WWE Monday Night Raw Results (6/14/2021)

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (6/14/2021): Tampa, FL.

WWE returns from the ThunderDome inside the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida this evening with this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network.

On tap for tonight’s red brand television program is Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles, as well as Randy Orton & Riddle vs. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods and Eva Marie vs. Naomi.

Featured below are complete WWE Monday Night Raw results for June 14, 2021.


This week’s show kicks off with a shot of Alexa Bliss on her swingset as she welcomes us to the show. She talks about getting strongly worded complaints about what Lily did last week. From there, we see a highlight package.

Nia Jax Confronts, Challenges Alexa Bliss

Bliss says she decided to put Lily in timeout as a result. She says that doesn’t mean Shayna Baszler didn’t get what she deserves and then Nia Jax approaches her. She asks if Baszler is ok. Jax tells her to cut the crap and that Shayna will see her on Sunday. She asks what happened to her and says they used to be friends. She tells her to leave her friends alone.

Bliss gets serious and says they were never friends. Jax challenges her to a match tonight. Bliss gets emotional and says she didn’t mean to hurt anybody. She cries as Jax rolls her eyes and then she starts laughing sadistically and says she’s just kidding and that she accepts Jax’s challenge. The two stare each other down to wrap up the cold open.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair

From there we shoot inside the ThunderDome where the commentators welcome us to the show and run down some of the action scheduled for tonight as highlights are shown to educate fans on the stories leading into tonight’s matches.

After that, Nikki Cross’ theme hits and she makes her way down to the ring for our opening contest of the evening as the cameras pan over to show Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton at the commentary desk. They run down highlights leading up to this opening bout.

We then see Charlotte Flair backstage and she is asked about why it was so important for her to have this match against Cross tonight. She answers and then complains about wanting her loss removed from her record as we see Cross watching on live from the ring. She walks off and Cross’ theme dies down.

The theme for “The Queen” hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She settles in the ring and her music fades down, but before the match can begin, we hear Rhea Ripley’s theme playing and she makes her way out. Distracted by this, Charlotte gets rolled up by Nikki, but manages to kick out before she is pinned.

Charlotte now goes on the offense, dominating Cross and beating her outside the ring as Ripley watches on from the entrance ramp. She brings the match into the ring and goes back to work on her as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Ripley seated at ringside while Charlotte is still dominating the action in the ring. Cross finally starts to show signs of life until Charlotte cuts it short and regains the offensive control, taunting Ripley at ringside all-the-while the champ smiles back at her unphased.

We see Cross shift the momentum in her favor with a tornado DDT off the top-rope. The action spills to the floor where Charlotte hits a Samoan Drop to Cross in front of Ripley while taunting her. She taunts for too long as she hears the bell and turns around to discover Cross rolled in the ring before the referee reached a ten count.

Winner via Count Out: Nikki Cross

After The Match: The Champ Handles Her Business

Once the match wraps up, we see Charlotte lose her cool and attack Cross only to find herself on the receiving end of a Rip-Tide from the Raw Women’s Champion to end the post-match segment.

Backstage: Riddle Gets Words Of Wisdom From Jeff Hardy

We shoot backstage after a highlight package to show Riddle confronting Jeff Hardy, who has his eyes closed with eyes painted on his eye-lids. He tells Riddle that as much as he can’t believe he’s saying this — that he should listen when Randy Orton speaks.

He then opens his eyes and Riddle gets distracted by all of the cool things he thinks he could do if he had four eyes. He finishes his rant and notices Hardy has already left. He turns and sees Randy Orton. Orton gives him some words of advice and walks off.

John Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy

We head back inside the ThunderDome where John Morrison’s theme hits and he makes his way out accompanied by The Miz. They head down to the ring as Graves plugs the Morrison vs. Hardy match coming up after the break. On that note, we head to another commercial time-out.

As we return from the break, we see Jeff Hardy wrapping up his ring entrance as The Miz is welcomed on guest commentary for this match. Morrison uses his drip-stick to distract Hardy and jump off to an early offensive advantage. Hardy starts to get in some offense but Morrison cuts his comeback short and goes back on the offensive himself.

Morrison continues to work over Hardy while Miz sings his praises and then he is distracted by Cedric Alexander’s theme music. Alexander makes his way out. Morrison turns around and goes back to work on Hardy as Alexander makes his way down to ringside. Hardy finally begins a comeback on Morrison.

He throws his shirt in Miz’s face at the commentary desk and then hits a twisting senton off the top on Morrison for a close near-fall. The two fight on the ring apron and Morrison pulls back into the offensive lead. He hits a crazy twisting leg drop off the top rope for the pin fall victory.

Winner: John Morrison

After The Match: Cedric Alexander Gets Retirement Match With Jeff Hardy?

Once the match ends, Cedric Alexander hops on the mic and calls out Jeff Hardy. He tells him he wants to apologize to him for not showing him the respect he deserves.

He said and then he re-watched their match and noticed Hardy showed him up and taunted him and disrespected him. He gets angry and talks about seeing nothing else but Hardy being a sore winner. He says his mission is to now kick Hardy’s ass into a retirement home.

As Alexander goes to leave, Hardy gets on the mic while still recovering from his loss to Morrison and says if that’s Alexander trying to apologize for not putting him in a retirement home, he will happily retire if he can beat him in a match right now.

Alexander heads to the ring as we head to a commercial break with Corey Graves telling us on commentary that anything can happen on Monday Night Raw.

Retirement Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander

We return from the break to see Hardy and Alexander in the ring. The bell sounds and we’re apparently having an impromptu match with high-stakes, as Hardy’s career is on-the-line here on Raw.

Hardy goes to work on Alexander coming out of the gate, however it isn’t long before the tables are turned and Hardy finds himself on the defensive trying to survive. The commentators point out that he accepted this match while holding his ribs following a loss.

Meanwhile, Hardy hits his second wind out of nowhere and starts really going to work on Alexander with several of his trademark spots. Alexander ends up fighting back into competitive form.

He hits his semi-finisher and then tries heading to the top-rope to retire Hardy with his own move, however Hardy kicks out at two and begins another comeback. He takes his shirt off and hits a Twist of Fate and climbs to the top-rope. He hits his Swanton and goes for the cover. 1-2-3. Hardy’s career is safe.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Naomi vs. Eva Marie

We shoot to an in-depth video package telling the story leading up to the WWE Championship Hell In A Cell showdown between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre at this Sunday’s pay-per-view event, and then we head back inside the ThunderDome.

The lights go down and it’s time to feel the glow, as Naomi makes her way out as the commentators talk about her trending all day since this match was announced. Graves says the Eva-lution is upon us — next! We head to another commercial break on that note.

We return from the break to a WWE 25-City Summer tour ad and then Eva Marie’s theme hits and she comes out with a heavy-set woman in blue ring attire who rolls in the match and begins wrestling Naomi while Eva hangs out at ringside and the commentators play the confusion, including saying they don’t know who this woman is or what her name is.

As the match develops, we see Naomi on the wrong end of a one-sided beatdown to this nameless performer, who hits a Michinoku Driver and covers her, scoring the 1-2-3 and picking up the victory. Eva’s theme hits again and she grabs the mic and handles her own post-match ring announcement, announcing herself as the winner.

Winner: Eva Marie

Earlier Today An Impromptu Brawl Had To Be Broken Up

We shoot to an “earlier today” segment that shows Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke taking part in a photo shoot until they get upset at some noise in a ring in the background. They go over and see Natalya and Tamina working out in the ring and ask them to keep it down.

The WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions tell the duo they don’t seem to have their focus in the right place. They claim their looks is what got them their opportunities until they are told their last names got them theirs. This brings the champs to challenge the duo to get in the ring with them.

They kick off their shoes and jump in the ring and a brawl breaks out until some referees jump in the ring to break things up.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs. Randy Orton & Riddle

From there we head back into the ThunderDome where The New Day theme hits and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods make their way down to the ring. The commentators plug their match against RK-Bro next. We head back to another commercial break.

When we return from the break we see Drew McIntyre standing backstage when he is asked about having to focus on AJ Styles tonight knowing he’s got Bobby Lashley in Hell In A Cell on Sunday for the title. He claims he’s gonna call Lashley trashly from now on and explains why he’s ready for Styles tonight.

We shoot back inside the ThunderDome where Randy Orton and Riddle make their entrances to the ring for our advertised tag-team match at this time.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this featured tag-team bout. We see Riddle jump off to an early offensive lead over Woods, nearly getting his submission finisher to end this one before it even really gets started. Eventually Woods escapes and Riddle tags in Orton.

Orton picks up where Riddle left off, taking it to Woods until the New Day member catches him with a back-elbow and makes the tag to Kofi. The WWE veteran hits the ring with a ton of energy and picks up where Woods left off, delivering further punishment to Orton including a cool spot off the middle ropes.

Kingston knocks Orton out to the floor. This brings Riddle into the ring, only for Woods to enter as well. Woods and Kingston knock Riddle out to the floor as well and tease a double dive onto both guys, only to hit the breaks and laugh at the last second. We head to a mid-match commercial break as Orton and Riddle regroup on the floor.

We’re back from the break and we see Riddle and Woods duking it out in the ring, trading offensive leads back-and-forth. Riddle gets in a series of moves and then tags Orton in. Orton helps Riddle flip through the air like Holly Holm and Mike Winkeljohn after a big win in the UFC, splashing on Woods in the process.

He then heads back to the apron to watch on as Orton continues to work over Woods, focusing his attack on the arm of the New Day member. Orton then tags Riddle in and “The Original Bro” is turning up the aggression levels as he slaps an armbar on the already weakened limb of the tag-team specialist.

After a few more minutes of back-and-forth action which sees multiple tags and high-spots, as well as a couple of false-finishes, we see Riddle hit the Floating Bro on Kingston while Orton takes Woods out, but things aren’t over yet as Kofi manages to kick out and roll to the floor. The commentators say this one is still alive as we head to a second mid-match commercial break.

As we settle back in from our latest break, we see Woods and Riddle duking it out on the top-rope. Woods brings Riddle down the hard-way and Kingston follows up from another corner with a top-rope splash for a close near fall that Orton hits the ring to break up. We see a couple of additional near-finishes from both teams and then finally, Woods leaps into an RKO out of nowhere from “The Viper” that ends a PPV quality tag-team contest. Great stuff here.

Winners: Randy Orton & Riddle

Rhea Ripley Reacts To Raw Opener

We are shown highlights of what transpired in the opener between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair and then we shoot backstage to speak with Ripley.

The Raw Women’s Champion finds it amusing to see someone so powerful crumble. She talks about how “The Queen” is focused on the wrong things and then says she needs to get ready for her own match tonight.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

Now we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Asuka. The women’s wrestling veteran makes her way down to the ring as the commentators sing her praises. Women’s action is up next here on Raw.

Asuka poses on the top-rope as fireworks explode inside the ThunderDome. The match graphic for Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley flashes across the screen as Asuka wraps up her entrance in the ring and Corey Graves leads us into a pre-match commercial break on commentary.

We return from the break as Asuka is shown wrapping up her entrance and dancing in the ring until the screams of Rhea Ripley’s theme hits. The Raw Women’s Champion makes her way down to the ring. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this non-title contest.

Ripley and Asuka trade offensive control coming out of the gate. “The Empress” gets in some good offense however it isn’t long before Ripley fights her way back into competitive form. A big shot from Asuka doesn’t have much affect on the champ, who no-sells it and decks the challenger with a headbutt to the snout.

Asuka slaps an octopus submission on Ripley out of nowhere. Ripley eventually powers her way out of it, but right into a sleeper-hold. Asuka squeezes for all she’s got until Ripley throws herself down to her back, with the impact breaking the hold and shifting the offensive momentum back into the champ’s favor.

The two exchange back-and-forth strikes and the action spills out to the floor, where Ripley hoists Asuka up and slams her down face-and-throat first over the ringside barricade. The commentators question if Asuka can fight her way back into this one as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back live and we see the action has returned inside the ring. Asuka and Ripley are both firing back up and exchanging shots now trying to pull into the offensive lead. It ends up being Asuka who fares better between the two, dominating Ripley and coming close to finishing her off on a few ocassions.

Ripley tries getting mentally and physically back into this match, which Jimmy Smith points out on commentary, but instead we see Asuka fire up even more and further widen the gap between herself and the Raw Women’s Champion. Finally, we see Asuka try and secure the Asuka Lock, only for Ripley to reverse and counter with her Rip-Tide finisher to earn the pin fall victory.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After The Match: A Hell In A Cell Preview On Raw

As soon as the match wraps up, before Ripley can celebrate, she is ambushed and attacked from behind by Charlotte Flair.

“The Queen” goes to work on the Raw Women’s Champion as the commentators hype their showdown at this Sunday’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. A ton of referees and executives hit the ring to separate the two.

They break free and brawl some more and are eventually split up once again. We see Charlotte’s nose is busted and bleeding as the two jaw back-and-forth at each other from the ring and entrance ramp.

Bobby Lashley With A Message For Drew McIntyre

We shoot backstage to see Bobby Lashley and MVP partying it up with some female friends when in walks an interviewer attempting to ask Bobby Lashley about the Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles match tonight.

Instead, MVP pops up and yells at him for being rude. He says he doesn’t know how McIntyre-Styles got made and he doesn’t care. He claims Lashley cares even less. He says all that matters is Lashley is winning on Sunday.

Lashley finally stands up and grabs the mic and vows to throw Drew McIntyre around like a rag-doll. He wants us all to know that he asked for this.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

We return inside the ThunderDome where the sadistic music for Alexa Bliss plays and she makes her way down to the ring. She hops on the middle rope and swings back-and-forth as we head to a pre-match commercial break.

As we return from the break, we see some highlights from recent weeks and then the familiar sounds of Nia Jax’s theme plays as she heads down to the ring.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our next match on Raw. Bliss immediately charges at Jax and hops on her back with a choke. Eventually Jax gets her off. Bliss crawls around and jumps on her back again.

Again Jax shucks her off but once more Bliss is right back on her with aggression as the commentators talk about the violent streak being shown by Bliss. Jax eventually fires up and uses her size and strength to start rag-dolling her and dominating the action.

We see Bliss start to fight back. She sits on the ropes and stares with a crazy look in her eyes as the commentators question what she’s doing. Reginald hops on the ring apron but Bliss screams in his face, jumps down and goes back to work on Jax.

She then climbs to the top and hits her Twisted Bliss. As she goes for the cover, Reginald hits the ring and pulls her off, prompting the ref to call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Alexa Bliss

After The Match: Mind Control Exhibited?

Once the match wraps up, Bliss looks at Reginald and starts tilting her head to the side like The Fiend or a confused dog.

Reginald starts doing the same thing, seemingly having no control over it. Bliss eventually snaps out of it and exits the ring looking back with a sadistic look on her face.

MVP’s Latest Attempt To Split Up The New Day

We shoot backstage and see MVP talking to The New Day. Kingston and Woods don’t seem interested in talking to him. MVP focuses in on Kofi and tries to convince him that he never received another WWE title shot because he’s stuck himself with loser tag-team partners.

He points out that he didn’t get pinned tonight and he is still a loser. Woods makes an insult back and then Kofi tells MVP to leave if he doesn’t wanna spend the rest of the night picking his teeth up. Kofi tells him the reason he’s so successful is because of the bond he shares with his friends and brothers.

He tells MVP to move on. MVP says ok and then wishes Kofi good luck in his match this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. He then remembers that they’re not even on the card. He walks off.

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker

We see Elias making his way down to the ring as the commentators plug the next match, which features Elias taking on his former partner in Jaxson Ryker. We then head to a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break we see Elias in the ring waiting as Jaxson Ryker’s theme hits. He makes his way down to the ring as we see an “earlier today” interview with Ryker addressing the split of his team with Elias, claiming it was Elias who was actually holding him back and not the other way around.

Back live, the bell sounds and these two former friends and partners go right after it. Elias jumps off to an early offensive advantage, taking it to Ryker with relative ease from jump street. He continues to dominate the action as the commentators talk among themselves about the split of this former team.

Ryker finally cuts Elias’ momentum off, catching him with a double axe-handle and then a knee to the gut. This shifts the momentum in his favor and now Ryker is going to work on Elias.

The action continues with Elias trying to fight back into competitive form. The fight spills out to the floor where Ryker gains the upper-hand again and rolls back in the ring. The ref starts counting Elias out. At the count of 8, Elias gets ready to climb back into the ring but instead chooses not to. He walks off, purposely getting counted out as Ryker calls him a coward.

Winner via Count Out: Jaxson Ryker

Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles

The commentators hype up this Sunday’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view for a minute and then we head back inside the ThunderDome.

We hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Drew McIntyre, as “The Scottish Warrior” emerges and heads down to the ring for his advertised showdown against AJ Styles.

The former WWE Champion poses on the top-rope as fire erupts from the ring posts and around the ThunderDome. The McIntyre vs. Styles match graphic flashes across the screen as the commentators talk us into a pre-match commercial break.

As we return live on Raw, we see McIntyre pacing in the ring as the graphic for his title match against Lashley at this Sunday’s PPV flashes across the screen. The commentators then run down some other matches on the card as the official graphics flash across the screen as well.

From there, we return inside the ThunderDome to see “The Scottish Warrior” still warming up for his match against “The Phenomenal One.” Instead of AJ Styles coming out, however, the music for the champ hits and out comes Bobby Lashley, accompanied by MVP and their ladies friends.

We see some couches at the top of the ramp behind a red velvet rope, as they apparently plan to watch this one from their VIP seats inside the ThunderDome. They take their seats and the music wraps up.

Now AJ Styles’ theme does hit and out he comes accompanied by his Raw Tag-Team Champion partner Omos. They soak up the scene with Lashley and MVP and the ladies at the top of the stage. Styles eventually starts heading to the ring but has to yell and call for Omos to quit flirting with the girls and join him. He does.

Our main event for this week’s Hell In A Cell go-home edition of Monday Night Raw is about to get underway now. Styles and Omos pose in the ring as pyro goes off. The commentators hype the significance of this match once more before it gets underway.

Finally, the bell sounds and it’s time for this one to get going. Styles circles McIntyre, looking ready to do battle and then the two lock up. McIntyre powers out. Styles smiles. Styles changes levels and backs McIntyre into the corner, ramming his shoulder into his mid-section repeatedly.

McIntyre reverses and throws him to the opposite corner, but misses his follow-up shot. Styles goes to work on him some more in the corner but McIntyre finally turns him around and drops him with a vicious chop to the chest. The action continues when we see Lashley and MVP hit the ring looking to attack, only for The Viking Raiders to make their way out as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see McIntyre stomping away at Styles in the corner as the commentators talk about the crowded scene at ringside, with Lashley, MVP and The Viking Raiders all surrounding the ring.

Styles starts fighting back into competitive form and then he fully shifts the offensive momentum in his favor as he sends McIntyre out to the floor. He follows out after him and rams him head-first into the steel ring post. He goes to suplex McIntyre back into the ring, but instead McIntyre drops him throat-first over the top-rope.

McIntyre re-enters the ring and looks to go back to work on Styles, but instead runs into the double boots of “The Phenomenal One” again in the corner. This allows Styles to go back to work on McIntyre, taking it to him as the fans in the ThunderDome screens try to rally the babyface back into the fight.

After another minute or two of dominance from Styles, we see McIntyre fighting back into competitive form. He starts to turn the aggression up and is coming close to finishing Styles now, blasting him with a Michinoku Driver for a close near fall. The commentators focus on McIntyre looking frustrated at his inability to finish off Styles.

Drew takes AJ up to the top-rope looking for a superplex, however Styles fights free and shifts the momentum back into his favor. He starts slowing the pace down now as he goes to work on McIntyre. We see AJ looking for a Styles Clash only for McIntyre to recover and send him flying over the top-rope, where he crashes out on the floor at ringside.

McIntyre heads out after Styles and sees Lashley charging at him, so he takes him out. He turns and sees MVP, and he stares at him before heading to the top-rope and flying off with a clothesline that turns Styles inside-out. Before he can follow-up on that, Lashley recovers and hits the ring, blatantly attacking McIntyre, which prompts the ref to call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Drew McIntyre

After The Match: The Brawl Continues …

As soon as the bell sounds to end the match, we see Lashley and McIntyre brawling as everyone else hits the ring as well and a giant melee breaks loose involving McIntyre, Lashley, Styles, Omos, The Viking Raiders and MVP.

We see McIntyre hit a big belly-to-belly suplex on Lashley on the floor as the commentators talk us into a commercial break as the fight continues.

Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders vs. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos

We return from the break to see everyone standing on the ring apron while Styles and Erik of the Viking Raiders duke it out as the bell sounds to kick off what the commentators inform us is an impromptu six-man match with these two teams of three.

Erik tags in Ivar and the two hit some big double-team spots on Styles. They go for the cover but Styles kicks out. We see Lashley finally running down to the ring in his ring gear, which the commentators point out he had to run backstage to put on during the break.

As soon as Lashley makes it to ringside, he yanks McIntyre off the ring apron from behind and rams him into the steel steps. He hops over to his apron and is tagged in, where he goes to work on Ivar, dominating the member of The Viking Raiders as MVP brags at ringside.

Erik tags in and Lashley starts to pummel him as well. He tags in Omos and the giant gets in a shot or two before Lashley is brought back in. Lashley continues to dominate Erik until he finally manages to make the tag to Ivar. Ivar takes the hot tag and starts shifting the momentum into his team’s favor, putting it on the WWE Champion.

Finally, Lashley hits a big spinebuster on Ivar to cut off his offensive momentum. This leads to everyone hitting the ring except Omos. Lashley ends up tagging Omos in. Omos comes in and the giant starts to manhandle and rag-doll some other super large men in their own right. The commentators question if Omos can finish this for his team as we head to another mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Lashley teeing off on Ivar. We then see highlights from the break of Omos nearly taking Ivar’s head off. We return to the live action in the ring to see Lashley choking the life out of Ivar as the fans try and rally The Viking Raider back into this main event match-up.

Lashley heads over and tags in Omos, who comes in just long enough to manhandle Ivar a couple of times before tagging Styles into the ring to take over. Styles does, but not for long, as Ivar starts to show signs of life as he starts fighting back. Both guys are down now and each looking to make a tag.

McIntyre tags in, as does Omos. The two slowly close in on each other as the commentators soak in the moment along with the fans in the ThunderDome screens surrounding the ring. Omos finally grabs McIntyre with a death-grip around his throat with one mighty paw of his. McIntyre is brought to one knee before fighting back up and kicking himself free.

Styles tags back in only to find himself being used as a rag-doll by “The Scottish Warrior,” who launches him around the ring with release suplexes. He stalks Styles looking for his Claymore Kick but is yanked down from behind by Omos. This leads to all hell breaking loose at ringside with Omos throwing both Viking Raiders all over the place.

We shoot back into the ring to see McIntyre trying to make it to his corner only to discover no one is there. Styles for some reason tags in Lashley, who walks right into a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. “The Scottish Warrior” then covers Lashley and scores the pin fall victory of the champ. The commentators try and explain what happened, saying Styles accidentally tagged Lashley in instead of Omos.

The show goes off the air with McIntyre standing tall looking down at Lashley as the commentators hype their title showdown inside Hell In A Cell at this Sunday’s PPV.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders


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