WWE Raw Results (7/12/2021)

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (7/12/2021): Tampa, FL.

The road to WWE Money In The Bank winds down tonight.

WWE returns to the ThunderDome for the final time inside the Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL. before they return to the road, as they present the “go-home show” for this Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view this evening on Monday Night Raw.

On tap for this week’s red brand program is Ivar vs. AJ Styles, Erik vs. Omos, Bobby Lashley vs. Xavier Woods and a WWE United States Championship bout pitting current title-holder Sheamus against Humberto Carrillo.

Also in store for the WWE Universe this evening is a fatal-four-way match with Nikki Cross vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi vs. Asuka in a featured women’s attraction, as well as Ricochet going one-on-one against John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere bout.

Featured below are complete WWE Monday Night Raw results for the show held in Tampa, FL. on July 12, 2021.


This week’s show kicks off with an “In Memory Of ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff” tribute graphic and then the usual “WWE Then..Now..Forever..Together” signature.

From there we get a “last week” recap package showing key moments from last week’s show, which led to Bobby Lashley vs. Xavier Woods for tonight’s show.

After that, we shoot inside the ThunderDome and we hear The New Day theme as Jimmy Smith welcomes us to what he points out is the final show in the Thunderdome.

Xavier Woods vs. Bobby Lashley

As Xavier Woods makes his way to the ring accompanied by Kofi Kingston for tonight’s opening bout, he plays trombone on the ropes as Smith and the rest of the Raw commentary team are shown on camera. They hype Sunday’s WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank.

We see Woods and Kofi waiting in the ring as we shoot backstage to see “The All Mighty” WWE Champion himself, as MVP is whispering advice into the ear of Bobby Lashley while their lady-friends play cheerleader roles in the background.

Back inside the ThunderDome, Lashley’s theme hits and out comes the top dog on the red brand as we prepare for our first match inside the ring this evening. Corey Graves and Byron Saxton debate who has the mental advantage coming into Sunday’s showdown and then they switch focus to the match about to take place in the ring.

The ladies are shown cheering Lashley on from ringside while MVP jaws with Kingston and Woods in the squared circle. Kofi and MVP exits the ring and the bell sounds to kick off our opening contest.

These two lock up and Lashley immediately takes Woods down. He launches Woods half-way across the ring as the camera switches to show Lashley’s ladies seated in the special VIP section set up at the top of the entrance ramp.

Lashley runs into the waiting double boots of Woods on the ropes and this leads to The New Day member landing a step-up elbow drop off the back of the WWE Champion for a near fall. He clamps on a front face lock and goes to work on the champ with strikes until Lashley breaks free and manhandles Woods, tossing him onto the ring apron like a toy.

The WWE Champion heads out after Woods on the floor. He military presses him right in front of Kofi and slams him down on the steel ring steps as we head to a mid-match commercial break with the action still in progress.

We return from the break to see Lashley still dominating the offense until Woods hits a crazy DDT counter out of nowhere. He follows that up with a big dive onto the floor on the champ. Back in the ring, Lashley slows Woods’ momentum down, but only briefly as Woods fires right back up with fast-paced offense. He slaps a neck crank submission on a grounded Lashley until the champ powers his way free.

It looks as though Lashley is amping up to finish off Woods. He powers him up and down after a brief counter attempt by Woods. He hoists him right back up after that and rag-dolls Woods, slamming him down fast first. We see some replays of Woods being manhandled and then Lashley tosses him out to the floor like yesterday’s trash. He picks him up in the fireman’s carry position and slams Woods into the steel ring post.

Back in the ring, Lashley stalks his prey and blasts Woods with a spear that nearly turns him inside-out. He goes to pick him up for the finishing blow but Woods rolls him up and pulls off the upset victory.

Winner: Xavier Woods

MVP Addresses Post-Match Rumors About Bobby Lashley

We return from the break to replays showing the upset from the opening match, followed by footage of an angry Lashley heading to the back.

From there, we shoot live backstage where MVP is stopped and asked about rumros of Lashley leaving the building already. MVP confirms them and says it’s not a big deal, and claims Lashley needed to blow off some steam after a hard night.

He vows Lashley will be back in the VIP lounge before the end of the evening.

Jinder Mahal Still Has Drew McIntyre’s Sword

We see footage of Drew McIntyre being attacked and having his family sword stolen last week. We then are shown “earlier today” footage of Jinder Mahal arriving to the building and being shown the sword that he still has possession of.

Alexa Bliss’ Playground With Eva Marie & Doudrop

Now we move to Alexa Bliss at her Playground. She talks about her four-way showdown tonight and then talks about being excited to return in front of the WWE Universe next week.

From there, we see Eva Marie sitting on a swing next to her with Doudrop behind her. Eva asks if Bliss is going to introduce them. She apologizes and does. She then says it’s fun to say Doudrop’s name.

Bliss asks Doudrop to wrap up her time on Raw in one word. Eva says “Eva-lutionary.” Because of her. Bliss says she wasn’t asking her. She says Doudrop was the invited guest, not Eva. Eva calls herself the headlining star of Raw.

She says thankfully this is the last time she’s stepping foot in this dingy, grubby little Playground. She says she can see why she only invited Doudrop. She tells Doudrop to go. Doudrop waves to Bliss and leaves. Bliss mocks Eva and calls her silly.

Drew McIntyre Gets Last Laugh Over Jinder Mahal, Veer & Shanky

We see Jinder Mahal and his cronies, Veer and Shanky, making their way down to the ring. As they approach the squared circle, we head to a commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see highlights of WWE being represented at the 2021 ESPY Awards.

From there we settle back in the ring live in the ThunderDome where Mahal is standing by with Veer and Shanky in a ring covered in red carpet with a special stand.

They reveal under the stand to be the sword of Drew McIntyre and his family as “The Scottish Warrior” watches on from backstage via the big screen. The sword is broken in half and ruined.

McIntyre reveals that he expected this and it was actual a rental that they ruined. He reveals the real sword in his hand and then proceeds to tear the motorcycle that Mahal arrived on to pieces.

Riddle & Nikki Cross Have A Chat

We shoot backstage where Nikki A.S.H. is standing by when Riddle approaches her. The two have a wild chat as Riddle marvels at her being a super hero and asks her if she’s able to fly.

He tries relating to her but ultimately fails. She heads to the ring for a match as Riddle ponders something she said.

Nikki A.S.H. vs. Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss

We see Nikki A.S.H. make her way down to the ring for our next match of the evening as we head to a quick pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break the commentators promote the women’s ladder match at this Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view as the “Almost Super Hero” settles into the ring.

From there, Asuka’s music hits and “The Empress” makes her way down to the ring as an “earlier today” split-screen interview with her airs.

After that, it’s time to Feel The Glow, as the techno music hits and the colorful lights spread around the ThunderDome while Naomi makes her way down to the ring.

Finally, the theme for the demented one herself, Alexa Bliss, plays and out from the Playground she comes ready to do battle in this scheduled fatal four-way match in the women’s division.

The bell sounds and we see Naomi going right after Bliss as Asuka and Nikki powder out to the floor. Finally, Asuka hits the ring and joins in on the action, taking it to Naomi as Bliss slides out to the floor.

Naomi and Asuka are left alone in the ring and they trade leads in offensive control and ultimately take each other out with kicks that land on each other at the same time. After that, Bliss and Nikki enter the ring.

Nikki points up and smiles, referencing Money In The Bank, and then she shoves away the pinky swear gesture by Bliss. As Nikki goes to work on Bliss, we see Eva Marie and Doudrop making their way down the entrance ramp.

The duo coming out distracts those in the ring, leading to the other two ladies entering the squared circle as well. With all four in the ring together, we see Bliss emerge as the last woman standing. She smiles at Doudrop, who smiles back.

Eva notices this and sends Doudrop down to talk to Bliss, who has now exited the ring. Bliss walks past Doudrop and stares eerily at Eva. Eva ends up taking off her shoe and threatening her. She then tells Doudrop to attack her, and she does, dumping her over the barricade and into the front row.

Eva walks down and looks over the barricade, along with the camera, and we discover that Bliss has disappeared, just as we head to a mid-match commercial with the bout still in progress.

When we return from the break we see Asuka and Naomi duking it out in the ring while Nikki sells. Naomi gets the better of Asuka and then Nikki re-appears, only for Naomi to beat her down as well. She hits a splash on both ladies and goes for the pin, but they kick out to keep this one alive.

Nikki ends up hitting a tornado DDT off the ropes for a close near fall, which Asuka jumps in to break up. With Asuka on the floor, Naomi tries to pin Nikki, but she kicks out. Naomi slaps a submission on Nikki, which Asuka breaks up. Asuka slaps an armbar on Naomi, who does her best to fight it until Nikki hits a seated senton across the check of Asuka to break it up.

We see the Almost Super Hero ascend to the top for a big splash into a pin attempt, which is broken up. Naomi blasts Nikki with a kick but then Asuka catches Naomi with a code-breaker. Nikki rolls Asuka up but Asuka hangs on. Nikki rolls her up again but Asuka counters and tries getting the Asuka Lock. Nikki avoids it and turns it into a pin attempt. 1-2-3.

Winner: Nikki A.S.H.

The Viking Raiders Are Ready For Action

We shoot backstage with The Viking Raiders after seeing footage from last week’s show involving them and the team of AJ Styles and Omos.

The two then talk about their scheduled singles matches against them on tonight’s show and vow to re-capture the Raw Tag-Team Championships by next week’s show.

AJ Styles vs. Ivar

We then shoot to the ring entrance of the Raw Tag-Team Champions, as Omos accompanies AJ Styles down to the ring for our first of two back-to-back singles bouts.

With “The Phenomenal One” settling into the ring while Corey Graves sings his praises on commentary about being the fastest Superstar to achieve Grand Slam Champion status in WWE, we head to a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, Styles says he has something he wants to say before he puts on a clinic. He apologizes for calling the Viking Raiders barbarians. He then goes on to call them something much worse.

He brings up the duo costing him the opportunity to be in the Money In The Bank ladder match. He says tonight he’s gonna take Ivar’s leg and break it in the calf-crusher. He vows to make him tap out.

He says after that, Omos will have his first-ever singles match on Raw and he will destroy Erik so badly that he’ll wish he never took off his ridiculous helmet. He then vows to destroy the two this Sunday and show everyone why they are the Raw tag-team champs.

From there, the lights go out and the theme for The Viking Raiders plays. Pyro explodes and the lights come back on as Erik and Ivar both make their way down to the ring while the commentators promote the tag title match at Sunday’s PPV.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with Styles vs. Ivar in the first of two back-to-back singles matches featuring these two teams. Early on, we see Ivar turning Styles inside-out with his size and strength advantage. He doesn’t rest on those laurels, however, as he uses his equal speed and agility to take it to “The Phenomenal One” as well.

Styles starts firing up and he goes to work on Ivar. He hits a big Pele kick but when he goes to follow-up, Ivar hits a running spot on Styles in the corners, landing with his knees on Styles’ shoulders and rolling into a pin, sealing the deal with a three-count.

Winner: Ivar

Omos vs. Erik

We see Styles look shocked and roll out to the floor next to Omos as they stare in the ring in disbelief at Ivar and Erik. We head to a commercial break with the commentators questioning if they will be able to return the favor when Omos meets Erik — next.

When we return from the break, we see Omos and Erik in the ring ready to do battle as Jimmy Smith tells us on commentary not to adjust our television sets, noting Omos is actually as big as he appears to be.

The bell sounds and Erik goes behind Omos and tries body-locking him, only for Omos to shuck him off and laugh at him. Erik looks at him befuddled in the corner and then decides to try peppering him with some leg kicks. They have a decent affect but Omos ultimately brushes them off and begins manhandling the Viking Raider with relative ease.

Omos hoists Erik up but Erik goes behind him and escapes. He jumps in Omos’ direction but Omos catches him and proceeds to bear-hug the crap out of him. Erik uses his elbow in the eye of Omos to break free.

From there, Omos grabs Erik with both hands on his throat in the corner. He launches him across the entire length of the ring. Erik fires up after that and blasts Omos with a variety of strikes that wobbles the big man. He hits the ropes and launches himself at him trying to get him off his feet, but Omos runs him over with a clothesline instead.

We overhear Styles at ringside shouting to Omos to finish him. Omos obliges, hoisting Erik up and slammimg him down with a two-handed chokeslam for the victory.

Winner: Omos

Sheamus Bickers With Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

We are reminded of Humberto Carrillo breaking the nose of Sheamus and then are shown photos of “The Celtic Warrior” after getting nose surgery.

From there we return live where the WWE United States Champion is standing around yelling at Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce about giving the guy who did this to him a shot at the title.

Sheamus says fine he’s here to defend his title. They say fine and ask if they’re on the same page. Sheamus says they are but has an interesting look on his face as he walks away. We head to a commercial break after this.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods Are Still Hyped Up

We return from the break to see highlights of Xavier Woods defeating Bobby Lashley in tonight’s opener and the shocked reaction from Lashley’s opponent for Money In The Bank this Sunday, Kofi Kingston.

After that, we see Woods and Kingston walking backstage when they approach The Lucha House Party. They have some quick words and then Kofi and Xavier are interviewed about tonight’s big win and Sunday’s title match.

The interviewer informs them that Lashley has returned to the building. They talk about how he’s probably drinking champagne and hanging with ladies but they’re focused on Sunday, where Kofi vows to shock the world and become the two-time WWE Champion.

Sheamus Attacks Humberto Carrillo Backstage

We see an extensive video package promoting this Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view. When we return live, we shoot to ringside where Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton plug the show and the return in front of the WWE Universe in Texas this weekend.

From there, as the commentators are in mid-sentence, the camera cuts to some action in progress backstage, as we see Sheamus attacking Humberto Carrillo. He leaves him laying and tells him he shouldn’t be laying around because he’s got a big U.S. title match tonight.

We head to a commercial break as a bunch of officials and fellow Superstars come to check on Carrillo as “The Celtic Warrior” walks off pleased with his actions.

WWE United States Championship
Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo

Once the ad break expires, we shoot back live inside the ThunderDome where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme song of “The Celtic Warrior.”

Sheamus makes his way down to the ring ready to defend his U.S. Championship as scheduled. He poses with his title on the ring still smiling at what he just did backstage moments ago.

Speaking of which, we see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville has caught up with Carrillo, who is still recovering from the sneak attack, backstage. They tell him he doesn’t and shouldn’t have this match tonight.

He says he must or Sheamus will just make more excuses to avoid it. He walks off and we return inside the ThunderDome where his theme hits and he limps down to the ring holding his neck.

We get the official ring introductions for this championship contest and when the bell sounds, we see an ambush Brogue Kick from the champ quickly finish off the challenger. Sheamus retains just that fast.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

Damian Priest Makes Save For Humberto Carrillo, Runs Off Sheamus

After the match, the commentators criticise Sheamus for what they call a second ambush attack. He re-enters the ring and starts beating down Carrillo some more for no good reason.

Finally, the theme for Damian Priest hits and he runs to the ring to make the save, chasing Sheamus off.

Ricochet & Riddle Talk Backstage, John Morrison & Miz Roll Through

We are shown highlights of Ricochet’s crazy dive from the ring over the ring barricade on last week’s show before we get ready to head to the ring for our next match of the evening.

From there we return live where Ricochet is heading to the ring from the backstage area when Riddle approaches him. He asks if Riddle is going to the ring with him. Riddle says yes.

Riddle talks about missing Randy Orton and then the two discuss this Sunday’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Riddle talks about his plans for the briefcase if he wins.

Ricochet says he has a surprise tonight for John Morrison in their Falls Count Anywhere match. Up comes Morrison and Miz in his wheel chair. They spray the two with water guns and run over Riddle’s big toe with the wheel chair.

Falls Count Anywhere
John Morrison vs. Ricochet

After wheeling past Ricochet and Riddle, the duo of Morrison and Miz head straight out to the entrance stage and down to the ring for our next bout here on Raw.

Morrison and Miz settle into the squared circle as the commentators plug the Falls Count Anywhere showdown between Morrison and Ricochet — coming up next.

On that note, we head to a pre-match commercial break as Morrison wraps up his ring entrance. When we return from the break, Johnny Drip-Drip is finishing up his entrance still and his music finally fades down.

We hear the familiar sounds of Ricochet’s theme and out he comes as pyro explodes and the fans in the ThunderDome screens make some noise as the commentators get in another plug for the men’s ladder match at Money In The Bank this Sunday night.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this highly-anticipated Falls Count Anywhere match. These two lock up and immediately start running the ropes. Ricochet hits a nice arm-drag and then runs at Morrison, who scoots him over the top rope and onto the ring apron.

Morrison goes out after Ricochet on the ring apron as well. He hits a crazy neckbreaker while Ricochet was tied up in the ring ropes. He goes for the cover on the floor in front of Miz in his wheel chair, however Ricochet kicks out at two. He goes for another cover moments later on the floor with his feet on Miz’s wheelchair for an assist, and again Ricochet still avoids being put away.

The commentators point out how there are no disqualifications in this bout so the cheating pin attempt is actually legal. Morrison blasts Ricochet with a knee as he is up against the barricade. And now a fancy kick into another pin attempt on the floor, only for Ricochet to again hang on.

We see the match return to the ring and as Morrison appeared to be setting Ricochet up for his finisher in the corner, Ricochet stops him and muscles him up and over for a German suplex into a near fall of his own. Morrison hits a high spot from the ring to the floor on Ricochet and again goes for the pin, but again Ricochet kicks out.

They continue to fight at ringside over the barricade. Ricochet slams Morrison into the LED screens. They both end up on the top of the barricade but they slip. Ricochet gets back up on the barricade and hits his 450 splash off of it for a near fall on the floor. Morrison rolls back into the ring after kicking out.

Ricochet springboards back into the ring but nobody is home as Morrison rolls to the floor. Ricochet builds up a head of steam and leaps to the top rope where he bounces in a single step off the top of the steel ring post, flipping and crashing onto Ricochet over the barricade on the floor as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see replays of Ricochet’s crazy spot from right before the commercials. Back live and we see Morrison has brought a ladder into the mix. He wedges it like a bridge from the ring apron to the announce table. The two do some spots around it however it has yet to come into play.

Morrison is rolled back into the ring by Ricochet. He crawls across the ring and slides back out to the floor. He hides behind Miz in his wheelchair just as Ricochet was about to fly from the ring to the floor. Ricochet pumps the breaks and after re-adjusting, hits the ropes and dives — over Miz in his wheelchair — splashing onto Morrison on the floor for a close near fall.

The match stays alive, however, and the two trade shots up the entrance ramp as Miz watches on from his wheel chair down at ringside. Both guys try to suplex the other on the hard ramp but neither connects. Ricochet hits a hurricanrana on Morrison and goes for the cover but Morrison stays alive. Ricochet slams Morrison into the LED board at the entrance position as Miz wheels up in his wheel chair.

Right behind the curtain in gorilla position we see Morrison waiting for Ricochet to pass through the curtain. When he does, he decks him and sets up a chair. He seats him in said-chair and runs towards him, kicking him out of it for a near fall in gorilla position. Morrison throws Ricochet back out to the entrance ramp. Miz wheels around and sings Morrison’s praises — literally.

Ricochet shifts the momentum in his favor. He kicks Morrison down the ramp and turns his attention to Miz. He wheels Miz down the ramp into Morrison, knocking Johnny Drip-Drip down and going for the cover. Morrison hangs on. Back in the ring, Ricochet is measuring Morrison who is down in the ring when Miz sprays him with the water gun to distract him.

This allows Morrison to hit Ricochet with some big moves for some close near falls, however Ricochet hangs in there. As Morrison looks to finish off Ricochet, we see Riddle scoot down to ringside. He tips Miz’s wheelchair back and then lays next to him mocking him. Ricochet hits his re-coil on Morrison before kicking him, where he lands on the ladder bridge set up earlier.

Ricochet dives off the top rope and hits a big splash that puts Morrison through the ladder bridge. Ricochet crawls over and covers Morrison and this one is all over.

Winner: Ricochet

Natalya & Tamina Confront Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

We shoot backstage where Natalya and Tamina are standing by for an interview. Nattie talks about how she is going to win Money In The Bank this Sunday and cash in on Rhea Ripley to win the Raw Women’s Title. She also vows to beat Ripley tonight.

As she finishes up talking, Tamina over-hears some noise in the background and she detects that it’s Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. The two head over to them and Tamina shoves them as we head to a commercial break with Nattie vs. Ripley waiting for us on the other side.

Drew McIntyre Vows Victory At Money In The Bank

We return from the break to some highlights from earlier tonight of Drew McIntyre trashing Jinder Mahal’s bike after revealing he had his own real sword all along.

From there, McIntyre is standing backstage live for an interview. He says he’s not gonna pat himself on the back for foiling Jinder’s plan. He brings up Money In The Bank possibly being his last chance.

He vows nothing will stop him from becoming Mr. Money In The Bank when all is said-and-done this Sunday night, and then the commentators run down the lineup for the pay-per-view this weekend in Texas.

Rhea Ripley With A Message For Charlotte Flair

Now we are shown highlights of the interaction between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair on last week’s show with their showdown with crutches.

After that, we return live backstage where Rhea Ripley is asked why she accepted the challenge from Natalya for tonight when she has a title defense this Sunday night.

Ripley asks if she looks like someone who dodges a challenge and then vows to beat down Charlotte this Sunday to the point that she really does need crutches. She walks off and heads to the ring.

Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya

The Raw Women’s Champion makes her way down to the ring as the commentators sing her praises and lead us into a pre-match commercial break as Rhea Ripley wraps up her entrance.

As we return from the break, we see “The Nightmare” standing in the ring with a smirk on her face awaiting the arrival of her opponent for tonight.

On that note, the guitar screeches and out comes the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions Natalya and Tamina. They do their cheers with their belts and Tamina hangs at ringside as Nattie settles into the ring.

We hear the bell and we’re off-and-running with this featured women’s non-title affair. Ripley goes to work on the arm of Nattie early on. Nattie reverses into a roll-up, but Ripley kicks out.

Ripley re-gains the offensive edge and then taunts Natalya. This ends up being a bit of a mistake, as this allows Nattie enough of an opening to take over on offense for a run. Ripley eventually takes back over. She goes for her Rip-Tide but Nattie avoids it.

Natalya rolls out to the floor. Ripley goes out after her and looks for a big drop kick, but Nattie moves and Ripley takes out Tamina. Ripley then turns around into a discus shot from Nattie that decks her. We head to a mid-match commercial break.

As we settle back in after the break, we see Ripley and Nattie fighting on the top-rope. Ripley knocks Nattie off and follows up with a missile dropkick that connects. Ripley blasts Nattie with some knees to the jaw. She hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall, however Nattie hangs on.

“The Nightmare” grabs Nattie and heads to the top rope, but Nattie bounces Ripley’s head off the steel ring post. She follows that up with a running seated power bomb into a pin attempt, however Ripley hangs on. Nattie looks for the Sharpshooter for the second time in the match but RIpley fights it off.

Natalya decks Ripley and goes for a dropkick to a seated Raw Women’s Champion, however “The Nightmare” saw it coming and reverses into a standing submission attempt. Nattie reverses into a pin attempt but Ripley escapes. Nattie looks for the Sharpshooter yet again and this time she gets it.

Ripley screams and crawls to the ropes and eventually escapes, kicking Nattie into the turnbuckles in the corner in the process. Ripley pops up with a big kick and follows that up with her Rip-Tide finisher for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

After The Match: The Queen Attacks

Once the match wraps up, out of nowhere, Charlotte Flair hits the ring and blasts Ripley from behind with a chop-block to the champ’s knee.

She smashes away at the knee some more and then locks her in the figure-four and leans down over the ring apron to add some leverage.

She taunts Ripley and then poses as her music plays and we see replays of what just transpired.

MVP Preps Lashley’s Ladies For The Lounge

We are shown highlights of what transpired in the opening match this evening with Xavier Woods scoring the upset victory over Bobby Lashley.

From there, we shoot live backstage at the ThunderDome where we see MVP talking with Lashley’s ladies. He preps them for the upcoming VIP Lounge segment and then we head to a commercial break.

Charlotte Flair With One Final Message For Rhea Ripley

Some highlights of Charlotte’s post-match attack of Ripley are shown when we return from the break and then “The Queen” is shown live.

Charlotte talks about learning from the dirtiest player in the game and vows to prove that once more when she ends Ripley’s title reign this Sunday at Money In The Bank.

MVP’s VIP Lounge With Bobby Lashley

From there we head to the ring where The VIP Lounge is set up and we see MVP standing around with the ladies.

MVP talks about this being a monumental lounge because it’s the final time we have one here at the ThunderDome. He mentions that WWE returns to the road next week. He says the ThunderDome should be called the Lashleydome.

He finally introduces Bobby Lashley. No one comes out. He tries again and still nothing. He asks the ladies to turn up the excitement a notch. He introduces him again and still nothing happens.

Finally, Lashley’s theme hits and “The All Mighty Champion” makes his way down to the ring looking ready to do anything but party or have fun. He enters the ring and turns down a back rub from the ladies offered by MVP.

He tells the ladies to leave them alone and says he needs to talk to MVP. He says he’s been thinking about what Kofi said. He says Kofi was right. He says he’s lost his edge. He uses that to explain his loss to Xavier Woods earlier tonight. He says he’s furious right now and that women and champagne won’t cheer him up.

He tells MVP he appreciates everything but this bullsh*t needs to stop now. He says they need to get back to business. He says all he wants to do now is destroy every single soul that steps up to try and take his WWE Championship. He proceeds to destroy the VIP Lounge set. MVP tries to stop him but Lashley yells at him to get off of him and continues dismantling and destroying the set.

The two trade some serious looks and then Lashley picks his title and the microphone up. He tells Kofi that he’s gonna do this weekend what he should’ve done weeks ago, which is tear him in half. He vows to enter Money In The Bank the all mighty champion and leave the same way. He invites Kofi to get the entire WWE Universe to get his back because it won’t help.

He says he’s gonna dismantle him. He says he hopes Kofi is ready to fight, not just for the title but for his life. He says he’s gonna break him apart and send his body to the circus with the rest of the clowns. He says the circus is dead and after this Sunday, so will be Kofi’s career.

He mean mugs the camera and then looks over at MVP all business before exiting the ring as his theme plays and the commentators plug Money In The Bank with Lashley vs. Kofi for the WWE title this Sunday.

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