WWE Raw Results (3/29/2021)

WWE Monday Night Raw Results From The ThunderDome In St. Petersburg, FL. (3/29/2021)

The road to WrestleMania 37 continues this evening, as WWE Monday Night Raw returns live on the USA Network from the ThunderDome inside of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

On tap for tonight’s WWE Raw show is the follow-up to Bobby Lashley’s offer to the WWE locker room to take out Drew McIntyre, Asuka and Rhea Ripley will ink the dotted line for their title match on “The Grandest Stage of Them All” and WWE United States Champion Riddle battles “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus.

Featured below are complete WWE Monday Night Raw results for March 29, 2021.


Earlier Today: Drew McIntyre On Bobby Lashley’s Locker Room Offer

This week’s show kicks off with an “earlier today” shot of Drew McIntyre arriving to the building. He is approached and asked about the target being put on his back by Bobby Lashley. McIntyre says he could be attacked by anyone tonight. He asks himself out loud if Lashley is good for his offer and warns that anyone who does is likely to just receive a good-old fashioned Scottish ass-kicking.

From there, we shoot inside the ThunderDome in Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL. as the commentary team welcomes us to this week’s show as the road to WrestleMania 37 continues.

The Hurt Business Is Over For Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin

After that, we hear the familiar sounds of The Hurt Business theme song and the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way down to the ring accompanied by the rest of The Hurt Business members in suits and ties.

The commentators talk about the Lashley-McIntyre title bout at WM37 as they settle into the squared circle for tonight’s opening segment.

MVP gets on the mic and declares this an official announcement from The Hurt Business. He vows that Bobby Lashley will walk in, and out, at WrestleMania 37 as WWE Champion. He says he is currently scheduled to face Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, but he wants to make their proposition clear.

Lashley then stutters his way through making it clear that anyone who takes out “The Scottish Warrior” will be rewarded with a title match at WrestleMania. MVP continues from there, claiming McIntyre has already had his opportunity and they just want to give somebody else a chance. He asks who wants to step up and accept this generous offer.

He continues and says he wants to discuss who will not be sharing the ring with The Almighty One at WrestleMania. He shows highlights from last week’s Raw off McIntyre pinning Cedric Alexander in a handicap match on last week’s show.

We return live and see The Hurt Business staring in disgust at Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander for getting themselves banned from his title match at WrestleMania by losing in the aforementioned handicap match on last week’s show. He claims he can not count on them for anything right now. He says he worked too long and too hard to associate himself with incompetence.

MVP says they need to be real. He says Lashley is right. They had an opportunity and they failed. He says this is an opportunity to speak up for themselves. Alexander says this could’ve been handled privately. Benjamin asks if they brought them out here specifically to embarass them publicly. Benjamin gets in their face and says he doesn’t want to be talked to like a child. MVP tells him to back up.

A brawl ensues as there is clearly trouble in paradise within The Hurt Business. Benjamin and Lashley are left standing. They stare at each other and then clash. The Almighty One takes him out and beats him down. MVP and Lashley stare down at Benjamin as the WWE Champion delivers one more kick to him. MVP gets on the mic and says they should be ashamed of themselves. Lashley says as far as Shelton and Cedric are concerned,. The Hurt Business is over. He tells anyone else listening that his offer regarding McIntyre still stands.

Riddle Talks To Titus O’Neil, Attacked Again By Sheamus

We see highlights of Sheamus attacking Riddle with his own scooter on last week’s show and then we see the WWE United States Champion roll up on said-scooter with his title over his shoulder.

He is approached by the WWE interviewer who asks him about the attack last week. Riddle says it pissed him off and he doesn’t like to be pissed off. He vows to handle Sheamus later tonight and then sees Titus O’Neil standing nearby.

Riddle rolls over to O’Neil and talks to him about being the co-host of WrestleMania. He tells him kids love ice cream. O’Neil walks off and Riddle keeps being goofy as he rolls forward on his scooter, only to be attacked from out of the blue from behind by Sheamus. His match with “The Celtic Warrior” is next.

We head to commercial break on that note.

Alexander, Benjamin Approach Adam Pearce With A Demand

We return and see highlights of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin being kicked out of The Hurt Business and then we shoot live backstage where we see a pissed off Alexander and Benjamin.

They approach Adam Pearce and demand a match against Bobby Lashley. Benjamin wants him tonight and if there is anything left of him, Alexander wants him the next week. They ask Pearce where his sack is and demand that he make the match before storming off in a huff.

Riddle vs. Sheamus

We return live where Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and representing The Hurt Business with them at the commentary desk is MVP. They inform us that Samoa Joe is not here this week and ask MVP about the opening segment as Sheamus makes his way down to the ring.

As “The Celtic Warrior” settles into the squared circle for our first match of the evening, we see the entrance of The Original Bro himself, WWE U.S. Champion Riddle, who scoots his way down to the ring and enters it to a big firework/pyro explosion as the fans chant “BRO! BRO! BRO!”

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this match. Early on we see Sheamus jump off in the offensive lead, taking it to his title-holding foe with his size-and-strength advantages. Riddle starts to show signs of hope, but is cut off with a series of elbows in the corner by the WWE veteran. The commentators have been mostly focused on talking to MVP about what transpired among The Hurt Business earlier in the show.

We head to a mid-match commercial break as Sheamus settles back into a comfortable lead in the offensive driver’s seat in this opening contest.

When we return from the break, we see Sheamus still dominating the action just as Riddle starts to start to show signs of life for the first time in a while. Meanwhile, the commentators continue to grill MVP about what is going on within The Hurt Business tonight.

Riddle’s offensive attempts are again cut short as Sheamus goes to work on him with punishing shots to his lower back over-and-over again. Sheamus hoists Riddle across his back and heads to the top-rope, but Riddle flips down and tries power-bombing Sheamus off the top, but Sheamus kicks his way free and takes a seat on the top-rope. Riddle chops him and climbs up after him only to be shoved down by Sheamus. Riddle pops right back up and flies up to the top ala Kurt Angle in his prime, launching Sheamus behind him as both men come crashing down to the mat, prompting MVP to question who got the short end of the stick on that spot.

Both guys exchange punches when they return to their feet, but it is Riddle who gets the better of things this time around. Riddle kicks the hell out of a grounded Sheamus as MVP gives a tip of the cap to J.R.’s old “educated feet” line for X-Pac. Riddle gets a close near fall and then goes for a triangle choke on Sheamus. He secures it and squeezes away as Sheamus stacks up and power bombs his way free momentarily, only for Riddle to recover and slap it right back on him. Sheamus finally makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

Sheamus hits a White Noise on Riddle on the hard part of the apron as he starts to take back over control of this bout. He hits a follow-up Alabama Slam on the U.S. champ for another close near fall. Riddle cuts off a Brogue Kick attempt by Sheamus and both guys go for a kick at the same time. Sheamus shucks it off and blasts Riddle with a big knee for the pin fall seemingly out of nowhere. Unusual finish there.

Winner: Sheamus

After The Match: The Bro Loses His Cool

Once the match wraps up, we see Riddle lose his cool, shoving Sheamus off the top-rope as he was celebrating the victory and knocking him out of the ring. He yells that he is gonna get what is coming to him.

Drew McIntyre Approaches AJ Styles & Omos

We see Drew McIntyre walking backstage as we return from the break when he notices AJ Styles and Omos standing by.

The Scottish Warrior says there’s no way he’s turning his back on them to, bringing up the offer from Bobby Lashley. Styles laughs, saying Lashley has McIntyre shaking in his boots.

He and Omos claim they have bigger fish to fry before bringing up their vow to destroy and humiliate The New Day. They walk off as McIntyre yells out asking who is going to take Lashley up on his offer.

Shane McMahon’s Expose’ On Braun Strowman

We see highlights of Shane McMahon suffering an injury before his scheduled match against Braun Strowman at WWE Fastlane before highlights are shown of Shane attacking Strowman on last week’s show.

We return live and we see Shane walking backstage with Elias and Jaxson Ryker as he is approached and asked what he is going to reveal about Strowman in his expose’ tonight. He says nice try but vows to reveal some big things.

He heads to the ring along with Elias and Ryker as we head to another commercial break.

Once we finish up the aforementioned McIntyre backstage segment with Styles and Omos upon returning from the break, we shoot back live inside the ring where Shane-O-Mac is standing by with Elias and Ryker.

He says it’s time to bring up the elephant in the room, noting it is not, in fact, Braun Strowman. He makes some more cracks about The Monster Among Men before delving into his expose’ of the WWE veteran.

Shane pulls out Strowman’s fifth grade report card and asks the truck to flash it on the big screen. He goes through each grade, with all of them being a D or worse, including gym. He then reads some of the teacher’s notes which makes him sound like a bully and an overall idiot.

McMahon says a picture is worth 1,000 words and has a comedy photo of Strowman wearing a dunce cap shown along with “2+2=5 … I’m not dumb!” written next to it. Shane says he’s going to out-win Braun at WrestleMania just as Ryker is about to do now here in a minute. He claims Strowman just needs a big warm hug from all of them and they’ll give it to him at WrestleMania.

Braun Strowman vs. Jaxson Ryker

On that note, we are treated to the ring entrance of The Monster Among Men, as Braun Strowman emerges as pyro explodes and fireworks go off. The big man makes his way down to the ring as Shane starts hopping around like he is famous for doing. He exits the ring as Strowman enters it, as does Elias. Ryker remains as it will be he and Strowman going one-on-one — next.

We head to a commercial break as this next match here on WWE Raw gets ready to go down. When we return from the commercials, we see Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and MVP at the commentary desk as they plug Peacock as the exclusive home for WrestleMania 37, including a special 50-percent off offer.

From there, the bell sounds and Strowman charges across the ring, decking Ryker with a big boot. He picks him up and launches him across the ring out to the floor. He heads out after him and charges after Shane and Elias. He re-enters the ring and Ryker hits him while he is distracted. This doesn’t do much, however, as Strowman shucks it off and goes back to work on his smaller foe.

Again we see Shane-O-Mac and Elias providing distractions at ringside and this time they do have an affect, as Ryker spears Strowman down and follows it up with a big bulldog. He hops on the middle ropes and jumps at him but miscalculated it and botched the spot. Strowman knocks him down. He heads out of the ring and picks up speed and steam as he charges at Ryker on the floor and like a locomotive he drives through Ryker.

Back in the ring he crushes him in the corner. He yells at Shane that this is his fate. He hoists Strowman up and hits his running power slam finisher. 1-2-3. That’s all she wrote.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After The Match: A Steel Cage Match Set For WrestleMania 37

Once the match wraps up, Strowman rolls out to the floor and charges at Shane. Shane rolls into the ring and when Strowman comes in after him, he is jumped by Shane, Elias and Ryker in a three-on-one attack. They put the boots to The Monster Among Men until he fires up and runs them off. Strowman gets on the mic and reminds Shane that he says he could pick any match he wanted at WrestleMania.

He says he has made up his mind. One that his goons can’t get involved in and one that is going to put an end to these weeks and weeks and weeks of him running for his life. He tells him there’s nowhere to run or hide, at WrestleMania, he’s gonna get these hands in a steel cage match.

The Dirt Sheet With The Miz & Morrison Feat. World Premiere Of “Hey Hey Hop Hop”

Hey Hey Hop Hop is almost here.

We see highlights of The Miz challenging Bad Bunny to a match at WrestleMania 37 in a video highlight package and then we get some hype for the world premiere of Hey Hey Hop Hop, the new single by The Miz.

We head to a commercial break and when we return live, we see The Miz and Morrison on the set of The Dirt Sheet as they get us ready for the world premiere of their new single, the hottest beat to drop since Mo Money, Mo Problems, according to Morrison.

Miz addresses Bad Bunny and brings up all of the splinters in his back and how he is going to make Bad Bunny pay for each and every one of them when they square off at WrestleMania.

Miz then shifts gears to bring up his awesome music video, which Morrison goes on to hype up some more. Miz says it’s now time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. He tells us to give it up for the official introduction and the world premiere of Hey Hey Hop Hop.

As promised, the goofy-assed music video from The Miz and Morrison airs, complete with them dressed up like bunny rabbits in the video. They even do some Spanish-sounding rap like Bad Bunny. The video cuts in and out as we also see shots of Miz and Morrison live in the ring enjoying their own work with us.

The video wraps up and the fun for Miz and Morrison doesn’t last much longer, as it isn’t long before Bad Bunny and Damian Priest appear live and once again humiliate the duo and leave them running off to the back as they stand tall in the ring.

Randy Orton Addresses The Abomination From Hell, “The Fiend”

We cut backstage where we see Randy Orton talking about having the privilege of facing the very best in the business. He names many of the legends he has squared off against and then says none of them quite compare to The Fiend.

Orton says he’s known for months that he’s had to do something to get rid of The Fiend. He says he chose to light the match and watch The Fiend burn. He says no man could survive that. He says he was so blinded that he ignored the fact that The Fiend is not a man, he is much more than that.

The Viper says The Fiend is an abomination from hell. He says he thought Alexa Bliss’ premonition about The Fiend returning was all part of some elaborate game. He says at least now he knows what he’s dealing with. He says for the final time at WrestleMania he will stand across, not from a man, but a sick and twisted abomination.

He says lucky for him that they were both cut from the same cloth. He says at WrestleMania he will dig down deep and now he knows that’ll have to dig down deep into hell to get rid of The Fiend once and for all.

Bobby Lashley vs. Shelton Benjamin

We return inside the ThunderDome where the familiar sounds of The Almighty One’s theme plays as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley emerges and heads down to the ring, as it’s time for his scheduled showdown with his former Hurt Business members.

As he settles into the ring, we see Shelton Benjamin in his ring gear and Cedric Alexander still in his suit as the commentators plug this handicap match coming up next. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

We return from the break and it’s a one-on-one match despite the claim of a handicap match made before the break. Benjamin goes one-on-one with Lashley as the bell sounds to kick this match off. MVP re-joins Phillips and Saxton on commentary as this match gets underway.

Lashley immediately starts to dominate the action, taking it to Benjamin as we see Alexander watching on from ringside. Benjamin starts to use his amateur wrestling skills and quickness to try and control the larger Lashley, however this doesn’t fare well for him here in the early goings as the WWE Champion as still at his peak strength at this point in the contest.

The Almighty One starts to take over with ease now, ragdolling Benjamin around the ring and then tossing him out to the floor like yesterday’s garbage. He heads out to the floor to add insult to injury, hoisting Benjamin up and ramming him into the steel ring post.

Bobby rolls Shelton back in the ring and measures his target, charging across the ring and spearing him in the corner. He sees Alexander at ringside getting too close for comfort so he heads out and chases him off to the back. He turns and heads back to the ring, where Benjamin is starting to get up.

As soon as Lashley gets into the ring, he walks into a Pay Dirt from Benjamin for a close near fall. We see an immediate replay of this as Benjamin and Lashley trade punches live in the ring as the match continues. Benjamin works over Lashley in the corner, getting the better of the WWE Champion with some running knees to the grill. Lashley ends up hitting an Almighty Spinebuster to quickly shift the momentum back in his favor. He picks Benjamin up and hits another one. Now he stalks his former Hurt Business member and slaps the Hurt Lock on him. That’s all she wrote, folks.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Backstage: New Day Confronts AJ Styles & Omos

Backstage we see AJ Styles and Omos standing by when New Day walks up. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods talk about it being game night as they flip through pages on a big board with random comments and plugs for their YouTube gaming channel.

They mention that they’re going to give them a chance to show that they can work as a united force ahead of WrestleMania. Styles corrects him and says what’s going to happen is he’s going to kick his ass tonight.

They talk in hyper fashion about it being game night some more and run off as Styles looks at Omos with a look of confusion on his face as we head to another commercial break.

New Day Game Night

We return from the break to New Day Game Night, as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, the Raw Tag-Team Champions, are in the ring, which is decked out in colorful game show style atmosphere, complete with games like jenga and such set up behind them.

They welcome us to New Day Game Night and then introduce AJ Styles and Omos. Styles’ theme hits and out he comes accompanied by the enormous Omos as the two make their way down to the ring while the commentators plug their Raw Tag-Team title match at WrestleMania 37.

We start things off with an explanation on how to play the game of sharades. New Day successfully guesses rocket ship after Styles and Omos don’t get things right on their first go. Styles sees his next one and says this is so easy. He draws a picture of the sun, which is the word he’s got to get Omos to guess. Omos doesn’t say anything. Maybe everyone who is big is dumb? Omos and Strowman?

No. Omos corrects us. He cuts off New Day as they continue to clown and says it’s enough of the games. He says they’re going to win the Raw Tag-Team titles at WrestleMania and then they’ll show them what they are capable of. Styles says that’s right and he’s going to show Xavier Woods what he’s capable of right now. That match is up next. We head to another commercial break.

AJ Styles vs. Xavier Woods

We’re back from the break and we see Kofi Kingston and Omos at ringside now, as it’s time for our next one-on-one contest here on tonight’s WWE Raw.

It will be “The Phenomenal One” and Woods squaring off in singles action after a quick “Ro_Knows_Wrestling” IG check-in from a young fan who does his best Hulk Hogan impression. For such a young kid, he actually kills it.

Back live, after a quick plug for Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil co-hosting WrestleMania 37, we shoot to the ring where the bell sounds and Styles and Woods get our next match underway.

Woods takes Styles down early on as we see a shot of the giant Omos standing by at ringside once again. Woods chops Styles and slams his head into the top turnbuckle as the camera focuses on Kingston cheering him on from ringside.

As he does, Styles starts to shift the offensive momentum in his favor in the ring. This doesn’t last long, however, as Woods takes back control of the match, chopping Styles down and going for a near fall. He sends Styles out to the floor next to Omos and as he prepares for a big dive to the floor, Omos steps in front of Styles to stop Woods dead in his tracks in the ring.

Styles tries to sneak in behind Woods from the other side of the ring while Woods stares down Omos, but Woods catches him at the last moment and then knocks him out of the ring on the opposite side where this time he connects with his running dive to the floor. He taunts Omos as Styles sells on the floor and we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break and we see Woods and Styles duking it out in the ring now as “The Phenomenal One” is in competitive form for the first time in a while, however it is once again the New Day member who takes over control of the offense, slamming Styles down for a close near fall that we see immediate replays of as MVP criticizes New Day for making a mockery and jokes out of everything.

Styles starts to cut off Woods and take over on offense. He hits a couple of high-spots on the New Day member after knocking him off the top-rope. He sets him up for the Styles Clash, however Woods escapes and takes back control of the bout. He grounds Styles and heads to the top-rope. As he does, we see Omos pull Styles over to the ropes. Woods notices this and criticizes Omos from the ring, so Omos, from the floor, decks him as the ref calls for the bell.

He then grabs Kingston by the throat and launches him over the barricade. Afterwards, he joins Styles in the ring for a prolonged two-on-one beatdown of Woods.

Winner via DQ: Xavier Woods

Alexa’s Playground

We see Alexa Bliss on a swingset backstage as the commentators promote Alexa’s Playground coming up next. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

When we return from the break, we are shown brief highlights of what transpired between Omos, AJ Styles and The New Day before we head into a video package showing the history between Randy Orton, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, culminating in the return of the new Fiend at WWE Fastlane.

From there, we return to the set of Alexa’s Playground where Alexa Bliss is holding a Jack in the Box. She asks if we love them. She says this looks like an ordinary one but it’s not. It’s so much more. She said centuries ago they were called a Devil in the Box. Legend says they have spells all over them containing a demonic presence, only after they are awakened, of course.

She says that’s what happened at TLC. She says Randy burned The Fiend alive. She says he then truly believed that he was gone forever, but he was wrong. She says The Fiend was just weakened and trapped in the Fienddom Box. She says you can’t trap people forever. She says all he needed was time. She says now he is salivating at the idea of standing across from Randy Orton at WrestleMania. She says Orton’s biggest mistake used to be playing with fire he didn’t understand. She says now his biggest mistake is thinking he knows what’s next, but he doesn’t.

She says she will give him and all of the fireflies a teeny, tiny hint. She says at WrestleMania, the “Legend Killer” dies. She laughs and starts winding up the Jack (Devil) in the Box. A demonic figure pops up and she laughs like a psycho as the camera pans back to show the new version of The Fiend sitting on a swing-set next to her.

Drew McIntyre Flips Out Backstage

We see Drew McIntyre seated backstage where he finally loses his cool and storms into the men’s locker room. He asks who is going to step up and take Lashley’s offer. He says he’s disappointed because no one has stepped up. He says if it was him sitting in here he would of dropped his ass the second he walked in the door.

He says someone drop my ass. He sees Braun Strowman. He says he should be a five time champion already. He tells him to step the hell up. He says not to worry about him because when he beats Shane McMahon at WrestleMania, if he wins the title from Lashley, he’ll be the first to come find him. He walks over and bullies some other wrestlers and then stumbles across Riddle.

Riddle talks casually as McIntyre is attacked from behind by another wrestler. He says is anyone taking this serious. It’s been two weeks. He walks up to Drew Gulak and tells him he’s seen his tweets, and tells him to be a man. He headbutts him down.

He sees Ricochet and says he’s known him for a long time. He tells him to take the opportunity. Ricochet says he doesn’t believe Lashley’s offer but it’s on and he needs not look any further. McIntyre says he respects that and he’ll see him in the ring.

Shayna Baszler vs. Naomi

We head back inside the ThunderDome where the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler’s music hits. They make their way out accompanied by Reginald and head down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

As the reigning WWE Women’s Tag-Team title-holders settle into the squared circle, we head to a pre-match commercial break.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are shown joining the gang on guest commentary for this match, which will feature Baszler going one-on-one against Naomi. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running.

We see “The Queen of Spades” dominate the action in the early goings as the commentary team focuses on talking to Mandy and Dana, who mention they are out here to scout the women’s tag-team title scene.

All hell breaks loose as Lana, who is also at ringside, gets involved as does Nia Jax and Dana and Mandy. After all of this breaks loose, in the midst of the chaos, Baszler is distracted, which leads to Naomi scoring the upset roll-up victory out of nowhere.

Winner: Naomi

Backstage: Riddle, Asuka & Rhea Ripley

Backstage we see Riddle wearing his title and riding through the hall-ways on his scooter when an equally optimistic Asuka approaches him.

She asks how he’s doing. He says he’s a little beaten up but he’s happy he at least gets to beat up Sheamus at WrestleMania. He shows her that his scooter is working again and then forgets what he’s going to say next to he rides off as she stands there confused.

After this, we see Rhea Ripley standing backstage as the commentators plug them signing their contract for their Raw Women’s Championship showdown on “The Grandest Stage of Them All” at WrestleMania 37 — next. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

WrestleMania 37 Contract Signing Between Asuka & Rhea Ripley

After we return to highlights of Bad Bunny decking The Miz earlier in the show, we see Adam Pearce standing in the ring with a microphone as the ring is set up in a contract signing setting.

On that note, Pearce introduces us to the contract signing for the Raw Women’s Championship showdown between Asuka and Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 37.

He first brings out the challenger, Rhea Ripley. Her music hits and she makes her way down to the ring as the commentators promote the Raw Women’s title match for night two of “The Show of Shows.”

As Ripley takes her seat at the table set up in the ring, Pearce introduces “The Empress of Tomorrow” the reigning Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. On that note, she makes her way out and down to the ring.

Ripley says Pearce meant to call Asuka the “current” champion. Asuka calls Ripley over-confident. Ripley agrees, bringing up that she has challenged her on her first night on Raw. She says now she’s confident enough to tell her to her face that she’s going to beat her and take her championship.

She signs the contract and slides it over to the champ, demanding she sign it as well. Asuka happily obliges and then bursts out in laughter before saying something in Japanese. Asuka calls Ripley’s confidence un-earned. She says Ripley has the talent but, and before she can finish her insult, Ripley flips the table over into the face of the champ.

Women’s Tag Champs Challenge Ripley, Asuka

As she stands over Asuka, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme music of the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions. Nia Jax gets on the mic and says she doesn’t know what is worse. Ripley asking for a title shot or Asuka for accepting it. Baszler says they’re both pretty bad. She says Rhea is new but Asuka should really be ashamed of herself.

Baszler says she and Jax have dominated the entire division for over a year and she herself has already proven she can knock the champ’s teeth out whenever she wants. She says she can’t wait to teach the same thing to Ripley. Ripley asks what’s stopping her. Nia says to calm down and then challenges Ripley and Asuka to face them next week and she’ll show them what brutality really is. Ripley says we accept and drops the mic down on Asuka.

Backstage: Ricochet Confronted By MVP

We see Ricochet walking backstage when he is confronted by MVP, who tells him it’s good to see he’s thinking like a businessman and has accepted the offer laid out by Bobby Lashley.

Ricochet claims he doesn’t trust MVP or Lashley but because he doesn’t know when he’ll get another title opportunity, you can bet he’s going to go out there and beat Drew McIntyre — because he knows he can. He tells MVP he’ll see him later after grabbing his necklace and making a face.

RVD Confirmed For 2021 WWE Hall Of Fame Class

We are reminded of the recent announcements of the WWE Hall Of Fame inductions of Kane and The Great Khali before we are shown the latest inductee for this year’s class, which is none other than Mr. Monday Night himself — Rob Van Dam.

Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme song of former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. “The Scottish Warrior” makes his way to the ring as we are led into a pre-match commercial break.

We return to the aforementioned vignette confirming RVD for this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame class and then we see McIntyre wrapping up his ring entrance.

After that, the theme of Ricochet hits and he makes his way down to the ring as the commentators inform us that MVP has re-joined them to call this match.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this high stakes showdown between these longtime peers and friends. The two lock-up and immediately go after it with a vengeance. McIntyre sends Ricochet flying and crashing down to the mat with authority, which we see immediate replays of as The Scottish Warrior continues to ragdoll his much smaller foe.

Ricochet starts showings signs of life, fighting back against his much larger opposition. He walks the turnbuckles in the corner and launches himself at McIntyre with an Anthony Pettis “Showtime” style kick off of the Octagon.

Moments later, the action spills out to the floor where Ricochet walks the guard rail and launches himself at The Scottish Warrior, blasting the former champ and sending him crashing on the floor. He rolls him back in the ring as MVP cheers him on. He climbs to the top-rope and goes for his 450 splash but misses as McIntyre pops up and blasts Ricochet with an immediate follow-up Claymore Kick for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After The Match: Ali Attacks …

Once the match wraps up, out of nowhere, we see McIntyre jumped from behind and attacked by Mustafa Ali. The commentators call him a man without a country after being turned on by the RETRIBUTION members recently.

Ali goes to work on McIntyre but quickly “The Scottish Warrior” shifts the momentum in his favor and sends the former RETRIBUTION leader flying through the ropes and crashing onto the floor outside of the ring. He shouts at Ali asking if he wants a piece of him for a shot at the title at WrestleMania, daring him to fight him as we head to another commercial break.

Drew McIntyre vs. Mustafa Ali

We return from the break and we see Ali slamming McIntyre’s leg against the steel ring post as the commentators inform us that Ali has accepted the offer to challenge McIntyre for a potential title shot at WrestleMania.

Ali continues to work over the leg of McIntyre back in the ring now as we see Lashley watching on from a monitor backstage. Lashley walks off as we watch him, presumably heading towards the ring?

Back in the ring, meanwhile, we see McIntyre starting to show signs of life, only for Ali to cut his comeback attempt short and go back to work on his softened up leg. Ali climbs to the top-rope and hits a flying splash right onto the weakened limb of the former champ.

We hear Ali shout to MVP at the announce desk that he’s coming for that title opportunity at WrestleMania. MVP tells him he loves it. Ali turns to go back to work on McIntyre, however The Scottish Warrior is fighting his way back into competitive form for the first time in this match.

McIntyre tosses Ali across the ring like a rag-doll. He yells at him to get up and heads towards him, only to get hit with a kick to the softened leg. Ali climbs to the top but launches himself right into a waiting head-butt from The Scottish Warrior. Now McIntyre backs up and stalks Ali, waiting for him to get up. When he does he charges at him and blasts him with a Claymore Kick. 1-2-3.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre Calls Out Bobby Lashley

As Drew McIntyre celebrates his victory, he grabs a microphone and points out that all that have tried have gotten their ass kicked by him tonight.

Now The Scottish Warrior dares Bobby Lashley to come out and try and finish the job himself. We hear the familiar sounds of the theme music of The Almighty One.

The WWE Champion emerges as we hear MVP asking him what he’s thinking. On that note, we head to a commercial break. When we return from the commercials, we see some ads for this week’s NXT and Raw Talk before returning inside the ThunderDome to wrap up this week’s show with our main event segment.

We see McIntyre still talking on the mic in the ring as Lashley finally enters the ring with him. McIntyre says he didn’t even notice MVP behind him after referencing prior to the break that he bets MVP is in his ear right now backstage.

McIntyre goes on to bring up his belief that Lashley needs help ahead of their title showdown at WrestleMania. Lashley claims otherwise, bringing up the near career-ending beatdown he gave him at the Elimination Chamber. He vows that the beating he gave him at the Chamber PPV will pale in comparison to what he does to him at WrestleMania.

Lashley tells McIntyre his time is over and it’s now time for The Almighty Era. McIntyre says he knows how bad Lashley is. He says if Drew McIntyre didn’t exist, Lashley would be the man, but he does exist. He says seeing Lashley trying to get help tonight shows him one thing — he’s scared of Drew McIntyre.

This leads to a brawl going down between the two. Both men slug back-and-forth with neither man establishing the advantage over the other until finally McIntyre knocks Lashley out of the ring with a big kick. As McIntyre shouts something to Lashley from the ring, he is attacked from behind by SmackDown’s own King Corbin. Corbin lays out McIntyre as Lashley watches on from ringside.

After dropping McIntyre, Corbin picks him back up but now The Scottish Warrior has come to life. He backs Corbin off of him and goes for the Claymore Kick but instead runs into the Deep Six from Corbin. Lashley comes in afterwards and slaps The Hurt Lock on McIntyre. MVP boasts on commentary as Lashley squeezes the life out of McIntyre while Corbin watches on. Corbin then shouts at Lashley to do it again. Lashley picks McIntryre up and obliges.

MVP says ladies and gentlemen, The Hurt Business. Lashley shouts at a laid out McIntyre, asking him if he’s ready for war. They watch as McIntyre tries crawling across the ring, only for Lashley to pick him up and for a third time, he applies The Hurt Lock on him, squeezing the life out of The Scottish Warrior as Corbin gets in his face and taunts him as he falls unconscious at the hands of The Almighty One. MVP promises that this is a preview of things to come at WrestleMania. The show goes off the air on that note.


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