WWE RAW Results - July 20

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (July 20, 2020): Orlando, FL

EWrestling.com welcomes one and all to the results for the July 20th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW airing from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida following the WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show pay-per-view that aired yesterday, Sunday, July 19th.

Featured below are WWE Monday Night RAW results for July 20, 2020 written by EWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE Monday Night RAW (July 20, 2020)

Show Opening

The opening sequence starts at 8:00 p.m. EST on the dot, followed by the WWE Forever logo. We then head into the Performance Center for tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW!

Video Package – Rollins/Mysterio Feud

The show kicks off with a video package airing highlighting the events leading up to the “Eye for an Eye” Match at last night’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, followed by clips from the match itself including the win by Seth Rollins as Mysterio’s eye has been removed from it’s socket. Rollins throws up next to the barricade as Mysterio is assisted out of the arena and towards the medical area then flashes to black.

The RAW opening theme starts!

In Arena

We are welcomed to Monday Night RAW and the Big Show versus Randy Orton Unsanctioned Match is mentioned by commentary. Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe, and discuss the match until the entrance theme for Seth Rollins sounds in the arena.

In-Ring Seth Rollins and Murphy

The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins steps to the stage with Murphy close behind. Byron Saxton notes that Rey Mysterio’s eye was not “severed” from it’s socket, so there is hope.
The crowd begins to chant, “Rey, Rey, Rey!” as Rollins begins to speak. Rollins lifts the mic to his mouth and begins to speak, “Rey Mysterio’s eye came out of it’s socket.” Rollins adds he understood the meaning of the Eye for an Eye Match, but what happened last night, will stay with him for the rest of his life.

“The image of Rey Mysterio holding his own bloody eye in his hand will stay with me for the rest of my life. It was sick, it was barbaric, and made me sick to my stomach,” Rollins continues over the sounds of the fans shouting.

“Let’s remember who asked for this match, who chose the stipulation, Rey Mysterio,” Rollins continues as he finishes, “actions have consequences.” Rollins then changes his tone stating we cannot dwell in the past. Now that Rey is “out of sight” and Monday Night RAW is free to fulfill it’s potential, it can happen and will happen. There is no one left to stand in the way of the greater good…”

Aleister Black Joins Seth Rollins In-Ring

Aleister Black’s music sounds in the Performance Center as Black makes his way down the ramp towards the ring where Rollins and Murphy stand. “Don’t you dare deflect any of this blame on anyone but yourself” Black starts, “This is on YOUR hands. I am here to rectify ALL of this!” Black goes after Rollins, Murphy ultimately pulls Black from the ring and a brawl ensues at ringside. Aleister Black dominates Murphy, sending him across the announcer’s table, then re-entering the ring. Rollins quickly flees the ring as we head to our first commercial break of the evening.

Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins

We return from commercial break and we are informed the match is already underway as things kicked off during the break. The match pours out to ringside as Rollins takes Black and throws him towards the announcer’s table before rolling Black back into the ring.

Rollins heads into the cover onto Black who kicks out at the two. Rollins back to his feet, Black following close behind as Rollins with a Snap Suplex takes Black right back to the canvas for the cover. Black kicks out at two once again. Rollins twisting the arm of Black and shoving him into the corner of the ring where Black hits the top turnbuckle hard. Rollins continues to focus on the injured arm of Black. Black with a massive Kick on Rollins, then another massive Kick.

Rollins attempts to counter with a Suplex, Black pulls the top rope down, sending Rollins to the outside of the ring. Black takes control of the match. Murphy on the apron, Black knocks Murphy off. Black Mass by Black, Murphy re-enters the ring, Black with a Kick to Murphy as Rollins rolls underneath the bottom rope to safety. Murphy comes at Black once again, Black Mass by Black knocking Murphy to the canvas as we head to commercial once again!

As we return from commercial break, Black looks for Black Mass once again, but misses as Rollins is able to duck under it. Rollins with a Superkick on Black, then another Superkick on Black, knocking him to the canvas. Rollins shouts to ringside, “Murphy! Murphy!” though Murphy is visibly injured on the outside of the ring.

Rollins looks to make his way to the top turnbuckle, Black back to his feet as he attempts to slow Rollins. A struggle ensues on the top turnbuckle, Rollins jumps off the top and once again injures the already injured arm of Black by pulling down on Black’s arm from the apron as Seth lands on his feet. Back in the ring, Black looks for Black Mass, no luck.

Rollins hits the Stomp on Black inside the ring and drags himself in for the cover, getting the three count pin and win on Black.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match

Rollins begins up the ramp with Murphy as his music continues to play. Rollins looks up at the image of himself as the Monday Night Messiah before turning back to the ring and looking at Black who is still laying in the middle of the ring. Rollins points at Black and mumbles to Murphy as the two run back towards the ring and dominate the injured Black.

Murphy holds Black as Rollins states, “How’s your injured arm, huh? You keep doing this, when are you people going to learn?” Rollins then slams Black’s arm around the ring post. “When is enough enough?” Rollins asks. Rollins heads towards the announcer’s table, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton flee the table as Rollins destroys the announcer’s table and continues to brutally attack Aleister Black, focusing mostly on his arm. Black cries out in pain.

“Who is here to save you? I’ll tell you who, your Messiah!” Rollins then stomps hard on the broken table with Black’s arm under it. Rollins begins to walk away once more as Black cries out in excruciating pain. Rollins stops again at the top of the ramp, Murphy smiling and nodding.

Announcer’s Table

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton discuss Seth Rollins noting he is a sick human being and what we just witnessed is just a painful reminder.

Apollo Crews suffered an injury last month by Bobby Lashley and did not pass the medical clearance to fight. Phillips sends us into last night’s Horror Show at Extreme Rules where MVP announces he himself is the new champion due to forfeit.

Phillips notes that Crews is still the champion despite MVP’s announcement.

Backstage – MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Ron Simmons

“There’s a better way.” Ron Simmons finishes stating in a conversation with MVP and Lashley. They all fist bump and Simmons walks away. MVP looks in the opposite direction, and shouts to R-Truth. MVP says we all know that Crews is the champ. MVP and Bobby Lashley ask to have the 24/7 Champ in the ring with him.

Truth declines, stating the Bobby Nelson hurt to which Lashley explains it’s called the “Full Nelson”. Truth replies to Lashley, “that hurts you know!” Lashley responds that they wanted the NEW 24/7 Champ to join them in-ring. Truth declines and turns to walk away and is struck by Shelton Benjamin and a referee counts the three and declares the new champion as we head to commercial break!

MVP, Bobby Lashley, & Shelton Benjamin In-Ring

As we return from commercial break, MVP, Bobby Lashley, and the new 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin are announced and make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. MVP announces in case we were under a rock, he is the new champion after Apollo Crews was forced to forfeit due to injuries caused last month by Bobby Lashley locking the Full Nelson on Crews.

MVP continues on to state that Apollo Crews is currently home “nursing his wounds” while the new champion stands in-ring. MVP informs us of last night’s events and says he doesn’t make excuses, he makes history, and it didn’t matter if Apollo Crews showed up or not. Once they get done beating up on dumb and dumber— er, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, they’re gonna get in the whip and go have a proper championship party.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet Join In-Ring

They say dumb and dumber was funny back in 2006 when his career was relevant, but all they see now is a coward holding a title he didn’t earn and stands behind Bobby Lashley. Cedric says they’ve been champions here before and they’ll do it again, with or without Porter. MVP says when he looks at his boys here he sees the Hurt Business, and when he looks at Alexander and Ricochet, he sees a pair of little boys.

But they’ll make it fair— pick any two of them and they’ll do a tag match. The baby-faces say they have a tag partner who believes they’re full of garbage and who is making his return to Monday Night Raw. MVP says it’s not Apollo, and he’s right— IT’S MUSTAFA ALI!

Mustafa Ali Joins Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

The heels rush them but the baby-faces fend them off! STEREO DIVE FAKE-OUTS! We head to commercial break with the Hurt Business standing ringside.

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, & Ricochet vs. the Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley, MVP, & Shelton Benjamin)

We return from commercial break with this match-up already underway. Ricochet and Lashley to start, the younger man using his speed but Bob throws him into the corner and he tags Alexander. Solebutt, forearm, chop, Lashley turns him inside out with a lariat and puts him in the corner for a beating! Quick tags, isolating Cedric, working him over at length until he gets a tag!

Ricochet in on Benjamin, tagging Ali in, he lights the new 24/7 champ up and sends him to the floor as we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Hurt Business are in control and working Ricochet over. Ricky gets a jawbreaker on Benjamin, reaching, desperate, but Porter tags in and cuts him off by attacking his injured knee, and the heat segment rolls on. Shelton proves the opening, as Ricochet dropkicks him and tags Ali! MVP in also, Mustafa with flying chops, pop-up dropkick, he’s fired up!

Chops in the corner, whip reversed, pop to the apron, land a kick, rolling thunder X-Factor for two! The match breaks down, the baby-faces dive one-by-one on Lashley and get caught only for Ali to wipe him out with his final dive! Kick-flip Moonsault from Ricochet on Benjamin! Back inside, sidestep the Drive-By, Ali with a Neck-breaker then heads to the top turnbuckle. Ali hits the 450 Splash onto MVP for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet

After the Match

Mustafa, Cedric, and Ricochet stand tall inside the ring as MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin stand on the ramp defeated and visibly angry.

Quick Announcement

The commentary team make mention that the legend killer, Randy Orton takes on Big Show in an Unsanctioned Match later tonight as we head backstage to where Orton is standing alone looking into the distance.

Backstage – Randy Orton Promo

Orton turns and looks to the camera as he begins, “Do you ever think to yourself about those moments back in time that could have changed things?” Orton then answers his own question, “I do.” Orton gives a list of different moments in the WWE that people may guess he would want to change. Finally Orton announces, “The moment I’m referring to is the moment I see every time I shut my eyes. I’m talking about 175 days ago when I swung a steel chair on the surgically repaired neck of Edge.” Orton states as he looks into the camera.

Orton continues on, “That moment gave me satisfaction. It made me feel fantastic, standing over that man knowing I ended his career. Then when his best friend came to defend him, and I ended him as well. I will enjoy immensely ending Big Show’s career, once and for all.” With that, we head to commercial break.

Backstage – Ron Simmons & The Viking Raiders

As we return from commercial break, we head backstage where we see Ron Simmons chatting with the Erik and Ivar of the Viking Raiders.

Video Package – Big Show Retrospective

Next we head into a video package where we get a Big Show career retrospective, to remind you all that he is the largest, and thus the best, wrestler of all time.

Call-In Interview w/ Christian

Christian calls in from home for an interview. To start things off, Christian says he’ll never look at Ric Flair the same way again, and he’s not sure he’ll ever be the same, after the Nature Boy helped Randy Orton beat the hell out of him last time he was on Raw.

Christian continues on to say Big Show is ready for any kind of traps Randy might have set for him, and he can’t wait to see him knock Orton’s ass out cold.

Backstage Interview – Bianca Belair

We head backstage once again, we see Bianca Belair. Belair says she was just here to show up, show out, and help her pal Ruby Riott out.

At this point, Peyton Royce enters. Royce says Bianca is the dumb-est for showing back up, then at the same time, Ruby Riott rolls up to remind her who won last time.

Royce says Ruby should just forfeit now, and Belair should be careful of turning out like Liv Morgan. Royce stands alone as Billie Kay is off on some important business. Bianca gets in her face and backs Riott off as we head to commercial break.
Riott a tornado of offense with a leg pick, raining forearms down, shoulder thrusts in the corner but Royce gets the reverse roundhouse and returns the favor with the grounded right hands! Whip across, axehandle, cover for two. Lotus Lock surfboard in the ropes, breaking at referee Aja Perera’s command.

Jawing at Ruby, throwing kicks, Riott with strikes of her own, go-behind ends up on the apron, slide under, victory roll and the ropes but Perera sees it, no count! Jumping roundhouse staggers Ruby, Peyton up top, nobody home, wristlock applied by Riott as Peyton runs in. Riott Kick for the counter gets the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Ruby Riott

After the Match

Ruby Riott puts her hands over her mouth, in excitement for her first win since returning to Monday Night RAW.

Backstage – Angel Garza, Andrade, & Zelina Vega

Backstage, Vega states, “Play time is over. Both Angel Garza and Andrade have been on the same page. Where have the Street Profits been? They’ve been in hiding. Maybe Andrade and Garza will win on a count out since the champions are too scared to show up.”

Garza begins to talk about the element of surprise and how he is prepared for anything when suddenly Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of the Street Profits suddenly swoop in and attack Angel Garza and Andrade, taking them to the ground backstage. “You want the smoke? You want the smoke?!” Ford shouts as they head out. Vega checks to make sure Garza and Andrade are alright as we head to commercial break.

The Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega

As we return from commercial break, out first are Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford representing The Street Profits as they make their return to Monday Night RAW, heading to the ring for tonight’s match-up. Out next are Angel Garza and Andrade accompanied by Zelina Vega. The referee signals for the bell the bell rings and the match begins.

Garza and Andrade immediately go after Dawkins and Ford, knocking Ford from the ring. The two double team Dawkins inside the ring to start things off!

Garza in the ring with Dawkins as Garza gets the tag from Andrade. Dawkins with a Slap to the face, Garza puts down Dawkins. Dawkins makes the tag to Ford as Garza makes the tag to Andrade. Ford quickly runs in, jumping over Andrade multiple times, shouting as he looks into the camera. Andrade lands outside of the ring as Ford runs and flips over the top rope, landing on Andrade then quickly returning to the ring, shouting once more as we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break with Dawkins as the legal man in with Andrade. Dawkins in control as he tags in Ford. Dropkick by Ford as he enters the ring. Andrade with multiple Shoulder Shoves in the corner of the ring before tagging in Angel Garza. Garza with a nasty Kick across the face of Ford. Vega smiles from ringside. Garza tags in Andrade once again.

Garza and Andrade double team Ford inside the ring. Garza takes Ford down, twisting Fords arms behind his back with Ford face-down on the mat. Garza tags in Andrade. Ford takes a nasty fall. Andrade with the Abdomenal Stretch on Ford in the center of the ring. Ford shouts as he begins to fight his way out. Ford tosses Andrade. Ford with a Kick to the side of the face as he tags in Angelo!

Back Elbow to take down Andrade, then Garza enters the ring, Andrade takes down Garza as well. Suplex into a Spinning Splash finishing with a Bulldog on Andrade. Garza saves Andrade just in time. Ford heads to the top turnbuckle. From the Heavens by Ford.

Winner: The Street Profits

After the Match

We immediately go to replays, highlighting Ford’s high flying moves. We return and Ford climbs onto the announcer’s desk and begins dancing, holding a red cup as he and Dawkins celebrate.

Announcer’s Table/Video Clip

Tom Phillips switches subjects as he notes Asuka had her hands full in the confusing match against Sasha Bank (accompanied by Bayley). We head into a video clip of last night’s match.

Backstage – Angel Garza & Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega)

As we return from commercial break, we are backstage with Angel Garza and Andrade along with Zelina Vega. Vega shouts at both of her competitors, as clearly things are not in sync between them. We then return inside the arena as Banks’ music sounds.

In-Ring – Sasha Banks and Bayley

“Show some love for your new RAW Women’s Champion!” Bayley announces. Sasha holds the title belt high above her head and dances around. Banks then states, “I know a lot of people have been talking about me. People are accusing me of stealing this RAW Women’s Championship.”

Banks continues on to state, “Becky Lynch HANDED the title to Asuka, literally handed it. Just like last night when Asuka spit that disgusting mist into the referee’s face. Bayley didn’t steal the referee’s shirt, she borrowed it, because someone needed to officiate MY match!” Bayley says, “I am not just Bayley Dos Straps, I am your Role Model! I had to do the right thing, and make the count!”

Banks says, “I am Da Boss, Da Standard, Da Blue Print… and now we have ALL the gold!” Banks and Bayley jump around the ring holding the belts up high.

Asuka and Kairi Sane Join

Asuka heads out with Kairi Sane. “Asuka was not ready for thief!” Asuka shouts in japanese. Banks states, “This is your title? Then come get it.”

Asuka and Kairi Sane begin down the ramp when suddenly,

Stephanie McMahon Appears On Jumbo-Tron

Stephanie McMahon appears on the jumbo-tron. She congratulates Bayley and Sasha Banks on their tag-team championship. Then Bayley on her SmackDown Women’s Championship. She then says as for the RAW Women’s Championship, the match last night WAS a “Horror Show”. Stephanie says she has a difference of opinion with Banks on who the champ is. McMahon goes on to state that Banks did NOT win the match…. but neither did Asuka.

Stephanie continues, “So next week, there will be a championship for the championship and you can lose via pinfall, submission, count-out, and even if a certain role-model gets involved… you will LOSE.” Bayley and Banks flee the ring as Asuka and Kairi Sane rush the ring. We head to commercial break.

Kairi Sane vs. Bayley

As we return from commercial break, Kairi Sane and Bayley are inside the ring for tonight’s match-up. The bell rings and the match begins! Sane lighting Bayley up with overhand chops. Knife-edge chops in the mix as well, fakeout to a small package, only one! Bayley in the ropes to force the break, mat slam follows it up, Kairi headscissors her to the floor! Following out after her, taking her back inside, cover for two but Bayley follows it up by flapjacking her into the post!

Putting boots to Sane in the corner, shoulder thrusts, a Snapmare into a cover for one and she locks a reverse chinlock on. Back elbows to break, crossbody for two, Bayley drops her with a right and follows it up with punishing strikes! Snap suplex, cover for two, small package from Kairi almost does it! Bayley punching her in the back of the neck, referee John Cone warns her off.

Straight suplex, another two count, looking for a suplex over the ropes and to the floor but Sane hangs on for dear life and axe kicks her over the ropes! Kairi perches up top, diving double stomp to the back but Bayley rolls to the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Sane hits Bayley with a sliding elbow in the corner but the Champion gets her knees up. Bayley targets the arm of Sane, bending it around the ropes. Shayna Baszler gets an interview backstage during the match, and she says she doesn’t have a match tonight. She’s the best women in the division and she’s not featured, so yeah, she has a vested interest in this match like a shark smelling blood.

Back with the action and Sane does in fact hit the sliding elbow to Bayley in the corner. Sane goes up top but Bayley gets back on top and applies a hangman armbreaker. Sane kicks Bayley’s foot and she falls into the tree of woe, so Sane hits a double stomp for a near-fall. Sane hits a spinning backfist, then hits an interceptor.

Sane goes up top and leaps for the InSane Elbow and she hits it but her right arm prevents her from making a quick pin and Bayley gets a foot on the rope. Bayley whips Sane to the ropes and hits a big knee to counter a spear, then hits a belly-to-back suplex. Bayley goes up top and hits a Macho elbow for a near-fall. Bayley attempts a Bayley-to-Belly but Sane counters with a great roll-up for the win!

Winner: Kairi Sane

After the Match

Kairi Sane makes her way up the ramp with Asuka, all smiles as she came out victorious in tonight’s match-up. Back inside the ring, Bayley is on her knees scooping up her titles as she has a clearly discouraged look on her face, Sasha Banks sits beside Bayley in-ring, looking equally discouraged.

Backstage – Drew McIntyre

We head backstage where Drew McIntyre is walking and is stopped. McIntyre is then asked what kind of shape he’s in. Drew says he’d be a liar if he said he felt good, but he’s still WWE Champion and he’s heading to the ring right now to discuss his future. We head to commercial break.

In-Ring – Drew McIntyre

As we return from commercial break, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way to the stage as his music sounds in the arena. McIntyre makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with a mic in hand. McIntyre admits that Dolph Ziggler *almost* had him last night with his match stipulation swayed in his own favor.

McIntyre continues on to state “almost” is the story of Ziggler’s WWE career.

Dolph Ziggler Joins McIntyre In-Ring.

Ziggler makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre states Ziggler is embarrassing himself, so McIntyre is going to do Ziggler a favor, and he’s going to leave. McIntyre shoves Ziggler down and steps out of the ring. “Anything you want, you got it. Any stipulation, you name the time and the place. I don’t care. Name the stipulation, you have a match, with me. I deserve it.” McIntyre says, “You know what, all those years of law school weren’t wasted. You changed my mind, I choose the stipulation? I accept.”

Ziggler says, “What’s the stipulation?” McIntyre says, “I just said yes 5 seconds ago, I don’t know it yet. I’m going to do exactly what you did to me, I’m going to tell you the stipulation RIGHT before the bell rings.” McIntyre winks at Ziggler.

Backstage – Big Show

“In just a few minutes I’m going to be standing across the ring from Randy Orton with Ric Flair by his side.” Big Show begins. He says Orton has had a great year so far. He tore Edge’s arm off the bone. He took Christian’s One Last Match and turned it into a nightmare. I know I’m on his list right now, and I’d be foolish not to realize what kind of jeopardy my career is in, what kind of jeopardy my health is in.

Show continues, “I prayed for a long time that sadistic Randy Orton wouldn’t show its face again, but I guess those voices in his head got too loud. The voices in his head are screaming for him to have no compassion and to take all those things in his way OUT, permanently.”

At this point, Show says he’s reminded that when they used to ride around town to town, he and Orton used to call themselves “Hammer and Chisel” Show was Hammer and Orton was Chisel. That’s gone now, that friend is gone.”

Show finishes by stating, “Tigers can’t change their stripes, it can’t ignore it’s nature. Whether it was me dealing with the weight of being such a large champion and with Orton being a third generation superstar… I guess that’s changed now. He’s brought back that sadistic legend killer.

Show has been staring in the mirror the last week asking the same question, “Is this the end of the Big Show? There’s another saying about tigers, they will do anything to concur when they send the end is near. Well, this old tiger senses the end, but i’m going to do anything and everything to make sure Randy Orton doesn’t write the end of MY story!” We head to commercial break.

Main Event – Unsanctioned Match
Big Show vs. Randy Orton

The Giant, Big Show makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring as we return from commercial break. Show stands inside the ring as he awaits his opponent’s entrance. Out next is Randy Orton as his music sounds in the arena. Orton makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Show. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

Show immediately heads in at Randy Orton. Orton attempts to fight back but Big Show hits a spear and Randy rolls outside. Show grabs a table and brings it into the ring, then goes around and puts Randy on the apron for another huge chop. Before Show can get back inside, Angel Garza and Andrade run down and attack him. They slam him into the ring post and the steps while Zelina watches on. They hold Big Show and Orton lines up a kick but out comes The Viking Raiders to make the save!

Back from commercial break, Orton takes out the knee of Big Show with a massive Dropkick. Orton is calling for the Punt, as he backs up and runs towards Orton, Big Show sits up tall and quickly grabs Orton and Choke-slams him to the canvas with a loud “boom!” Show takes his time stalking Orton.

Back and forth action between the two superstars. Finally Randy hits the RKO and goes for the cover on Show! Show kicks out at two to the shock of Orton. Big Show looks for the WMD but Orton rolls out of the ring. Big Show sets up the table in the ring, then grabs Orton and throws him into the ring like a child. Show puts Orton on the table, then climbs to the middle rope. Show jumps for a Vader Bomb but Orton rolls out of the way and Show crashes through the table.

Orton laughs and crawls towards Big Show, who slowly climbs to his feet. Orton picks his moment and hits an RKO but Show kicks out! Orton leaves the ring and goes under the ring for a chair. He comes back inside and hits Big Show in the gut, then across the back. Orton talks trash then hits Show again.

Show rolls to the apron where Orton hits him with the chair again, then pulls him over the top rope for a draping DDT. Orton drops to his knees and punches the ground, then hits a second RKO and scores the pinfall.

Orton puts Show face-first with the Draping DDT after Big Show’s feet hang on the top rope. Orton begins punching the mat as he senses the end is near. As Show head back to his feet, Orton once again hits the RKO on Show! Orton goes for the cover, getting the three count for the win!

Winner: Randy Orton

After the Match

Randy Orton doesn’t exit the ring, going for the Punt as his music cuts. Orton hits the Punt on Big Show then crawls close to Show’s face as he whispers eerily, “I told you…. I TOLD YOU. One more legend down!” Orton climbs the ropes and poses as the show goes off the air!

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