Monday Night RAW Results 03/15/21

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (03/15/21): ThunderDome II, St. Petersburg, FL

Happy Monday, and WELCOME to’s LIVE coverage for the March 15, 2021 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, airing LIVE on the USA Network from the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida!

As advertised for the March 15th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW,

Featured below are complete results of the March 15, 2021 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW which airs live at 8/7C on USA Network! The following report was written by’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Show Opening

We start off as it hits 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) as we see the WWE Then… Now… FOREVER introduction to tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW! We enter the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field, in St. Petersburg, Florida as we hear the current opening theme song, “The Search” by NF, play over the speakers to kick off tonight’s show! We are reminded that this is the FINAL episode of RAW leading us into this weekend’s WWE Fastlane 2021 pay-per-view event which is the last stop on the road to WWE WrestleMania 2021!

Announcer’s Table – Commentary Team

We are welcomed to the March 15, 2021 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW by Tom Phillips who is sitting alongside Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe at the announcer’s table down at ringside for front-row seats to tonight’s action packed show! With that, we head to the ring as the entrance theme for the current WWE Champion sounds over the speakers in the ThunderDome II!!

In-Ring – WWE Champion Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP)

As we continue to hear the entrance theme of the current reigning WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, we see the Hurt Business member who is accompanied by MVP (pimp cane and all!) as they make their way to the stage. The commentary team questions what could be in store for WWE as the “Almighty Era” continues it’s reign with The Hurt Business on top and their lead brute, Bobby Lashley as the reigning WWE Champion! Lashley assists MVP into the ring, as MVP is still recovering and forced to use the assistance of a cane to make his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Inside the ring, Lashley and MVP are both sporting expensive suits, MVP tells Lashley to open his coat to show off the WWE Championship belt that is around Lashley’s waist as they stand in the center of the ring. MVP takes a microphone from a WWE Official at ringside as he prepares to begin his speech to the WWE Universe tonight. Front man (and apparently the voice of) The Hurt Business, MVP, begins by stating he has an announcement to make, as he reminds everyone that we have recently entered the “Almighty Era”. MVP then continues on to remind us that after a long sixteen year wait, Lashley was finally given the opportunity to take a shot at the WWE Championship/ Before MVP can continue, Lashley adds, “…And I did it!”

At this point Lashley begins his own bragging session on how he took it to the former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 (although he leaves out that it was immediately following the former WWE Champion’s Elimination Chamber Match against 5 other former WWE Champions, and McIntyre WON! Then Lashley attacked an already drained McIntyre to allow The Miz to cash in his MITB contract with “ease” at the cost of being in debt to Bobby Lashley).

Lashley then continues on to inform everyone in the WWE locker room and/or on the WWE roster that he plans to DESTROY any and every opponent, whether at WrestleMania 2021 or on WWE Monday Night RAW, that tries to stand in his way or threatens his ultimate goal of remaining the champion! As Lashley once again begins to point out that this is the “Almighty Era”, we get an almighty interruption! as we hear the entrance theme for The Miz and John Morrison sound right in the middle of The Hurt Business member’s segment in-ring (not smart!).

The Miz & John Morrison Interrupt

As the entrance theme for The Miz and John Morrison continues to play over the speakers in the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, both men make their way down the ramp and towards the ring. Immediately on the offensive, MVP steps towards Miz and Morrison as they enter the ring, as if he’s ready to throw himself onto a grenade to protect his “product” Bobby Lashley. Miz informs the Hurt Business members that they can relax, as he and John are NOT there to to attempt to take the WWE Championship from Lashley, they are merely there to inform them that “they’re on board” with The Hurt Business.

The Miz then steps towards the WWE Champion that gift wrapped and returned Miz’s ass to him during their Championship Match on RAW, and proceeds to inform Lashley that it was truly “an honor” to wrestle Lashley over the last couple weeks. Miz then continues on by stating that while he was backstage just minutes ago preparing for his match with Drew McIntyre this evening, he overheard Lashley’s speech and was “touched” by his words and had to make an appearance. Miz then takes it a step further by stating what an “honor” it was to be able to step into (and share) a ring with Lashley.

Miz then dares to say that his and Lashley’s previous rivalry over the last few weeks could be recorded in the books as “one of the greatest rivalries EVER, under the same category as The Rock vs. Stone Cold (Miz does his best Stone Cold impression!), Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant, and even Shawn Michaels vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart. At this point Miz continues on to defend his lack of luster in the match that he lost he was not at one hundred percent as he was having gastrointestinal issues among other things and Lashley should only want to face an opponent at 100%!

Drew McIntyre Interrupts and Joins The Conversation In-Ring

Suddenly we hear the entrance theme for the former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre as the Scottish Warrior makes his way to the stage for a POP from the crowd! McIntyre walks right past both The Miz and John Morrison, not even acknowledging either of them as he bee-lines straight into the ring. Drew begins by stating to Lashley that he hadn’t had the proper chance yet to formally congratulate the new champion. McIntyre continues on to state that they have a lot of similarities when it comes to their WWE Championship wins. They both spent years traveling with WWE and paying their dues

McIntyre continues on to state that many opportunities passed both of them by over the years, despite their hard work and effort. McIntyre notes how they were both out of the WWE at one point and had to scratch their way back… Drew then looks to Lashley with a slight smile as he state that it must feel good for Lashley to finally win the title.

McIntyre then turns the other cheek and states the difference between him and Lashley, is that McIntyre went to Royal Rumble 2020 and BEAT the likes of the powerhouse Brock Lesnar at full strength and ability, while Lashley had to make a secret deal with a little weasel like Miz and screw McIntyre over to become champion. McIntyre then goes on to inform Lashley that at WrestleMania 2021, “it’s going to be a heavyweight fight for the ages” as he plans to beat the hell out of Lashley… and he will once again become the rightful WWE Champion. He ends his statement by calling Lashley “a big bald B****!”

As McIntyre turns to exit the ring, he notices The Miz still standing on the apron. McIntyre then proceeds to give Miz TWO options. He can either attack McIntyre from behind… or Miz can run for his life. McIntyre then states he will hurt Miz tonight during their match, and defeat him. MVP is still holding Lashley back behind this confrontation, but suddenly Miz is able to distract Drew as Lashley sneak attacks McIntyre, then makes his exit up the ramp as Miz continues the attack on McIntyre.

Sheamus Makes His Entrance

As WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is making his way up the ramp to head backstage with Hurt Business member MVP, he suddenly comes face to face with the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus as Sheamus’s entrance theme sounds in the ThunderDome II! Sheamus steps out onto the stage and immediately proceeds to attack Lashley until finally WWE Officials make their way into the attack and separate the two superstars. officials separate them. On that note, we head to the first commercial break of tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW, stay tuned!

Backstage Interview – Sheamus

As we return from the commercial break, we are backstage with the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus as he is being interviewed by Sarah Schrieber. To start things off, Schrieber asks Sheamus the simple question, of why did he attack WWE Champion Bobby Lashley before the break? Sheamus states that the Hurt Business member is messing in Sheamus’s personal and professional business at this point, and just simply “sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong”.

Sheamus ends by stating that he definitely plans to defeat McIntyre at 100% at this weekend’s WWE Fastlane 2021 pay-per-view, that way McIntyre cannot lean on the excuse that he was not at top performance level, so Sheamus will make sure of that! Sheamus then continues on to inform Schrieber that he wants to take on Bobby Lashley so he can show McIntyre that he won’t be able to do what he wants at WrestleMania. Sheamus ends by stating that tonight, McIntyre will see just who Sheamus truly is, with that he walks off down the hall of the backstage area!

Quick Announcements – Tonight’s Card

Next we head to a quick announcement from the commentary team as they finish discussing the events that have taken place thus far on tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. First we are informed of the Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler match that is set as well as The Hurt Business vs. New Day for the RAW Tag Titles. Finally we are informed that the Original Bro, Matt Riddle will go head to head with Mustafa Ali of RETRIBUTION for the WWE United States Championship.

The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre

As we return to the ring, we see The Miz in his corner, as he prepares for the match to begin. The referee then makes his way over to Drew to make sure that he’s ok to compete still tonight, McIntyre nods as he makes his way from a crouched position into a standing position. With both men set and ready to go, the referee stands in the center of the ring and signals for the bell. The bell rings and our first official match-up of the evening is officially underway! To start things off, Miz looks to once again attack McIntyre with a take-down in the corner of the ring as to keep control early on. Miz looks for the Skull Crushing Finale to end this thing early! McIntyre successfully evades. McIntyre having had enough, literally lifts Miz up in the air like a wee child, and proceeds to squeeze him in a huge bear hug followed by slamming Miz into the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring.

McIntyre continues to build momentum early on in the match as he follows up with multiple Big Chops that then turn into closed handed blows, finally landing Miz on the canvas with a Suplex Toss. Miz attempts some offense as he lands a few Strikes to McIntyre who is not even phased. Finally McIntyre responds to Miz’s strikes with a Glasgow Kiss Headbutt! Morrison temporarily distracts McIntyre as he throws his sunglasses into the ring, Miz uses the distraction to gain temporary control. McIntyre then retaliates with the Reverse Alabama Slam! As McIntyre waits in the corner to deliver the Claymore, John Morrison quickly drags Miz out of the ring for the save. At this point, the referee is tired of John Morrison’s distractions and interruptions, so he ejects Morrison from ringside! With that, we once again head to commercial break!

As we once again return from the commercial break, we see Miz land a Kick to the midsection of McIntyre as the match continues on inside the ring. Miz quickly follows up with a DDT to McIntyre, McIntyre responds by throwing Miz out of the ring, Miz landing on the floor on the outside of the ring. At ringside, McIntyre states loud enough for everyone to clearly hear, “You should have run!” Back inside the ring, Future Shock DDT by McIntyre to take Miz down! Finally a Claymore to Miz! McIntyre doesn’t pin, but instead continues on to send a message to Lashley apparently. At this point, we see McIntyre apply The Hurt Lock! Miz immediately taps! McIntyre points to the WrestleMania sign and the camera to end the match!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Backstage – Bad Bunny and Damian Priest

Next we head backstage where we see Bad Bunny standing alongside his good friend, Damian Priest as the two are walking down a hallway, we are then sent into a quick video package that highlight’s Bad Bunny’s performance at The Grammy’s. As we return once again to Bunny walking backstage with Priest, we are reminded that Bunny is currently the reigning WWE 24/7 Champion.

Video Clip – “Last Week” – Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon Confrontation

We head into a video clip that shows the events from “Last Week” where Braun Strowman demands an apology from Shane McMahon following a rude comment about Strowman from two weeks ago where McMahon claimed Strowman most likely wasn’t able to read at a certain level. Last week, Strowman called McMahon to the ring demanding an apology, to Shane McMahon’s credit, he DID in fact make his way to the ring, walk all the way into Strowman’s face and apologize, then immediately exited. McMahon paused at the top of the stage, but then walked away. Later McMahon mocked Strowman again, calling him stupid over and over, even saying he fell down a stupid tree hitting every stupid branch on the way down. Strowman attempts to chase McMahon to the parking lot, but McMahon outsmarts Strowman as a car drives off, making Strowman believe McMahon took his leave in the vehicle when he was really hiding. As Strowman walks off, McMahon reiterates, “So Stupid…” to end the segment last week.

Backstage – Braun Strowman

Before heading to commercial break, we see Braun Strowman making his way down a hallway backstage, apparently headed to the ring once again to call out Shane McMahon after the commercial break!

In-Ring – Braun Strowman Confronts Shane McMahon AGAIN

As we return from commercial break, once again, Braun Strowman is demanding Shane McMahon to make is way out to the ring so Strowman can confront him. Shane finds it disturbing that Braun keeps coming out week after week and making demands. Braun’s been bullied by the likes of him all his life, but just because he grew up in a mansion and went to an Ivy League school doesn’t make him smarter than him. At this point, Shane states he’s offended at the accusation that he would make fun of anyone or call them “stupid”.

Strowman continues on to state that he knows McMahons don’t apologize FOR ANYTHING. Strowman states that he knows that McMahon wants a match with him but doesn’t have the balls to say it, but Strowman WILL. At this point Strowman demands a match TONIGHT! McMahon stutters through a list of “stupid” comments until finally Strowman shouts for him to SHUT UP. Strowman asks if McMahon accepts or not. McMahon states Strowman doesn’t “want this” and “can’t handle this” and finishes by stating that that’s how he knows Strowman is stupid. Strowman again demands an answer to the match, Shane finally answers, “Tonight, you’re on.”

Backstage – R-Truth

We head backstage where we see Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Lana and Naomi anging out when we see R-Truth make his way up to them with a beer in his hand as he asks the ladies to “Give me a HELL YEA!”, then asking everyone what they’re doing for “3:16 Day” to which he’s informed that today is March 15th…. Truth says, “Nevermind all that, it’s y’all loss, and THAT’S the bottom line, because R-Truth SAID SO!”. With that, we head to commercial break once again!

Lana & Naomi vs. Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose

As we return from the commercial break, we return to the ring inside the ThunderDome II as Tom Phillips states that the Women’s Tag-Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are guest commentary members as Phillips notes that this is a very busy week for them this week. Phillips then adds that this Friday on Peacock, Jax and Baszler will take on SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair! We then head into the entrance for Naomi and Lana as we head into GLOW TIME! With black lights and glowsticks and neon clothing, we watch as Lana and Naomi are officially announced and make their way to the ring for tonight’s match up!

Finally all the competitors are inside the ring and we see the referee signal for the bell. The bell rings and the next match-up for tonight’s RAW is officially underway! To start things off, we see a Naomi and Dana Brooke start the match off. Dana Brooke lands a Back Elbow and Naomi with a take down. Next we see Dana make the tag to Mandy Rose, Naomi didn’t see the tag! More back and forth action until we then see Lana make the tag and head into the ring. Lana takes it to Mandy Rose, getting a pin fall attempt with a Neck Breaker on Mandy. Mandy Rose gets a Suplex on Lana at this point. Suddenly we hear Asuka’s entrance theme sound in the ThunderDome II!

Shayna exits the commentary desk as she looks to take out Asuka as the WWE Officials look to separate the two superstars. Jax shouts to Baszler, “Kick her teeth in!” Back inside the ring, Dana Brooke makes the tag and enters the ring. Rose is sent face-first into the ring. Finally, to end the match we see Dana Brooke hit a Spinning Neck Breaker on Lana for the three count pin and win!

Winners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

After the Match

Nia Jax makes her way back to the commentary table where she asks, “What happened?” as she missed the end of the match.

Backstage – New Day

Next we head backstage where Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston state they will be reclaiming their place on the mountain top as the “Neeewww Daaaayyyy” as they talk to The Original Bro, Matt Riddle. Woods states Riddle has to first take out Mustafa Ali! Riddle wishes New Day luck in their match. Then Riddle suggests getting matching tattoos with New Day and then go get all you can eat pancakes after they all defend their titles tonight.

New Day say that’s a bit much, to which Riddle agrees he may have came on a little strong, then states maybe some matching stallions. At this point, New Day’s entrance theme sounds as Woods and Kingston head to the stage to make their entrance for their match!

RAW Tag Team Championships
The Hurt Business vs. New Day

The New Day make their way to the ring and Woods is playing his horn as we head to commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, we get the entrances for The Hurt Business members Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander make their way to the ring as their entrance them plays over the speakers in the ThunderDome II. With all four superstars at ringside, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this tag-team match up is officially underway!! To start things off, Xavier Woods is in for New Day and Cedric Alexander is in for The Hurt Business. We see Cedric Alexander immediately focus on the right leg of Woods. Woods continues to block several moves by Alexander, finally rolling Cedric for a cover. Alexander kicks out at the two and the match continues!

Next we see Woods successfully land an Arm Drag that leads into an Armbar attempt! Kingston reaches in to Woods, asking for the tag. Kingston makes his way into the ring and he along with Woods land some quick Double Team action and Kingston locks in a Leg Scissors pin, but we then see a kickout at the two by the Hurt Business member. Alexander gets to his corner to tag in Benjamin at this point. We see Benjamin land a Spinebuster on Kingston inside the ring! Alexander tags back in and takes to the offense on Kingston, then tagging back in Benjamin once again to maintain control for The Hurt Business.

Next The Hurt Business continues to keep Kingston inside the ring with quick tags, but then they knock Xavier off the apron, Woods lands hard into the steel stairs at ringside for good measure for The Hurt Business. Kingston makes his way to the top turnbuckle at this point and lands a Double Stomp, then tags in Xavier once again. Woods comes in hot and quickly clears the ring before landing a Dropkick to Alexander. Next we see Woods hit a Suplex after Woods reverses an attempt by Alexander to break free from Woods. At this point Kingston makes his way back into the match, and Dives into the Hurt Business as we head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, we see Woods is still in for New Day and Alexander is in for The Hurt Business, both men inside the ring as Strikes are thrown back and forth! Woods lands a successful Flying Forearm only to be countered with a Lariat by Alexander for a pin attempt, to no avail as Woods makes his way back to his feet inside the ring. Next we see Benjamin and Kingston both make their way into the ring as Woods and Alexander both make the tag at the same time. Kingston comes in hot and quickly gets taken down with a Gamengiri by Benjamin for the cover. Kingston kicks out at the two to continue the match.

Next we see a Stomp by Kingston to Benjamin and finally the SOS by Kingston for the cover. This looks to be the end of the match, but suddenly Benjamin is able to kick out. Kingston looks for Trouble in Paradise but Benjamin is able to evade and follows up with a countered Elbow to Kingston. Benjamin with an Avalanche Hip Toss to Kingston for the cover. At this point Woods jumps in and breaks the cover, making the save for his team! Next we see a Diving DDT off the apron to Benjamin who successfully catches Kingston. Kingston then breaks free and hits the O’Conner Roll and follows up with his Trouble in Paradise finisher.

Finally Kingston makes the tag to Woods to finish the match, we see Kingston land a Dive into Alexander so he cannot interject as Woods heads up top to land a Limit Breaker on Benjamin followed by Daybreaker for the three count pin and win!

Winners and NEW WWE RAW Tag-Team Champions: The New Day!!

In-Ring – AJ Styles w/ Omos

Next we get the entrance theme for AJ Styles as he makes his way to the stage with his larger than life friend, Omos. The two make their way down the ramp and into the ring as Styles is handed a microphone from a WWE Official at ringside. Styles begins by stating he and Omos are only in the ring to congratulate The New Day on once again obtaining the WWE RAW Tag-Team Titles after their defeat over The Hurt Business.

Styles then continues on to state that as for the titles in the WWE, he’s already “been there done that” and he is looking for something new. Styles then announces that he and his big buddy Omos…. are coming for the RAW Tag-Team Titles! Styles then drops the bomb that he plans to go head to head with the newly championed New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, at WWE WrestleMania 2021 pay-per-view which is less than a month away!

At this point, Kofi Kingston pipes up and asks Styles if he and Omos are even registered as a tag team. Kingston follows up by asking if they even know how to work as a team. Woods then chimes in and looks to Omos as he states if they want the match… they got it!

Backstage – The Miz and John Morrison

Next we head backstage where The Miz and John Morrison are walking down the hall where they suddenly run into the WWE 24/7 Champion, Bad Bunny, who is standing with his friend, Damian Priest. Miz starts off by informing Bad Bunny that he only WISHES he had a tiny fraction of his success to which Bunny steps into Miz’s face. At this point, R-Truth walks up carrying his Stone Cole Steve Austin lunch pail that he is carrying over his head. Bunny turns around and notices as Truth stops and begins to step backwards, offering everyone Stone Cole memorabilia. Truth gives Priest the lunchbox, as he informs Priest there is a beer in there.

As Truth begins to make his exit, Bunny asks Truth what it is he really wants as to why Truth is there. Truth simply points at the title that Bunny is holding. A Spanish discussion follows between Bunny and Priest until finally Bunny looks to Truth and states he respects him AND this business, and he deserves the 24/7 Championship more than Bunny does. At this point, Bad Bunny makes a trade for the smoking skull Stone Cold cap that Truth has. Truth is overjoyed and Priest then asks Truth to say “Bad Bunny” correctly, for once. Truth complies.

WWE 24/7 Championship Winner (By Trade): R-Truth

After the “Match?”

Immediately following the exchange, we se wee Drew Gulak and the rest of the 24/7 title posse come running into view and Truth takes his leave, with his “baby” in his hands! At that, we head to commercial break!

Quick Announcement – Wrestlemania Tickets

As we return from the commercial break, we get a quick announcement regarding the WWE WrestleMania 2021 pay-per-view where we are informed that the tickets are delayed at this point until a date to be determined.

Damian Priest vs. Jaxson Ryker

Ryker in control early, but Priest quickly turns him around and this is a squash Priest finishes with Hit the Lights for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Damian Priest wins by pinfall with Hit the Lights.

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see Ryker’s friend, Elias enter and attack Priest, then quickly exits the ring where he grabs his guitar as he plans to smash it over Priest when suddenly we see Bad Bunny come up from behind and grab it away just in time to save his friend, Priest. At this point Elias picks up Bad Bunny, but Bunny successfully breaks free and follows up with a Strike that take Elias down! At this point Priest is back to his feet and he handles business.

John Morrison and The Miz Interfere

Suddenly we see John Morrison appear as he stops Priest and Bunny on the ramp when suddenly Miz sneaks into the ring and hits Bad Bunny with the guitar! On that note, we head to commercial break!

Backstage – WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP

We head backstage as we return from the commercial break, where we see WWE Champion Bobby Lashley along with The Hurt Business member MVP as they are being interviewed. An angry MVP states that he’ll be damned if Sheamus is going to just up and blindside the WWE Champion and embarrass him and Lashley tonight! MVP continues on to state that he can GUAR-AN-TEE that Sheamus will be at less than 100% when it comes to his match with Drew McIntyre at WWE Fastlane this weekend. MVP then finishes by stating that what Sheamus gets tonight, will ALSO happen to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 2021, and you can count on that!

Pre-Match Chatter – Shane McMahon

We get the entrance for Shane McMahon as his entrance theme sounds in the ThunderDome II. McMahon grabs a microphone to which he states that he needs to stretch and prepare before his match-up with The Monster Among Men can even take place. McMahon says he needs warm-ups, calisthenics, and push-ups… the whole nine, to start off. At this point we can see that a children’s hopscotch board has been installed on the floor, “to help Strowman learn to count” and we then see McMahon proceed to hopscotch through it like a champ! Finally Braun Strowman states that he’s had enough! Strowman then proceeds to chase McMahon, finally catching up to him and dragging him out of the ring! Strowman then lifts McMahon and flings him into the barricade at ringside before running around the ring with full steam ahead, when suddenly McMahon slams a CAMERA into the head of Strowman, stopping him dead in his tracks.

He keeps slamming Strowman with it until finally he’s worn out, and he leaves Braun laying on the announcer’s table, everyone stunned. Suddenly we see McMahon come flying through the air off the top turnbuckle, a Diving Elbow onto Strowman as they both break through the announcer’s table! At this point, Shane grabs a bucket and as he calls Strowman “Stupid” once more… he dumps the contents of the bucket onto Strowman, apparently this was a Nickelodeon match, because he proceeds to pour green slime all over the Monster Among Men!

Promo – Rhea Ripley

As we return from commercial break, we are immediately sent into a hype reel highlighting the former NXT, new roster come up, Rhea Ripley!

Video Package – Randy Orton/Alexa Bliss Recap

Next we are sent into a video package that highlights the evens of the last few months involving The Viper, Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss, and The Fiend, just in case anyone forgot the whole shtick.

Firefly Playground – Alexa Bliss

As the video package recap comes to an end, we are then sent to the Firefly Playground where we see Alexa Bliss swinging back and forth with the delight of a child. Bliss begins to recite some rhymes as she states it’s time for her very favorite game of all. Bliss continues on to state that if Randy Orton truly wanted her out of his life as he states, he could have easily taken her out several times at this point. Bliss then finishes by stating that this Sunday at the WWE Fastlane 2021 pay-per-view, Orton will have his chance.

Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler

We return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening as we hear the entrance theme for the returning Asuka, as she struts down the ramp towards the ring. As Asuka strikes her pose on the turnbuckle, we are sent to commercial break!

Quick Announcement:
As we return from the commercial break, we get a quick recap of Molly Holly being announced for the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class.

We then return to the ring where Asuka is standing and awaiting her opponent for the evening. We then see a side window open where we see Shayna Baszler deliver a quick promo stating she had full intentions of knocking Asuka’s teeth out, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Baszler ends by stating that she plans to do it again tonight, and she will enjoy that too!

At this point we hear the entrance theme for Shayna Baszler as she makes her way to the stage accompanied by her tag-team partner, Nia Jax as the two then make their way down the ramp and Baszler enters the ring. Jax stands at ringside as she roots on her tag team partner. With both competitors now inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our next match up of the evening is officially underway! To start things off, Asuka immediately heads in and begins to throw Strikes at Baszler inside the ring. Asuka then quickly heads over to Jax and hits a Codebreaker before a Shotgun Dropkick sends her through the ropes and to ringside onto the floor. The referee immediately calls for the bell!

Asuka clearly isn’t done yet as she hits the Hip Attack followed by a Snap Suplex on Baszler. Asuka then hits the Hip Attack on Nia Jax as well on the apron before landing a Roundhouse Kick and yet ANOTHER Hip Attack before finishing up with a Big Running Knee on Baszler! Baszler is down as Asuka proceeds to land several Strikes on a laid out Baszler before Asuka looks for the Armbar on Baszler. Jax attempts to make the save to Baszler at this point but Asuka senses her and quickly runs at Jax who exits quickly and runs off.

At this point, Asuka looks to lock in the Asuka Lock on Baszler, but Baszler is able to counter into the Kirafuda Clutch. This stalls Asuka momentarily, but Asuka then reverses the Kirafuda Clutch into a pin for the three count pin and win!!

Winner: Asuka!

After the Match

Asuka still isn’t done at this point as she pulls the pad off the bottom turnbuckle and then proceeds to pull Baszler’s mouth guard directly out of her mouth! She makes Shayna bite the turnbuckle ring and grinds her face into it! Hooking her mouth, trapping the arms again, looking for a Turnbuckle Curb Stomp! Asuka looking to American History X Baszler! The referee jumps between the two superstars looking to end the match.

Backstage – Mustafa Ali

As we head backstage, we see Mustafa Ali standing with Retribution as he looks to hype them up, when suddenly we see The Original Bro, Matt Riddle come flying by on his scooter to break Ali’s concentration! pep talk when Matt Riddle comes screaming by on his scooter and interrupts him. With that we head to commercial break!

WWE United States Championship
Matt Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali

As we return from the commercial break, we return to the ring for the next match up of the evening. First out is the United States Champion, The Original Bro Matt Riddle as his entrance theme sounds in the arena and Riddle makes his way out to the stage, then struts and dances his way down the ramp and finally makes his way into the ring where he jumps over the top rope and kicks off his flip flops as the pyro goes off around him. Riddle awaits his opponent as he stands inside the ring. Out next is RETRIBUTION leader, Mustafa Ali who is joined by RETRIBUTION members Mace, T-Bar, Slapjack and Reckoning. The match is officially announced. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match is officially underway!

To start off, the four accompanying members of RETRIBUTION begin to pace the ringside area. Riddle heads in for a lock-up when suddenly Ali kicks Riddle in the midsection before he begins to land strikes to Riddle. Lots of back and forth action with Ali maintaining most of the control early on in the match. As the match spills out to ringside, we head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break we see that Ali is still maintaining control as he sends Riddle to the apron on the outside of the ropes. Next we see a Rolling Thunder Neckbreaker which is quickly followed up with a cover attempt to finish this match! Riddle is able to kick out at the two, and the match continues. Riddle finally getting in some offense as he lands several different Kick Combos on Ali, ending with a Charging Arm that led into an Overhead Exploder on Ali. Riddle then hits a High Jump Senton!

We get more back and forth action in what turns out to be a pretty close match until finally Riddle is able to catch Ali and quickly hits a Tombstone Piledriver for the three count pin and win to retain the title!
Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Matt Riddle

Backstage Interview – Randy Orton

Next we head backstage where Randy Orton is asked about the challenge Alexa Bliss offered for WWE Fastlane 2021 this weekend. Orton states he’s pretty sure he heard her saying earlier that she “dared him” to kick her out of his life.

In-Ring – Drew McIntyre

As we return to the ring inside the ThunderDome II, we get the entrance theme for Drew McIntyre as his entrance theme sounds in the arena. McIntyre makes his way down to the ramp and enters the ring. As McIntyre finishes his entrance, we head to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break, Drew McIntyre is handed a microphone from a WWE Official at ringside. McIntyre starts off by stating he wears a kilt shirtless all the time since he embraced his Scottish heritage, and he’s gonna make a guarantee right now— at Fastlane, he and Sheamus are gonna bring a level of physicality like you’ve never seen before and then he’s gonna go to WrestleMania and win his title back. That’s that.

McIntyre then continues on to state that the reason he’s out at the ring is because he’s excited to see the next match up of Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus… and McIntyre wants a ringside seat.

Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus

Out first are the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP who is accompanying him representing The Hurt Business as the two make their way to the ring with Lashley’s entrance theme playing over the speakers. As they make their way into the ring, they notice that Drew McIntyre is staring a hole through Lashley. McIntyre simply remains inside the ring as Lashley enters the ring to finish his entrance. The referee reluctantly stands between the two behemoths. Lashley FINALLY finishes his entrance as he poses… then again proceeds to stare down McIntyre.

FINALLY, out next is the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus! Sheamus immediately makes his way out to the stage and doesn’t even stop as he quickly stomps his way down the ramp and enters the ring with his opponent for tonight’s match up. Sheamus looks like he was ready like, yesterday… but unfortunately, we head to a commercial break and have to wait again!

As we return from the commercial break, the referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and our FINAL match up of the evening is officially underway! To start things off, we see Sheamus start off on the offense as hew successfully powers Lashley into the corner of the ring. Sheamus then is able to utilize his Forearms on Lashley, followed by several Knee Strikes. Finally, Lashley successfully makes his way out of the corner of the ring, only to be taken down to the canvas by
fights out of the corner and takes Sheamus down to the mat, where he begins to use slow, powerful strikes to wear down the Celtic Warrior. Next we see a Double Leg applied by Lashley which is quickly followed up with multiple Strikes before the referee is forced to pull the two apart.

Next we see a successful Spine-buster from Lashley, as Sheamus is down on the canvas, Lashley landing Strike after Strike at this point. Sheamus runs the ropes looking to use his speed against Lashley, to no avail as Lashley drops him with a Lariat! Sheamus finally lands a Chop Block and proceeds to take advantage of the free moment as he then beats him with Knee Strikes. Lashley makes his way back to his feet, back elbow into the delayed vertical suplex! Action spills to the floor, Lashley puts Sheamus hard into the ring post but gets cut off with a front kick when he returns to the ring! Celtic Warrior draws him up for the Beats of the Bodhran but Bobby blocks and gets clotheslined to the floor as we go to break.

As we return from the commercial break, Lashley is in control and grinding his fist into the side of Sheamus’ head! To the floor and back in, the Celtic Warrior sidesteps a charge and Bob takes the post hard shoulder-first! Back inside, diving lariat connects but Lashley kicks out at one! Kneeling armbar applied, Bob fights out, forearms into the ropes, whip across, Sheamus sidesteps the charge and he goes crashing to the floor! Back up on the apron, Sheamus lands an Irish Curse, getting the cover. Lashley kicks out and the match continues. Sheamus then hits the Kneeling cloverleaf, to no avail as Lashley counters with a Powerslam for a cover of his own.

Sheamus kicks out at this point, the match again continues. Next we see Sheamus get his boot up just in time to put Lashley down with a Brogue Kick. As Lashley attempts to counter with a Hurt Lock, Sheamus quickly lands multiple Back Elbows to evade. Lashley then hits the Reverse STO for the cover, once again Sheamus kicks out. Whip across, Sheamus with a boot up, sidestep the Brogue Kick, Hurt Lock denied with back elbows and Bob hits the reverse STO instead… STILL NO! Finally Lashley looks to set Sheamus up on the top turnbuckle to hit a Superplex, which connects! Sheamus back to his feet, hits a Knee followed by White Noise for the cover. But Lashley is able to kick out! FINALLY, we see Sheamus land a second Brogue Kick attempt but Lashley’s on top of it as he hits a Spear to get the three count pin and win!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the Match

Immediately following the match, Lashley still isn’t done, as he grabs SHeamus in the Hurt Lock and then proceeds to Choke Sheamus until he passes out!

Drew McIntyre Enters

Having seen enough at this point, McIntyre exits his seat and enters the ring. As McIntyre gets in the ring, he immediately squares up with Lashley before landing a Claymore!

As The Hurt Business scurry, we watch as McIntyre begins to talk to Sheamus, inaudible to end the show!

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WWE Monday Night RAW Results (03/15/2021)

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