoving the rope! Rey positions Seth on the top turnbuckle and climbs up. Rey attempts a Super Hurricanrana but Rollins blocks it!
Rollins threatens a Super Bomb but Rey counters with a Hurricanrana that sends Rollins across the ring and onto the middle rope! Rey with the 619! Rollins rolls out of the ring; Rey pursues and runs along the apron, hitting a senton! Dominik pulls up the steel chair and threatens Rey, then tosses it at his father’s feet. He kneels and clenches his hands behind his back, begging his dad to hit him. Seth distracts the ref and “the Eradicator” Rhea Ripley attacks Rey from behind, shoving him face-first into the ring post! They send Rey back into the ring. Rollins hits a Stomp then locks in the Peruvian Necktie submission! Rey’s out and the ref calls for the bell at 9:06pm!
Your Winner by Submission, Seth Rollins! (21 minutes)

Tag Team Match: Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano vs the Alpha Academy

We head to a break and return as the Alpha Academy make their entrance, waving American Flags as they do to piss off the Canadian crowd. Gable insists they all shoosh. We hear the familiar chords of “Rebel Heart” and the crowd pops as Johnny Wrestling is out first! Kevin Owens joins Johnny Gargano on the stage, getting a huge “hometown” pop–biggest pop of the night so far! They make their way to the ring together ahead of this match. We start off with Gargano and Gable, with Gargano easily using springboards and arm drags to send Gable scrambling to tag in Otis. Kevin Owens tags in to a good pop and the two lock up. Otis whips Owens into the ropes and shoulder blocks Owens. Owens takes a chance, running off the ropes and shoulder blocks Otis. Owens shrugs and hits a standing dropkick that sends Otis falling back into this corner! Gable tags in and Owens easily handles Gable in the corner, driving him into the mat and attempting a cover. Owens tags in Gargano, who hops on Owens back and Owens hits a back-drop senton, smashing Gargano into Gable! Gable is whipped into the ropes–Otis makes a blind tag as he runs by–and Gargano hits a springboard Spear! Otis pulls Gargano up and uses a press slam to lay out Johnny Wrestling, sending us to a break at 9:20!

We return at 9:24pm and Gargano desperately looks to tag in Owens. We’re informed the Alpha Academy have kept Gargano isolated the entirety of the break. Gargano gains separation and brings in a hot Kevin Owens, who drops both members of the Alpha Academy! KO with a Cannonball to Gargano in the corner, then follows it up with a Fisherman Suplex driver for a close two! Owens heads to the apron and up the turnbuckles as the local crowd cheers him on. Owens looks for a Senton off the top but Gable gets the knees up! Otis and Gargano are still down at ringside. Gable climbs the ropes and looks for his top-rope Moonsault but Owens moves! Owens attempts a Superkick but Gable catches the foot. Gable with a rear waist lock; Owens escapes. Owens attempts a Stunner; Gable shoves him off! Owens drops Gable and slaps on the Sharpshooter–or as Corey Graves calls it, the Scorpion Deathlock hahaha–but Otis his the ring and makes the save, clotheslining Owens! The crowd boos loudly and Otis yells “Suck it” to the crowd.
Owens rallies, popping up as Gable comes in. Owens drives Gable into the mat and heads up top, hitting a Swanton for a close two. Owens looks for his pop-up sit-out Powerbomb but Gable counters! Owens tags in Gargano. Gable reverses a Northern Lights Suplex attempt into a pair of modified side suplexes. Otis tags in and Hoists Gargano up into an Electric Chair position. Gable tags in and dives off the top, catching Gargano with a bulldog for a close two! Owens makes the save but is flattened by Otis, who takes it outside. Otis with a charging lariat that leaves Owens laid out! Gargano and gable are still our legal men and still in the ring.
Otis rips off the top of the commentary table and charges Owens, but Owens sidesteps! Owens with a pair of Superkicks that rock Otis and send him tumbling onto the commentary table! Owens climbs the barricade and hits an elbow drop to Otis through the commentary table! Gargano and Gable, our legal men, start to rise in the ring as the crowd rips off a “Holy shit” chant! Gargano and Gable exchange blows until Johnny Wrestling drops the Shoosher-Man with a clothesline! Gargano posts up in the corner and looks for his finisher but Austin Theory distracts him! Gable hits a Cliffhanger DDT on the distracted Gargano but only picks up a two! Theory attempts to hit Gargano outside the ring with the case, but Gargano catches him with a Superkick to the chin! Gargano turns his attention to Gable in the ring and hits his springboard DDT, then covers to pick up the win at 9:31pm!
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano & Kevin Owens! (13 minutes)

Backstage: Finn Offers AJ Styles Help; Omos & MVP Are Still Employed

Styles is briefly asked about why he refuses to join the Judgment Day. He hasn’t forgotten what they’ve done to him. Finn Bálor approaches and reminds Styles of their friendship. Bálor points out that Zayn has backup in Solo Sikoa and offers for the Judgment Day to have his back. Styles declines, stating he has his own back. We then cut to a hall and see MVP and Omos walking, then head to break at 9:35pm.

2-on-1 Handicapped Squash Match: Omos vs Two Local Talents

At 9:41, Omos begins destroying two unnamed local talent. The squashing continues for about a minute, with Omos throwing both men like toys across the ring and leveling them with huge blows and sky-high choke slams. He finally stands on one and wraps it up at 9:42pm.
Your Winner by Squash, Omos!

Backstage: the Miz, Security, Dexter Lumis

The Miz heads to the part of the arena showing hockey memorabilia. An “elite security team” that he’d hired earlier in the episode is shown down, all unconscious. The Miz begins to freak out, chastising their “elite” status and fails to notice Dexter Lumis wearing full hockey garb for the local team. He realizes when the crowd loudly cheers–as Lumis removes his mask–only to be put to sleep by Lumis! Lumis strokes the Miz’s cheeks and we head to break at 9:46pm.

Singles Debut Match: Candice LeRae(D) vs Nikki A.S.H.

We return from break to find Nikki in ring, awaiting her opponent. The music plays and out comes “the Poison Pixie”, Mrs. Wrestling herself, NXT veteran Candice LeRae! Looks like the Wrestling Family are on the Red Brand! LeRae unloads on the stunned Nikki. Nikki gets a few moves in but LeRae dominates, picking up the win with a swinging neckbreaker off the middle rope in her debut!
Your Winner, Candice LeRae!

Backstage Interview: the Judgment Day

The Judgment Day–led by Finn Bálor and consisting of Bálor, “the Eradicator” Rhea Ripley, “the Punisher” Damian Priest and “the Pubescent” Dominik Mysterio–are shown talking. Priest is asked if he’ll hold back when he faces Riddle later tonight. Ripley asks why he always asks dumb questions, and Priest cuts a quick interview dissing Riddle, stating he’s lost his mind, and Priest will do what he needs to tonight.

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn w/ Solo Sikoa of the Bloodline

After a quick video hyping Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns, we’re told his match is next and head to break at 9:55pm! When we return to the ring, Zayn makes his way out and we’re shown the segment on SmackDown in which it seemed as if the Bloodline were going to turn on Zayn–but instead, presented him with his own official “Honorary Uce” shirt. Styles is out next, solo sans Sikoa, and the ref calls for the bell at 10:04pm. Both men lock up and the crowd cheer and sing for Sami Zayn, the “hometown” competitor. Zayn drops Styles and holds up The Ones. Styles fires up, chaining together several strikes and kicks to batter Zayn. Styles with his patented leaping knee drop to Zayn’s face for a cover of two. Styles whips Zayn into the ropes but Sami slaps on the brakes. Sami pops a charging Styles up and over his head, back dropping the Phenomenal One down hard. Zayn covers but doesn’t even pick up a one. The Honorary Uce kicks Styles and takes him into the corner, slamming Styles’ face into the turnbuckle. Zayn with a middle rope elbow smash right between the eyes for a quick cover. No joy. Sami throws Styles out of the ring and Sikoa stalks Styles.
Sikoa & Zayn fist bump as Sami heads outside and begins to work over Styles. Zayn slams Styles’ head into the apron. Sami with a beautiful rope-catapulted springboard attack that wipes out Styles! Sami takes it back into the ring and covers, getting a quick two, but Styles kicks out. Sami pulls up Styles and throws a right; Styles blocks it and fires off his Styles Combination of strikes! Styles with a leaping forearm strike to Sami in the corner, followed by an Ushigoroshi! Styles covers for two and Zayn rolls to the outside. The ref begins his count as Sami takes a moment to recover. Styles hits a springboard forearm to Zayn, dropping him at ringside yet again! Styles and Sikoa stare each other down as we head to a break at 10:09pm! We return at 10:12pm.
Styles continues his onslaught on Zayn, driving him into the corner and dropping him on the canvas. Styles attempts a Phenomenal Forearm but Zayn hangs in there. Styles beats Zayn in the corner until Sami rolls out. Styles follows and sends Sami into the ring, then allows himself to be distracted by Solo Sikoa again. Styles enters and Sami Zayn pops up, rocks Styles with a snap Big Boot to the face, and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb outta nowhere for a close two! Zayn positions Styles on the top turnbuckle and Style fights back. Zayn and Styles lock up and back out of the corner, with Zayn somehow flipping Styles through the air and hitting what looks like a modified Orange Crush! Zayn covers for a close two. Zayn takes it outside and beats Styles into along the ringside area, dumping him into the timekeepers area. Zayn enters the ring and nearly wins by count-out, but Styles enters at nine! Styles rolls up Zayn up for a close two when he enters the ring. Both men throw rights back and forth until Zayn strings together multiple forearm. Zayn with a Big Boot to Styles; Styles fires off a Pele kick and both men are down again! We go to break at 10:17pm!
We return at 10:20pm and are reminded of the upcoming 25th anniversary of D-X on Raw from NY in two weeks. In the ring, Zayn looks for a Helluva Kick but Styles dodges it. Styles locks in his calf-crusher submission! Zayn slowly, painfully, inches his way to the bottom rope and finally breaks it after several long moments. The crowd pops and Graves yells reminders to Zayn that the Tribal Chief is watching. Styles walks into a jawbreaker from Zayn but follows it up with a Sunset Flip. Styles looks for the Styles Clash but Zayn wiggles free! Zayn dumps Styles over the top. Styles with a forearm smash to Zayn. Zayn grabs a fistful of AJ’s hair and the ref forces the separation. Solo Sikoa uses the distraction to hit a Urinage on Styles onto the apron! The crowd boos loudly! Styles eats a Helluva Kick from Zayn, who covers and picks up the win to a huge pop at 10:25!
Your Winner, Sami Zayn! (20 minutes)

The Judgment Day Don’t Handle Rejection Well

Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley are all shown at the top of the ramp. They make their way down. Again, Bálor attempts to recruit Styles, pointing out that he needed them in his corner. He stats how unstoppable they could all be together. Bálor looks to make the “too sweet” hand gesture–but Styles flips him off instead. Bálor kicks Styles in the gut and the Judgment Day beat Styles down, leaving him laid out. We head to break at 10:30pm.

Singles Main Event Match: Matt Riddle vs Damian Priest w/ the Judgment Day

When we return from break, we find the Judgment Day out and awaiting Riddle. Priest is growing a beard out. Matt Riddle is out next to a great pop from the crowd. Both men lock up when we get the bell; Priest shoves Riddle down. They lock up again and this time Riddle hops up, slapping on an arm bar. Priest attempts to power out of it and Riddle transitions to a Kimura hold! Priest breaks it by dropping back and smiles–and Riddle pops up, slapping a sleeper on immediately! Priest struggles to his feet and the corner, where the ref forces the break. Priest with a big swing and miss and the two former NXT friends circle. Priest looks to go technical, taking Riddle down with a headlock. Riddle escapes and taunts Priest. Priest shoves Riddle; Riddle shoves back. Both men fire off blows and block each other, showing their experience with each other, and culminating with Riddle playfully kicking Priest in the butt. Priest laughs then lays into Riddle, viciously beating the Original Bro around the ring. He yells at Riddle, stating “trying to embarrass me on my birthday?” The two fight at the ropes and Riddle sends Priest out of the ring! Riddle with a springboard to the outside–and Priest clocks him with a huge right, stopping his momentum! Priest with a huge chokeslam across the barricade, and we go to break with Riddle screaming in pain as the ref checks on him!

Back from the break. We’re told Priest has maintained control throughout the break, and Priest continues to work over Riddle when we return. Riddle pops up and begins his comeback sequence, rapid-firing fists into Priest’s face. Riddle looks for a suplex out of the corner but Priest fights out of it. Riddle follows it up with a quick suplex that sends Priest rolling to the outside! Riddle hits a springboard moonsault to wipe-out Priest. Riddle takes it inside and hits his Powerbomb-into-knee strike combination for a close cover! Riddle rear climbs the turnbuckles and positions for a Floating Bro, but Priest recovers and shoves Riddle off! Riddle falls to the outside and grabs his ribs, screaming in pain. Replays show Riddle’s flank glancing against the barricade. Priest picks up Riddle and rams him into the barricade and we head right back to break 3 minutes later, at 10:50pm!

Back from the break. Riddle welcomes us back with a beautiful Fisherman’s Suplex for another close cover. Both men, former friends, are on their knees and begin slugging it out. Slowly they rise to their feet, exchanging blows. Riddle rocks Priest with a Kitchen Sink knee; Priest counters with a bell-ringing clap! Priest attempts a Lawn Dart but Riddle wiggles free. Riddle hoists up Priest and hits the Bro Derek! Riddle covers and nearly picks up the win! Riddle and Edmonton are in shock! Riddle climbs up top, thinking a Floating Bro, but allows Rhea Ripley to distract him. Priest takes advantage, sending Riddle down to the middle of the ring and dropping him with a clothesline. Riddle hits the South of Heaven and covers for another close two. Priest looks for the South of Heaven Chokeslam but Riddle slips out. Riddle attempts an RKO but Priest escapes. Priest looks for the Reckoning but Riddle counters with a jumping knee! Riddle calls for the RKO and Finn hops on the apron, only to be sent flying by Riddle. Priest attempts to use the distraction but Riddle rolls him up, stealing the win!
Your Winner, Matt Riddle!

After the Match: the Judgment Day Beat Down Riddle; Edge Challenges Bálor for Extreme Rules Match

Immediately after the match, Finn, Dom and Rhea attack. The four Judgment Day members beat up Riddle. Priest hits the South of Heaven. Edge hits the ring to a massive pop from the Canadian crowd! Spears for Finn, Damian! Edge chases off the Judgment Day and hops on the mic. Edge easily gets the biggest pop of the night. “You have tried to finish me, over and over again, but I always come back!” Big pop. He continues. “Even if it takes me nine years, I come back. And I got to comeback in Edmonton.” Huge pop! “In my country! You see, I don’t quit! So Finn? I challenge you–at Extreme Rules, for the first time ever, Edge vs Finn Bálor in an ‘I Quit’ match!”

Next Week on Raw

Candace LeRae vs a member of Damage CTRL. Chad Gable vs Braun Strowman. Otis vs Johnny Gargano.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today–NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.


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