RAW Results for July 27

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (7/27/20) Orlando, FL

EWrestling.com welcomes one and all to the results for the July 27th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW airing from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Tonight’s RAW is set for an action packed episode where Asuka and Sasha Banks look to settle the Raw Women’s Championship controversy, Drew McIntyre gets to pick the stipulation for his non-title rematch with Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton will name his next target and much more.

Featured below are WWE Monday Night RAW results for July 27, 2020 written by EWrestling.com’s most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE Monday Night RAW (July 27, 2020)

Show Opening

The opening sequence starts at 8:00 p.m. EST on the dot, followed by the WWE Forever logo. We then head into the Performance Center for tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW! Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe are on commentary as we are welcomed to the July 27, 2020 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW!

Opening Announcement

The title rematch between Asuka and Sasha Banks is promoted and hyped for later tonight.

Drew McIntyre picks the stipulation for his match with Dolph Ziggler, tonight!

In-Ring – Randy Orton

Randy Orton makes his way down the ramp towards the ring as his music sounds in the Performance Center arena.

Video Clip

We head into a clip, “Last Week’s Monday Night RAW” where Randy Orton vs. Big Show took place in an Unsanctioned Match. Highlights from the match play in sequence.

“20 years I’ve been in the WWE, and in 20 years, I’ve been called many different names. The APex Predator, The Viper, The Legend Killer.” Orton goes on to share how his legacy in the WWE, including Legacy, Authority, Evolution… no one can hold a candle to his accolades and title reigns. Orton finishes by stating he can do whatever he wants to do in his career.

Orton’s tone changes as he shares, “Something’s missing.” He hasn’t been able to quite put his finger on it as of late but it hit him like a ton of bricks this morning. He knows what he needs and desires, and he desires to become WWE Champion. Again. That means he’s got to bring WWE Champion Drew McIntyre into the conversation but if they compare resumes, that would be a short conversation.

Orton goes on about how Drew’s made an impressive comeback from the “Chosen One” days but now Drew’s got a problem. And that problem is that Drew has what Orton wants. Orton has a habit of taking things from people he wants, in the biggest way possible, in the biggest environments possible. Orton announces that he wants a WWE Title shot at SummerSlam. The crowd of developmental talents pop. Orton says when he hits the RKO on Drew to take the title, Drew will never see it coming. Orton wraps his promo and makes his exit.

Nia Jax’s Return

The entrance music for Nia Jax immediately hits as Jax makes her way to the stage. Jax making her return, for the first time since losing to RAW Women’s Champion Asuka on June 15.

Jax looks around, then marches down the ramp toward the ring as the crowd boos. Jax says she just heard Randy Orton talk about waking up and knowing what he wants. She knows how it feels. She woke up this morning and wanted to become RAW Women’s Champion. Jax talks about how she was screwed by a certain referee last month. She says Charlotte Flair hasn’t been seen since. She mentions Asuka’s match with WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks later tonight but she wants to…

Shayna Baszler Interrupts Jax

Shayna Baszler’s entrance music interrupts and out comes Shayna Baszler to the ring. Baszler stomps to the ring and gets in Jax’s face with a mic in hand. Baszler tells Jax nobody gives a damn what she wants. Jax pulls back and drops Baszler in the middle of the ring. Jax attacks and they brawl. Referees rush down to break the fight up. We go to commercial.

#1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match
The Viking Raiders vs. Cedric Alexander & Ricochet vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

As we return from the commercial break, the RAW Tag Team Champions Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits are in the ring. They hype tonight’s Triple Threat with the winner going on to challenge for their titles at SummerSlam. The introduce The Viking Raiders first and here comes Erik and Ivar. Ford and Dawkins introduce Cedric Alexander and Ricochet next. They take shots at the next team before introducing them. Out come Andrade and Angel Garza with Zelina Vega.

Andrade and Garza hit the ring and attack The Viking Raiders, sending Erik and Ivar out to the floor. Garza snatches his pants off as things start to settle down with Ford and Dawkins joining the announcers for commentary. Cedric and Ricochet look on after Andrade and Garza go after them. Andrade and Garza go to ringside and taunt the champs after Garza’s pants are tossed at them. We go to commercial with The Profits having words at ringside with Andrade and Garza.

Back from the break and Cedric is going at it with Ivar. Ivar fights off Cedric’s speed and levels him. Ricochet comes in for some double teaming as Ivar takes enziguris. Erik tags in and the two teams face off. Vega has her clients at ringside looking on. The Vikings, Cedric and Ricochet turn their attention to Garza and Andrade now. Cedric and Ricochet double team Garza in the ring. The Vikings double team Andrade on the outside and he gets slammed by Ivar. Erik then slams Ivar on top of Andrade on the outside.

Cedric and Ricochet double team Andrade in the ring now. Andrade takes a snap suplex and a kick to the face off the double team. Ricochet ends up dropkicking Ivar out of the ring. Erik squares up with Ricochet but Andrade drops Erik from behind. Andrade holds Erik while Ricochet nails him now. Andrade and Ricochet double team Erik in the corner to some boos. Andrade with a running knee to Erik in the corner. Ricochet with a big knee of his own. Ricochet goes for the pin but Andrade stops him and they have words. Andrade tries to bait Ricochet and it almost backfires. Ivar unloads on Andrade now. Ivar with a big belly-to-belly suplex. More back and forth between the teams. Erik unloads on Garza now. Erik launches Garza with a suplex and then sends him into the corner with double knees. Erik and Ivar pose together in the middle of the ring for a pop as we go back to commercial.

Finally, taking advantage of Ivar’s move, Angel Garza hits the Wing Clipper for the three count pin and win.

Winners and Going to Summer Slam: Angel Garza and Andrade

After the Match

The Street Profits yell that they’ve got their SummerSlam opponents. As the music stops, the Profits and Angel & Andrade stare each other down, both teams basically alternating “SummerSlam!” (Profits)” and gesturing around their waist as if they had titles (A&A).

Andrade & Angel attack the Profits and throw the top of the announce table on them, then haul butt up the ring.

Backstage – Nia Jax and Referee

We’re told that Nia is discussing the attack by Baszler with the ref, and apparently their match is tonight!

Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler wastes no time as the referee signals for the bell and the match officially begins. Baszler runs in at Jax, Jax drops Baszler over the ropes immediately.

The referee gets to the count of 10 and the match is called disqualification.

Double Count-Out

After the Match

The match continues on the outside of the ring. Shayna Baszler locks the Karifuda Clutch on a referee on the outside of the ring. Jax cannot be stopped on the outside of the ring as she attacks the WWE official. Jax re-enters the ring, Baszler on the apron, trying to return to the match.

Jax attempts to call Baszler out, the music sounds for Jax.

Announcer’s Table

Tom Phillips changes subjects as he discusses the Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins on-going battle. Phillips sends us to a video package.

Video Package

The video starts off from 2 months ago where Rollins almost took out Mysterio’s eye during a match at ringside.

Backstage – Seth Rollins and Murphy

Rollins speaking to Murphy states, “I do think Dominik is going to show up tonight, and I’m going to tell you why. People like him cant seem to get out of their own way.” Murphy just nods in agreement with the Monday Night Messiah. Rollins tells Murphy not to worry, the greater good will provail. We head to commercial break.

In-Ring Seth Rollins

As we return from commercial break. “At Extreme Rules, I defeated the legend, Rey Mysterio. And last week on RAW, I defeated Aleister Black. The Monday Night Messiah is on a role and should be in a great mood… but I am not. And I will tell you why.” Rollins goes on to share that he knows Dominik Mysterio is here tonight on RAW and is prepared to confront The Monday Night Messiah.

“Every time the greater good gets two steps forward, someone forces us two steps back and someone gets hurt every step of the way. Kevin Owens breaks his ankle when he gets in my way. Rey Mysterio, we know what happened to him. Then last week, Aleister Black injured his arm. “And that’s not how i want things to be. That’s not who the Monday Night Messiah is.”

“You deserved it” chant begins in the crowd as Rollins points out that Dominik Mysterio jumped him from behind last time Dominik joined Rollins in the ring. So this time, Rollins asks Dominik to come to the ring and join him, face to face, man to man. “Dominik, I know you’re here, come meet me, face to face. Let’s do this the right way.” Dominik steps out to the stage. Rollins promises not to hurt Dominik. “It’s ok, come down here Dominik, you don’t have to be afraid.” Rollins tells Murphy to help him with the ropes. Dominik enters the ring. Rollins continues, telling Dominik he knows there are things he needs to get off his chest.

“If you need any guidance, any help at all…” Rollins extends his arms for a hug. Dominik steps closer with each word, finally Spearing Rollins in the center of the ring! Murphy immediately jumps in and defends Rollins. Rollins back to his feet, begins to stomp Dominik as Murphy continues to attack him.

The attack moves to ringside where Rollins and Murphy continue to brutally attack Dominik. “This isn’t my fault, he asked for this! I didn’t want it to come to violence.”

Aleister Black comes to Dominik’s aid! Even with an injured right arm, Black defends Dominik until he is over powered by Murphy and Rollins. Black’s arm is noticeably wrapped up as Murphy kicks Black and then delivers multiple Stomps to the body of Black. Rollins removes his suit jacket and loosens his tie as he stomps the head of Black at ringside. Rollins looks at the stairs and says, “You know what you have to do! You know what you have to do Murphy!” Murphy looks shocked and asks, “Me?!” Rollins continues shouting, “Are you in this? Are you in this for real? This is for the greater good!” Rollins smacks Murphy across the face. Disciple Murphy drags Black to the steel stairs and shoves his eye into the corner of the stairs. WWE officials and several referees come running to Black’s side.

Murphy is looking for Dominik as is Rollins, suddenly Dominik comes out from beneath the ring and begins attacking both men with a kendo stick. Rollins and Murphy both attempt to flee, Dominik chasing them around the ring beating both superstars with the kendo stick. Dominik starts beating both Rollins and Murphy as the crowd begins chanting, “Dom-i-nik! Dom-i-nik!”

Backstage – R-Truth and Mustafa Ali

R-Truth walks up to Mustafa Ali asking if Ali is looking to go after the 24/7 championship. Ali says he has a match with Lashley, Truth says that’s good, because he’s getting his baby back. As he walks off, Truth states, “I’ve got my eyes on you Mufasa!” Mustafa stops, confused and asks himself, “Did he just call me ‘Mufasa’?” We head to commercial break.

R-Truth walks up to Mustafa Ali asking if Ali is looking to go after the 24/7 championship. Ali says he has a match with Lashley, Truth says that’s good, because he’s getting his baby back. As he walks off, Truth states, “I’ve got my eyes on you Mufasa!” Mustafa stops, confused and asks himself, “Did he just call me ‘Mufasa’?” We head to commercial break.

Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ring for the VIP Lounge, a place for “people better than you!”

MVP begins in stating that he became the REAL United States Champion, and was celebrating. MVP says he got to meet a man that had been gone for 7 months, and he tried to help the man that ‘chases the light’. MVP says he wants to help that man ‘see the light’ as he welcomes Mustafa Ali to the ring.

Mustafa Ali Joins the VIP Lounge

Mustafa’s music sounds as he makes his way down the ramp, side stepping the velvet ropes and enters the ring, er, VIP Lounge. MVP says “this is the good life, where ‘made men’ congregate. MVP says Mustafa’s “little friends” Ricochet and Cedric Alexander were considered “dissatisfied customers”.

Mustafa reminds MVP that he and his “little friends” put the Hurt Business OUT of business. Mustafa says he’s happy, he thinks for himself, always has and always will. MVP reminds Mustafa that he will be going one on one with Lashley tonight. MVP then states that the last person to deny him, Apollo Crews, is sitting at home on the couch watching RAW on t.v.

R-Truth Sneak Attack For 24/7 Title Attempt

R-Truth jumps suddenly into the ring during Ali’s response to MVP, knocking Shelton Benjamin across the ring, through the ropes, and to ringside where he gets the pin. Benjamin kicks out at two, causing Truth to run and jump the velvet rope and flee up the ramp as we head to commercial break once again.

Bobby Lashley vs. Mustafa Ali

As we return from commercial break, this match is already in progress. MVP can be heard shouting “chase the light! chase the light”. Lashley turns Ali inside out with a Spear, then flips Ali across the ring. Mustafa ends up standing in his own corner as Lashley runs full fource at Ali with a Splash in the corner.

Back in the center of the ring, Lashley delivers a massive Right Hand Strike. Lashley lifts Ali back to his feet and goes for a Power Bomb, Ali is able to shake out of the move, only to have Lashley attack him in the corner once again. Lashley with a Stalled Suplex

Tozawa sneaks out from beneath the ring, rolling Shelton Benjamin up for a two count. MVP assists Benjamin in throwing Tozawa into the barricade, followed by attacking all Tozawa’s ninja’s. The third ninja makes a run for it but gets Clotheslined by Lashley who also jumped in for the assist! MVP, Benjamin and Lashley continue to attack the ninjas at ringside. Suddenly, Mustafa flies through the ropes, slamming Lashley into the plexiglas as we go to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, Phillips and Saxton state though Ali seemed to gain the upperhand before the break, during the break Lashley was able to re-gain control. Lashley sends Ali to ringside as the referee begins the count out. As the referee gets to seven, Lashley exits the ring then re-enters to reset the clock, wanting to pin Ali.
Back in the ring, an Effortless Flatliner by Lashley for the two count. Ali back to his feet, Lashley delivers a boot then looks for the Dominator, Ali lands on his feet! A boot to the face and a DDT by Ali out of the corner. Ali on the apron, heading to the top turnbuckle, fighting through his pain. Looking for the 450, Lashley side steps, causing Ali to roll through. Lashley gets the Full Nelson on Mustafa causing him to tap!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the Match

MVP enters the ring, and raises Lashley’s hand in victory. Shelton Benjamin joins in. The Hurt Business celebrates as we head backstage.

Backstage – Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is asked if he’s nervous to find out what the stipulation is for his match with Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam. Ziggler states he’s ready for whatever McIntyre has to throw at him. We head to commercial break.

Announcer’s Table

As we return from commercial break, we head to the Announcer’s Table where Saxton, Phillips, and Joe discuss the RAW Women’s Championship and the events leading to their match at Extreme Rules where Bayley took the referee’s official shirt and gave the three count for the “win” to Sasha Banks. Then last week where Stephanie McMahon states a re-match would take place on tonight’s RAW and if a certain “role model” enters, Sasha Banks will be disqualified.

Bayley and Sasha Banks Entrance

Bayley’s music sounds first as she makes her way to the stage, out next is Sasha Banks as her music plays as well. The two make their way down the ramp and stand on the apron holding up their championship title belts as the crowd “boos” them both.

Bayley and Sasha both have mics in hand. “Nobody likes a bully. Stephanie McMahon is a bully and she’s forcing me to defend MY title against Asuka! Not because we have all the gold, but because we run the whole damn company.” Bayley agrees, “We run the show, whether it be NXT, Friday Night SmackDown, and Monday Night RAW.” The two continueto trash talk until finally Asuka’s music sounds.

Asuka Entrance

Asuka makes her way out next with her tag-team partner and best friend Kairi Sane as Asuka’s music sounds. The two enter the ring with Bayley and Sasha Banks. Kairi Sane chasese Bayley backstage immediately as we head to commercial break!

RAW Women’s Title Match
Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

As we return from commercial break, the bell rings and the match begins! A Dropkick by Banks knocks Asuka to the canvas, Asuka immediately retaliates hitting a Hip Attack on Banks. A Baseball Slide Kick on Banks by Asuka who then helps Banks back to her feet. Asuka goes for an Arm Bar, Banks rolls through, Asuka then grabs the other arm for an Arm Bar. Banks gets to the bottom rope, Asuka broke immediately as any DQ and the title immediately goes to the opposing competitor. Banks with an attack on the left leg of Asuka. Back Stabber out of the ropes by Banks for a two count. Banks sitting on a Single Leg Crab on the injured leg of Asuka.

The crowd attempts to hype Asuka as Banks slams Asuka’s knee to the canvas. Banks once again grabs Asuka for a tie up, Asuka kicks Banks out of the ring. “The lack of respect.” Banks says, “Give me my title!” and attempts to leave. The referee begins to count out Banks. Banks throws one of the titles in the ring behind the referee, then re-enters the ring with the other title belt. The referee tells her to throw it out of the ring, the referee grabs the belt and walks towards the ropes to throw it out of the ring and Banks quickly throws the belt to Asuka who stands holding it confused as the referee is turning back around.

Banks drops to the canvas holding her head and pointing to Asuka saying Asuka struck her. The referee states he saw Banks throw it to Asuka and pretend to fall. Banks pouts and turns towards Asuka who is waiting and Asuka hits a massive kick to the face of Banks as we go to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, Banks is on top of Asuka bending Asuka’s ankle as Banks shouts, “do you like that?” Asuka kicks Banks off of her, Banks kicks her back. Banks shoves her boot into the throat of Asuka in the corner of the ring. Asuka stuck on the canvas as Banks continues to hit illegal moves on Asuka. Banks states, “I’m the next champion, what are you going to do?” A Knee Plant on Banks sending her to the apron. Asuka gets caught in the ropes as she attempts a Hip Attack. Banks continues to dominate offense as she re-enters for a pin attempt, Asuka kicking out at two. The crowd is chanting for Asuka. Banks with a pin attempt for the two, Banks with a Single Leg Crab again. Asuka finally breaks free. Banks continues attacking the left leg of Banks. Asuka gets the back elbow up on Banks. Asuka with a Knee Bar. Asuka gets the Ankle Lock on Banks who is far from the ropes. Banks lifts herself up and counters by throwing Asuka face first into the turnbuckle. Da Boss hits Double Knees to the chest of Asuka who falls to the center. Banks jumps off the top, Asuka lifts her knees up just in time for the mid-air counter. The referee begins to count. At 9, Asuka and Banks are back to their feet. Asuka firing off with multiple strikes, the Spinning BackFist attempt, Banks ducks under. Banks jumps to the turnbuckle for the climb, Asuka drops her back to the canvas. Asuka slams Banks again. Hip Attack for the two count by Asuka!

Asuka lifts Banks to the top turnbuckle, then climbs up to meet Banks at the top. Banks hits a Headbutt on Asuka then stands on the top, Frog Splash for the two count! Banks with the Face Lock as she shouts, “I NEED this title!” Asuka struggles to the ropes. Asuka counters, setting up for the Asuka lock, but is knocked out of the ring. Banks tries to slide under the ropes for a kick. Asuka with several Forearms on Banks. Banks slams Asuka off the Announcers Table. Asuka makes her way back in at 9. “I am the standard, I am 2 belts Banks!” Asuka gets two count, Banks locks in the Banks Statement for the counter.

Asuka counters with an Ankle Lock as she stands up. Banks flips her. Suddenly the jumbotron shows Bayley attacking Kairi Sane in the backstage area. Asuka is about to win, but sees Kairi is in danger as she’s being brutally beaten by Bayley. Finally, Asuka runs out of the ring and saves Kairi. The referee gets to ten and calls for the bell.

Winner by Count-Out and NEW RAW Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

Kairi Sane Being Examined By WWE Medical Staff

As we return from commercial break, Asuka is standing outside of the WWE Medical Staff’s room where they were currently checking the condition of Kairi Sane.

Backstage – Sasha Banks and Bayley

Sasha Banks and Bayley were shouting and celebrating backstage as Banks continuously shouted, “I did it! I did it!”

Enter Asuka

Asuka is asked about the current condition of Kairi Sane. Asuka begins shouting in Japanese and is not consolable as we are told we will get an update when something is known.

Regis Philbin Memorial

A video package airs highlighting the life and memory of beloved Regis Philbin.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Murphy

Out first is Murphy who is accompanied by the Monday Night Messiah. Out next is Humberto Carrillo. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match officially begins. Murphy starts things off dominating the match, hitting multiple Chops to the midsection and chest of Carrillo.

Murphy charging in, strikes in the corner, taking Carrillo to the next corner and smashing his face into the turnbuckles. Humberto turns him around, leg kicks and forearms, whip reversed, duck the lariat, springboard back elbow wipes Buddy out! Smashing his face into the turnbuckles, putting boots to him, to the apron, shoulder thrust, slingshot back in, Springboard Roundhouse sends Murphy to the floor!

Humberto dives on him! Smashing his face into the apron, rolling him back inside, headed up top but Buddy meets him and cuts him off, shoving him off the top and into the barricade! Following after him, shoving him into the barricade again before rolling him back inside, running kick to the spine, cover for two!

Rear Chinlock applied, Carrillo posts to his feet and rams him into the corner to break the hold but Buddy cuts him off with a kick. Back elbow in the corner, Humberto still in it, headed up top but Murphy crotches him! Slipping back out, a Superkick finds its target on Buddy’s jaw! Slugging it out forearm for forearm, Solebutt from Murphy, stomp to the foot, Humberto gets an Enzuigiri in return!

Charging in, back body drop to the apron, another Enzuigiri lands flush on Buddy’s ear! Up top, missile dropkick, crisp as can be! Cover for a tight two, back up top, Murphy goes to the apron and Humberto climbs down to join him. Pump kick, fireman’s carry, Buddy slips out and nails him in the kidney with a knee strike!

Carrillo heads to the top turnbuckle, heading for a Dive at Murphy, Murphy counters with a Knee Strike! Murphy continues to come up as he hits the Pumphandle and finally Murphy’s Law for the three count pin and win on Alberto Carrillo.

Winner: Murphy

Video Package

A video package airs with a look back at Dolph Ziggler announcing Extreme Rules sanctioned rule for Ziggler only and Drew McIntyre had to abide by regular match rules or he loses during their match at Extreme Rules after Ziggler was given the right to make the rules for their match-up.

McIntyre still ultimately hitting a Claymore to win and keeping his title.

Announcer’s Table

The announcers discuss McIntyre and Ziggler’s match and what stipulation McIntyre will put in place for Ziggler who begged for this match. We head to commercial break!

Drew McIntyre Announces Match Stipulation

Before he gets to the Dolph Ziggler stipulation, he felt the need to respond to Randy Orton. McIntyre says, “It’s official. At SummerSlam, it’s Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton.” McIntyre goes on to state Orton is on fire right now, and he knows people think McIntyre is the underdog. McIntyre states he HOPES Orton thinks that too, he hopes that’s so, since people thought that with Brock Lesnar and McIntyre kicked his ass in 5 minutes. He says Orton stated he may not see the RKO coming, but Orton WILL see the Claymore coming when McIntyre delivers it.

McIntyre tells Dolph Ziggler, I’m gonna do the same thing, have all the fun you want. Throw me through a table, try and crush my wind pipe. There’s only one difference. This time, I. Can. Too.”

McIntyre’s stipulation for his match with Dolph Ziggler is official, Extreme Rules for BOTH superstars! We head to commercial break.

Extreme Rules Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

As we return from commercial break, the match is already in progress. Ziggler slams McIntyre into the ring post on the outside. The match continues at ringside and now McIntyre sends Ziggler into the ring post! McIntyre slams Dolph into the plexiglas so hard it smashes. McIntyre smiles. We head to commercial break!

Kendo stick in hand, Drew stalks after him and wallops him with the stick! White Russian Legsweep! More kendo stick shots, jamming it in his mouth, and a fireman’s carry dumps him back in the ring. McIntyre throws chairs into the ring, nearly busting referee Eddie Orengo in the mouth with one of them!

Drew gets a table out and slides it into the ring before chopping Dolph to stagger him. Leaning the table in the corner, McIntyre gets a chair in hand and waffles him with it! Ziggler hits a low-blow on Ziggler with an Uppercut. Dolph gets a kendo stick from under the ring and hits Drew with it, choking him to return the favor.

Hammering him in the leg with it, grinding the bamboo into his eye socket, just brutalizing the large Scot with the kendo stick before going for a White Russian Legsweep into the barricade of his own. Drew blocks a shot and turns the stick on Ziggler only to get his knee kicked out from under him!

He throws Dolph onto the apron but he lands on his feet and dives, Ziggler is speared through the barricade to take us to the final break of the evening as we head to commercials!

Back from commercial, McIntyre throws Ziggler into the ring but Dolph is able to cut him off. Front kick gets a lariat, Drew going blow for blow, belly-to-belly suplexes all over the place! Headed up top, the Scot perches for a diving lariat! Kip-up, Future Shock blocked with a kick to the knee, Fameasser connects but Dolph can’t capitalize!

Ziggler heads up top, McIntyre cuts him off, mounted punches in the corner set up a superplex! Charging in for the Claymore… Ziggler is able to counter with the Zig Zag for the two count, McIntyre quickly back on his feet… CLAYMORE! Ziggler gets Claymored through the table! McIntyre gets the cover and the three count for the win!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

After the Match

McIntyre celebrates… EKO out of nowhere as Orton appears in the ring! Orton lifts the WWE Championship belt above his head with a sadistic smile as he stands over McIntyre’s curled up body with dazed and confused eyes. That ends the show as we fade to black!

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