WWE Monday Night RAW Results (11/30)

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (11/30/20): ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome to eWrestling.com’s Results for the November 30, 2020 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW airing from the ThunderDome in Orlando, FL on the USA Network starting at 8/7C!

Tonight’s edition of RAW will include the “Sudden Death” Triple Threat showdown between Keith Lee, Matt Riddle and A.J. Styles as they were the winners following last week’s one-on-one matches to move on this week to the Triple Threat Match and the winner will become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship Title Match against the current champion, Drew McIntyre.

Featured below is the full results for WWE Monday Night RAW for November 30th written by eWrestling.com’s most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter at: @JamieRush312.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (11/30/20)

Show Opening

The “WWE Forever” logo appears which leads into the opening sequence for WWE Monday Night RAW as “The Search” by NF begins playing and we see a highlight of current RAW Superstars. We then enter the ThunderDome LIVE as we are welcomed by the commentary team

Drew McIntyre is back as the Scottish Warrior makes his return to RAW, where we will hear from the champion. Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. Mr. MITB The Miz & John Morrison is set for tonight. Also there will be a “Sudden Death” Triple Threat Match with Matt Riddle vs. AJ Styles vs. Keith Lee later tonight.

Next, we hear an announcement for the host of “A Moment of Bliss”… ALEXA BLISS!

“A Moment of Bliss”

Host of “A Moment of Bliss”, Alexa Bliss, is announced as the segment airs from the center of the ring in the ThunderDome. Bliss is seated “criss cross” in a chair with a big smile on her face across from an empty seat with a table in between. We see a very smiley pigtail wearing Alexa Bliss as she welcomes everyone to a “Super exciting, super-duper” edition of A Moment of Bliss.

Bliss begins, “My guest tonight needs no introduction, but i’m gonna give him one anyway! Please welcome, a 14 time champion, The Viper, the “Legend Killer”, and my favorite superstar… Randy Orton!”

Randy Orton Joins “A Moment of Bliss”

Randy Orton makes his way down the ramp in an “RKO” black suitsuit as he hesitates before entering the ring. The camera flashes to Bliss looking innocent and smiling as she gestures to the empty chair across from her. Bliss sways back and forth with a smile on her face, looking ever so innocently at Orton who still surveys his surroundings skeptically. Finally taking a seat. “Wow, somebody’s in a foul mood”.

“I get it, I wouldn’t be in a phenomenal mood if this happened to me last week…” Bliss declares as we head into a video clip from Last Week where during a Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles match, The Fiend appeared after the lights had flashed and the familiar screech of The Fiend sounded, a red glow throughout the arena. Orton then lost his match and The Fiend’s laughter was heard.

We return to A Moment of Bliss where Alexa Bliss states, “I can’t believe he did that to you,” then continues on to state, “but, have you ever asked yourself why he did that to you. I mean obviously I don’t know him as well as you do yet.” Bliss adds, “I would just ask myself, Self, why would The Fiend do that to me?” Orton finally responds, “I know Bray Wyatt very well and for a long time. But The Fiend… I haven’t been formally introduced yet, but you have, right?” Bliss responds, “That’s right, he’s actually one of my best friends.”

Orton states that he and The Fiend have a lot in common, the only difference, The Fiend wears all his pain on his exterior for all to see. He then adds that he keeps all his pain bottled up, deep down inside his gut, so that he can blend in. “The voices, I hear voices. And The Fiend, hears voices too. Another similarity…” Orton adds. The voices The Fiend hears are Orton’s, according to Orton. Bliss responds, “That’s not what he told me. See what he told me…” Orton cuts her off, “He didn’t tell you everything. He didn’t tell you years ago, I had to make a decision. I had to find Bray Wyatt’s vulnerability, and I found it, and burned it to the ground.” Orton then adds, “I need to find The Fiend’s weakness, The Fiend’s vulnerability, and you know what… it looks like I have, dontcha think?” Orton then stares at Bliss.

Bliss’s voice becomes serious as her face turns straight, “Is that what the voices in your head are telling you, Randy? That’s what you hear? Or are they telling you lies?” Bliss walks up to Orton and looks up, “I’m gonna ask you right now, who’s manipulating who?” The lights cut down. “See what I mean?” Orton asks. The familiar “thud” is heard. Orton states, “See what i mean.” more of the arena shuts off, “See what I mean?” Alexa asks. The lights go out.

The Fiend Appears In-Ring

The shriek of The Fiend, Orton is holding Bliss cradled in his arms. The Fiend is crouched down as the red light glows over the ring. The Fiend stands and reaches his hands out for Bliss. Orton steps closer. Orton hands Bliss over to The Fiend and quickly exits the ring, walking backwards up the ramp, “Who’s laughing now? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!” Orton smiles as the crowd boo’s. Orton mouths, “Who’s laughing now?” Orton’s face grows serious.

Announcer’s Table

Tom Phillips states, “It seems Randy Orton has found The Fiend’s weakness, and it appears to be Alexa Bliss” as he turns to Samoa Joe on commentary. Byron Saxton nods in agreement. Phillips then turns his attention to the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Elias over the last month as we see a clip of guitars being smashed over both their backs back and forth.

Inside and around the ring, we are shown a number of various musical instruments, as WWE officials set up for their “Symphony of Destruction” match. Tom says this will be the end of their rivalry as we head to our first commercial break of the evening.

Promo – WWE NXT “TakeOver: WarGames 2020”

As we return from the first commercial break, we head into a promo highlighting the upcoming pay-per-view, the WWE NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2020” event.

Quick Announcement

We are informed that the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will give a sit-down interview later tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW. We then head into a clip looking back at his Royal Rumble performance earlier this year. We are reminded that McIntyre will also team with Sheamus later tonight as they go head-to-head with the team of current Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz and his tag-team partner John Morrison.

Symphony of Destruction Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

We return to the ThunderDome, inside the ring where the “Symphony of Destruction” Match is ready to take place as Jeff Hardy’s entrance theme sounds in the arena. Hardy makes his way to the stage and then heads down the ramp as the pyro goes off around him. Hardy enters the ring. Phillips then shows us a video looking at the lengthy feud between Elias and Hardy once again. Out next, is Elias as his own single, “Amen”, plays over the speakers in the ThunderDome. There’s a set of drums and a guitar at the top of the ramp, and various instruments all around the ring.

Both men inside the ring as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this musical match is officially underway! Elias strikes first but Hardy catches the kick. They trade big strikes around the ring now. Hardy kicks Elias and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Hardy kicks Elias back to the bottom of the ramp now. Hardy follows with a violin and leaps off the steel ring steps but Elias catches him in mid-air with a big knee. Elias works Hardy over now and drops him from his shoulders, face-first into the edge of the apron. Elias sends Hardy face-first into a wooden piano now.

R-Truth Found Hiding

Elias sees there’s something under the lid. He knocks on it and there’s WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth, hiding.

Akira Tozawa, Drew Gulak, & Gran Metalik Interrupt, Chasing R-Truth

Akira Tozwa, Erik, Drew Gulak and Gran Metalik come down chasing Truth. Gulak and Metalik get dropped at ringside by Hardy and Elias while the others chase Truth. Lince Dorado comes down to check on Metalik. Hardy delivers a guitar shot over Gulak’s back to lay him out while Elias drops Dorado with a guitar shot, laying him out on top of Metalik. Hardy and Elias stare each other down after the guitar shots. At this point, nothing is left to do, but head to commercials!

As we return from the break, Elias lands Hardy into the middle rope. Hardy returns with several strikes on Elias. Hardy then hits an inverted Atomic Drop, then the Double Leg Drop, finishing with a Dropkick to the face. Hardy continues to build momentum as he follows up with a Splash and the cover. Elias kicks out for a 2 count. Hardy waits for Elias to get up now. Elias blocks the Twist of Fate. Hardy blocks Drift Away. Elias sends Hardy face-first into a guitar that was set up in the corner. Elias drags Hardy over for a close 2 count.

Elias pulls a guitar pick from his pocket, three of them. He puts them in between his fingers as fans begin to “boo”. Elias punches Hardy with the picks to the side of his face, then his forehead. Elias grinds the guitar picks into Hardy’s face now as the boos pick up. Hardy goes tot he floor for a breather but Elias slams him face-first into a drum set a few times. Elias rams Hardy into the ring post now. Elias runs with a knee strike to send Hardy into a large gong but Hardy moves and Elias collides with it. Hardy sends Elias into the set of drums at ringside now.

Hardy brings it back in the ring for a pop. Hardy grabs a guitar and goes to swing it but Elias kicks him in the gut. Elias sends Hardy into the corner now. Hardy counters from up on Elias’ shoulders. Hardy blocks a guitar shot. Hardy goes to the top for a Whisper In the Wind but Elias knocks him in mid-air with a guitar shot. Hardy gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Hardy kicks out again. Hardy goes to the floor and falls down clutching his leg. Elias follows and talks trash while stalking Hardy. Elias goes to ram part of the guitar into Hardy but Hardy moves and Elias shoves the wood in a speaker, causing it to pop and spark, electrocuting him.

Hardy then drops Elias with a bass. Hardy sends Elias into the steel ring steps a few times now. Hardy knocks Elias on top of a table at ringside. Hardy then stacks several instruments on top of Elias. Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle in the ring as fans cheer him on. Hardy leaps and puts Elias through the table with a Swanton Bomb, apparently colliding with the edge of the steel ring steps. Hardy covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the bell

Following the match, Hardy taps a tambourine a few times as he struggles to get up. The music hits as Hardy stands tall at ringside. We go to replays. Elias shakes and struggles to get up as Hardy heads to the ramp.

– Still to come, Riddle vs. Keith Lee vs. AJ Styles with a WWE Title shot up for grabs.

Backstage – Matt Riddle

As we head backstage, Keith Lee is seen warming up as Matt Riddle walks into the area. Riddle goes on about being excited and nervous, and mentions throwing up his breakfast earlier. He mentions Lee already having a WWE Title shot earlier this year, and says he hasn’t had his yet. Riddle keeps ranting and does a bad impersonation of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. He looks over to see if Lee can do a better impersonation, but Lee has already walked as we head back to commercial break.

New Day Promo For WWE Shop

The New Day make jokes of buying Hurt Business merchandise to throw in the fire, or buying Undertaker merch as it’s the 30 year reunion of The Undertaker’s beginning. Kingston and Woods then remind WWE fans that the 25% Discount ends tonight at “Shop.com Shop.com” as they clap to end the promo.

Backstage – Mustafa Ali And Retribution

We see a clip of Mustafa Ali’s promo from last week, and Ricochet and Ali’s match last week. Then we return to backstage this week where Ali asks why Ricochet can’t see he’s been pushing the same boulder up the hill over and over, only to fall back down, the same as Retribution. “Why can’t you see that you are supposed to be standing next to us?”

Ricochet vs. Slapjack

Out first is Ricochet as his entrance theme sounds as we head into a clip where Ricochet thought he could save Ali, but then he realized he could beat and surpass Ali by beating him in the ring to show him he’s going about things the wrong way. We are then told Slapjack will join Ricochet in the ring after commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Slapjack makes his way out to Retribution’s music as Mustafa Ali joins him at the top of the stage. They both make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Slapjack crawls towards Ricochet as the referee signals him back. The referee then signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match is officially underway!

Slapjack heads in towards Ricochet who blocks and strikes to start things off in this match-up. Ricochet uppercuts Slapjack into the corner, then runs in with an elbow. Slapjack turns it around. Ricochet looks to come off the second rope but Ali provides a distraction and Slapjack takes control again. Ali laughs. Slapjack grounds Ricochet and works him over.

Slapjack rams Ricochet into the corner but gets kicked back. Ricochet with a dropkick to the chest. They trade right hands and Ricochet gets the upper hand. Ricochet flies at Slapjack and takes him back down. More back and forth. Ricochet with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a 2 count.

Mace and T-BAR Join

Ali calls for Mace and T-BAR to come down. Ricochet tosses Slapjack out of the ring onto them. He then runs the ropes and flies out, taking down all three Superstars for a pop. Ricochet brings Slapjack in at the 5 count as Ali watches from the other side of the ring.

Dana Brooke Enters

Dana Brooke suddenly appears at ringside and slaps Ali, saying this is a message to Reckoning. Dana wants to know where she’s at. The distraction leads to Ricochet kicking out at 2 from a roll-up. Mace and T-BAR get involved from the apron but they get taken out by Ricochet again. Another distraction in the chaos leads to Slapjack rolling Ricochet up for the pin to win.

Winner: Slapjack

After the Match

As the match comes to an end, Mustafa Ali enters the ring and RETRIBUTION surrounds Ricochet while he’s down on his back, taunting him for the loss.

Video Clip – Drew McIntyre At Wrestlemania 36

We get a look at Drew McIntyre winning the WWE Title from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. Drew will be here later tonight for an interview.

Tribute To The Troops

As we return from the Drew McIntyre video, we head into a promo for “Tribute to The Troops” then head into another commercial break.

Miz TV

As we return from commercial break, the current Mr. Money in the Bank, The Miz, is standing inside the ring with his tag-team partner, John Morrison as they welcome the WWE Universe to “Miz TV”. Miz promotes his show which airs Thursday’s at 10/9C on the USA Network.

Morrison hypes up their first guest on Miz TV, The Celtic Warrior, as The Miz announces… “Sheamus!”

Sheamus Joins Miz TV

Sheamus’s music sounds as he makes his way down the ramp in his wife beater and jacket along with his hat. Miz asks Sheamus about his Thanksgiving. Morrison asks if he’s a “turkey” guy or if he goes for the sides. Sheamus says he’s going to knock both of them up “sides” their heads if they don’t get to the point.

Miz says they don’t want to talk about Sheamus, they want to know about his tag-team partner, Drew McIntyre. Sheamus asks what they want to know. Miz says he saw two weeks ago where Sheamus gave his friend, McIntyre a sword out of a chest from their ancestry. Miz asks where Sheamus’s sword is. They state he may have been forgotten because maybe he had more to do. Or maybe he knew that Sheamus would be jealous that he was WWE Champion.

Sheamus states he doesn’t expect things in return for gifts. Sheamus adds that something they may not know is that Sheamus and McIntyre are like brothers. Miz and Morrison mock the “brothers” comment. Morrison states if they were like brothers, Drew would have already given Sheamus a championship opportunity. Miz says during the tag-team match, Sheamus can cash in years of repressed anger and Miz can cash in his MITB contract. Sheamus laughs. Miz asks how Sheamus feels being an after-thought. Miz then says that Drew is up here while Sheamus is down there.

Five years ago for two months Sheamus was champion, he was top of the heep, now he’s at the bottom while his “best friend” is at the top. Miz adds if Sheamus wants to laugh at something, laugh at his career, because it’s a joke! The crowd boo’s. Sheamus stands. “The difference between me and you, you talk about what you will do, while me, I like to use my hands.” Sheamus then attacks both Miz and Morrison inside the ring. The Celtic Warrior is knocked upside the head with the MITB briefcase.

Miz then continues to strike Sheamus with the MITB briefcase across his back. Finally Miz’s music sounds as we are reminded that the tag-team match with Mcintyre and Sheamus vs. Miz and Morrison is later tonight!

Video Clip – Carl’s Jr. and Hardy’s Mesmerizing Moment

We head into a clip from Last Monday where Asuka and Lana were in a match while SHayna Baszler and Nia Jax sat on commentary where they mocked Asuka for not taking Lana down immediately, then attack her as Lana saves her which led to a tag-team match with Lana and Asuka vs. Shayna and Nia. Asuka and Lana winning the match. Jax looking furious to end the clip.

Backstage – Asuka and Lana

As the clip ends, we head backstage where Asuka is speaking quickly in Japanese to Lana, Lana smiling and agreeing, “Yes! Yes! Exactly!” though clearly not understanding a single word of what Asuka is saying. They both laugh together. Asuka continues to get hyped up, Lana claps and smiles.

Backstage Interview – Lana

Mackenzie Mitchell walks up to Lana as Asuka walks away. Mitchell states, “You guys must have a plan to beat Shayna and Asuka, can you tell me what you just discussed?” Lana smiles and says, “You might not understand what was said, but Shayna and Nia are about to!”

Asuka & Lana vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Asuka makes her way to the ring first for this RAW Women’s Tag-Team match-up as her music sounds in the ThunderDome. We head to commercial break as Asuka makes her way down the ramp.

As we return from commercial break, Asuka is dancing inside the ring. Out next comes Lana as her music sounds in the arena and Lana makes her way to the stage with her hands raised high. Lana with a huge confident smile on her face. Finally Lana climbs the apron and does her standing split before entering the ring.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are backstage being interviewed. They are reminded that they took their first loss as a tag-team last week. “First of all, ew. Second of all, last week was a fluke, they got lucky.” Nia Jax states. Baszler shrugs and says, “Welll….” Baszler then points out she did her part. A little tension between the two, though they said “no mistakes” this week.

Shayna and Nia then make their way down the ramp and enter the ring with their title belts in tow. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match is officially underway. First in are Shayna and Lana. Shayna with an immediate take-down. Shayna gets a Waist-lock, Lana gets a take-down and Lana gets a pin-attempt! New moves by Lana! Baszler quickly back to her feet and takes control until Lana tags in Asuka.

Shayna is knocked over the rope by Asuka, causing Nia to come running in. Lana drops down and pulls the rope at the apron, causing Nia to fall through the ropes to the outside as well. Jax and Baszler on the outside as Asuka and Lana run together for a baseball slide, but they are both caught but Nia and Shayna who then flip both upside down and continue to slam them in unison into the barricade as we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break and Lana and Nia are inside the ring, Lana continuously swinging! Jax puts The Sleeper on Lana who breaks free and heads back in at Jax. Jax shouts, “Who do you think you are?!” as she slaps Lana to the canvas, the continuously kicks her around the ring until Lana gets to her knees at the second rope. Jax chokes Lana with the second rope until she throws Lana across the ring hitting a Forearm Smash. Lana in the corner, Jax heads in with a Splash, crushing Lana.

Lana falls to the mat and Jax with another Kick. Lana tries to deliver Strikes to no avail as Jax isn’t phased, tagging in Baszler. Baszler steps into the ring and gets a Shin Lock on Lana in the center of the ring. Baszler back to her feet, stomping on the ankle of Lana, then throws Lana from the ring. Jax gets the tag and heads over to Lana shouting, “You think you can play with the big dogs, huh?” throwing her into the barricade. Lana over Jax’s shoulder as Jax runs at the post, Lana jumps off and uses Nia’s charge to continue Nia into the post, hard! Facebreaker by Asuka as she tags in. Asuka kicks Baszler then lands a Dropkick off the second rope then the Hip Attack for a two count! Asuka with more Kicks to Baszler.

Asuka takes Baszler down. Lana tags in and heads up top, hitting a Crossbody on Baszler who rolls though. Baszler locks in the Karifuda Clutch! Jax pulls Asuka off the apron as Lana looks for the tag! Asuka rocks Baszler then let’s Lana get the cover. Lana rolls up Shayna for the three count pin and win!

Winners: Lana & Asuka!

After the Match

Asuka grabs Lana off of Baszler and drags her quickly from the ring! Lana limping up the ramp with the assistance of Asuka as Jax heads after Lana, a referee trying to slow her down putting his hands out. Asuka and Lana laugh at the top of the ramp.

Backstage – Sheamus

Sheamus leans against boxes as he holds is back. McIntyre laughs as Sheamus turns asking if he saw something funny on Miz TV. McIntyre says it was kind of funny. Sheamus says, “Thanks for coming out there to help me, just know if the rolls are reversed, I would do the same for you.” McIntyre asks if he’s ready to knock the heads off those “moppets”. Sheamus responds, “That was just an appetizer, I’m ready for the main course!” (Still with all these Thanksgiving dinner puns… sheesh!)

Xavier Woods vs. Cedric Alexander

Out first for this match-up is Xavier Woods (along with Kofi Kingston) representing one half of The New Day. The two make their way down the ramp, Woods with his trumpet as they slide into the ring. Woods climbs to the second rope and begins playing his trumpet as Kingston dances along and we head to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, Xavier Woods has a microphone inside the ring, as does Kingston. Kingston says they have reason to be thankful and celebrate as Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed, has been named the newest host of the revival of the video game network G4! Woods says that become a sports entertainer and future King of the Ring (it’s happening at some point!) has been huge, but gaming has always been his happy place and where he’s from. So for anyone that’s been in, watched, or thought of an Up Up Down Down video, he thanks them!

Kingston says that Xavier is going to give a rundown, a recap, a play by play of how The Hurt Business have lost three times to New Day! We see a video recapping the last three matches as Woods gives his commentary over it. We get a Wayne’s World flashback sequence showing the matches.

The Hurt Business make their way out. MVP states the next time they want to put their RAW Tag-Team Championships on the line, it’ll all seem like a distant dream. This ends with the Hurt Business standing tall, and the rest seeming like a dream sequence. Alexander says, “it was pure luck that Benjamin got pinned last week. Your luck runs out now, I’m about to show you what the “hurt” in Hurt Business stands for. That G4 gig better be a dream come true, because this is about to be your nightmare!”

Woods states that he thought it stood for “hurt” but whatever. The referee tries to get everyone out of the ring and situated as Alexander sucker punches Woods and shouts trash talk as we head to commercial break.

We return from commercial break and Woods and Alexander take the match to ringside. Woods rolls Alexander back into the ring, then climbs in himself where Alexander drops Woods hips first onto the top rope. Woods falls back into the ring holding his midsection in pain. The referee checks on him as Alexander drags Woods to a sitting position and Kicks him in the back. Alexander rubs his shirt right into Woods’s face. Kingston shouting helpful tips from the outside of the ring as he watches on.

Alexander goes for a cover, but Woods kicks out. Alexander gets a Headlock on Woods as MVP shouts to Alexander. Woods with a Chop to the body of Alexander, lighting him up. Kingston tries to hype Woods up. Cedric with a stiff kick to the back while Woods is down. Cedric takes his shirt and tries to shove it down Woods’ mouth as fans boo.

Cedric keeps Woods grounded now as Kofi and MVP bark orders from ringside. Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning is confirmed for tonight. Woods and Cedric tangle some more now. Cedric cuts Woods off but Woods nails a jawbreaker to get an opening. Woods with big chops against the ropes now. Woods slides under Cedric’s legs and rocks him with a forearm. Woods mounts more offense and hits a scissors kick to daze Cedric.

Woods jumps on Cedric’s back against the ropes, sliding to the floor. Woods comes right back in and hits the Honor Roll clothesline for a close 2 count. Cedric ends up blocking a powerbomb and nailing a Brainbuster in the middle of the ring. Woods kicks out just in time. Cedric with kicks to the back while Woods is down. Cedric tries to suplex Woods in from the apron but Woods resists Cedric knocks Woods into the barrier at ringside. Cedric runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Woods counters mid-move and sends Cedric face-first into the barrier.

Woods rolls Cedric back in but he’s slow to follow up. Cedric ends up taking advantage with a Lumbar Check for the win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the Match

Cedric begins shouting, “What’d I tell you?!” as he heads up the ramp celebrating by himself. MVP and Shelton look on from the middle of the ring, shocked at Cedric’s solo celebration.

Video Clip – Orton and Fiend Last Week

We then head into a video clip that highlights the events between Randy Orton and The Fiend in last week’s RAW main event, which allowed AJ Styles to win.

Backstage – AJ Styles w/ Omos

We head backstage where AJ Styles is standing with his rather tall friend, Omos. Matt Riddle walks up and immediately AJ is annoyed that Riddle is not taking tonight’s main event serious. Riddle brings up how he’s never had a chance at the title, and how AJ hasn’t been able to win the WWE Title back. Riddle jokes around and makes Omos laugh as he tells “Skippy to watch out” because Riddle is “gonna get that carrot”.

AJ wants to know what’s so funny. Omos says it’s funny because it’s the bunny’s name. Styles asks how Omos knows this, especially since he told Omos not to be speaking to people. Riddle goes on about how AJ reminds him of his pet bunny, Skipper because he has good ups, he’s furry, and cute as a button. AJ briefly puts hands on Riddle and says he doesn’t have time for this. AJ and Omos walk off. Riddle smiles and says he will get AJ back for this, bro.

“Sudden Death” Triple Threat Match
Keith Lee vs. Riddle vs. AJ Styles

As we return to the arena, the entrance theme for Keith Lee sounds as Lee makes his way out. The winner of this match will challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at TLC on December 20. Lee poses inside the ring as we go back to commercial.

We return from commercial break and we see what happened earlier with Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss and The Fiend.

The video clip ends and we return to the arena where Lee stands inside the ring as AJ Styles music sounds. AJ Styles makes his way out with Omos next. Out next comes Matt Riddle. As Riddle enters the ring, he kicks his flip flops off as the pyro goes off around the ring. The referee signals for the bell. The bell chimes and the match is officially underway. To start things off, Riddle charges but AJ goes to the floor. Riddle follows and sends him into the barrier. Lee stops them both from coming back in the ring.

Lee runs the ropes for a big dive but puts the brakes on as the other two scatter. Lee comes back in but AJ stomps away on him. Riddle attacks AJ and works him over against the ropes. AJ jabs Riddle in the throat to drop him. AJ stomps on Riddle while he’s down now. Lee grabs both opponents by their throats but they get free. They run the ropes and Lee leaps over them. Riddle drops AJ with a kick but Lee levels Riddle for a close 2 count after a crossbody. Lee takes control of Riddle now. Lee with big body shots in the corner. AJ comes over but Lee kicks him and sends him into Riddle in the corner. Lee with a big back body drop to AJ. Lee levels Riddle with a big chop in the corner.

Lee beats Riddle down in the middle of the ring. Lee steps on Riddle’s limbs while he’s down. Riddle fights back but Lee drops him with a big right hand to the jaw. Lee with another shot to the jaw. Riddle ducks the third attempt and kicks Lee to the apron. Riddle charges but Lee rams him into the turnbuckles. AJ comes over and rocks Lee. Lee shoves AJ into Omos. Omos lifts AJ to the apron, allowing him to charge Lee with a running knee. Riddle sends AJ to the floor. Riddle with a corkscrew moonsault from the apron to Lee and Riddle, taking them both down on the floor as we go to commercial.

Once again we return from the commercial break and Riddle keeps switching his attention from Keith Lee to AJ Styles. Lee kicks out at 1. Riddle takes Styles to the canvas then looks to follow up with the Broton, to no avail as AJ gets his knees up. Lee whips AJ hard into the corner and he falls out to the floor. Lee is alone in the ring with Riddle now. Lee launches Riddle across the ring and then splashes him in the corner. Riddle looks for an Armbar but here comes AJ. Lee slings Riddle at AJ to knock him down. Lee powers up with Riddle still on his arm. Lee tries again and Riddle slides out, kicking him in the head. Riddle goes from corner to corner on AJ and Lee. Riddle with a big Exploder to AJ. Riddle charges but Lee drops him with a Pounce. Lee with a close 2 count on Riddle. Lee scoops AJ but he slides out and unloads with strikes. AJ drops Lee to one knee with a kick. AJ with a flying forearm for a 2 count on Lee.

AJ goes to the top but Lee cuts him off with a headbutt. Lee climbs up for a superplex but here comes Riddle from behind. Riddle tries to powerbomb Lee but Lee slides out as Riddle cant hold him any longer. Lee tosses Riddle. AJ with a bi crossbody to Lee. AJ with close 2 counts on both opponent. AJ can’t believe it. Lee stops the Styles Clash on Riddle. AJ elbows Lee off him. Riddle drops Lee with a kick. AJ and Riddle tangle now. Riddle with an overhead kick and a German for a close 2 count to AJ. Lee grabs Riddle but Riddle lands on his feet. Riddle with strikes but it just angers Lee. More back and forth between Riddle and Lee. Riddle levels Lee with a big kick. AJ flies in with a Phenomenal Forearm to Riddle for the pin to win.

Winner and New #1 Contender: AJ Styles

After the Match

Immediately following the pin, AJ starts to celebrate as his music hits. Styles vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is now official for WWE TLC on December 20. We go to replays. AJ poses in the middle of the ring as Riddle recovers at ringside. Omos is shown at ringside looking at Lee, who is standing. Omos joins AJ in the ring and they stand tall together.

Backstage – The Miz and John Morrison

Charly Caruso is backstage with The Miz and John Morrison. She shows us what happened with Sheamus on MizTV earlier tonight. She asks about a plan and then knocks them for not really having one. Miz realizes this might be true. Morrison says he has an idea. He walks off and Miz follows.

Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning

We go back to the ring and out first comes Dana Brooke. We see the backstage attack that led to this match two weeks ago, and Dana slapping Mustafa Ali earlier tonight. Dana poses in the corner as we go back to commercial.

As we return from the break and Reckoning waits in the ring for her RAW debut. We get a pre-recorded backstage interview with Reckoning and Ali now. They cut a promo on Dana and warn her for the match that’s about to happen. The bell rings and Reckoning attacks, leveling Dana. Dana comes back and unloads but won’t go for the pin. Ali barks orders as Dana keeps control. Reckoning with a big clothesline out of the corner. Reckoning kicks Dana while she’s down. Reckoning with big chops in the corner now.

Reckoning grounds Dana as fans try to rally now. Dana fights up and out, jawing Reckoning. Reckoning runs into a big boot in the corner. Dana mounts more offense now, nailing two clotheslines and some trash talking. Dana keeps control until Ali gets on the apron. Dana swings but misses due to the distraction. Reckoning misses a kick, allowing Dana to roll her up for the pin to win.

Winner: Dana Brooke

After the Match

Dana Brooke makes her way up the ramp celebrating as Mustafa Ali enters the ring, scolding Reckoning (Mia Yim) stating there is NO failure in Retribution! Reckoning remains on her knees with her head down for most of the scolding, looking up only to see Brooke mocking and laughing from the top of the ramp.

Backstage – AJ Styles

AJ Styles is backstage standing with Omos when The Miz and John Morrison come walking up, Miz holding the MITB briefcase, Morrison holding a huge peach pie. Miz and Morrison begin to speak, Styles cuts them off stating he will help them. Miz states that was easy, then asks why it was so easy. Styles asks if they haven’t figured it out yet, it’ll be much easier to beat Miz at the next pay-per-view than it would be Drew McIntyre. Morrison agrees with Styles, Miz looks angrily at Morrison who then apologizes but says it’s true. As Miz and Morrison go to walk off, Styles asks them to leave the pie. Omos calls it a cupcake.

Backstage – Matt Riddle and MVP

We return from commercial break and Matt Riddle is backstage as MVP walks up and points out that Riddle lost his chance at the WWE Championship. Riddle says it sucks to lose, but at least he had a chance, unlike Bobby Lashley because MVP cost him his opportunity. Riddle then says he has some ideas for MVP, then spells it out for MVP. Finally MVP states, “I think your ideas are dumb, I think your ideas are ridiculous, and I’m glad you lost!” MVP states as he shoves Riddle in the face.

Riddle gets angry but before he can retaliate, Bobby Lashley gets the Hurt Lock on Riddle, then drops him to the floor backstage.

Backstage – Sheamus

Sheamus is getting prepared backstage when Keith Lee walks up. Sheamus dismisses Lee’s comment and says he has to go out and meet his tag-team partner.

In-Ring Interview – Drew McIntyre

We head to the ring where Charly Caruso awaits her interview with the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. We then hear the music sound for McIntyre as he makes his way down the ramp after posing with his sword (gift from Sheamus) at the top of the stage. Caruso welcomes Drew then speaks about McIntyre being the WWE Champion once again.

“Some times you have to get knocked on your ass to find out what you’re truly made of.” Drew McIntyre states of regaining his championship. McIntyre says he also told Roman Reigns he was gonna knock him off his pedestal, and that’s exactly what he did. “You can tell a lot about a man when you look into their eyes. Reigns looked confident at the beginning of the match, as the match progressed, it turned to confusion. Because he knew that McIntyre wasn’t like anyone he’d fought before. “Roman, you know what I’m about now, you may have won the battle, but I’m gonna win the war, believe that!”

McIntyre then changes topics saying that’s the path, he wants to look to the future and TLC! Caruso states that AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre will take off at TLC, McIntyre says the match will be “phenomenal”. Then adds, “See what I did there?” He warns The Miz ahead of a potential Money IN the Bank cash-in, and says the briefcase is the only thing keeping Miz relevant. He goes on and says if Miz tries to cash in, he will take Morrison and shove the briefcase where the sun doesn’t shine. Drew is ready for a tag team match now. The music hits and out comes Sheamus.

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Sheamus makes his way to the ring as his music sounds. Sheamus enters the ring as WWE Champion Drew McIntyre looks at him. Sheamus hits the corner to pose as we go back to commercial.

As we return from commercial break, The Miz and John Morrison make their way to the ring for tonight’s match up. AJ Styles is on commentary with Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton, and Tom Phillips. The referee signals for the bell and the match is officially underway. Sheamus and The Miz kick things off, but Sheamus is all fired up! Miz tries to exit the ring, McIntyre immediately rolls him back in to allow Sheamus to continue the beat down. Sheamus is stomping Morrison in the corner of the ring when McIntyre slaps the back of Sheamus for a chance in the ring. Sheamus looks at him and McIntyre then humbly slaps the hand of Sheamus.

McIntyre turns Morrison inside out inside the ring. Sheamus tags back in and gives Morrison 10 Beats, then another! Sheamus slams The Miz on top of Morrison. Sheamus asks Styles if he wants to join the match. Styles says he’s trying to be professional on commentary, then says, “you know what…” and removes his head set as he walks up to the ring, Sheamus exits the ring and meets up with Styles as the two trash talk. Miz tries to blindside Sheamus, Sheamus catches him and knocks Miz to the floor. Sheamus is thrown onto the announcer’s table as we head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Sheamus with a Pump Knee Strike on Morrison. Morrison is laid out in the center of the ring. Morrison tags in Miz. McIntyre tags in too and continues to Clothesline The Miz over and over again. Morrison jumps in and McIntyre catches him, sending him out of the ring. McIntyre shouts, “Now we’re gonna have some fun!” As McIntyre gets ready for the Claymore, Sheamus shouts, “Let me have him!” McIntyre goes to tag in Sheamus, Morrison drags Sheamus off the apron and throws him over the barricade.

McIntyre goes to turn around and PHENOMENAL FOREARM! The referee calls for a disqualification!

Winner: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus

After the Match

Miz shouts at AJ Styles, saying he cost him the match. Starship Pain by Morrison! Styles shouts at Miz to cash in the MITB! Miz lands the Skull Crushing Finale on McIntyre as Omos goes and gets the MITB briefcase. Miz shouts still as he grabs the briefcase. Morrison points to McIntyre on the canvas stating he might be right! Miz goes to cash in The Briefcase, Morrison goes for another strike on McIntyre while Miz’s back is turned, McIntyre jumps up and throws Morrison out of the ring.

As Miz turns around, McIntyre delivers a Claymore! McIntyre turns to AJ Styles, a look I’ve never seen before, but Styles done messed up! McIntyre walks towards the ropes, Styles falls backwards and Omos catches him, holding him on his shoulder. Styles says, “He rescued you, you’re lucky!” McIntyre warns him, “Piss me off, please!”

McIntyre smiles with his championship belt in hand as his music sounds and the show ends!

**That’s all folks! Be sure to check back each day for the latest news in wrestling sports entertainment! Also, join me on Wednesday for the LIVE results for WWE NXT On USA Network! As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome!!**


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