WWE Monday Night RAW Results (6/15/2020)

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (6/15/20) – Orlando, FL.

Welcome to our live results coverage of the post-WWE Backlash 2020 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. This week’s show was taped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Featured below are complete results of the June 15, 2020 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. The following report was written by Mike Hogan of Rajah.com.

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/15/2020) – Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener

Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe are on commentary. We’ll see Drew McIntyre & R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley & MPV later tonight! Asuka and Nia have a rematch for the title, and we’ve learned that Dominick Mysterio has accepted Seth Rollin’s invitation! What could happen? Who knows!

In the Ring: Randy Orton

We’re beginning our night with the winner of what Vince wants you to believe is the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. I hear voices in my head, they counsel me, they understand, they talk to Randy Orton as he makes his way to the ring. We learn that Edge suffered a torn tricep in his loss to Orton last night and they show a gruesome photo of the injury.

Randy tells us that he defeated, buried, destroyed Edge, but he also gave him closure. He says that when Edge returned, Randy knew that Edge could never be as good as he was. All Edge needed to do was trust Orton, just like how Orton trusted him years ago when Edge saved Orton from his own self destruction. He points out that at WrestleMania that he wasn’t the last man standing, but tonight he is after the greatest wrestling match ever according to the WWE, which makes him the greatest wrestler ever and he doesn’t need a title to prove it.

Orton wants to thank Edge for reminding him of who he is, and it felt good being the Legend Killer again. He says he wishes Edge were there to face him man to man, but he tore Edge’s triceps clean off the bone. He says he knows Edge is in some god-forsaken hospital on an operation table while a team of doctors try to reattach the muscle to bone. Seems Edge has another mountain to climb, and Orton said he hopes that Edge reaches the peak of that mountain. Orton says he hears Edge will be cleared in July…July of 2029, and hopefully their paths cross again in nine years. The crowd boos this.

Captain Charisma, Christian comes out to the ring to confront Orton! Christian asks what kind of man is Orton, standing out here and gloating. He’s supposed to be some kind of legend killer. But what Christian sees is that Orton is cold, and calculating, and some kind of a son of a bitch. Christian says hes known Edge his entire life and Edge isn’t done, Edge will be back, and Edge will get his closure on his terms–not Orton’s. He’s coming back. Orton asks “is it okay if I cut you off now?” He tells Christian that Christian just comes down, blabbing his mouth off, but this isn’t about Christian. This is about Edge and Orton. But Orton sees that look in Christian’s eye, and he knows Christian wants one more match. Christian says “absolutely not, I’m out here to defend my friend!”

Orton says he knows that Christian wants that back, Christian didn’t get to go out the way he wanted, and while he knows Christian isn’t medically cleared to wrestle…he wants a match. Orton versus Christian, unsanctioned. Orton says Christian has until the end of the night to give him an answer, but if Christian doesn’t accept the match, he’s a coward. Randy Orton leaves the ring as Christian stares constipatedly at Orton.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso and Angel Garza & Zelina Vega

Charly welcomes Angel and Zelina, and then pulls up clips from last night where Zelina and Angel’s distractions cost Andrade in his United States title match against Apollo Crews. Zelina tells us there are no arguments going on, and nobody cost anybody a chance. Angel says he knows Andrade must be hurting, but when you care deeply about something, you must be willing to let it go. Angel says he knows Andrade will get over it. Angel says that “we care for Kevin Owens.” Zelina says that KO is inferior. Angel Garza flirts with Charly, asking if he can get a special interview in the ring after he beats KO. Andrade shows up and says he hopes that Angel Garza beats Kevin Owens tonight, but if not, he hopes that Angel can get over his disappointment. They’re definitely hinting Andrade may be a factor in the Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza match which is coming up next after commercials!

Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega

Kevin Owens makes his way down to the ring, checking over his shoulder to make sure he doesn’t get ambushed again. Angel Garza comes down to the ring with Zelina Vega, strutting. Zelina’s wearing a red vinyl outfit with a cape.

As soon as the bell rings, Garza charges and goes after Owens’ left knee. Owens and Garza brawl for about ten seconds before Andrade comes down to ringside. Both men paused to watch his entrance, then Owens and Garza go back to slugging it out. Owens fights out of the corner and locks a rear waist lock on Garza. Garza reverses and attempts to get his arms around KO’s middle but can’t. KO grabs Garza’s waist but ends up ripping off Garza’s pants. Garza to the apron. KO grabs Garza and slams his head into the ring post, sending Garza to the floor.

Andrade comes over and picks Garza up and keeps telling him to get in the ring. Zelina Vega comes over and says “Guys, I am sick of this.” She then walks off as both Andrade and Angel Garza look confused and KO stands alone in the ring. Commercial break time!

Back from the break and KO is in the corner, Garza is in control. Garza hits the weakened left knee of KO. KO falls to a seated position. Garza goes for the Bronco Buster but KO dodges it. KO smacks and punches Garza down into a seated position in the corner. KO goes for the cannonball but Garza moves out the way. Garza goes up to and flies high, and pins KO but only gets at wo count. Garza rolls KO over and places his right knee in the crook of KO’s knee and yanks on it. The hold breaks. Kevin Owens and Angel Garza both to their feet. KO slugs Garza, and again, and again until Garza is draped over the ropes. Andrade hops up to the apron to distract KO. The ref and Garza get distracted, KO takes advantage and hits the Stunner. Kevin Owens pins for the win!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens

After the Match: Zelina Vega Comes Back

Andrade and Garza are in the ring. Vega says shes sick of this. They try to make excuses and she cuts them off. She tells them they need to stop fighting each other and start fighting together, and asks them twice if they hear her. Both men exit the ring from opposite sides and follow her up the ramp, eyeing each other wearily. We then get a recap with still shots from the Lashley vs Drew McIntyre match last week, in which Lana caused a distraction by accident, allowing Drew to hit the Claymore and retain his WWE Championship.

Backstage: Bobby Lashley & MVP

MVP reassures Lashley that here going forward, they’re straight up balling. They’re interrupted by the new interviewer. MVP chastises her for interrupting their private conversation. MVP states that what she should be reporting on is that after thirteen years, Lashley was cheated out of the title due to circumstances beyond his control. He then tells her that they’re going to rectify that right now, and we go to commercials.

In the Ring: Bobby Lashley & MVP

MVP says he’s just going to cut to the chase. Last night, at Backlash, after 13 years, Lashley had a shot at the WWE Championship but had his night ruined. Drew McIntyre capitalized on the distraction to defeat Bobby. MVP blames Lana, exclusively Lana, for Bobby not being the champion. He says she was thirsty, and came down to catch her Bobby’s eye. MVP says Drew should have immediately demanded a rematch against Bobby and been a man, but instead he’s hiding behind another man’s wife. Lana’s music plays and she comes out. Lana says that it was Bobby’s stupid idea to banish her from ringside. She says her Bobby knows she’d never do anything to hurt him. She put her career on hold for him, colored her hair brown for him, got a divorce for him. She said that they were prosperous until MVP showed up. She then blames MVP for Bobby’s loss. He starts to yell at her, and she tells him never to talk to her again like that. He again blames her. She again tells him to talk to him with respect, she is a woman, thank you very much. She tells Bobby that they were on a hot streak. Bobby interrupts and asks her when was the last time she laced up her boots, and when was the last time she posted anything substantial on Instagram? He says hes sick and tired of her posting their life all over social media, including their sex life. He says that she used him to get famous. Lana says that if she wanted to sleep with someone to get famous, she would’ve slept with someone way more famous than Lashley, and that she should in fact have slept with Drew. Bobby then tells her she want a divorce. Lashley and MVP leave, and Lana stands in the ring visibly upset.

Announcer’s Table/Street Profits & Viking Raiders

Samoa Joe cracks a joke that Lana is racking up the husbands, having two divorces in nine months. Tom Phillips then mentions the friendly rivalry between the Street Profits & Viking Raiders. We see they’ve had various challenges such as a decathlon, bowling, golf, axe throwing, et cetera. Last night at Backlash, the teams were scheduled to break the tie in the ring with the Raw tag team championships on the line. Before the match could begin, the two teams began a street brawl. And then there were motorcycle-riding ninjas, uniting the two teams into the Viking Profits.

Backstage: The Viking Raiders & Street Profits

The new interview woman (I’ll catch her name soon) asks the two teams their thoughts. The Street Profits and Viking Raiders say that ninjas united them, and they’re excited to sell Viking Profits merchandise. Suddenly the ninjas show up, led by Akira Tozawa, who simply says “Sequel!” The incredibly tall, masked ninja shows up and Erik wants a piece of him and has to be restored. The Raiders ask “What are we gonna do, fam?” to which Montez Ford replies “I’ve got an idea!” And off to commercials we go!

Eight Man Tag Match: The Street Profits & Viking Raiders vs. Akira Tozawa & Ninja 1, Ninja 2 & Ninja 3

The Raw tag team champions, the Street Profits, are dancing with the Performance Center development talent as they make their way to the ring. They finally make their way into the ring. The Viking Raiders are next to come down to the ring, doing their usual entrance. Still love their theme.

Tozawa is out with what they’re calling Ninja 1, 2 and 3. The match goes pretty quick. The giant Ninja never gets involved. The Viking Raiders and Street Profits dismantle Ninjas 1 through 3.
Your Winners: The Street Profits & Viking Raiders

After the Match: Giant Ninja

The Giant Ninja gets in the ring, and the Raiders & Profits are prepared to face off against him. Suddenly, the Big Show’s theme plays and he makes his way down to ther ring. Ninjas 1-3 attempt to attack Big Show but he dismantles them. The Giant Ninja backs up the ramp with Akira Tozawa as the Big Show’s theme plays and the Raiders, profits and Big Show all stare them down from the ring. We see Seth Rollins backstage, ready to confront Dominick Mysterio, and we go to commercial!

Recap of the Night

We come back from the break and see a clip from earlier, when Orton challenged Christian to an unsanctioned match (as Christian isn’t medically cleared). Christian didn’t have an answer immediately. Orton told Christian that the offer expires by the end of the night, and if he doesn’t accept, it just proves what we already know–that Christian is nothing more than a coward!

Backstage w/ Christian

Christian’s on his cell, telling whomever that he understands all the risks, but he doesn’t think he can let Orton get away with this one. We then cut to the announcers table, where Tom Phillips again points out that Christian isn’t medically cleared to fight, and explains that is why Orton offered the unsanctioned fight.

In the Ring: Seth Rollins

We’re treated to a quick replay of Seth Rollins grinding Mysterio’s face against the steel steps some weeks ago, piercing Rey’s right eye. The Monday Night Messiah makes his way out to the ring, wearing a suit and one black glove, smirking the entire way down. He gets into the ring and stares the crowd down before smiling. The crowd boos.

Seth tells us that last week he came out here, he sat right there where Byron Saxton is sitting, and he kindly invited Rey Mysterio to come to Monday Night Raw this week. And yes, Rey is not technically medically cleared, but Seth just wanted to have a peaceful conversation with Rey to clear up all the confusion with this situation. Because here are the facts: Rey Mysterio is a hero. Rey Mysterio sacrificed himself for the future of Monday Night Raw. That is the truth. Sadly, Seth says, Rey declined his invitation. He took the cowards way out and didn’t want to show up and have a conversation. Fortunately, his son Dominick has made his way on behalf of the Mysterio family to talk to Seth.

Rey shows on the big screen and says that he didn’t know Dominick was coming to Raw until it was too late. He tells Seth he wants to give him a warning. Seth interrupts and says he doesn’t need a warning. He doesn’t want to hurt Dominick, he just wants to talk to him. He implores Rey to do his fatherly duties, because Seth wants to help Dominick, and he wants Rey to help Seth help Dominick. Seth says he wants Dominick to join Seth’s faction and fight for the greater good. Rey tells Seth he’s loco, and that Dominick will never join them, and Seth’s out of his mind. Seth tells Rey that right now Murphy and Theory are out looking for Dominick right now, and if he’s not part of the solution, he’s part of the problem. Rey tells Seth that if he or any of his goons touch Dominick, he’ll end Seth. He asks Seth if he heard him. Seth says he heard him loud and clear. Seth points out that Dominick is an adult and can make his own choices and as far as Seth can see, Dominick only has two roads to take: stand by Seth, fight for the common good, stand on the right side of history. Seth then drops to his knees and said the other choice is to make the choice Rey made, and become a sacrifice as well. Dominick sneaks in the ring behind Seth while he’s talking!

Dominick attacks Seth, sending him out to the ring. He gives chase. Murphy and Theory charge the ring. Dominick is quick on his feet and evades the Disciples, escaping over the barrier and into the crowd. Seth is livid in the ring, his hair down, as he yells at Murphy and Theory. Rey’s music plays as the Disciples and Seth stare down Rey via satellite

Backstage w/ MVP & Bobby Lashley and R-Truth

MVP asks R-Truth what he wants. Truth says he wants to give his con…what’s the word?…condominium…Condoleeza? MVP asks if he means his condolences? R-Truth tells him no. He says he feels sorry for Bobby, for losing last night, for going to Claymore Country (and Truth doesn’t even know where that is!). He says hes sorry for Bobby getting a divorce. MVP threatens Truth, who says he’s ready to go. MVP says he doesn’t see Drew anywhere and the match is later, and hints that they’ll attack him backstage. Truth quickly heads off camera. We get a commercial showing that the Firefly Funhouse will return this Friday!

Backstage w/ MVP & Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre & R-Truth

It looks like during the break, Truth found Drew. MVP calls Drew a coward and a clown. Drew tells Lashley there’s a reason he turned down MVP as a representative, and it’s because MVP is full of promises. MVP gets angry and says in their tag team match, Truth and Drew should put both of their titles on the line. Truth quickly accepts, and Drew seems hesitant. Bobby Lashley mocks Drew, and says the chosen one is scared. Drew says on second thoughts, he’ll do it. Tonight’s tag team match will have the WWE Championship & 24/7 Titles both on the line in a winner takes all! Truth tells Drew that he’s excited because by the end of the night, Truth could be the new Becky Two-Belts!

Liv Morgan & Natalya vs. the Iiconics

Liv Morgan and Natalya are out first. The Iiconics come out next to boos. Peyton Royce takes her time with a newer, flirtier entrance. Liv and Natalya look annoyed as the Iiconics take forever.

The bell rings and it’ll be Peyton Royce starting with Liv. Before Liv can even move, Natalya tags herself in. Liv shrugs. Royce charges Natalya, taking her down. Royce sends Natalya to the Iiconics corner and goes up top, hitting a stomp off the top rope. She covers but Liv comes in to break it up. Billie Kay is in. She hits a suplex and a knee to Natalya. She poses and yells “iiiiiconic!” She covers but gets two. Liv and Billie talk smack to each other, causing a distraction. Natalya tries a rollup but Billie Kay kicks out. Liv tags herself in and goes straight after Kay. Dropkick and cover, only gets a two. Peyton Royce comes in to break it up; Natalya comes in and both women go out the ring. Peyton sends Natalya into the announcer’s table. Liv tries for a sneak pin but can’t get the three. Natalya is still down ringside. The Iiconics hit their double team finisher and cover Liv for the win.
Your Winners, the Iiconics

After the Match

The Iiconics call out the Women’s Tag Champions, Bayley and Banks, but they don’t come out. The Iiconics say they know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone, and they’ve got a championship match set for next week.

Backstage w/ Christian & Big Show

Christian is still trying to decide what to do. Big Show cautions Christian that Randy wants the unsanctioned match because he knows he can do anything he wants to Christian. He tells Christian he’s not seen Randy this sadistic in a very long time, and Christian’s not been in a match in forever. Christian is unsure what to do, and asks if Big Show is telling him not to do the match. Big Show says no, that’s not what he’s saying. He says if Orton spoke to him the way he did Christian, he’d knock the smile right off his face with his WMD fist. Christian says thanks, he knows what he has to do, and heads off screen as we head off to commercials!

Backstage w/ Natalya & Liv Morgan

Natalya lays into Liv, saying that Liv made rookie mistakes and was horrible in the ring, and she knows now why Ruby Riott let Liv go. Liv walks away as Natalya keeps complaining, saying there’s no respect, and that she built this women’s division brick by brick. Lana comes up and says “you think you’ve got it bad?” She then goes on to lament that she’s supposed to be married to the WWE Champion but gets no respect or love from Bobby. Natalya says she knows exactly how she feels.

On the Ramp w/ Christian & Charly Caruso

Charly comes up to interview Christian at the top of the ring. Christian says that he loved his WWE career. He says he won’t be disrespected, and pulls off his jacket. After a brief pause, he says he accepts.

Backstage w/ Apollo Crews & MVP

United States Champion Apollo Crews is working out with resistance bands when MVP comes up. He says he knows Apollo wants to be a fighting champion, but its about fighting the right person at the right time for the right money. He says he knows Apollo is about to take on veteran Shelton Benjamin, but if Apollo is a fighting champion, defending week after week, he’s going to be a former champion. MVP says that as the longest reigning US Champion in history, he wants to help Apollo and can give him guidance. Apollo says that if he’s not a fighting champion, he’s not a champion at all, so thanks but no thanks. MVP picks up the US belt and shoves it in Apollo’s chest and says that if Apollo accepts MVP’s help, he’ll help him stay United States champion. We go to commercials.

Backstage w/ Ric & Charlotte Flair

Ric tells Charlotte he knows a lot of people get under her skin. He wants to know, between them, when someone gets under her skin…she says yes, a lot of people get under her skin, but he knows her and she does what she wants. “Woooooo is the answer.” Not sure if my feed cut off part of that or if Meltzer wrote that incoherent segment.

United States Championship Match: Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin

Crews is out first and we see clips from last night, where Apollo Crews successfully defeated Andrade to retain his US title thanks to the distraction caused by Garza/Vega. Crews is in the ring, proudly holding up his title. One half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin, makes his way to the ring. We see earlier today that Shelton had some advice for Apollo, encouraging Apollo to get someone like MVP in his corner.

The bell rings and Shelton hits a big shoulder block, covering immediately. Apollo breaks it then takes control of the match, hitting a kick then a big German Suplex. Benjamin back to his feet and sends the champion into the corner, then goes for a quick cover for only a two. Benjamin locks Apollo in a neck crank on the mat. Crews fights his way to his feet. Both men exchange blows for a few moments. Shelton goes to bounce off the ropes but Apollo catches him with a knee. Crews off the ropes, Benjamin goes for a big boot but Crews catches it and hits a step up enziguri. Crews lifts Benjamin up military press style but Shelton slips out of it and rolls Crews up and gets his feet up on the rope, but the Ref notices it at two and breaks the pin fall. The Ref gets on to Shelton for trying to cheat, causing a distraction and allowing Crews to roll up Benjamin for the win!
Your Winner, Apollo Crews

Backstage w/ R-Truth

R-Truth is working out when Tozawa, two ninjas and a ninja in a ref shirt show up. Tozawa speaks Japanese to Truth. Truth tells Tozawa if that’s how it’s gonna be, he’ll teach him a lesson. He then goes into a Crane Kick pose. Drew shows up and the Ninjas leave. Drew tells Truth that he was out of line, putting Drew’s title on the line, as they could both lose their titles. Truth tells Drew to wait there, as he knows what to do, and Truth heads off screen as we head off to commercials.

Announcer’s Table

They plug the newest chapter of Undertaker: The Last Ride. We then are reminded that Asuka will face Nia jax last night. We then get clips from Money in the Bank, where Asuka won, and a video from the next night when Becky Lynch retired and informed Asuka that inside the case was the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky tells Asuka to go and be a champion because she’s going to go and be a mother. We then see clips of Nia Jax telling Asuka that she was literally handed the title because of hormones. We see more clips promoting their feud to date.

Backstage w/Charly Caruso and Asuka

Charly welcomes Asuka and points out last night’s title match ended in a double count-out. She asks Asuka if Nia Jax is too much for her. Asuka rants in Japanese, then ends it in English staying Asuka will finish it.

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre & R-Truth

Truth shows up and says he spoke to the Powers That Be and tonight, the one and only title that will be on the line tonight is the WWE Title. Truth says that makes sense and expects Drew to be happy. Drew states that if Truth gets pinned, Drew will lose his championship. Truth tells Drew to have faith in him, as he knows the pain of losing a championship. He’s pointed out he’s lost his 24/7 7/11 I-95 South European championship before and it’s even taken him two to three days to get it back. He tells Drew not to worry, they’ve got this, dog. We go to commercials, dog.

Backstage w/ the Viking Profits

Montez asks how are they going to settle this “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” situation. The Viking Raiders suggest a chariot race but the Profits say they can’t find a chariot. The Big Show shows up and they thank him for the help with the giant Ninja. He thanks them for the sweet merch (a tee) and says he knows how to settle the Anything… series. He says next week on Raw, they should put the tag titles on the line and the winner of the tag match wins the Anything…series as well as the titles. Both teams are excited about that idea. The Big Show shows them how to do “We want the smoke” song and dance better.

Later tonight, Christian vs Orton in an unsanctioned match

WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley & MVP vs Drew McIntyre & R-Truth

Lashley and MVP are out first as the announcers comment on R-Truth getting Drew into this situation. R-Turth comes out next, doing his “What’s up?” bit with the Performance Center trainees crowd. He raps his way down to the ring. “Ain’t not body can talk like I talk, ain’t nobody else keep me dry. I’m the 24/7 Champion and I’ve arrived. I’m a legend, surviving this game. Everybody knows I touch the darn thing. Bobby knows I like to party, truth be told I kick it like Karate.” He does a long rap for the first time in a long time. Drew makes his way out to the ring and the announcements are made that this is for the WWE Championship.

The bell rings and Drew and Lashley are starting this off. Lashley stalks Drew around the ring before both men lock up, and Drew pushes them into the corner. The Ref begins to count, so Drew breaks it. Drew begins to beat Lashley back into the corner and the Ref counts again. Drew sends Lashley into another corner. Glasgow Kiss from Drew. Drew is very aggressive. Lashley ducks between the ropes to get the Ref to force a separation. Lashley finally gets offense in and takes Drew to the heel corner, and hits a charging shoulder. Tag to MVP. They send Drew into the ropes and attempt to hit a double team move but Drew counters it. Drew sends Lashley outside and knocks MVP down. Drew gets in his corner to set up the Claymore but Truth tags himself in. Drew is not happy about this. Truth immediately is taken outside as MVP tags in Lashley. Lashley whips Truth down into the barricade, and we go to commercial break as Drew looks worried and Truth is rolling around on the ringside floor.

Back from the break and Truth is in trouble. Lashley works him over and tags in MVP. MVP works Truth over but Lashley makes the hot tag to McIntyre. Drew comes in and sends MVP down. Lashley tagged in, Drew hits a belly to belly on Bobby. Drew sends Lashley flying. MVP tagged in. He doesn’t want to come in. Drew sends him to the floor, then into the barricade before sending him into the ring. Drew goes up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a flying punch. MVP is down. Drew yells “Get your ass up! Get up, look at m, damnit!” Drew hits the Future Shock and covers but Lashley breaks it up. Truth comes in; Bobby sends Lashley outside. Bobby tries to charge Truth, but he hits a drop toe hold and sends Bobby face first into the stairs. It looks like Lashley is out! Drew sends MVP to Claymore Country. Instead of covering, he tags in R-Truth. Truth goes up to the top rope and Drew assists in sending Truth flying down onto MVP, allowing Truth to get the cover and the win.
Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre and 24/7 Champion R-Truth

Backstage w/ Christian & Ric Flair

Flair tells Christian that he’s not ready for this. He says for 20 years, Orton’s been on top of his game and he’s doing this to prove a point. Christian tries to argue. Flair tells Christian that his family needs him and he’ll regret this. Christian and Flair continue to argue as Christian tapes up his wrists. Christian says he can’t forgive or forget what Orton did, and he’ll be fine, then walks off camera. We go to commercials. Tomorrow night on FS1 will be the Rock’s first match at Survivor Series 1996 which will air before WWE Backstage.

In the Ring: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Sasha Banks comes out with Smackdown Women’s Champion Baylee. They hold their belts high. We’re reminded that Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart will take on the duo for the Women’s Tag Championship Wednesday night on NXT.

Bayley gets a mic and tells us that Sasha and Bayley successfully defended their tag team championships last night. Bayley asks if everyone knows what today is. Someone yells its Monday; she retaliates “Yes it’s Monday, you idiots” then points out its her birthday. She says they’re going to celebrate all week. She says on Wednesday they’re going to destroy their opponents on NXT then they’re going to throw a big celebration on Smackdown.

Sasha says the Iiconics don’t tell them when they defend their titles and—Iiconic! The Iiconics come out and tell them that no one wants to hear their accolades. Bayley points out that last night, Banks & Bayley defeated the Iiconics and that it doesn’t matter who they fight, they are the team to beat. The Iiconics immediately point out that they beat Banks & Bayley at WrestleMania last week and both women had breakdowns. Peyton puts her hand up to her head and says “Hello, Whambulance? It’s Sasha and Bayley”. They mock the meltdown the Boss n’ Hug had after losing last year. Sasha goes to speak up but gets the taste smacked out of her mouth. Bayley angrily agrees to the title defense next week. It looks like we’re going to have several good title defenses next Monday!

Recap: Seth & Dominick

We’re shown clips from earlier tonight where Dominick attacked Seth, then eluded Theory and Murphy. It’s announced that Rey will return to Raw next week!

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax

We’re getting a rematch from last night, which ended in a double count-out. Nia Jax is out first. We see a video of Jax saying Asuka retained by dumb luck, it was a joke–just like Asuka. We head to commercial!

Back from the break and Asuka is out, removing her mask and getting ready to fight. The announcements are made as this one’s for the Raw Women’s Championship. The crowd boos Nia “Botchinator” Jax and cheers Asuka.

As soon as the bell rings, Asuka charges Jax. Jax sends her to the mat, then hammers her down again and again. Jax gets arrogant, giving Asuka a chance to drag Nia down and goes for the Asuka lock. Jax escapes to the apron. Asuka goes for the hip attack but Jax sidesteps it, and Asuka is stuck between the ropes. Nia tries to take advantage of it and put a neck lock on Asuka, but Asuka reverses it and uses the ropes to put a lock on Jax. The Ref counts, Asuka breaks it. Both women back in the ring. Asuka hits a low kick but Jax hits a hard right fist, sending Asuka to the mat. Jax striking Asuka on the mat. Asuka again drags Jax down, and locks in a submission, and again Jax escapes to the outside of the ring. Asuka tries for a baseball slide but Jax catches her, pulls her out the ring and turns it into a power bomb on the ringside floor. The Ref checks on her as we check on some commercials!

Back from the break and Nia Jax has Asuka in a Luger-style back breaker, bouncing Asuka over her shoulders. Asuka escapes and hits a double knee to Jax, dropping her to her knees. Asuka goes for a pin but gets nothing. Asuka ascends to the top rope but Nia is quick to her feet and hits a big forearm on Asuka. Jax climbs the middle rope and attempts a samoan drop from the middle rope. Asuka escapes, and Nia falls back, caught up on the middle ropes. Asuka hits the double stomp on Jax and pins, but gets two. Asuka to her feet, Nia to her knees. Asuka implements four Asuka kicks before Nia gets her arm up to block it. A huge headbutt from Nia Jax to Asuka. Nia picks Asuka up and hits a Samoan Drop, then pins Asuka. Asuka’s foot is under the rope and the Ref refuses to count. Nia is livid, and gets to her feet. She argues with the Ref and shoves him down. He hops up and tells her that she’s gone too far. As they’re arguing, the official is heading to tell the timekeeper to end the match (it’s a DQ to put hands on the ref), but Asuka rolls Nia up. The Ref does a fast count and Asuka retains!
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Randy Orton

Charly tells Orton that Christian accepted Orton’s challenge. Orton asks Charly if she thinks Christian is a Legend? He then says that the Legend will be destroyed in a few minutes by the most dangerous letters in wrestling: R-K-O. We go to commercial break. We’ve got ten minutes left in our broadcast with the unsanctioned match up next!

Next Week

The Street Profits will defend the Raw Tag Team Championship against the Viking Raiders, and if Boss and Hug survive NXT’s championship match, they’ll defend their titles against the Iiconics.

Unsanctioned Match: Christian vs Randy Orton

Christian comes out in street clothes, wrists wrapped, as ready as he can be. Orton is out next. Tom Phillips points out for the 27th time that WWE cannot be held liable as this is an unsanctioned match. Samoa Joe says this doesn’t feel like a match, it feels like somebody hunting prey. Orton stalks Christian as he gets in the ring.

The announcer tells us that this is an unsanctioned match scheduled for one fall–
Woooooooo! Ric Flair comes out and takes the mic. He tells Christian “no, no, no, I just talked to Edge, this ain’t cool, you don’t need to do this, just let him go, Randy–cut him some slack.” Christian takes the mic back and says he has to do this.

The bell rings and we are underway and Ric Flair low-blows Christian from behind immediately! Randy Orton immediately hits the Punt on a vulnerable Christian, who looks out. Flair leaves ringside. Orton slowly rolls Christian over and covers him for the win.
Your Winner, Randy Orton

After the Match

Orton says he’s sorry he had to do this, but it’s Christian’s fault. He then yells at Christian “why are you here?” He then asks ringside officials to take care of Christian. Officials slide in to the ring and stabilize Christian’s head, and paramedics come out. Orton repeatedly tells the medics to take care of Christian. He kneels next to Christian and says he didn’t want to do this, he and Christian go way back just like he and Edge go way back. Orton says he didn’t want to do this; he finished the last chapter of Edge’s redemption, and he didn’t want to have to finish the last chapter of Christian’s career. He repeatedly says he’s sorry, but he can’t let anyone destroy his livelihood–that this is his livelihood and if it comes down to Orton or someone else, Orton will destroy them. We end the show with Orton checking on Christian from across the ring.


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