WWE RAW Results (6/22/20) Orlando

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (6/22/20) Orlando, FL

Welcome to EWrestling.com’s WWE Monday Night RAW Results coverage for June 22, 2020 airing live from the Performance Center in Orlando, FL starting at 8:00 p.m. EST on the USA Network!

Featured below are WWE Monday Night RAW results from June 22, 2020. written by EWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


RAW Opening

WWE Forever… We head into tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW as we are welcomed to “Championship Monday” as tonight has four championship matches lined up! It is announced that Ric Flair is in attendance to ordain Randy Orton as the Greatest Wrestler Ever, as well as Rey Mysterio in house to confront Seth Rollins after his son Dominik handled business last Monday on RAW.

On commentary at ringside are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe as tonight’s Monday Night Raw is officially underway!

In Ring – Drew McIntyre

As we enter the Performance Center, entrance music for the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre sounds as McIntyre stands at the top of the stage. McIntyre makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, mic in hand. McIntyre welcomes us to Monday Night RAW and states he has heard that tonight’s RAW is being called, “Championship Monday”. McIntyre states he’s already put his title on the line last week with R-Truth on a whim. McIntyre then continues on to say he wants to look forward…

Dolph Ziggler Joins Drew McIntyre In-Ring

Dolph Ziggler’s entrance music interrupts McIntyre mid-sentence as Ziggler makes his way down the ramp wearing street attire with a mic in hand. McIntyre looks surprised, stating he didn’t see that one coming. Dolph agrees having a SmackDown superstar show up is a bit of a surprise adding that as we all already know, AJ Styles has been traded to Smackdown. And in return, Monday Night Raw gets Dolph Ziggler AND his tag team partner, Robert Roode. Dolph contines on to tell McIntyre that no one is happier to see him as WWE champion than Ziggler, as he wouldn’t want to have it taken from McIntyre before he got a chance at McIntyre.

Ziggler continues on to state that McIntyre recently was fired and only brought back due to Ziggler’s influence, adding that McIntyre and Ziggler himself went on to be the most dominant tag-team partners. Ziggler basically states he’s the reason that McIntyre is WWE Champion now. Ziggler then concludes stating that he knows McIntyre needs someone to go up against at the next pay-per-view, and who better than Ziggler?

McIntyre responds to Ziggler’s rant stating Ziggler has “become an entitled jackass who thinks the world owes him something.” McIntyre said he needs an opponent for Extreme Rules. He recalled Ziggler giving him the name Scottish Psychopath. He told Ziggler to think of what he’ll do to him and how far he’ll go to keep his title. McIntyre then asks Ziggler if he still wants the match, to which Ziggler agrees. McIntyre then announces their match for Extreme Rules.

Nia Jax In-Ring

Nia Jax’s entrance theme sounds in the Performance Center as Jax makes her way down the ramp, stopping to grab a chair from ringside then sliding it into the ring. Jax then enters the ring herself, setting the chair up and sits down in the center of the ring as we head to our first commercial break of the evening!

As we return from commercial break, Jax has a microphone in hand and she proceeds to complain about Charlotte Flair being given a title match against Asuka tonight after she’s been cheated two weeks running.

R-Truth Joins Nia Jax In-Ring

R-Truth’s entrance theme sounds in the Performance Center as Truth makes his way down to speak to Jax. Truth excuses himself and says he thinks Jax is confused, because he was supposed to have a match against evil leader of the ninja clan Akira Tozawa right now. He points out ninjas are masters of disguise and wonders if Nia is secretly Tozawa. Jax takes offense to the accusation, Truth then yells in Jax’s face.

At this point, Akira suddenly appears from behind the commentary desk and his ninjas surround the ring. Truth quickly exits the ring and chase Truth backstage! Well… that happened.

Charlotte Flair Enters

Charlotte Flair’s music sounds as The Queen makes her way to the stage. Flair turns to Jax and states she wants to explain what’s really going on. Flair states Jax dropped the ball and now she’s throwing a huge hissy fit because she didn’t get her way. Jax fires back that Flair gets whatever she wants because her daddy is the Nature Boy.

At this point, Charlotte gets in the ring with the assistance of a crewmember and Jax calls her delusional if she thinks her dad didn’t pave the way for her. Flair agrees, as she admits she’s delusional. Sarcastically, Flair states It was her dad that beat Asuka twice last month!

Jax responds that Flair hasn’t beaten her, and when they last met, she dominated Charlotte. Since then, she’s built her legacy on easy targets and avoided her, and they both know she’s the one woman built to take her crown. Flair responds with a forearm and the two proceed to attack one another until referees and WWE officials pull the two superstars apart!

Video Package – Viking Raiders/Street Profits

A video package highlighting the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits airs leading us into the two tag-teams preparing for tonight’s title match!

Backstage – Street Profits

The Street Profits members Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are hyped up and ready to “get the smoke” as they prepare for tonight’s tag-team title match against the Viking Raiders. Then, the Viking Raiders members Erik and Ivar walk up and they discuss with Ford and Dawkins how despite their differences they’ve become friends. Dawkins does warn them, when the bell rings, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their titles.

They head off together and Zelina Vega walks up behind them to send us to break.
WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders

Both tag-teams make their way to the ring to their entrance themes as their music sounds in the Performance Center. All four superstars in the ring as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match officially begins. Ivar and Dawkins kick things off for this tag-team match up. Viking Raiders dominate the match early on. Ivar hits a Reverse Roundhouse on Dawkins followed by tagging Erik in. Erik works Angelo over, but Dawkins tags Ford in. Ford comes in full force and quickly picks up the pace. Ford lands a Dropkick that sends Erik to the floor, Tope Con Giro that converted into a Powerbomb as we head to commercial break once again!

As we return from commercial break, Viking Raiders have control of the match up. Street Profits eventually turn things around as The Profits hit The Viking Experience on Erik and had him pinned, but Ivar broke it up. A cartwheel party broke out briefly. Erik ended up slamming Ford and Dawkins simultaneously. Ivar went for a splash, but he missed. A short time later, Ford performed a top rope splash on Ivar and pinned him.

Winner: Street Profits

After the Match

Following the match, Erik and Ivar hug it up with Montez and Angelo. The Viking Raiders headed backstage while the Profits continued their celebration in-ring. The celebration is suddenly cut short as Andrade and Angel Garza attacked the Profits from behind and roughed them up until the Viking Raiders returned for the save, running Garza and Andrade out of the ring.

Backstage – Seth Rollins

We head backstage where Seth Rollins is back to his distant, odd self. Rollins stared into space while telling Austin Theory and Murphy that he had a message for Rey Mysterio. “Soon, all will be revealed,” Rollins stated as we head to commercial break.

Announcer’s Table

As we return from commercial break, Phillips set up a recap video recap highlighting Seth Rollins and the Mysterios.

Video Clip

A video clip of last week’s Seth Rollins and Dominick Mysterio angle.

Backstage – Seth Rollins

Rollins stated sometimes in life we are destined for roles beyond our choices. He said he did not choose to be the Monday Night Messiah, and Rey didn’t choose to be a sacrifice. Rollins said he accepted his role, whereas Rey has been defiance and defiance breeds suffering. Rollins said that whatever comes of Rey or his son is now on Rey. Rollins said legends may not die, “but they sure as hell can outlive their welcome”…

Backstage – Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair was shown exiting the trainer’s room with tape on her shoulder when Charly Caruso walked up to speak to Flair. Caruso points out that Flair’s shoulder is injured to which Flair responded “no one claimed this was ballet.” Flair continued on to state her arm would be fine when she holds up the Raw Women’s Championship.

Backstage – Andrade and Garza

Caruso walked around the corner where Vega was talking with Andrade and Garza. Caruso asked about their attack on the Profits following their match moments ago. Garza did his usual flirting with Garza. Vega stepped in and said they were a united front. She said her clients put aside their differences and turned them into strengths.

RAW Women’s Championship Title Match
Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Asuka made her entrance for the Raw Women’s Championship match as we head to commercial break. As we return from commercial break, Charlotte Flair makes her entrance as her entrance theme sounds in the Performance Center. Flair makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring with her awaiting opponent, Asuka. The match is officially announced, the bell rings and the match is underway!

Back and forth action between the two female superstars as this match carries on. We see Nia Jax watching the match. Flair hits a kick to the face of Asuka before sending her into the ropes. Flair takes it inside and locks in a Figure Four around Asuka’s head and holds it in the middle of the ring. Asuka ultimately gets out of the hold, but still lays on the canvas.

The Queen then heads to the top turnbuckle and goes for a high flying move; Asuka rolls away and Flair lands on her feet. Flair charges the corner; Asuka side steps once again. Asuka steps in and Flair grabs her by the neck and drops Asuka face-first into the turnbuckle. Asuka rolls to ringside and we roll into a commercial break.

We return from commercial break and the two superstars go back and forth with strikes until Flair lands a big boot on Asuka. Flair runs face first into the turnbuckle and Asuka goes after the right arm of Flair, trying to get Flair to break the grip, Flair positions herself to get her foot on the bottom rope. Flair with a massive Spear, Flair gets the cover and Asuka grabs the bottom rope. We see Flair with a stunned look on her face. Flair goes for the Figure Four and again Asuka goes for the Arm Bar on Flair. Flair stands up with a Modified Triangle, and hits a Power Bomb on Asuka. Asuka gets the Asuka Lock. Flair taps!!

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion: Asuka

After the Match

Asuka quickly slides away from Flair as the referee brings Asuka her championship belt, Asuka hugs it as she catches her breath, tears in her eyes. Flair looking defeated with tears as well as she sits curled up in the corner of the ring.

Backstage – Nia Jax

We head backstage and Nia Jax is watching the events as they unfold after the match. Charly Caruso walks up and asks Jax if she thinks her exchange with Flair earlier this evening had anytythin to do with Flair’s loss to Asuka tonight.

Jax responds, “You know what I think? I think it would be a shame if someone where to kick the queen while she’s down.” We head to commercial break.

Video Package – Randy Orton

As we return from the commercial break, a video package highlighting “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton and his discussion with Christian after his bout with Edge. Then “One More Match” between Christian and Randy Orton where Ric Flair ultimately entered the ring after speaking to Christian backstage earlier.

Flair delivers a low-blow in-ring and Orton delivers a punt kick to the face of Christian inside the ring. Orton stating, “This is your fault, I didn’t wanna do this, I didn’t want this to happen… I’m sorry” Christian is taken away with a neck brace on a stretcher. Orton ultimately smiling sadistically.

Edge – Dark Ring

“SO here we are Randy, you won at Backlash. But I don’t think you lived up to proving you were the “better wrestler.” Edge continues to state that Orton did tear the ligament from the bone. Edge recaps the match and how Orton “accidentally” hit a low-blow.

Edge tells Orton to shout it form the roof tops, put it on hats, buttons, t-shirts, bed sheets… but states he’s disappointed. Edge continues on to state that Orton mentioned that Edge lit a fire under him, reminded him he’s the “Legend Killer”. Edge states he realized he had to wake up a side of him that hadn’t been there. Edge then brings up Orton punting a non-medically cleared 36 year long friend, Christian.

Edge says, “You put the happy go lucky Edge to bed, you woke up the side of me that will sink to any level to get what he wants. That doesn’t care how many backs he steps on to get to you. I don’t care about winning wrestling matches.

That makes you wish Cowboy Bob was shooting blanks on the night you were conceived. When you come home, your kids will run up to you and see you and your kids will say dad are you ok? And your not.” Edge finishes “You woke up the evil… you woke up… The Rated R Superstar. Get some sleep while you can, Randy.”

Backstage – Randy Orton

Charly Caruso begins to ask Orton a question, Orton interrupts asking if Charly knows what a snake does when it’s backed in a corner, it’s going to strike, blindly and do what it has to do to survive.

Orton states Edge and Christian try to have a come back at the expense of Orton, but he’s going to do what he has to do to defend his family and his livelihood. It’s mother nature he states. Orton states he sincerely wishes that Edge and Christian will have a full recovery.

That they will live long and healthy lives, as long as they do it far, far, away from Orton. Orton then states he has something to discuss with the Nature Boy. We head to commercial break.

Backstage – Charlotte Flair

Charly Caruso walks up to Charlotte Flair. Flair rolls her eyes stating, “You, again.” Flair begins to explain how Asuka could possibly win, when Nia Jax runs up and attacks Flair, continuing to attack the arm of Charlotte Flair, shouting “Woooo!” as she walks off when officials step up.

24/7 Championship Title Match
Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth

Tozawa is already in-ring with his ninjas as R-Truth makes his entrance with his 24/7 title over his arm. Truth makes his way down the ramp singing along to his entrance theme in a mic he held in-hand. Tozawa standing with his hands up and ready. Suddenly the music sounds for Bobby Lashley. Tozawa hides under the ring.

MVP and Bobby Lashley attack all the ninjas surrounding the ring. Lashley steps in and locks in the Full Nelson, flailing R-Truth inside the ring. MVP and Lashley standing over R-Truth inside the ring. Finally Lashley and MVP exit the ring, walking past the knocked out ninjas. Tozawa comes out with fear on his face, then smiles and jumps in and gets the cover on Truth for the three count.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

After the Match

Akira Tozawa allows the referee to hold his hand high in victory, then runs up the ramp and heads backstage.

Backstage – Natalya

Natalya states that this Women’s division needs her leadership. “Breaking News,” Natalya begins, telling Sarah Shrieber she should’ve scheduled an interview, but now Natalya doesn’t have time to elaborate, so Sarah is going to have to hear the news with everyone else.

Natalya walks off to prepare for her match with Liv Morgan. We head to commercial break.

Liv Morgan vs. Natalya

As we return from commercial break, we see Liv Morgan make her entrance as her theme sounds in the Performance Center. Morgan makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, waving to the camera as she stands on the apron. Out next, Natalya as her music sounds. Natalya looking like a bomb ass kitty in all black.

Lana walks up behind Natalya, Natalya nods at Lana and they both walk down the ramp to ringside, Morgan nods, mouthing, “ok…”. Natalya enters the ring, the bell rings and the match begins. Both women run at one another, Natalya knocks Morgan to the canvas. A Discus Clothesline and a cover on Morgan. Morgan kicks out at two. Natalya with multiple Stomps on Morgan in the corner of the ring.

Natalya lifts Morgan over her shoulder, Morgan grabs the top rope. Natalya forced to let go at the count, Natalya shoves Morgan off the apron. Morgan counters and spills Natalya off the apron. Morgan throws Natalya back in the ring. Lana arguing with Morgan. Natalya takes out the right leg of Morgan. Natalya locks in the Sharp Shooter, Morgan taps.

Winner: Natalya

After the Match

Natalya still didn’t let go after the tap. Natalya finally releases, exiting the ring to hug Lana. Lana points at Natalya and the two hug on the ramp.

Backstage – Big Show

Caruso states Big Show made a great return last Monday, Caruso then asks if Show thought he would be taking on a bunch of ninjas. Show states he was there to say hi to old friends, but he thought when else would he get a chance to punch a ninja.

Big Show promotes his show on Netflix. Then continues that people think Show is all about fun, but behind this fun exterior there is one heartless, angry, giant that can do anything he wants to anyone he wants and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Show states a heartless angry giant is headed to the ring.

In-Ring – Ric Flair

“Woooooo!” The Nature Boy Ric Flair steps out to the stage with a smile on his face. Flair begins to walk down the ramp as we head to commercial break.

Earlier Tonight – McIntyre/Ziggler

A video replays of Ziggler telling McIntyre he owes him a WWE Title Match, McIntyre then stating Extreme Rules is Ziggler vs. McIntyre for the championship.

Quick Announcement

Phillips announces the Extreme Rules WWE Championship Title Match between Dolph Ziggler and the current champion Drew McIntyre.

In-Ring – Ric Flair

The crowd “Wooo’s” before Ric can even speak. Ric gives a hype promo of his daughter against Nia Jax, then on to the subject at hand. Flair states, “here’s the deal, everyone wants to be the best, but only one can be. Today, it’s Randy Orton. In a 24 hour period, he punted both Edge and Christian back into retirement.” Flair invites Randy Orton out.

Randy Orton Join Flair In-Ring

“I hear voices in my head…” Orton makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Flair showing respect to the once co-member of Evolution. Flair states he’s been dying for this moment, stating Orton is the most dominant vicious performer in the WWE. “Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the best performer in the, wait, in the HISTORY of the WWE, Randy Orton.” Orton thanks Flair, stating it’s nostalgic.

Half of Evolution in the ring. Sometimes nostalgia can be confused with legacy. Orton states Flair proved he was the dirtiest player in the game. In the span of two days, I became the greatest wrestler ever. The voices in my head are never on the same page, me myself and I are getting pleasure from being called the legend killer…

Big Show Joins Flair and Orton In-Ring

Big Show interrupts. “Enough! …Enough.” Show steps over the top rope. “I’m not going to let you sit out here and glorify what Orton did. Edge and Christian are my friends and you’re going to pay for what you did to them.” Show continues on to state Orton is nothing but a parasite, adding he feeds on whoever he can. Show states Orton lacks the self-discipline to make himself better. Show says Orton doesn’t care about Edge or Christian or their families. Like any other parasite, when you get what u want, you leave the host to die. Edge isn’t going to get the satisfaction of taking you out alone. Because this pissed off giant is gonna break every bone in your body.

Orton states “We are friends, we came up together, you took me under your wing, I think the world of you, I think the world of your list of accomplishments, you are indeed a future hall of famer and you know what show, some might even say… that you’re a legend.” The crowd cheers. “I never could guessed in a million years that two of your friends getting kicked in the face would piss you off, and I would hate for you to see the same fate.” Show squares up and Orton rolls out of the ring. Orton tells Show he knows what he’s capable of, Orton states he’s focused, “What happens next is on you.” Orton adds he is motivated, adding, “Let’s go Ric”.

Video Clip – Iiconics and Bayley/Sasha Banks

Phillips sends us into a video clip from Bayley’s birthday where accepts a tag-team title match against the Iiconics.

Quick Announcement

Sasha Banks and Bayley defend their RAW Women’s tag-team titles when we return from commercial break.

WWE RAW Women’s Tag-Team Title Match
Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. The Iiconics

Championship Monday continues as we return from commercial break and Sasha Banks music sounds and she dances at the top of the stage as Bayley’s music sounds and the two tag-team champions hold their titles high as they make their way down the ramp and climb to the apron, then enter the ring.

Out next, “Iiconics!” Billie Kay and Peyton Royce representing Iiconics as they make their way down the ramp and pose on the ropes before entering the ring. Arguing ensues, the referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Billie Kay slams Sasha Banks and gets a two count right at the start. Bayley pulls Peyton under the bottom rope.

Billie then ends up between Bayley and Sasha getting attacked. Peyton trying to get to the apron, Bayley knocks her off the apron. Billie holds Bayley’s head out between the top and middle rope, Peyton delivers a massive knee to the face of Bayley who seems knocked out as we head to commercial break.

We return and Bayley is delivering Strikes to Billie Kay. Bayley with a shot to the midsection of Billie, then mockingly shouting “Iiconic” as she slams into Billie. Fisherman’s Suplex on Bayley for the cover by Peyton. Banks enters for the save. Bayley and Peyton together. Bayley delivers tag to Banks. Peyton crawls toward Billie for the tag, Banks with a Snap Suplex. Then another. Peyton shoves Banks into Bayley knocking her off the apron. Peyton with the cover, Banks kicks out, takes on both Iiconcs then with the Banks Statement for the win.

Winner: Bayley & Sasha Banks

After the Match

Banks looks to Bayley and says week after week seeing Bayley as champion has started to take it’s toll on her. Banks states, “I can’t help to get a little jealous. You’re my best friend and I love to see you happy, but…”

Bayley asks, “What are you trying to say?” looking nervous and hurt. Banks finishes, “What i’m trying to say is, I want a title match.” The crowd starts to chant, “Yes! Yes!” Banks adds, “So at Extreme Rules, I’m officially challenging… Asuka.” Bayley sighs and smiles.

Asuka Joins Bayley and Sasha Banks

Asuka speaks in Spanish. “You are not the boss of me.” Asuka states, “I accept.” Bayley assaults Asuka from behind. Banks and Bayley attack Asuka. Asuka fights back, Back Stabber into the Banks Statement. Asuka rolls to the apron. Banks music sounds.

Backstage – MVP/Bobby Lashley

Lashley states he should be champion but he’s not due to that clown R-Truth. MVP states Lashley is revitalized. MVP speaks on Apollo Crews stating he doesn’t understand the business side of things. MVP adds if Apollo makes the wrong decision, that’s on him. MVP then adds that the VIP Lounge is about to bump.

VIP Lounge In-Ring

MVP states the biggest things are poppin, the littlest things are stoppin’. MVP has the crowd “booing”. MVP continues as he states his guest, potentially newest client, is Apollo Crews!

Apollo Crews Joins MVP In-Ring

Apollo Crews’s music sounds as he is welcomed by MVP to the VIP Lounge. Crews makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with a smile on his face. MVP breaks down the events before MITB and then ultimately blowing out his knee, finishing by stating Apollo needs someone to help navigate him through bad mistakes.

Crews interrupts, “I got to this point in my career, without any of your help. I almost lost my career to hold this championship. I appreciate your offer, but my answer is still no.” Crews states he isn’t gonna let MVP or this title change who he is. MVP states he had a historic championship title run. MVP adds there won’t be a third time, whether you like it or not, that United States Championship Title is coming home, where it belongs.

Shelton Benjamin Joins

Crews walks towards MVP as Shelton Benjamin’s music sounds. MVP exits the ring. MVP causes a distraction as Benjamin throws Crews out of the ring an into the ring post. MVP states he has a gem for him, “never let yourself end up in a two on one situation, that gem was free, the next will cost ya” as we head to commercial break.

Non Title Match
Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

The match was joined in progress. Crews went for a Standing Moonsault, but Benjamin caught him in an Armbar on the way down. Crews escaped the hold. Crews Clotheslined Benjamin and both men tumbled to ringside. Benjamin dove at Crews, who moved, and then Benjamin slammed into the ring post. Back inside the ring, Crews caught Benjamin with a leaping kick and then hit him with his Sit-Out Powerbomb finisher for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

In-Ring – Rey and Dominik Mysterio

As we return from commercial break, Rey and Dominik Mysterio make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Rey states that the scariest thing for a parent is not being able to get a hold of their child. Rey continues to state that Dominik was unreachable for hours last Monday. He continues on to state he’s proud of Dominik for getting out of a three on one situation, but he’s also angry for putting himself at risk. Mysterio continues on to say he’s pissed at Seth Rollins, for nearly trying to blind him. Mysterio states he’s learned to accept that.

Mysterio says he knows Dominik is bigger than him, but he’s still his old man. No matter how big or strong Dominik gets, he’ll still always be Rey’s child. Rey said since Dominik fought for Rey, it’s time for Rey to fight for Dominik. “I got this one son, I need to get revenge, on Seth Rollins. But i need to do it, myself.” Dominik says, “I understand where you’re coming from, but i’m not going anywhere. So Seth Rollins, this is what a family looks like.”

Rollins music sounds and Seth Rollins stands at the top of the stage with a mic. “So you want a fight? You are putting your Monday Night Messiah in a very difficult position. Do I come down there and do I slaughter a father in front of his son? Do I go down to that ring and make you watch, Rey, while I sacrifice your boy. I don’t know what to do… you know what, it’s not up to me. None of these decisions are up to me. This is prophacy. This is destiny. You are both in the same place, at the same time. Two eyes, are better than one.” Seth drops the mic, arms extended. “Go home Seth!” the crowd begins to chant. Rollins drops to his knees at the bottom of the ramp. “This is on you Rey, this is your decision” Alberto Carrillo and Aleister Black come down and attack Murphy and Austin Theory. Carrillo flies off the top and takes out the deciples. “Wait, wait, wait… no no no… we can talk this out.” Aleister and Alberto walk towards Seth as Dominik delivers a 619 to Rollins on the outside of the ring! They drag Seth towards the stairs, suddenly Murphy and Theory come in for the attack. Murphy and Theory hold Rey to force him to watch as Rollins drags Dominik to take his eye out at the steel stairs. Dominik’s eye is right next to the stairs as Aleister Black and Alberto Carrillo come in for the save. Rollins, Murphy, and Theory run off up the ramp. The show ends!

*That’s tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW! Stay healthy, stay safe, stay awesome!! Bwah!*

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