WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept. 5, 2022): T-Mobile Center – Kansas City, MO

Happy Labor Day and welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. Tonight’s Raw will handle the fallout from this past weekend’s Clash at the Castle. Confirmed for tonight is a United States Championship steel cage match that’ll see our fighting champ, Bobby Lashley, put the strap on the line against the Miz. Unofficially, it’s probably safe to assume we’ll see more of Dexter Lumis tonight. There’s rumors that Braun Strowman is backstage tonight, and Jeff reported earlier this evening that the New Day are scheduled to make an appearance as well.


So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Sept. 5, 2022): T-Mobile Center – Kansas City, MO


Welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome us to KC and Monday Night Raw. We waste no time getting right to our first segment.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge Addresses the WWE Universe

Edge’s music plays and he gets a great ovation from the KC crowd. He plays up to the crowd and makes his way out as we get clips from Clash at the Castle, which saw Rey Mysterio and Edge taking on Damian Priest and Finn Bálor. Dominik Mysterio ultimately turned heel, kicking Edge in the junk and attacking his father. We return to the ring and Edge speaks after yet another great pop from the welcoming crowd. Edge addresses Dominik in his promo and his actions. He laments how things have panned out as he saw Dom as a nephew. He points out that he’s known Dom since he was five years old and Rey was new to the WWE, and reminisces over fond memories with both Mysterios. He again apologizes for the mistake-spear that Edge gave Dom a couple of weeks back, and wonders if this is what caused Dom to turn. He then states that whatever Dom and his dad need to do to work things out, that doesn’t include Edge. Edge is a different entity, and he’s going to treat Dom like a WWE Superstar. He also wonders if Dom was jealous over the time Edge spent with Rey, and mentions he was there to help because he felt responsible for The Judgment Day. He calls out Dominik and demands he come down to get his ass beat. Before he can let out a threat, Rey Mysterio makes his way out! Rey implores Edge to cut Dom slack and again brings up their long history. Edge tells Rey he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do and again calls out Dom. “The Eradicator” Rhea Ripley makes her way out, interrupting both. She states that she took the boy (Dominik) and made him a man. Out comes Dominik wearing black pants and shirt, because that makes you evil, you see.
Rey gets on the mic and begs Dom to make things right. Rhea laughs and gets back on the mic. “Rey, when you gonna get it through your thick skull? Dominik’s not listening to you anymore! You can’t keep fighting your battles for him? Besides, Edge, you’re past your time, mate, because you? You can’t stop your judgment date.” She pauses as the crowd rips off a loud “who’s your daddy” chant. Rhea and Dom begin to make their way down the ramp; Rey asks Edge to stay in the ring and he heads up the ramp to meet his son. Rey questions his son in Spanish, then asks his son to look into his (Rey’s) eyes but Dom won’t. And…then the crowd loudly chants “Eddie’s son”. Awkward. Rey returns to the back, heart broken, and Rhea & Dom begin to encroach on the ring again. Suddenly Edge turns, catching Bálor with a right! The ambush fails but Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Bálor and Rhea Ripley have the numbers game completely. Rey comes out but is blocked by Rhea and Dom. Rey demands they get out of the way; Rhea gestures for Dom to “handle” things and he shoves Rey, allowing Rhea to club Rey from behind. In the ring, Priest uses the South of Heaven chokeslam to lay out Edge. Dom hands a chair to Bálor, who uses it to strike the left knee of edge repeatedly as Priest stands on “the Rated-R Superstar’s” neck. The Judgment Day walk off, leaving Edge down and we head to our first break of the night!

Tag Team Contendership Fatal 4-Way Match: the Street Profits vs the New Day vs the Alpha Academy vs Los Lotharios

We return from the break and get entrances for our four teams, with commentary praising each team as being worthy of the shot against our Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Uso’s. The bell rings and we’re going with a two-man in the ring tag format. The first team to get a pin or submission gets the win and you can tag in anyone from any team. We start with Xavier Woods of the New Day and Angel Garza of Los Lotharios. Both men impress in an athletic display of move and counter move, culminating with Angel ripping off his pants–old school Garza–and tags in Kofi Kingston! Both New Day members are legal! They shake hands and circle, ready to spar. Suddenly Kofi and Woods attempt to pin each other; the other teams realize that would hand the title shot to the New Day and everyone hits the ring, brawling us to another break! We return and teams change frequently, making it very easy to lose track for both the commentary team, ref and the viewer. We wind up with Gable and Ford in the ring; Gable attempts a German Suplex but Ford rolls through and counters with one of his own. Dawkins hits the ring and the Profits double-team Gable. Otis makes the save, drags Gable to the corner, and tags himself in. He picks up Ford but Garza hits a Superkick to Otis! Ford & Garza work together to beat up Xavier Woods, oddly, and both men climb the ropes. Everyone joins in and we have Woods & Garza attempting to Superplex Woods; on the other side of the ring, Humberto Carrillo, Angelo Dawkins and get involved in a double-team spot. Otis hits a splash drop, but fails to pick up the win when Kofi hits a double foot stomp out of nowhere! There are bodies everywhere and we head to break!

We return and Jimmy Smith on commentary informs us that the Alpha Academy’s had a stretch of luck through the break. But the jinx is real; no sooner are the words said by Smith, than Ford counters an Otis move into a powerbomb! Ford begins to climb the ropes and is attacked by Los Lotharios. The New Day get involved, leading to Los Lotharios wiping out the New Day with a moonsault! Gable enters the fray and slaps an ankle lock on Montez Ford! Before Ford can tap, they’re interrupted by a roar and out comes Braun Strowman! The crowd flips out and Strowman makes his way out wearing red jeans-like vinyl tights, a shaved head, and looks great. He easily begins laying out everyone. Finally Security hits the ring and Strowman lays them out, too. The crowd loves it all and roar with the big man when he uses a powerbomb to lay out yet another member of security! Strowman gestures a circle in the air and it’s time for the Strowman Express! Strowman trips up by Gable and continues past, ramming Otis through the barricade! Braun begins to destroy the teams at the ringside area, clearing the commentary table top off! Strowman picks up Angelo Dawkins like a doll and hits a running powerslam through the commentary table! Strowman flexes and the crowd roars more! Strowman enters the ring–is Nicholas nearby? Braun plays up to the crowd, encouraging their cheers before posing on the turnbuckles to roar yet again. We head to break and afterwards, we’re informed this one’s a no contest!
Your Result, No Contest.

Tag Team Match: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

Speaking of Braun, out comes his girlfriend, Raquel Rodriguez as well as her new tag team co-champion, Aliyah. Nikki and Doudrop are out, with Doudrop again sporting a more serious look as exhibited yesterday at NXT Worlds Collide. This is the second set of titles Doudrop & Nikki have challenged for in 30 hours. Doudrop starts with Aliyah, easily handling the smaller star. Raquel attempts to encourage her partner, and Aliyah uses a dropkick to attempt to take the knee out from under her. Aliyah quickly scrambles to tag in Raquel but Doudrop stops her and takes an early lead. We find Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky backstage, observing this match, as Jimmy Smith and Corey Graves discuss the controversial finish in the tag tournament finals last week. Apparently Bayley’s trio feel they got robbed. Nikki A.S.H. is brought in and continues to control Aliyah a few more moments until Raquel gets the hot tag. Raquel uses a Fallaway Slam to send Nikki rolling out of the ring and lays into Doudrop with big elbows and punches. Doudrop fights back with a Senton but is distracted by a scuffle outside the ring between Aliyah and Nikki. Raquel pulls Doudrop up off the top rope, using one arm, and connects with the Tejana Bomb! Impressive! Raquel covers, securing the win!
Your Winners, Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah!

Austin Theory Addresses the WWE Universe

The youngest United States Champion and youngest Mr. Money in the Bank in history makes his way out to massive digital boos. The in-house crowd boos but nowhere near as angrily as those piped in. He states that “Crown Jewel was an absolute success. Just kidding, Clash at the Castle was!” Good save. He yells for the crowd to shut their mouths and gets more boos. “I’m sure all of you wanted to see me fail at my cash-in but here I am, still the youngest Mr. Money in the Bank in all of WWE history and that just guarantees that I am the future undisputed champion!” More boos. “And the difference between me and all of you is when I get knocked down, I get back up, even if it’s a sucker punch from (World Champion) Tyson Fury.” He goes on to state that he’s glad Roman Reigns is still champion, because “For one, Drew McIntyre embarrassed himself in front of all his friends and family. And two, because Roman Reigns and I have unfinished business.” He again pauses–he’s done so throughout the speech, holding his jaw, selling the strike from Fury. He cracks up more due to his jaw and gets more boos. HE insists he’ll become the new WWE champ until Kevin Owens makes his way out on mic to a good pop!
KO asks Austin what happened to his jaw then states that he remembers now–“you got knocked the fuck out!” The crowd chants this back, and KO tells Austin that “you just got KO’d, see what I did there?” Again the crowd chants that, haha. Kevin Owens congratulates Theory on getting his first name back–he’s, again, Austin Theory–and then goes on a quick rant about a list of people whose butts he needs to kick, people who are delusional. He tells Theory that Tyson Fury did Theory a favor at Clash at the Castle “Because if you had been able to cash in your contract, either Drew or Roman would have put you in the ground and you’d have lost that opportunity forever!” Theory disputes this and claims KO is jealous. He points out his short, but impressive, list of accolades and compares it to KO’s recent stretch of being title-less for a few years now. Theory offers to let KO challenge him for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship when he beats Roman for it. KO enters the ring and tells Theory that he’s been in the ring with both Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns, and not only could Drew not beat him recently, Roman should have lost to Owens eighteen months ago. He blames the Bloodline for costing him the title. He tells Theory that if he’d been in the Money in the Bank ladder match, he’d have destroyed Theory and he’d have won the case, cashed in and beat Roman.
Theory tells him “that all sounds like fairy tale land and this is reality. And the reality is I”m the hand-picked future of this business and you’re (working) really hard just to stay relevant.” Oooo! KO states that’s damn right, he does whatever it takes to be relevant because that’s how he got where he is today. “You were the hand-picked (future) but you’re not anymore!” Owens then predicts that any second now, a ref is going to run from the back and slide into the ring. Lo and behold, out comes a ref; KO criticizes him, stating “you could have run a little faster.” KO then states it’s time for less talking and more fighting.

Singles Match: Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory

Owens starts off fast, quickly taking the lead and beating Theory to the outside of the ring, sending us to a break! When we return, we’re informed that Theory managed to recover and take control of the match during the break. Theory works on dismantling Owens throughout the break at ringside, but Owens starts to rally, firing off chops and taking it back into the ring. Owens with a cannonball in the corner! Owens looks for a cover but gets a two. Commentary bicker over Theory’s talent versus his bad attitude. Owens looks for a scoop slam but Theory floats over. Owens charges and Theory uses a drop toehold to send Owens into the turnbuckle! Theory covers but only gets two. Theory slaps on a chin lock and slows the pace, working on wearing down Owens’ neck. Theory and Owens are back to their feet, but not for long as Theory clobbers Owens with a right and sends him back to the mat with a Fallaway Slam! Theory covers for two and talks smack as he again begins to use a working hold to keep Owens grounded on the canvas. Owens gets an encouraging pop from the crowd and powers to a vertical base. Owens starts to power his way out of the hold and throws a series of rights to Theory’s sore left jaw. Owens starts his comeback sequence proper, laying out Theory with two clotheslines before rebounding off the ropes for a third that sends Theory rolling to the outside! KO with a cannonball off the apron but this time Theory gets his knees up! Owens is in agony and we’re heading to break!

Throughout the break, Theory maintains control. Theory takes it back into the ring and works Owens over in multiple corners, slowing the pace significantly as both men begin to show signs of exhaustion. Theory finally looks for a big spot, positioning Owens on the top turnbuckle. Theory climbs the middle ropes but the two begin to struggle at the top. As we return from the break, Theory continues to attempt a middle-rope Superplex. Owens fires up, fighting him back and sending Theory crashing to the mat! Owens hits the Swanton off the top and covers for another close two! Both men again exchange control after Theory narrowly dodges a Stunner. Theory attempts the A-Town Down but Owens escapes! Superkick from Owens! Owens looks for the pop-up sit-out powerbomb but Theory escapes to the outside! Theory grabs Owens by the head and sends the back of his neck into the steel steps. Theory enters the ring and we get the ref’s count-out started. Owens makes it in just in time. Theory with a driver, covering for two! Owens fights on! Theory pulls Owens up in a corner and again puts him on the top turnbuckle. Theory with a chest slap before climbing the middle ropes. Theory wants that middle-rope Superplex bad, yo. Theory struggles with Owens and has to pry Owens’ fingers off the top rope! Owens and Theory struggle once again at the top, throwing shots at each other’s ribs and head. Again, Owens fights Theory off and again, Owens wants a Swanton! Theory pops up quickly, punches Owens, and runs up the ropes. Owens counters the Superplex into an inverted middle-rope Exploder-driver!
The crowd are on their feet and KO whips Theory into the ropes, popping Theory up and powerbombing him down! Owens positions Theory, hits the Stunner, and covers for three! The crowd really got into this!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Say Hello to Damage CTRL

Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky–Damage CTRL (pronounced Damage Control) make their way out and Bayley’s the first on the mic. “Ding dong! Hello, idiots! Yes, yes, it is us–the three women who were victorious at Clash at the Castle when we beat (Belair, Asuka & Bliss) and sent them home packing.” Kai chimes in, stating that if they can do that to the best, then we should imagine what they can do to the rest of the roster. Kai states they’re taking control, and Iyo Sky states next week they’re taking the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. “News flash,” Kai states, “Raquel & Aliyah can pretend to be champions for another week until we take what’s rightfully ours!” Bayley praises their ability to overcome, and again brags that she pinned Bianca Belair. “I did something that these idiots couldn’t do almost the (whole) time I was gone,” meaning she pinned Belair, a feat not done in 310 days.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair Addresses Damage CTRL

The Raw Women’s champ comes out and states that, yes, Bayley did pin her Saturday but it took the three of them. She states Bayley may have “minions” but she (Belair) has the title. She tells Bayley that “you’re in control of nothing!” Bayley circles around her and the Raw Women’s Champion finds herself surrounded. Bayley waves them off and the trio back out of the ring. Bayley says, “Bianca, I’ve already beat you. I’ve got nothing else to prove.” She says Belair is the “same old Bianca” and her fragile ego can’t handle a single loss to the point that Belair wants to challenge Bayley. Bayley says she could have ended Belair right now but Damage CTRL have bigger things to worry about, namely getting the tag titles next week. “But don’t worry because if, and when, I want that title,” Bayley concludes, “I’m going to get it one way or another.” Their music plays them out!

Backstage: Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory

Gargano is asked about his recent conflict with Theory. Again he praises Theory and attempts to address the nuances of their friendship going back to NXT. Theory comes up and, again, lets jealousy get the best of him. He accuses Gargano of being jealous of him. Ultimately, Gargano informs him that Johnny Wrestling’s back in the ring next week.

Singles Match: Rey Mysterio vs Damian Priest

Rey is out first, followed by Priest who comes out alone. Rey starts off quick, immediately laying into Damian with strikes as soon as the bell sounds. Priest absorbs them and attempts a quick South of Heaven chokeslam. Rey escapes by floating over and out of his grasp, only to have Priest turn and drop him to the mat. Priest starts to string together enough offense to establish control. A strong Irish Whip sends Rey bouncing off the turnbuckles, and a loud slap to the back illicits a scream from the veteran. Again, Priest whips Rey into the corner; this time, Damian follows it up with a shoulder to the midsection! Rey flees the ring and begins to walk around, stretching his back and buying a few seconds to recover. Priest pursues, slamming Rey into the side of the ring. Priest sends Rey into the ring and follows him in.
Rey attempts to fight out of the corner; Priest again uses an Irish Whip to send Rey into the corner. Priest looks for another shoulder thrust/spear but Rey dodges it! Rey begins to pound Priest with fists and forearms and kicks, taking the action into the ring. Rey with a springboard cross-body but instead of seeking a pin, Rey pummels Priest with rights! Priest whips Rey into the ropes but Rey ducks under and kicks the hamstring! Both men exchange blows, with Priest using rising knees to the chest to rock the Hall of Famer. Priest again takes control and starts to target Rey’s ribs. We head to break, during which the Judgment Day make their way out to observe.
During the break, we’re frequently shown Dom’s face as Priest dismantles Rey in the ring, beating him all around the ring. Rey kicks out of every attempt, and Priest continues to slow the pace by resorting to working holds. When we return form the break, it’s time for Rey’s comeback!

Rey uses a springboard to great effect, and Priest finds himself in trouble. Rey however can’t keep his focus, constantly turning his attention to his son, Dominik, who stands besides his new-found Judgment Day friends. Priest with a slow Superkick to get another close fall. Rey weathers through Priest’s offense and again attempts to head up top. Rey’s tired, and slower, and Priest recovers quick. Priest looks for a middle-rope maneuver but Rey desperately throws rights, fighting out of hit and converting it to a Super ‘rana! Rey nearly picks up the win after the Hurricanrana. Priest finds himself set up for a 619 but Rey fails to pull it off; Priest ducks under just in time, rises and connects with a roundhouse to the side of Rey’s head! Priest pulls Rey up for a Powerbomb but Rey collapses. Priest pulls Rey up again and hoists him high in the air, crucifix style, but Rey counters it with another Hurricanrana! Priest is once again set up for a 619! Rey is about to fire it off when Dominik gets on the apron, stopping him in his tracks. Finn and Rhea slide in, distracting, and Priest uses the opportunity to level Rey with a huge forearm. Priest positions and hits the South of Heaven side-sit out chokeslam on Rey to pick up the win! After the match, the Judgment Day stand over the fallen Rey. Rhea states with Rey down, there’s only one man in their way and announces that Dominik is going to “send him (Edge) back into retirement” because what Papi (Rhea) wants, Papi (Rhea) gets.
Your Winner, Damian Priest!

Backstage: Braun Strowman Warns the Roster

Strowman is asked and he states that the Monster of Monsters is back. He warns everyone that he’s back and he’ll see everyone on SmackDown. To be continued Friday night!

Backstage: Seth Rollins; Riddle

We’re treated to clips from Clash at the Castle, as well as the emotional build-up last week during the Riddle/Rollins face-to-face interview and their ensuing match. Riddle lost and afterwards was interviewed, asking for a rematch. Rollins addressed this live then declined, stating he has bigger fish to fry and other things to move on to. We head to break ahead of our main event match!

United States Championship Steel Cage Main Event Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs the Miz w/ Ciampa

It’s time for our main event! The steel cage is lowered because it’s time to play! The Miz comes out with Ciampa, both in similar gear, and the Miz wears a “Hello, my balls are massive” tee (his new merch). The Champ is out next and we get official introductions and rules. Before the bell rings, the Miz and Ciampa attack Lashley. They begin to beat him outside the cage, sending us into a break. Throughout it, they continue to double-team Lashley, sending him into the steel steps and the barricade before finally taking the action into the ring. The Miz enters the ring and the door is closed at 10:46 an we’re officially started! The crowd cheers for Lashley as the Miz begins to climb the cage. The champ rises and gets a hold of the Miz,dragging him to the mat. Lashley drops the Miz with a clothesline and is favoring his left arm, the frequent target of Ciampa and the Miz throughout the break-beatdown. Lashley sends the Miz into the corner and clubs him with his good arm. Lashley looks for a Suplex but the Miz uses the injured left arm of Lashley to wrench him to the mat. The Miz fires off his famous It-Kicks!
Lashley begins to rally and we’re told Dexter Lumis has been spotted in the crowd at ringside! The Almighty fights back, one-armed practically, and pummels the challenger int he corner. The Miz finds himself manhandled by the champ who throws him into the cage, whips him into the steel, and uses the entire ring as a weapon to punish the Miz! The Miz avoids a Spear and attempts to crawl out quickly, but Lashley easily prevents his escape. Lashley pound son the Miz a bit more and set sup the Hurt Lock! Commentary question if Lashley’s left arm has the strength to cinch it in, and they’re right–it doesn’t. The Miz fights him off with elbows and begins to climb the cage, all while Ciampa cheers him on! The Miz reaches the top of the cage and Lashley climbs the top of the ropes, pulling the Miz down. Lashley pounds the Miz’s head and smacks his face into the cage, sending the Miz crashing to the floor! The ref checks on the Miz as Lashley attempts to climb out. Ciampa uses a steel chair to smack the cage, distracting and slowing Lashley, to set up a running knee from the Miz for a close cover! We head to our final break of the night as both men continue to slug it out from their knees.

During the break, the Miz continues to focus his assault on Lashley’s arm. Every attempt to escape is shut down, however, as the Almighty One refuses to give in. The Miz slaps a crossface on Lashley, attempting to cripple him with that crossface, but Lashley powers out as we return from break! The Miz sends Lashley into the corner and climbs up over Lashley, then on his shoulders and attempts to escape. Lashley grabs the Miz and pulls him back into the ring even as Ciampa attempts to pull the Miz out! the Miz and Lashley battle on the top turnbuckle until Lashley hooks up the Miz and executes a Superplex! Lashley sets up a Spear but the Miz side-steps it and sends Lashley into the cage! The Miz fires off a Skull-Crushing Finale for a close two, then begins to crawl towards the open cage door. Lashley grabs the Miz by his foot and rags him back in! Lashley drops the Miz and starts to exit the cage, only for Ciampa to slam the cage door in his face! Lashley slams it back into Ciampa’s face, though, sending the Blackheart crashing to the floor! The Miz quickly recovers and grabs the steel cage’s door, slamming it into Lashley’s face a dozen times. The Miz considers his options, as Lashley’s body blocks the door. The Miz effortlessly climbs to the top and the crowd begins to roar! The Miz exits the cage from the top and starts to climb down……and sees Dexter Lumis laying on the floor, sticking out from behind the ring! The Miz crawls back into the ring! Dexter stares down the Miz and paces outside the cage, captivating the Miz. The Miz yells to Lumis, demanding to know what he did–but before any answer or question can be finished, Lashley catches the Miz with a spear and puts him away!
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match: Dexter Lumis Enters the Cage

Lumis climbs up the cage and enters the ring, backing the Miz away. The Miz scrambles towards the cage door, attempting to escape, but Lashley closes the door and shakes his head no! Lumis stalks the Miz and yanks him off the cage with a handful of tights. Lumis slaps his submission signature on the Miz! A few NXT fans in the crowd are present and chant “Dexter’s gonna kill you” as Lumis puts the Miz to sleep! We end our program with Lumis petting the hair of an unconscious Miz!

Next Week on Raw:

Johnny Gargano returns to the ring after over nine months away. Dominik Mysterio vs Edge.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today–NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.


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