WWE Monday Night Raw Results (5/18): Orlando

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (5/18/20): Orlando, FL

Tonight’s show is set for a full action-packed edition of RAW as Edge responds to Randy Orton’s challenge for Backlash, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are set to defend the Women’s RAW Tag-Team Titles against The Iiconics (following their non-title loss to Billie and Peyton on last week’s RAW), The Viking Raiders have also challenged Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits to an axe throwing contest and finally WWE Champion Drew McIntyre face King Corbin of SmackDown. This is part of the invitational program with the brands.

Featured below are complete results of the May 18th episode of WWE Monday Night RAW from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. written by eWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Show Opening

Welcome to eWrestling.com’s Results and Coverage for the May 18, 2020 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW on the USA Network! The show starts now! Are you ready??

Video Package

We’re start off with a video package where we are reminded that Becky Lynch made the decision last week to forfeit her title to the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder match (rather than they just earn an opportunity to fight for the title at the time of their choosing), which was Asuka.

The video reiterates Lynch’s decision on last Monday’s episode of RAW, to step away from wrestling to focus on her pregnancy and motherhood. We here at eWrestling.com wish Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and Baby “The Man” all the best!!

Randy Orton In-Ring

Charly Caruso is seen in the center of the ring in the Performance Center to kick things off for tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW. Caruso recaps Randy Orton’s challenge last week to Edge, followed by calling out The Viper to discuss the specifics.

Randy Orton’s music sounds in the arena as Orton makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, joining Charly, both holding microphones. Charly begins speaking to Orton, asking him to explain the details of his request. Orton begins, “Is the phrase ‘straight up wrestling match’ that hard to comprehend? This is the WWE, WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Wrestling is the basis of what we do.” Orton continues on to state the point is to one day get to Wrestlemania, which Wrestlemania is where Orton and Edge ended up, tearing one another apart.

Orton once again states that the “better man” did in fact win the Last Man Standing competition, but again, the better athlete, the better wrestler did not. Orton then turns his attention to Edge directly, stating “I know why you didn’t accept my challenge last Monday Night on Raw. I saw it written all over your face. I saw it in your eyes. Wanna know what I saw? Doubt. I saw doubt. Your grit and passion have faded away, its gone. And what once was grit and passion is now just doubt. And fear.”

On that note, we hear the familiar “You think you know me!” as Edge’s music blares over the speakers in the Performance Center. The Rated R Superstar is in the building!! Edge heads down the ramp towards the ring where Orton is still standing with Charly. Edge enters the ring and begins, “You know Randy, you spoke a lot of truths last week. A lot to chew on.”

Edge continues, “I know what you’re doing, Randy, you’re playing a game of chess. But that’s all this is to you. A game, right? Yeah. You stand there with that stupid, smug smirk. This is just a paycheck to you. I get it. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You’re quite possibly the most talented person I’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring. But this isn’t the life you wanted. This is the life you were handed. This is your backup plan. You’re different than all those wrestlers in the locker room. Because you don’t care. You don’t go to bed every night dreaming of becoming the WWE champion LIKE I DID. You didn’t cry the night you won the Intercontinental Championship like I DID. In fact, I beat you for that title.”

Edge continues on, pointing out that it took him nine years to get back to where he is right now in the WWE. He flat out states that Orton doesn’t care about wrestling the way the others in the back due. Orton interrupts stating “enough”, followed by asking if Edge accepts the challenge. Edge shouts “yes, I accept the damn challenge!” Orton received his answer, and exits. Edge’s entrance theme plays us out as the announcers state the “straight up wrestling match” is now official!

Video Recap From Last Week’s RAW

We head into a video recap of last week’s tag-team match between Murphy & Seth Rollins vs. Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio. The announcers point out that Seth absolutely snapped and damaged Rey Mysterio’s eye by scraping his face against the steel steps.

We then see a scene from backstage after Raw, where Black attacked Murphy.

Backstage with Seth & Murphy

The Monday Night Messiah tells Murphy that he’s got a revelation, and wants to share it with the world. We’ll find out next as we cut to commercial!

Seth Rollins & Murphy In-Ring Promo

Seth Rollins makes his way to the stage as his music sounds in the Performance Center, his disciple Murphy follows close beside his “Monday Night Messiah”. The two superstars enter the ring where Seth Rollins steps forward holding the microphone as Murphy stands at attention staring out into nothing.

Rollins begins, “Sometimes in life, you have to lose who you are to truly find yourself. Now, when I lost to Drew McIntyre at Money in the Bank, part of me believed I had lost everything. I fell into a dark place, a place so dark I wasn’t sure if I’d ever escape. But without darkness, there can be no light. And I have seen the light, and I have seen it brighter than I have ever seen it before!”

Rollins continues, “It is all thanks to one man–that is thanks to Rey Mysterio. Now, what happened to Rey Mysterio has been described by some as…heinous, and disgusting, and unforgivable. And it has been described by others as an act of penance. Paid to me, for Rey Mysterio’s disbelief in the Monday Night Messiah, but I don’t see it that way at all. The way I see it, what happened to Rey Mysterio was…unfortunate. But necessary. A sacrifice for the greater good.”

Rollins continues on to state that that moment gave him the clarity that he needed. Rollins then speaks direction to Mysterio, “Rey, I know you’re at home with your family right now, and I know you’re healing. And I know you can’t see it right now, but soon enough you will come to understand that what happened to you was a blessing in disguise. So I want to say this to you now, from the bottom of my heart, so when we meet face to face again it doesn’t have to be said: Rey Mysterio, you’re welcome.”

As Rollins finishes his statement, Humberto Carrillo’s music chimes, and Carrillo makes his way out on the mic. He calls Rey his idol, and tells Seth that he’s a coward, then slides into the ring. Seth tells Humberto that he appreciates his coming out to stand up for Rey Mysterio, a legend, a great human being. He ten tells Humberto that he, Seth, clearly is not dressed for a fight. Murphy, however, has a fight later on with Aleister Black and he is dressed for the occasion, and would be happy to oblige.

The announcers question if there’s about to be a brawl between the two, which we will find out when we return from commercial break!

Quick Announcement

We get a reminder that it’s a Champion versus Champion match between Bayley and Charlotte Flair this Friday on Smackdown, and the Intercontinental Championship tournament continues with AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura!

Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo

As we return from commercial break, the match already in progress. Back and forth quick action between the two superstars. Murphy locks in the Headlock in an attempt to wear Humberto down. Humberto makes it to his feet and hits a Jaw Breaker on Murphy.

Humberto takes control, hitting a Hard Kick before hitting a Springboard Single Kick to send Murphy to the outside! Humberto makes his way to the outside, rolling Murphy back into the ring. Humberto goes to the top rope but is distracted by Seth. Humberto goes flying, but Murphy reverses it into a Murphy’s Law! One, two, three!

Winner: Murphy

After the Match

Murphy continues attacking Humberto, finishing by sending Humberto the steel steps face first!

Aleister Black’s music and he charges the ring, fired up! He chases Murphy into the ring and delivers a series of kicks before attempting the Black Mass, only for Murphy to escape to the outside. Aleister checks on Humberto.


King Corbin shouts at officials as he has found finger print smudges on his crown, the food isn’t up to his standard, and he wants a better private locker room. He then tells the ref that “we’re gonna talk about what you’re gonna do in the match tonight…”

We head to commercial break!

Backstage – Liv Morgan

We head backstage where Liv Morgan states that her mom is her hero. She said she didn’t have a job or much of a savings account or a resume, but she had determination. Morgan said her mom never quit, and she is her mother’s daughter. Morgan states she is determined to one day become the Raw Women’s Championship.

Woooo! The Queen In-Ring

Woooooo! Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring as we see clips from last Friday Night’s Smackdown, where Bayley talks trash to Charlotte only to have Charlotte point out Banks is why Bayley is champ. Bayley challenges Flair to a Champion vs Champion match this Friday, which Charlotte accepts before asking Sasha Banks if she’s happy being a lackey!

Back in the ring, Flair states she’s the hardest worker on all three brands, the face of Raw, a mentor on NXT and the baddest woman on Smackdown. Charlotte is excited for Friday as she’ll get a chance to teach Bayley that there are ‘levels’ to being a champion. She then calls Ruby Riott to come out to the ring, as she knows Ruby has some things to say to her.

On cue, Riott’s music sounds in the arena and Ruby makes her way to the ring. Ruby Riott walks up to Flair, face to face.

Quick Announcement

Riott vs. Flair when we return from commercial break.

Later tonight The Street Profits take on the Viking Raiders in an Axe-Throwing Contest.

We head to commercial, with a reminder that Undertaker: The Last Ride is on the WWE Network!

Ruby Riott vs. Charlotte Flair

As we return from commercial break, the match is already under way! Flair has control early on in the match. Riott lands Charlotte face-first into the middle turnbuckle at one point, followed by a Splash onto Flair. Riott attempts a pin, to no avail.

Flair re-establishes complete control, flipping Riott after a submission attempt. Riott return to her feet and attempts her Riott Kick, Flair already expecting such, catches Riott and proceeds to Stomp Riott to the canvas. Flair locks in the Figure Four, bridging into the Figure Eigth for the tap and the win!

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Backstage: Bobby Lashley and MVP

As Charly begins to question Lashley backstage, MVP interrupts and informs Lashley it’s been thirteen years since he (Lashley) was in a Championship bout.

MVP asks, “When is Lashley going to start thinking about Lashley?”

We head to commercial break.

Recap Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits Basketball Tournament

As we return from commercial break, the commentators send us to a video recap from last week’s Monday Night RAW where the Street Profits beat Viking Raiders in a game of basketball. Erik then announcing they let them win, telling Ivar to show them. Ivar proceeds to tear the court up, shot after shot.

Earlier Today – Axe Throwing Contest

“Its just axe throwing today… i mean it’s throwing darts!” Angelo states. At the same time, a horse walks by the Street Profits, who both look shocked.

As Angelo and Montez look forward, they see Viking Raiders with a group of what looks like LARPers, they state, “we give you the smoke!”

Montez says that’s not what they mean when they say… Angelo interrupts Montez stating, “You’re not gonna accept a gift, from a bunch of vikings with axes?” The Street profits say thank you.

Erik tells Ivar to show the Street Profits what they will be doing. Ivar demonstrates the axe throwing. Montez tells Angelo they are wayy out of their element and they should just forfeit. Angelo disagrees, stating, “we got this.” Both look fearful.

Asuka In-Ring

As we return to the Performance Center, we see Kairi Sane standing inside the ring, colorful balloons everywhere. Kairi Sane begins, “Ladies and gentleman, we celebrate Asuka! Ms. Money in the Bank, my partner, my friend, and new WWE Women’s Champion, Asuka.”

Asuka makes her way down the ramp, dancing and smiling. Asuka enters the ring and is handed a microphone. Kairi hands Asuka a colorful bouquet of flowers. Asuka shouts something in Japanese. Asuka then states, “Monday Night RAW, Money in the Bank. Becky Lynch, a mother. Women’s Champion. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.”

Sane then adds, “You have been the NXT Women’s Champion, Smackdown CHampion, WWE Tag Team Champion, and now the RAW Women’s Chammmpppion!!” Asuka cheers for herself again. Sane continues, “You are a grand slam champion!” Asuka reiterates, “Grand. Slam. Champion!!” as she dances around.

Sane then plays a song with her recorder as Asuka dances along. Sane’s song and Asuka’s celebration is interrupted as Nia Jax’s music sounds. Jax struts down the ramp and enters the ring, staring down Asuka and Kairi Sane. “Seriously? Seriously. There’s nothing to celebrate. You were handed, literally handed the championship because Becky Lynch can’t fight anymore.”

Jax states Lynch is on maternity leave, so Asuka was handed the greatest temp job. Jax continues on to state they needed to look at her, then look at Asuka. Sane steps forward, Jax tells her to chill, at the same time, Asuka attacks Jax! Jax is thrown from the ring, getting more than she bargained for. Asuka still angry as she stares down Nia Jax.

Backstage – King Corbin

Charly welcomes Corbin and begins, “You will face Drew McIntyre, are you having any doubts?” Corbin states he’s champion, but he’s no king.

Split-screen, we see McIntyre listening and watching from somewhere else backstage. Corbin says McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar, but still has a chance to slip up. Corbin is waiting for McIntyre’s mistakes. McIntyre raises his eyebrows, unimpressed.

We head to commercial break.

R-Truth In-Ring Promo

As we return from commercial break, we re-enter the Performance Center in Orlando, FL to see R-Truth standing in the ring. Truth states his cousin Pretty Ricky told him that Lashley is a bad, bad man. We head into a recap from last Monday’s RAW when R-Truth defeated MVP, before Lashley hit the ring and teamed with MVP to beat down R-Truth.

R-Truth states, “I do not want Bobby to put me in Nelson from the Simpsons again. My childhood Hero John Cena, he would never give up when it came to facing a mean like Bobby Lashley, and never will I. Just like never will I give up on getting my baby back! Tom Brady! I hope you’re watching what I”m about to do with Bobby Lashley, because when I’m done with him, I’m gonna find you. I’m gon’ sack you. And I’m gon’ win back my 24/7, 48/11, 28/7, I-95 South, 401K championship.”

R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley

R-Truth is already in the ring as we heard Lashley’s entrance theme sound in the Performance Center. Lashley makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with awaiting opponent, R-Truth. Lashley and Truth circle each other.

The bell rings and Truth relaxes in the corner, asking for a minute. “Wait wait–you gonna debo me? You gonna debo me?” No clue what that means. Truth climbs out the room, and is “replaced” by Pretty Ricky. “C’mon Bobby! C’mon Bobby! Deebo Bobby Lashley!”

Truth and Lashley engage at ring side. Lashley sends Truth into the barricade, then picks him up in a fireman’s carry and slams Truth into the ringpost. Lashely throws Truth back into the ring and drives him to the ground. Lashley slaps Truth, stating “I’m not trying to hurt you man, get up and fight.” Truth gets up and tries to battle back against Lashley, but it’s stopped short when Lashley hits a killer clothesline!

Lashley hits several knees to Truth’s abdomen, puts him in the Full Nelson and hits the Full Nelson Slam! He’s not finished! He picks Truth up and puts him in the Full Nelson sleeper, and puts Truth to sleep.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the Match

MVP stands at the top of the ramp, clapping for Lashley as we go to highlights.


Lana is seen in the custodians closet, throwing tools and screaming, clearly locked in.

Iiconic stop on the ramp, and begin speaking to Alexa and Nikki, “Well, well, look who’s back. Did you not learn from last week? Should we roll the clip? Yes, ROLL THE CLIP!”

The clip from last Monday’s RAW where Iiconics pinned Alexa Bliss. Back in the Performance Center, they continues, “We’re glad that you could drop off our titles and bug off.” They continue, “The future is right here, because we… are, IICONIC!” they strike their pose.

The two members of Iiconic finish their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Bliss and Peyton in ring to start things off. Bliss knocks Peyton to the canvas, tagging in Cross. Cross knocks Billie off the apron, Billie enters and Iiconic double team Nikki in the center of the ring. Billie goes for the big boot to no avail.

Bliss tags in, fired up, quick movements and open hands followed by a Dropkick. Insult to Injury for the pin, Peyton saves Billie at the two count. Billie with a huge boot to the face of Nikki, Alexa lands a massive right hook on Billie. Bliss off the top turnbuckle with Twist of Bliss. Peyton re-enters, breaking the pin at two. Peyton slams Alexa multiple times into the turnbuckle.

The referee attempts to stop Peyton who refuses, the referee calls the match. Winner by DQ, Alexa and Nikki!

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

After the Match

Peyton and Billie continue pouting in the center of the ring.


We see Kairi Sane playing her same song on the recorded, Nia Jax sneaks up from behind, attacking Sane as we head to commercial break.

Backstage – Iiconic Members; Peyton and Billie Kay

As we return from commercial break, Peyton apologizes to Billie Kay for messing things up during the match. Billie Kay clearly upset tells Peyton this was their one shot to get their titles back and Peyton blew it!” The two then cry and hug one another

Undertaker: Last Ride

Once again, a promo airs for Undertaker: Last Ride, this time announcing Chapter Three for viewing on WWE Network. The announcers then send us into a video clip from Chapter Two. We see Undertaker who states to the documentary team, “Whether it’s a good match/bad match, that I’m not so concerned about. For me, it’s to perform from a level people expect me to perform at. I want people to think, “this guy has a lot left in the tank. If I leave with that, I’ll be content.”

Broadcaster’s Table

We see Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe, and Tom Phillips who discuss Last Monday’s match between Shayna Baszler and Natalya, Baszler ultimately winning the match.

After an emotional loss against Baszler, Natalya is ready for her redemption match tonight, a Submission Match the Sharpshooter vs. Kirafuda Clutch, when we return!


Kairi Sane has ice held on her face as she attempts to gather her bearings, Asuka storms off, irate and ready for vengeance. We head to commercial break.

Recap Video

As we return from commercial break, we recap the attack by Nia Jax on Kairi Sane.

Submission Match
Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya

Out first for this Submission Match, Shayna Baszler as her music sounds in the Performance Center. Baszler makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next, her opponent, Natalya who is in a redemption match after last week. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins!

Baszler knocks Natalya to the canvas, stating, “How real did that feel?” Baszler heads off the ropes, Natalya rolls over in wait, Baszler stops short, grabbing Natalya and locking in an Ankle Lock, Natalya retaliates. Both women standing, Baszler manipulates the arm of Natalya. Natalya rolls and flips around, attempting to out flip Baszler’s manipulation.

Baszler attempts to go for the Sharpshooter. Natalya quickly gets up, retaliating with a Sharpshooter of her own. Baszler attempts to get to the bottom rope, finally grabbing it. Baszler grabs the rope, but keeps crawling for leverage, getting out of the move. Natalya exits the ring, grabbing Baszler and throwing her back in the ring. Natalya in Half Guard, Natalya trying grab the knee of Baszler. Baszler flips over, hitting the Kirafuda Clutch on Natalya, Baszler makes Natalya tap. Baszler still not wanting to let go after the match ends. Baszler stands tall.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the Match

Baszler exits the ring and makes her way up the ramp as her music plays her out. The music cuts and Natalya is still in the ring. Ring assistants set up for the Kevin Owens Show which will take place in the ring when we return. Natalya kicks at the ropes then stands with her hands on her hips.
Natalya then looks at the men setting up the chairs and signs in the ring and she grabs a sign from one, throwing it out of the ring. The two workers exit the ring.

Natalya continues to throw all the props out of the ring as she is in full blown ‘tantrum’ mode now. Samoa Joe states if this is how Natalya is going to act each time she takes a loss, maybe she needs to take some time off. The rest of the panel of commentators agree. Stating this is beneath her, and a disgrace to her legacy.


The argument between Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory (along with Zelina Vega) is highlighted, along with Angel Garza’s win. Commentators ask what is going on between the group, Zelina attempting to break them up stating they will go out there and be on the same page, as a unit. Vega asks if they understand her, each state, “yes, ma’am” separately as we head to commercial break.

Quick Announcement

Kevin Owens is here tonight for the “Kevin Owens Show”

Commercial plays us out.

“The Kevin Owens Show” with host: Kevin Owens

As we return from commercial Kevin makes his way to the ring as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Owens looks around the ring at all the destroyed furniture and signs, he picks up the microphone and begins, “First of all, thank you Nattie for getting all the junk out of the way, it’s pretty nice.”

Owens continues, “You know, I’ve not been around for a while and people asked me why, and thing is at Wrestlemania I was looking for a moment. And in beating Seth Rollins, I got pretty banged up. But the good news is, I’m back–the Kevin Owens show has returned…it might be with a reduced set (thanks to Nattie), but tonight I’ve got a special set of guests! Zelina Vega, US Champion Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory!”

Zelina, along with her three musketeers, Austin Theory, Angel Garza and Andrade trailing close behind. Owens welcomes his special guests with applause, followed by apologizing for the mess “on the set”. As Owens begins to explain the reason he requested them as guests, Vega immediately goes on the defensive stating that one little argument doesn’t mean there is dysfunction in the group, or that her “empire is crumbling”.

Zelina states Garza is the man that breaks faces and breaks hearts, Austin at 22, is “this damn good”, finishing by stating her crew came up from the streets. Vega points out that Owens isn’t in the ring with his guests and its rude, to which Owens points out it never ends well if you look at the track record over the past several months.

Owens continues on to explain there was another reason, another guest. The group looks puzzled as Apollo Crews’s music sounds. Apollo comes running out and slides into the ring and spears Andrade delivering Ground and Pound. The fight spills over to ringside, Crews continuing to deliver a beating to Andrade. Owens attempts to help seperate the superstars as we head to commercial break.

Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews vs. Angel Garza & Andrade

As we return from commercial break, the impromptu tag-team match is already in full force. Crews is inside the ring with Garza. Crews lands a Stalling Suplex on Garza. Crews tags in Owens as Andrade is tagged in on Garza’s side. Andrade drops Owens on the ropes, bouncing Owens neck off the top. Andrade throws Owens into the corner.

Owens immediate runs out and Clotheslines Andrade. Chops back and forth and tags all around. Crews lands a Body Slam, then another on Garza, finally landing a Powerbomb for the three count!

Winners: Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews

After the Match

As Theory apologizes to Zelina for the miscommunication, Zelina responds, “Oh really?” and on that note, Andrade and Garza attack Theory. They continue to brutally attack Theory out of the ring and finally leave Theory on the floor in the arena.

Backstage – Drew McIntyre

As we head to backstage where Charly Caruso asks McIntyre his thoughts on the Brand to Brand Invitational. Drew states every Monday, someone will want to fight, and every Monday is the perfect time for a Claymore Party. Drew continues on to say that it’s a good plan as it allows fans “dream matches” to become a reality.

McIntyre finishes, stating that Corbin is just a horrible, horrible person. Drew’s seen him in traveling, backstage, and the man is just horrible. He then tells Corbin that he’s got a special claymore for him–a Claymore fit for a King.

Back to the Ax (Throwing Tournament)

As we return to the Viking Lair, we see the Viking Raiders who believe Montez is unable to perform due to too much smoke, so they demand the smoke be put out. Angelo doesn’t want to throw his ax as there is a man on a horse in his vicinity. Angel throws like a child, underhanded, accidentally hitting a keg. As the group of angry vikings step forward, Erik and Ivar state it was an accident, stopping an incident from occuring.

Aleister Black vs. Murphy

Murphy already standing in the ring for this match up as Aleister Black’s music sounds. Black makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring over the top rope, landing in an Indian-style sitting position. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

Black over powers Murphy, landing Murphy in the corner. Murphy attempts to fight back as both men throw strikes back and forth. Black lands several kicks on Murphy. Murphy exits the ring at one point, Black following behind him and chasing him. Black lands several kicks on Murphy before the referee shouts that both men return to the ring.

Rollins is seen looking at Austin Theory who is still ringside as he was left after an attack in pain with no help. Rollins looks to Theory stating, “I know what you are here for…” holding out his hand to Theory. Back in the ring, Theory runs at Black, Rollins and Theory charge the ring and attack Black. A Running Knee takes Black down. Rollins demands he return to his feet. Theory helps Black to his feet, then hits the ATL. Rollins hugs Theory. Rollins music sounds as we head to commercial.

Actual Ax Throwing Tournament

The rules state one throw at a time. Each team gets ten axes. The only thing that scores is a bullseye. The viking crowd cheers and blows their horn to start the games. Raiders go first, Profits go next, barely able to throw the ax.

Later, Profits last shot, Raiders attempt to help them out, they start a “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!” chant with their viking compatriots. The Profits hit the mark and everyone celebrates until a police cruiser pulls up, and two police demand to know who threw the axe that went through their windshield earlier in the day.

Dawkins turns his back to the target and nails a throw without even looking, and everyone celebrates as this makes no sense whatsoever.

An officer warns them that throwing axes is dangerous. She gives them a warning because Ivar is cute, but tells Erik he’s not.

Main Event: First-Ever Brand to Brand Invitational
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs King Corbin

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the Performance Center for this first-ever brand to brand invitational main event match up! McIntyre stands in the ring awaiting his opponent.

Out next is King Corbin. It is noted that the Brand to Brand Invitational allows a superstar to travel between brands four times per year. They’re not clarifying if its four superstars total, or if each superstar can go back and forth four times. As the match is set to begin, Lashley’s music sounds, interrupting the start.

MVP accompanies Lashley, and speaks for the both of them stating that Lashley and MVP have “taken an interest” in this match. MVP reminds us that Corbin retired Kurt Angle; and he reminds us that McIntyre has the WWE Championship, and that’s all that needs to be said. He again states that they have a very important interest in this match.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match officially begins! McIntyre lands a Belly to Belly Suplex on Corbin, followed by a Diving Forearm from the top. Both men are down. “A follower,” Drew yells, then kips up to his feet. “A follower? I’ll show you,” McIntyre taunts.

Corbin gets back to his feet after being mocked by McIntyre. McIntyre attempts Future Shock DDT but Corbin slips out! Corbin shoves McIntyre into the ring post and picks him up for a Big Spinebuster, followed by pin attempt. McIntyre kicks out at one! McIntyre clearly injured as he holds his midsection. Corbin focuses on McIntyre’s injured midsection. McIntyre lands a Jump Kick followed by a Chop, sending Corbin into the corner. Corbin fights out of it and goes up top, Drew counters into a Future Shock DDT!

McIntyre states, “I’ve been waiting such a long time!” McIntyre charges for the Claymore, Corbin blocks and counters with his Deep Six! Corbin with pin attempt, McIntyre kicks out at one. McIntyre lands the Glasgow Kiss, Corbin attempts for the Misdirection Clothesline but McIntyre hits a Claymore fit for a King and gets the three count!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That’s all folks!

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