WWE Monday Night RAW Results (5/25/20)

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (5/25): Orlando, FL

Welcome to EWrestling.com’s Monday Night Raw results and coverage! The May 25, 2020 edition of RAW is LIVE from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida with all the latest build to the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month. Tonight’s RAW is rumored to have WWE Performance Center talent act as audienceThis comes off multiple weeks of crowd-less shows due to the Covid-19 nationwide pandemic.

Featured below are complete results of the April 13th episode of WWE Monday Night RAW from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL written by EWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Show Opening

The May 25, 2020 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW kicks off with the annual WWE Memorial Day video package, which can be viewed here.

From all of us at Ewrestling.com, have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you to all our service men and women for all the sacrifices you make, to all those who served and serve on the front lines during times of crisis, war and pandemic, you are the reason we have our freedom. You are appreciated more than words could describe! Happy Memorial Day!

Are you ready?

The opening theme song plays us in and we see several stars and trainees in attendance, standing around and applauding the opening of Raw! Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton run down tonight’s preview.

The Kevin Owens Show

Kevin welcomes the trainees from the Performance Center and several NXT stars. KO will take on Angel Garza later tonight. KO wants to discuss the triple threat number one contender’s match happening later tonight, so he calls out the current Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka, who comes down to the ring to much applause! The trainees are earning their $50 tonight!

Asuka chants “Thank you” ten times, and KO mentions Asuka is still chanting for Becky (yeah, I’m confused, too) then gives a quick plug for Becky Lynch merch on sale on WWEShop.com!

KO shows clips last week in which Nia Jax interrupted Kairi Sane’s flute solo, celebrating Asuka’s championship. Asuka had enough of the denigration and attacked Nia, knocking her from the ring. We’re treated to another clip showing Jax attacking Kairi backstage last week, and another with Asuka taking some payback on Nia backstage, too!

As we return to the ring, Asuka says something in Japanese but is interrupted by Charlotte Flair. The Queen struts down to the ring wearing her ring attire and the NXT title around her waist. Tom Phillips mentions the new Brand Invitational Wild Card McMahon rule as Charlotte grabs a mic.

Charlotte tells Asuka: “I need to get this off my chest, and I want to be honest with you: that Raw Women’s championship should’ve been handed to me. Do I need to remind you of Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans?” She goes on to gloat that when it comes to the big matches, Asuka can’t seem to beat Flair. And with the screech of a guitar, we have Nattie trot out to the ring to speak her piece.

Nattie states shes not here to cause any trouble, but is in fact out to apologize formally to KO and his KO Show crew for her temper tantrum last week. Charlotte Flair tells Nattie that not even sucking up to Kevin Owens can help her win this match. Asuka tells Charlotte that she’s being rude; Charlotte admits Asuka is right, and says she should’ve said that Nattie was irrelevant.

And, of course, Nia Jax’s music plays and she comes out to interrupt, too, as the ‘crowd’ boos. We’ve now got all three competitors plus the women’s champ in the ring. Nia talks trash while Asuka takes off her robe and belt. KO steps out the ring and asks Asuka that, “whatever you do, don’t hit Nia in the face.” Asuka immediately delivers a spinning backhand to the face of Jax and Charlotte and Nattie spill outside the ring. Asuka’s music plays as Nia backs up the ramp.

Backstage with Kayla and Apollo

We head backstage where we meet up with Kayla Braxton. Kayla turns to Apollo to ask how he’s feeling for tonight as he is set for a title match. Apollo shares that he’s ready to go out and win it!

Quick Announcements

Michael Cole states the United States Title is on the line, next!

United States Championship Match
Andrade (c) vs Apollo Crews

Andrade makes his way to the ring first, as we head to the first commercial break of the evening!!

As we return from commercial break, Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring as his entrance theme sounds in the Performance Center. Crews enters the ring with awaiting opponent Andrade. We can hear the crowd being overly loud after weeks of silence from the seats. Definitely a change of pace! The match is officially announced, the bell rings and the match begins!

Stalling Suplex by Andrade for the pin attempt on Crews, Crews kicks out at two. Both men back to their feet. Andrade knocks Crews to the canvas with a Back Elbow. Andrade looking for the Hammerlock DDT, Crews with the reversal as he lifts Andrade with a Press, throwing him across the ring. Crews lifts Andrade again, Andrade drops to his feet and runs the ropes, Crews side steps just in time for Andrade to almost run into Vega on the apron. Andrade slows and holds both hands up.

Crews gives a shove, knocking Andrade into Vega… Vega falls to the floor on the outside of the ring as we head to a quick commercial. We return from commercial where we see the referees and other officials checking on Vega. Andrade sends Crews into the barricade as the referee is at the count of 4. Medical staff attempt to take Vega backstage, she refuses as she wants to stay ringside. Back inside the ring, Andrade attempts another cover, Crews kicks out.

Haymaker by Crews, followed by a Clothesline powering Andrade into the corner. Crews assists Andrade into the opposite corner, following up with a Splash. A Kick to the face by Crews. Crews sets Andrade on the top turnbuckle. Crews heads to the second turnbuckle, Andrade suddenly powered up, dropping Crews backwards, still on the second ropes. Andrade lands a Double Stomp onto Crews sending him to the canvas.

We see Angel Garza talking about two bodies together and the passion of “exhausted bliss” and doing it all over again… attempting to explain a match in the ring that sounds oddly similiar to love making? Back in the ring, Andrade attempts another cover on Crews as Andrade has regained control of this match up.

Crews lands a Kick to the face of Andrade. A standing Moonsault by Crews. Quickly followed up by a Standing Shooting Star by Crews for the pin and three count win!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Apollo Crews!

After the Match

Commentary states that Apollo Crews has won his very first title in the WWE.

Interview – Apollo Crews

Immediately following the United States title match, we go to Kayla Braxton who has joined Apollo Crews inside the ring. Kayla then asks Apollo what it means to him to finally win a title in the WWE.

Apollo said people told him he couldn’t do it and laughed in his face. 11 years of sacrifice, and hard work, and he finally “When my body gave up on me against Andrade, I know everyone thought that was it. But I never gave up. So now I can stand in this ring, and I can say, ‘I am the NEW United States Champion!!’ That feels so good to say!”

The crowd cheers for Apollo Crews as his music plays once again!


Andrade is seen backstage throwing things around the halls in an all out tantrum after losing his title to Apollo Crews. Good sportsmanship and maturity for sure.

“Anything you can do, we can do better”. We are told we have seen basketball, we’ve seen ax throwing… Tonight, we will see, Golf? The Street Profits take on the Viking Raiders, teeing off later tonight!

Backstage – Seth Rollins

We see Seth Rollins backstage staring at Rey Mysterio’s mask as he’s holding it in his hand. Nothing is said. We head to our next commercial break!!

As we return from the commercial break, we return to Seth Rollins who is standing alone, or so it seems. Rollins begins, “Tonight is a night of celebration. Tonight, I am better than I’ve ever been, and that’s all thanks to one man, Rey Mysterio. (Shock from the crowd inside the Performance Center.)

We jump to a video clip from 2 weeks ago where Rey Mysterio was in a match with Murphy, Mysterio unintentionally knocking Rollins off the ramp, knocking Rollins out of his daze following his loss to McIntyre. Rollins then attacked Mysterio, shoving his eye into the corner of the steel stairs.

Back to Rollins, he states he knows Mysterio was sacrificed. Rollins cannot begin to understand the pain of Mysterio or his family. He then states if it was Mysterio’s final act, then it was a great one as it lead us into the future.

Rollins then introduces his newest disciple, Austin Theory, adding under his guidance, their ceilings are limitless.

Murphy states in his career, he faced obstacle after obstacle. he needed guidance and leader, to lead him into that future. For that, he thanks Rollins.

Theory states he thought he had friends int he WWE. But when they abandoned him, Rollins was there and found him, and for that, he thanks Rollins.

Rollins then states, later tonight, we get to show Rey Mysterio the goodness of his sacrifice as they take on Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo.

Backstage Interview – Charlotte Flair

Charly Caruso is backstage with Charlotte Flair, asking about her match up tonight. Caruso tells Charlotte that if she wins tonight and goes on to win the Raw Women’s title, she’ll be a double champion. Charlotte toots her own horn until Asuka dances in, holding her belt up, and tells Charlotte “Red is not your color!”

In-Ring: The Iiconics

The Iiconics music sounds in the Performance Center as they make their way down the ramp towards the ring, the announcers question what they are doing here, and what they have to say. We will find out, after the commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, both Peyton and Billie Kay are standing in the center of the ring with microphones in hand. Peyton looks to Billie Kay and starts off with an apology. She apologizes for what happened last week during their title shot match with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, ultimately costing them their opportunity.

Billie Kay counters with an apology of her own, stating she’s sorry for slapping Peyton last week! Both women are visibly emotional. They then take a trip down memory lane about how they grew up together, went to high school together, and won the women’s tag titles at Wrestlemania.

The Iiconics mention they never even lost their titles, that they were stripped away, and they should still be the champs.

This is all the current Raw Women’s Tag-Team Title holders needed to hear, as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross’s entrance theme sounds in the Performance Center, interrupting The Iiconics in-ring discussion.

Bliss tells the Iiconics that they had chances but blew them. Nikki Cross starts to say something but Billie tells Nikki that she doesn’t get to talk, and that she should just stand there and be grateful that she’s a co-champion.

Nikki goes on to yell at the Iiconics and tell us that she’s taken every step with Alexa, that she’s had to scrape and claw, and the crowd is eating this up. Nikki continues to lay into them, and states that she and Lexi’s friendship is stronger than the Iiconics. She tells us that Lexi helps Nikki focus, and Nikki feels she helped teach Lexi a little bit about friendship, and that…is iconic.

The Iiconics flip out and attack the champs, ramming Bliss into the corner and kicking both Cross and Bliss as they’re down. The Iiconics pick up Cross together and drop her face-first into the canvas. The Iiconics grab the women’s titles and hold them up, standing over and yelling down at the reigning women’s tag team champions.

Quick Announcement

Coming up next is MVP’s VIP Lounge with Drew McIntyre!

Backstage – MVP and Lana

MVP is scrolling through his phone with Lana shows up with a really dark tan and somewhat darkened hair. Lana states they need to talk; MVP says no, they don’t, and walks off.

We head to commercial break.

Moment Of Silence

As we return from commercial break, we see the “In Memory of Shad Gaspard” title card. We take a moment of silence. From all of us here at E-Wrestling.com, we send our deepest sympathies and regards to the Gaspard family and friends.

MVP’s V.I.P. Lounge
Special Guest: Drew McIntyre

We head to the “VIP Lounge” where we are greeted by MVP who is sporting a gold suit as his music plays through the speakers of the Performance Center. He welcomes us back to the VIP Lounge and gives a special welcome to the performance trainers, who get their “tab” on him. MVP goes to welcome out the current WWE Champion or, as he likes to call him, the former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre!

McIntyre’s music sounds in the arena, Drew walks to the stage wearing regular clothes as he smiles down at MVP. Drew makes his way toward MVP down the ramp, entering the ring, er… “VIP Lounge” with MVP.

Drew starts tossing the furniture out of the ring. “Okay, now that we’ve got that bit of business out of the way–MVP, where is he?” Drew states. “Who?,” MVP asks. “You know who I’m talking about. Is he under the ring? Is he backstage?” McIntyre questions.

MVP assures Drew that Lashley won’t be ambushing him tonight, or next week…it’s all being saved for Backlash. MVP asks Drew to think back to his last appearance on the VIP Lounge, when he offered to coach and manage Drew as he prepared to take on Brock for the title. MVP goes on to say he remembers taking a Claymore Kick to the face.

Drew interjects and corrects him, and says he can just call it a Claymore, because the Claymore is a kick. MVP banters that he remembers receiving the Claymorekick. MVP goes on to point out that it took 13 years for Lashley to get his first WWE championship opportunity. Drew points out it took him 19 years, and it was finally this year, at Wrestlemania, and it only took him five minutes to beat Brock Lesnar.

Drew tells MVP he doesn’t need someone talking for him, or kissing his ass, and tells MVP that the only way Bobby Lashley is taking the title is by taking it from his cold dead hands. MVP tells Drew that can be arranged.

Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he comes out to the ring, dressed ready to go. MVP makes the announcement of “the FUTURE WWE Champion” but is cut off by a quick Claymore from McIntyre. Lashley stays ringside as Drew rips off his top and taunts Bobby, yelling for Lashley to get in the right and fight him. Lashley and MVP head up the ramp as Drew’s music plays and we cut backstage.

Backstage – Natalya Interview

We see Charly Caruso backstage, she wants to speak with Natalya about what happened earlier, but Natalya has to take a phone call from her husband TJ aka Tyson Kidd. Natalya apologizes and states she has to focus on tonight.

As she turns to Charly to continue, Charly informs Natalya they’re out of time. Natalya looks frustrated.

Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza

Out first for this one-fall match is Kevin Owens as his music sounds in the Performance Center arena. As Owens is making his way to the ring, Angel comes running down the ramp, sliding and landing an Elbow to Owens, dropping Owens before he even gets to the ring.

On that note, we head to commercial!

As we return from the commercial break, the match is going full force! Garza focuses his attention on the injured left leg of Owens. Owens makes his way back to his feet and gets two good strikes in. Garza powers Owens into the corner. Garza wraps Owens left leg around the middle rope and yanks on it, putting pressure on that injured knee. The referee finally separates the two. Garza continues to focus on the injured leg irregardless.

Owens finally back up, landing a DDT on Garza, followed by a Clothesline. Owens sets up for a Cannonball, but is unable due to his injured leg, Garza counters with a Dropkick. Garza finally hits the Wing Clipper, for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Angel Garza

After the Match

Garza continues to attack Owens after the match until Vega signals for Garza and the two celebrate up the ramp.

Quick Announcement

Street Profits are on the golf course, awaiting the Viking Raiders. My goodness…

We head to commercial break.

Announcer’s Table

We head over to the announcer’s table where we are welcomed by Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe. They explain we’re seeing an “Anything you can do, we can do better” feud between the Street Profit$ and Viking Raiders.

We see video clips highlighting their game of basketball, and the second matchup which was an axe-throwing competition. The score is tied 1-1 as we head to tonight’s competition, the gentleman’s game: golf.

Viking Raiders and Street Profits On The Green

As we step onto the green we are ready for some duffs and mulligans! All four competitors are wearing stereotypical golfing gear. The Profits take first shot and send the club about fifty yards. Erik sends his club about twenty yards. We’re then treated to the Profits playing golf as the Raiders basically destroy chunks of golf course, hit other players with the ball, and break the golf cart when they pile in.

Erik and Ivar can’t play an get angry quickly. They change to mini-golf but aren’t much better. Ivar wants bigger clubs, so he gets a driver and blasts the ball. The woman who runs the mini-golf forgives him because he’s cute. Apparently the game ends Viking Raiders 144, Street Profits 28. The Raiders are celebrating with “high score” but the Profits remind them that in golf, the lower the number, the better.

The Profits take a 2-1 lead in the “Anything you can do, I can do better” “match.” They begin to pull random objects out of the final hole–a red sippy cup, a turkey leg, and their festivities are interrupted by a fake gator.

Backstage with MVP, Lashley and Lana

Lana tells MVP that she’s sorry that he took a Claymore, and gives him a big bag of ice. MVP goes on to state that Lana’s insulting her husband, and that what we (indicating himself and Lashley) need to do, is to send a message to McIntyre right now. Lashley looks annoyed that his “wife” is even around. MVP and Lashley walk off; Lana slams the bag of ice down and screams “noooo” in frustration.

Backstage – Seth Rollins (w/ Murphy & Theory)

We see Seth giving a pep talk to Murphy and Theory as their match against Carrillo and Black is up next! Off to commercials!

Murphy & Austin Theory vs Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Out first is the Monday Night Messiah and his two disciples, Austin Theory and Murphy. The three men pose together, are they now the “three wise men”? They continue down the ramp as we are sent to video clips from Last Week showing how Theory went from being in Vega’s group to being “saved” by Rollins.

Back in the arena, we see the Messiah and his lackies, I mean disciples in the ring.

Out next is Humberto Carrillo as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Last to make his way out is Aleister Black. Black and Carrillo nod at each other as they pace the ring before entering together. Black does his customary flip over the top rope, landing Indian-style in the center of the ring. Cool enough, Carrillo flips over the ropes, too.

The bell rings and we’re starting with Austin Theory and Humberto Carrillo first! Theory works Carrillo, gets a quick tag to Murphy who stomps down Carrillo then gets another quick tag to Theory. Humberto puts a stop to this strategy as he takes both men down, sending them to ringside, and makes the tag to Black. Black flips over and sits in the ring as Carrillo vaults off the top turnbuckle and flies high, landing on both men outside.

Theory tags in once again, Black works him over with Arm Bars and kicks. Black locks in the Armbar and tags in Carrillo who quickly takes advantage. Carrillo fights Murphy off the ringside apron as he tries to climb the opponent’s turnbuckle, but it gives Austin an opening to work Carrillo over. Theory with another fast tag to Murphy. Carrillo attempts a Dragon kick but Murphy ducks, and Carrillo immediately tries again, connecting this time on Murphy! Both men are down, both men make hot tags.

Black takes charge, using his speed and kicks to keep Murphy and Theory down. Murphy rolls out, and Black keeps it going on Theory. Black tags in Carrillo who hits an entering Murphy, but the distraction allows Austin Theory to hit the ATL on an unsuspecting Carrillo for the win!

Winners: Austin Theory & Murphy

After the Match

Rollins has his Disciples take out Black and Carrillo. Rollins gets on the mic and yells “he needs to learn!” Rollins has his Disciples take Carrillo and drags him to the steel steps, threatening to cost him an eye like Rey did.

Black charges the ring with a steel chair but Rollins tells him to stop right there, and tells Black if he takes another step, Seth will take Carrillo’s eye. Rollins then demands Black throw the chair out of the ring, and surprisingly, Black does it!

Finally, Rollins has his Disciples let Carrillo go and the three of them head up the ramp.

Backstage – Rated R Superstar!

We see Edge standing in the back, smiling off into nowhere as we’re told he’ll be up next. Commercial break time!

Backstage with Edge

As we return from commercial break, Edge tells Randy that Randy caught Edge tongue tied last week on Raw. Randy laid the bait and Edge bit, and now Edge finds himself doubting his ability. He was retired for 3,212 days and during that time Randy competed in 1,126 matches (Edge did the research). And now Edge is looking at it and “I have to prove myself to myself” so he wants to thank Randy for making him contemplate things he hadn’t contemplated.

Edge states he’s gone toe to toe with Eddie Guerrero, Christian, Undertaker, HBK, Rey Mysterio, Hornswaggle, the list goes on and on. Edge continues to ramble on that everything he said was in the past tense, because he doesn’t know if he can do “any one of those things anymore but at Backlash, I’m gonna dig to the very depths of my soul……..to try. It’s all a man can do.” We then get another card advertising this as “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” while playing a cheap cover of the theme from “The Greatest Showman.”

Raw Women’s #1 Contender Match: Nia Jax vs Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

Asuka makes her way to the stage, presumably to join commentary for tonight’s #1 Contender Match for the Raw Women’s Title Match as we head to commercial break.

Backstage with the Street Profits and Viking Raiders

The Raiders claim they let the Profits win, and the Profits dispute it. The profits let the Raiders pick the next challenge. The Raiders want to choose Gator wrestling, but Angelo Dawkins shoots that down. The Raiders then pick bowling. The Raiders walk off and MVP and Lashley show up.

MVP tells the Profits they’re wasting their time and talent. Montez asks if there’s a problem, but MVP says there’s no problem. He and Lashley have to focus on the upcoming WWE title match. The Profits ask how MVP’s face is; MVP goes on to challenge them. Later tonight we’re getting The Street Profits versus MVP & Bobby Lashley!

Raw Women’s #1 Contender Match: Nia Jax vs Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

Out first, is the Queen, Charlotte Flair. Flair struts down the ramp towards the ring in her robe Asuka is joining us on announce table. Out next is Natalya, who looks like she’s got a chip on her shoulder. Out next is Natalya, who looks like she’s got a chip on her shoulder. Natalya enters the ring with awaiting opponent Flair.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins! Flair wastes no time as she heads in on Natalya. Phillips keeps asking Asuka questions, like how would she like to face Nia Jax at Backlash or Nattie etc, and Asuka answers in Japanese. It’s stated that the first woman to score a pinfall or submission will go on to face Asuka at Backlash for the Raw Women’s championship.

Flair slams the hood of the announcer’s table into the midsection of Natalya. Nia Jax grabs the opposite end of the hood, Flair still holding the other side, Jax slams it into the midsection of Flair, blocking her in between the hood and the ring. Nia takes an early lead, body slamming Flair, then Nattie on to flair. Nia goes for a running leg drop but both women move out the way. Flair and Natalya work on the double team, sending Nia into the ring post and spilling her outside. Flair and Natalya now square off. Natalya with a knee, followed by a headlock take-down.

Back in the ring, Flair lands multiple Chops on Nia Jax. Jax lifts Flair onto her shoulders. Natalya Chops the knee of Jax on the apron, forcing Jax to release Flair. Flair drops to ringside. Flair and Natalya team up to carry Nia Jax from the apron over to the announcer’s table on their shoulder and they Body Slam Jax through the announcer’s table!

As we return from commercial break, we are sent to a replay of Nia going through the announcer’s table. Natalya and Nia are going back and forth inside the ring. Nia uses her power to lift Natalya up for the One Armed Sit-Out Power-bomb, but Charlotte comes in to break things up.

Charlotte works over Nia’s injured knee. Natalya heads to the top, landing a Crossbody on Flair. Natalya takes advantage and covers Charlotte! Charlotte kicks out at two. More back and forth action, finally Charlotte gets Nia in the Figure Four and bridges it over to the Figure Eight! Looks like this will be over, but Natalya comes in with a Dropkick for the save.

Natalya then gets Charlotte locked in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring! Charlotte inches her way to the ropes, as she’s about to reach forward, Natalya drags her back to the center of the ring. Nia Jax grabs a hold of Natalya and chest thumps her down to the mat as Charlotte rolls out! Charlotte starts back up top, thinking about another Moonsault, but Nia is back to her feet and fighting Charlotte! Charlotte’s vulnerable on the top rope. Nia hits repeated headbutts.

Nia Jax heads to the top turnbuckle, Natalya makes her way over a big boot and goes for a pin; Natalya breaks it up. Charlotte sends Natalya back to the outside, and a winded Charlotte continues to work on Nia’s knee. Charlotte and Nia go back and forth until Natalya heads in on the two!

Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter on Nia for the win, Charlotte for the save! Charlotte locks the Figure Four on Natalya, but Nia breaks it up with a Big Leg Drop! Finally, only Nia and Natalya in the ring! Nia gets Natalya up and hits the Samoan Drop for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Nia Jax

After the Match

Asuka raises her championship belt high above her head, smiling as if she’s happy to be taking on Nia Jax, just two weeks from Sunday, at Backlash!

Backstage – Kayla Questions McIntyre

Kayla catches Drew just as he was about to head out the door. She informs Drew that Lashley is involved in the tag main event. Drew smirks and remembers he forgot something in the back after all and doesn’t think he’ll find it before the match is over. We cut to commercials.

During the Commercial Break

Steven, Gotham, Ferrett, Hogan, SDJones, Joey and those of you not here–Happy Memorial Day.

24/7 Championship Update

We’re shown part of WrestleMania last month in which Rob Gronkowski pinned Mojo Rawley to become the 24/7 champion.

Earlier today, R-Truth posted on Twitter that Tom Brady is not the current champion, that it’s Rob Gronkowski. Truth asks us to be nice to Tom Brady because it hurts to lose the 24/7 championship, especially to his best friend. Truth threatens to tackle anyone, including Rob Gronk.

He does his best to cut a heel promo and states that 24/7 Gronk is the future, and the 24/7 I-95 South 7-11 I-9 Whole Nine Yards championship is his. We’re then informed that Gronk is the longest reigning 24/7 Champion now. He states he has eyes on the back of his head.

Backstage – MVP Interview

After being hit with a Claymore, why would you want to be in a match tonight with The Street Profits? MVP points to Lashley and responds, “That’s why”

Ric Flair Promo

We’re then informed that Ric Flair will be joining us, next! We head to commercial break.


The WWE Hall of Famer, Nature Boy, RIC FLAIR!! Woo! Flair states,”Woo! Nature Boy Ric Flair here, a man who’s participated in more wrestling matches than anyone who’s ever walked the earth, wooo WWE reaches out o Natch and they say what in your opinion will be the outcome of what many consider to be the greatest wrestling match ever, Edge vs Orton? I said to myself ever since I quit limousine ridin’ jet flyin’ kiss stealin’ and wheelin’ and dealin’ ways, the greatest in-ring perform in my opinion is Randy woooo Orton wooo”

The Last Ride Promo

This past Sunday was Chapter 3, which delved into the Undertaker’s rivalry with HBK. Not gonna post more on it–go watch it, it’s a truly great documentary series.

Backstage – Liv Morgan

Liv tells us that what might most surprise us about her is her own struggle with self confidence. She then states she remembers being six years old and wondering what this big thing called “Life” had in store for her, whether she would rise up, or if she would crash and burn. (Very deep for a six year old, I thought about barbies and my little pony at six…)

She then states when she was introduced to the WWE and got her first piece of wrestling gear with her name on it, she discovered that while she may not have all the answers to life, she has a purpose. She finishes her statement by adding she is currently “living her best life”.

Main Event
The Street Profits vs. MVP & Bobby Lashley

Time now for our main event. Out first are The Street Profits as their music sounds in the Performance Center! As they show off their belts, we see a picture in picture of the Profits talking about putting on their Superman cape, bringing the smoke, and then quote the Brahma Bull. We head to one of our final commercial breaks!

As we return from commercial break, we learn that next week Aleister Black will take on Seth Rollins, and Rey Mysterio will have his retirement ceremony here on Raw next week.

Out next for tonight’s main event are Bobby Lashley & MVP! All the superstars are in the ring, the referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins! MVP buries his shoulder into the midsection of Ford in the corner of the ring. MVP tags in Lashley. Lashley full speed at Ford, a strike to the ribs and Ford drops to the canvas. Dawkins tags himself in. Ford flips back into the ring and runs for a high flying move, Lashley side steps. Lashley carries Ford on his shoulders, slamming him into the ring post as we head to commercial once again.

As we return from commercial break, MVP and Ford are going back and forth on the canvas, inside the ring. Ford finally makes his way back to his feet, but MVP hammers away at him. Lashley makes the tag and comes in, completely dominating Ford. Dawkins attempts to enter for the save, but the ref forces him back to his corner. Lashley tosses Ford to ringside and tags in MVP. MVP hops down to ringside and picks up ford, whipping him into the steel steps. The ref keeps counting, but MVP takes the action back inside at seven. Hook to the leg and a kick-out by Ford. Another cover, another kick-out. MVP is wrenching the left arm back. Later, Ford goes up top and hits a Sky-High Splash. He goes for the pin, but Lashley returns and locks the Full Nelson on Ford. The ref warns him, counts to five then rings the bell!

Winners (by Disqualification): The Street Profits

After the Match

McIntyre comes running down the ramp, Lashley reluctantly releases Ford. McIntyre and Lashley go at it at ringside. McIntyre takes it into the ring. Drew mounts Bobby and is pounding fists to his face. The ref exits the ring and is calling for WWE officials.

Two Performance Center trainees charge the ring to try to create separation, only for McIntyre to knock them down. Lashley hits a Spear on McIntyre! Even MORE trainees charge the ring to try to separate them. MOORREE trainees enter the ring to try to get between these two BEASTS and it looks like they’ve finally succeeded more trainees come from the timekeepers area!

About ten men hold McIntyre in one corner as he shouts, “Get off me!”, as five or six hold Lashley in an opposite corner and we fade to black!

That’s all folks!!!


* WATCH: Undertaker: The Last Dance (Chapter 3) – “End Of An Era” (VIDEO)
* VIDEO: What You DIDN’T See On Undertaker: The Last Ride Episode 2 (Part One)
* VIDEO: What You DIDN’T See On Undertaker: The Last Ride Episode 2 (Part Two)
* WATCH: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Chapter 2) – “The Redemption” (VIDEO)
* WATCH: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Chapter 1) – “The Greatest Fear” (VIDEO)
* Undertaker’s Son Gunner Calaway Ahead Of Wrestling Debut (PHOTOS)

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