WWE RAW Results (8/10/2020)

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (8/10): Orlando, FL

EWrestling welcomes one and all to the results for the August 10th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW airing from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Tonight’s RAW is set for an action packed episode, after Ric Flair tried to get him to act more like Randy Orton, Kevin Owens will instead battle The Viper tonight on Raw. Can KO stop Orton’s path of destruction, or will The Viper mow down Owens on his path to SummerSlam? Find out tonight on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Featured below are WWE Monday Night RAW results for August 10, 2020 written by EWrestling.com’s most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE Monday Night RAW (August 10, 2020)

Show Opening

The WWE Forever logo plays us in to the opening theme for WWE Monday Night RAW for the August 10, 2020 episode airing live from the Performance Center in Orlando, FL. It is announced that we are now just one week away from the pay-per-view event, SummerSlam. Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Samoa Joe are on commentary tonight, Joe standing in-ring to host tonight’s opening contract signing.

Quick Announcements

Announcements: Tonight, Kevin Owens faces The Viper, then Asuka is set to take on Bayley (if Asuka wins, Asuka faces Sasha Banks for the RAW Women’s Championship at Summerslam.) Later tonight, starting at 10pm, RAW Underground.

Contract Signing – Hosted By Samoa Joe

We kick things off with Samoa Joe who welcomes us to Monday Night RAW from the ring. Joe welcomes everyone to tonight’s contract signing, one competitor signing two contracts tonight. The second being a contract making the person an official WWE Superstar.

Samoa Joe first announces the first superstar that is set to sign his contract tonight, The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins!

Seth Rollins Enters

Seth Rollins makes his way out as his entrance theme sounds in the Performance Center. Rollins is accompanied by Murphy as they enter the ring alongside Joe.

Dominik Mysterio Enters

Next, Joe announces The Monday Night Messiah’s competitor by stating, “Out next, the son of the greatest luchador ever in the history of wrestling, Dominik Mysterio!” Dominik makes his way down the ramp carrying the weapon he used to attack Rollins with last week.

As Dominik enters the ring and stands across from Rollins, Rollins just smirks. Rollins says Dominik looks like a coward, a scared little boy carrying a weapon.

Rollins begins, “When is it going to be enough?” to which Dominik replies, “It’s never going to be enough!” Dominik tells Rollins, “You use the greater good as an excuse. The greater good you fight for, is for yourself!”

Seth states, “You are so, ungrateful. You are on the cusp of fulfilling your dream, and that is all because of me. You should be on your knees thanking me! You understand that?” Dominik doesn’t break Rollins’ glare as he responds, “You’re right Seth, this was my dream. But now my dream, is to kick your ass at SummerSlam.” Mysterio responds.

Seth states, “You wouldn’t make it 10 minutes in a regular, standard match with me. However, I’m going to do you a little favor. You seem to be handy with that there kendo stick, so how about at SummerSlam… you can bring that with you. You can use it, or any other tool you see fit during the match. So that you, and your family have no excuse when I end your career, before it ever begins.”

Rollins signs the contract and pushes it across the table to Dominik. Mysterio signs as well. “Give a round of applause for the newest WWE superstar, Dominik Mysterio.”

Rollins states he has a match with Humberto Carrillo next. “Get ready for what you are forcing me to do to you in two weeks at SummerSlam.” Rollins points outside of the ring telling Dominik to go!

Humberto Carrillo Enters For Tonight’s Match With Rollins

Humberto Carrillo’s music sounds in the Performance Center as Carrillo makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. As Carrillo climbs the stairs of the ring, he stops to fist bump Dominik as we head to out first commercial break of the evening!

Seth Rollins vs. Humberto Carrillo

As we return from commercial break, both superstars already standing in-ring as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the first official match up of the evening begins!

Humberto Carrillo starts out aggressively hitting a great kick to the face after a springboard, and as Rollins goes to the outside Humberto continues his attack. However, after a few chops, Rollins manages to send Humberto crashing into the barricade.

As Carrillo gets back into the ring he connects well with another kick and then unloads with punches in the corner. Rollins manages to hang up Humberto on the top rope, but Seth is set down to the floor. However, as Humberto gets ready to leap off the top rope, Murphy tries to provide a distraction until he’s attacked by Dominik with a kendo stick.

But this distraction is enough and Rollins avoids the highflying move, following it up with a superkick and then the Stomp.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the Match

Seth Rollins and Murphy grab Dominik Mysterio and maliciously attack Mysterio with a kendo stick as they mock Rey Mysterio at home. Rollins asks Dominik if he wants to say “hi” to his dad, “Hi Dad! Hi Dad!” Rollins mocks. Rollins commands Murphy remove Dominik’s t-shirt as he continuously strikes the young wrestler over and over and over again. Rollins looks into the camera as he laughs, “to be continued Rey…”

Rollins and Murphy exit the ring, leaving a welted up attacked Dominik Mysterio laying face down inside the ring. Rollins turns back staring down a badly beaten Mysterio as we head to commercial break.

Announcer’s Table

Commentators discuss the attack on Dominik Mysterio from before the break. Samoa Joe states he’s cuffed to the desk, but adds, “Dominik, you got this, and we all are counting on you.”

Video Clip – Retribution Recap

Last Monday’s RAW is recapped where Retribution continuosly deliberately messed up sound, footage, and property of the Performance Center.

Then Last Friday’s SmackDown where Retribution took over the ring with weapons as the kicked everyone out including the ring announcers as they destroyed the Performance Center.

Andrade, Angel Garza, & Zelina Vega

Out first is Andrade who is accompanied by Zelina Vega and Angel Garza. Zelina dressed ready to fight instead of her normal “manager gear” as she follows closely behind Andrade.

The three enter the ring as we go to a clip from Last Monday where Montez Ford collapsed during his match, then Bianca Belair confronting Zelina Vega for poisoning her husband as they spoke backstage.

“You’ll Never See It Coming” Tag-Team Match of Andrade & Angel Garza vs. The Street Profits announced for SummerSlam.

Inside the ring, Zelina begins by asking “What happens to innocent until proven guilty?” The crowd boos and shouts at Vega. Vega responds, “Shut up before I turn those masks into muzzles!”

Zelina continues, “If the Street Profits want the smoke… they can have that. We want the RAW tag-team titles!”

Street Profits’ Angelo Dawkins Enters

Angelo Dawkins heads out by himself (Montez Ford nowhere in sight) as Street Profits music sounds. The lights go out and music cuts as Dawkins heads down the ramp towards the ring. Dawkins stops on the apron to hype the crowd. Dawkins vs. Andrade is announced for after the break.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Andrade

As we return from commercial break, Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits and Andrade are both standing inside the ring as the bell rings and the match officially begins! Dawkins is a pure flurry of violence at the bell, punching away! Whip reversed, leapfrog, front kick, right hands knock the headbands off but Angelo dropkicks Andrade to the floor! Andrade taking his time, breaking the count, keeping distance, and when Dawkins tries to come out after him he cuts him off and puts boots to him!

Grinding him down, trading forearms, Angelo gets away from him and hits a corkscrew elbow! Overhead Exploder Suplex follows it up, dodge the spinning Stinger Splash and Andrade hammers him with forearms! Corner knees, and the cover to no avail! Off the top, Dawkins with a right hand! Zelina Vega runs interference, Bianca Belair takes her out from behind as Angelo Dawkins hits the Cash Out for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Angelo Dawkins

After the Match

Following Dawkins win, Bianca Belair, wife of Montez Ford begins to talk trash to Angel Garza and immediately takes “the smoke” to Zelina Vega. Zelina runs away before their match can begin. We head to commercial break.

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

We return from commercial break and Zelina Vega is still exclaiming “she didn’t do it” as Belair brings the smoke! Belair drives Vega into the canvas, then dares her to get up.

The referee between the two, Vega goes around the official with a Poke to the eye. Vega scrambles for the cover, Belair still kicks out. Vega shoves Belair as she gets back to her feet. Bianca shoves Vega into the corner. Vega grabs the hair of Belair, then shoves her into the corner hitting a kick to the side of her face. Vega with a hip attack and another pin attempt. Vega grabs Belair by the hair shouting, “I didn’t do it!” Belair lifts Vega for the KOD, Vega able to escape.

Elbow from Belair, Vega uses the ropes to her advantage, dropping Belair to the canvas. Vega heads to the second rope in the corner for the Crossbody. Belair lifts Vega above her head and slams her to the mat! Belair pounces on Vega, the EST has had enough. Belair with a whirlwind of a beating on Vega, then tossing her across the ring. Once again tossing Vega. Belair dives at Vega who side steps, Belair slamming head first into the ring post.

Vega continues to shout, “I didn’t do it!” Power Bomb by Belair. The referee begins to count for the pin, Belair not done yet, lifting her up over head, dropping her on the turnbuckle. Belair hits the KOD for the three count and retribution of her own for her husband, Montez Ford!

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the Match

We head to replays and highlights from the match!

In-Ring Interview

Charly Caruso apologizes for interrupting Belair’s victory celebration. Caruso then asks Bianca if she has any kind of proof that Vega or her team poisoned Montez Ford. Belair states she and her husband Montez Ford normally keep their careers private, but Vega messed with Ford’s career.

Caruso asks how Ford is doing medically, and if he’ll be ready for action at SummerSlam. Angelo Dawkins chimes in for that one stating Ford has never missed a big event, and “WE WANT THE SMOKE!”. We head to commercial break.

VIP Lounge

MVP welcomes us to the VIP Lounge as we return from commercial break. The Hurt Business members Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin stand inside the ring, alongside MVP inside the ring, er, “lounge” as MVP proclaims tonight’s episode is different, because he’s not in the mood to pop bottles, but rather certain people in the mouth. He asks how he’s supposed to win championships in these unsafe working conditions. “Apollo never beat me. The lights beat me.”

MVP continues on to state he’s not usually one to say “I told you so” but, “I TOLD YOU SO!” MVP mocks Apollo Crews “I am now walking around with this NEW United States Championship belt that YOU paid thousands for..” Crews laughs. MVP tells Crews he continues to makes bad decisions, including coming out to the VIP Lounge by himself.

Crews admits he makes bad decisions, because he’s a “BAADD Man.” He then continues on to remind MVP that MVP stated he didn’t care about Crews’s wife, or his kids (MVP nods in agreement). MVP sends Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin outside of the ring to take out Apollo who just as Crews quickly slides into the ring as MVP stands there alone. Crews pops MVP and throws the couch out of the “lounge” as we go to commercial break.

Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

As we return from commercial break, this match officially is underway! Forearm to the face by MVP as he attempts a pin on Crews. Crews kicks out immediately. With effortless athleticism, Apollo Crews with the Standing Moonsault and the cover as Benjamin kicks out at two. Crews almost hits the Tossing Powerbomb but Benjamin escapes. Crews does a Backflip then hits a Dropkick. Suplex by Crews. Crews tries a slam but Benjamin escapes. Benjamin lands a nasty Powerbomb. Crews kicks out. Neckbreaker by Benjamin. Benjamin continues his assault. Crews fires up and lands a Standing Moonsault. Lashley tries to trip Crews but Crew kicks Lashley in the face. Benjamin rolls up Crews for the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

After the Match

Bobby Lashley comes in to attack Crews, MVP stops him abruptly stating he “needs him healthy” for SummerSlam. MVP reminds Crews he’s “just looking out for him” but Crews doesn’t want to hear it as he strikes MVP.


We are informed a cinder block has been thrown through the glass of the Performance Center, we go to live footage of the events as people are shouting and masked strangers are running around. We head to commercial break.

Backstage – Natalya and Lana

As Mickie James is being interviewed backstage, Natalya and Lana walk up wearing identical outfits and hairstyles, looking like twins. Creepy. “How are you going to lead the division if you don’t have a Tik Tok?” Lana asks Mickie. Lana says Natalya is the B.O.A.T.” Then stops herself, and smiles, “BOAT “Best of all Time… hashtag BOAT!” Natalya says “You might as well call me the Serena Williams of the WWE” Mickie James says, “Boats sink, hashtag that. See ya next week!”

WWE Underground

The commentary team discuss last week’s inaugural debut of WWE Underground with Shane McMahon. We then head into a video highlighting last week’s event.

Backstage – Erik and lady friend

Ivar and Erik are backstage, “He’s kinda cute, don’t blame him.” She then looks to Ivar stating, “You? Not so much” Cedric Alexander and Ricochet cover their mouths and look away trying not to laugh at Ivar, Ricochet says mumbled through his fingers, “It’s not rude if you don’t look.” We head to commercial break.

Video Clip – Seth Rollins Kendo Stick Attack On Dominik Mysterio Recap

As we return from commercial break, commentary sends us to a video clip highlighting the brutal attack by Seth Rollins and Murphy with a kendo stick on Dominik Mysterio following Rollins match with Humberto Carrillo.

8-Man Tag-Team MatchCedric Alexander, Ricochet, & The Viking Raiders vs. Akira Tozawa & Masked Ninjas

Out first for this eight man tag-team match up is Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Erik and Ivar of The Viking Raiders. Akira Tozawa and his ninjas are already in the ring. Ricochet and Alexander begin to drop ninjas and throw them from the ring! Cedric, Ricochet, Erik, and Ivar dominate the entire match, ultimately getting the win.

Winners: Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, & The Viking Raiders

R-Truth Wins 24/7 Title!

Akira Tozawa makes his way up the ramp after his match and one of the masked ninjas suddenly slams Tozawa for the three count pin. The ninja removes his hood and it’s R-Truth! The 38 Time 24/7 Champion runs up the ramp with a huge smile as he got his baby back!!

Backstage – WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

We head backstage where Charly Caruso is interviewing Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says the reason Randy Orton hasn’t been helping the younger generation is simple— self-preservation. He wants to make sure he’s on top of WWE for as long as he possibly can, and when he ripped the torch from Mick Foley’s hand years ago, he realized that if he ever let go of it, he’d be a thing of the past.

McIntyre states he’s going to rip the torch from Orton’s hand and Evolution has passed. Orton. by. With that, McIntyre turns to walk away. Caruso asks, “What if Kevin Owens rips the torch from Kevin Owens tonight?” McIntyre turns back and replies, “If that’s the case, Kevin and I will have to have a long talk about the future, of Monday Night RAW. We head to commercial.

Peyton Royce vs. Liv Morgan

Out first is Liv Morgan who is accompanied by former Riott Squad teammate, Ruby Riott. The two make their way to the ring. Out next is Peyton Royce representing The Iiconics accompanied by the other half of The Iiconics, Billie Kay. The two Iiconic members continue to trash talk Liv and Ruby until they got to the ring. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

Royce caught Morgan with a nice spin kick about a minute into the match. Moments later, they both landed simultaneous kicks and fell to the mat. Billie Kay jumps up on the apron as Riott attempts to cut her off.

Unfortuntely, the referee and Morgan saw Riott and thought she was trying to get involved. Royce hit a distracted Morgan from behind and then hit a Deja Vu finisher and scored the pin.

Winner: Peyton Royce

Video Clip – Asuka and Sasha Banks

We head to the clip of Asuka and Sasha Banks’s match where Asuka left the ring, ultimately losing her title trying to save her best friend and tag-team partner Kairi Sane. Then last week’s RAW where Sasha Banks told Asuka she could have a re-match, IF she beat Banks best friend, Bayley first! Asuka gladly agreed.

Quick Announcement

We are reminded that it’s almost 10 o’clock which means it’s almost time for RAW Underground. Shane McMahon walks up to a body guard watching the door as we head to commercial break.

RAW Underground – Week Two

Riddick Moss is currently fighting as we are welcomed to the second week of RAW Underground with Shane McMahon. McMahon sees a hard fall and reminds everyone, “It’s ok, no rules, no rules.”

Asuka vs. Bayley

Out first is Asuka as her entrance theme sounds in the arena. Asuka makes her way to the ring, awaiting her opponent. Out next is Bayley who is accompanied by Sasha Banks. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

Asuka came out of the gate like a pint-sized wild stallion, all over Bayley to start things off in this match up! Asuka clearly has a one track mind in earning her spot at SummerSlam against Sasha Banks! Asuka heads up top! Bayley tries to catch Asuka off the top, Asuka rides the wave! Both superstars end up down on the mat.

The lights flicker again. Redemption? Bayley had taken over the offense, but Asuka caught her with a kick to the face. The lights continued to flicker, which the broadcast team and the wrestlers just ignored. Asuka hit Bayley with a hip attack and covered her for a two count. Bayley rolled to ringside a short time later. Banks is heard on the outside of the ring shouting, “Back up! Back up!” as she attempts to assess her friend’s condition as we head to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, Sasha Banks attempts to create a distraction. Bayley locks in a submission, Asuka able to maneuver her way to the bottom rope. A viscous DDT to the ankle of Asuka, continuing to target one specific body part of Asuka. Banks attacks the injured leg of Asuka, the referee didn’t see. Bayley goes for the pin, Asuka kicks out once again.

The two go back and forth with submission attempts and quick finishes. Bayley looks to have the match finished. Bayley is showboating around the ring, as she goes for the finish, Asuka is able to counter into an Asuka Lock! Bayley is forced to tap!

Winner: Asuka

After the Match

Sasha Banks hugs her title saying, “it’s mine, it’s mine.”

Quick Announcement

One week from now, Asuka vs. Sasha Banks for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship!

WWE Underground

We return to the dark smoky WWE Underground platform where Shane McMahon is introducing the next match-up. Brazilian champion, Arturo Ruas dropping Elbows to the face of his competitor. Getting in Half Guard, going for strikes. McMahon says, “let him up, let him up” A Standing Roundhouse Kick to the face, and his competitor is OUT for the count.

Winner: Arturo Ruas

After the Match

McMahon asks who wants to take on Ruas next, “Any takers?” everyone looks down and to the side as we go to commercial break.

We return from commercial break and Shayna Baszler steps up to last week’s “winner” from the first night of WWE Underground. Shayna Baszler looks to enter into the match-up, Shane McMahon asks, “Who wants to take on Shayna? Any takers?” No one speaks up, so Shayna exits and begins fighting a random woman on the outside. Baszler lifts the woman over her shoulder, throwing her onto the dojo floor. Baszler dominates the woman. A second blonde woman enters shouting, “Get off her!” and jumps on Baszler’s back. Then a third with a shaved head joins in.

Baszler takes them all down one by one. All three women slowly back to their feet all around Baszler (one has a bloody mouth), two Spear Baszler, a Big Right Hand by Baszler. Baszler once again with the Ground and Pound. Shayna locks in the Kirafuda Clutch on her third competitor who taps. Shane calls it.

Parking Lot – Destruction

The announcers are discussing Baszler being “made” for the WWE Underground when we cut to footage of the parking lot. A car is overturned and the masked destructive group are smashing the car’s windows and beating the doors and entire exterior with weapons.

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

We cut back to the Performance Center as Randy Orton’s entrance theme sounds. Orton makes his way to the stage accompanied by Ric Flair. Orton heads down the ramp and enters the ring, climbing the corner turnbuckles to strike a pose as we head to commercial break. Main event when we return!

We return from commercial break as Kevin Owens music sounds. Owens stare right through The Viper as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring for tonight’s main event. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and our main event is officially underway!

Kevin Owens heads in at Orton immediately. Orton counters with a strike of his own. Orton hits a Viper Kick on Owens, looking to take over in the match up. Kevin Owens full force with a Cannon Ball into Randy Orton. Owens hits another Cannon Ball into Orton as we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break and The Viper focuses on the injured shoulder of Owens. The referee gets to the count of nine on Owens, Orton rolls out and back in to reset the count. Orton slams Owens injured shoulder into the steel stairs. The referee is at the count of eight. Orton gets more and more worked up, hitting the Orton Stomp. Orton goes for the cover to put away Owens, Owens kicks out. A Clothesline followed up by a Senton from a surprising come-up by Owens. Owens fights through the pain to get back to his feet with the help of the ropes. Owens looking for a Power Bomb, Orton sees it coming and hugs the ropes. Belly to Back Suplex on the announce desk by Orton.

The referee is at the count of five when Orton rolls Owens in. Orton goes for the cover, Owens kicks out at two. A look of frustration on the face of Orton as he gets back to his feet. Owens breathing heavily as Orton lifts Owens to the a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Orton climbs to the top turnbuckle alongside Owens. The two deliver strikes back and forth close-range.

Owens with a Headbutt drops Owens to the mat. A Senton by Owens off the top for the cover. The crowd pops! Owens channels his inner viper! Owens goes for The Stunner, but Orton counters and hits an RKO for the three count!

Winner: Randy Orton

After the Match

Randy Orton climbs the turnbuckles and poses for his victory. Orton grabs a mic as Flair is exiting the ring. Orton asks Ric Flair to stay put, for now. Flair says, “Big win! Big win!” with a smile on his face as we head to commercial.

In-Ring Randy Orton Delivers Message To Flair

As we return from commercial break, Orton tells Flair he SHOULD be mad at him, but he can’t be. He repeats it again. I was only in this fight with KO because your ego got me into this fight. I can’t be mad at you though, you’re the Nature Boy and you’re the dirtiest player in the game. For the past 20 years, you’ve had my back, you’ve taught me everything I know. You are one of the reasons I’m still in this ring after 20 years.”

He goes on, “Do you remember 2002-2003, in Gloria, Illinois, I got myself into a little trouble, you came and you bailed me out. My 22 year old punk ass got into trouble and you were there for me. I loved ya Ric. But I don’t respect you anymore and I DON’T love you. You are a liability to my career and me and everything I’m trying to get done. I looked back all those years and I know why you took me under your wing. I was the son you WISH you had.

Come on you old ass man, go ahead sob like a little baby, lets see it. You’re not the Ric Flair everyone used to look up to. The Ric Flair I knew wouldn’t knew wouldn’t need a pace maker to keep his heart going, the Ric Flair I knew wouldn’t have fallen into a coma like you did two years ago. You are not the same, you are washed up.

Orton continues, “At SummerSlam, I stand to take the championship for the 14th time, but instead, you were just worried about yourself.”

Ric takes the mic, “I’m taking this very personal, and I hear ya. Lemme tell you a couple things about me. #1 the Ric Flair you knew in 2001 isn’t here anymore. DO I like the spotlight? Yea. Do I like to call you the greatest? Yea. Do I like the spotlight? I’m 71 years old and I’m on RAW and it’s the greatest. I am here because I DO want your approval, I do want to be there for you when you win your 14th, 15th, 16th… win. I wanna see you beat MY record, not John Cena’s. A record your dad grew up on.”

You crawled from the bottom to the top. Wanna see me get emotional? After 31 days of being in intensive care, I woke up, and all I wanted was to tell the people I love, that I loved them. I called everybody that mattered to me, I’m not trying to take anything with you. All I am right now, is Charlotte’s dad that wants to be a part of Randy Orton’s life.

I’m a big fan of you, and you’re the guy to break my record. That’s all I want.

Orton grabs the mic and throws it out of the ring and hugs Flair. Orton gets behind Flair and delivers a low blow. Orton whispers in Flair’s ear something inaudible before standing once again. Orton stands over Flair as someone in the audience shouts, “Randy, DO NOT!” Orton steps back, the lights go out as Orton goes for a finishing kick to Flair (so we don’t see it).

“You son of a BITCH!” Drew McIntyre runs into the ring. “You EVIL son of a bitch!” WWE officials join McIntyre in the ring, The Viper continues to pace the stage, watching, waiting. McIntyre stares up at Orton with pure hatrid and anger on his face. McIntyre gets to his feet and Orton stares him down. McIntyre turns his back on Orton, returning to the injured Ric Flair.

McIntyre stands once more, looking to Orton as McIntyre states, “You’re gonna get what’s coming to you at SummerSlam, Randy. I’m gonna hurt you, I’m gonna hurt you bad, you evil son of a bitch…”

The show comes to a close.

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