WWE Monday Night Raw Season Premiere Live Results (Oct. 10, 2022): Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. Go ahead and bookmark this page as it’ll evolve throughout the name with updates every five to ten minutes, give or take. Tonight’s season premiere will handle the fallout from Extreme Rules, just forty-eight hours ago.

Our official preview for the Season Premiere dropped last night, headlined by the previously-announced 25th Anniversary of D-Generation X. We’ll also have the Bloodline in its entirety “invade” Raw’s premiere, and United States Champion Bobby Lashley defends once again against Seth Rollins. We’ll have the aforementioned red-brand fallout from Extreme Rules and, if the rumors are true, there may be further White Rabbit teases despite Saturday’s return of Bray Wyatt. Also, this is New York City, where the WWE historically attempts to “go big” due to the major market size. Fingers crossed–maybe tonight’s season premiere has a few surprises for us!

And for those of you who want a shorter recap feel free to check out our Quick Recap here!


Johnny Gargano; Austin Theory United States Champ Bobby Lashley; Seth Rollins
Heyman, Zayn, Jimmy Uso, Reigns, Jey Uso, Sikoa Syxx-Pac, Terra Ryzer, Marty Jannetty’s BFF, The Roadie

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw!



WWE Monday Night Raw Season Premiere Live Results (Oct. 10, 2022): Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY


Backstage: D-Generation X Discuss Who’s Ready

X-Pac, “the Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, “Road Dogg” Jesse James and Triple H discuss who’s ready for tonight. Trips tells them he’s having to work and sets some basic ground rules, telling them not to curse, no mentioning genitals and, of course, they begin to drop “penis” bombs left and right until HBK escalates it with cursing. They give Triple H a rubber chicken from a set of them and he sends them off, warning them no fighting before cursing himself. (The censor bleeped the words, of course).

Welcome to Monday Night Raw in the NYC!

Our new Raw commentary team–Corey Graves on color commentary, former backstage guru Kevin Patrick in Jimmy Smith’s play-by-play role–welcome us to a hot Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. They briefly touch on what’s been announced for tonight and mention we’ll get a recap of Bray Wyatt’s return at Extreme Rules, which gets a great pop from the Brooklyn crowd.

The Bloodline Invade Raw’s Season Premiere!

We hear the music at 8:05pm and it’s time to hear from the Bloodline! Prepare for a lengthy entrance so grab some snacks, make a drink, perhaps do those taxes you meant to get around to…. Five minutes later, the Bloodline finally pose in the center of the ring in a truly impressive spectacle, all that gold held up high. The hot Brooklyn crowd toss up The Ones and, at 8:11pm, we finally get someone on a freakin’ mic. Roman demands Brooklyn acknowledge him, and many do. He then goes on to state that he can’t seem to get past Friday for some reason, and recalls his father telling him something. “He told me that the loudest in the room is also the weakest in the room. So, in my mind, if you’re hte weakest in the rand you’re a part of this Bloodline, wel that just makes you a fool. Jey.” Oooooh, goes the crowd. “(Jey,) are you a fool?” Roman waits before continuing. “Because we’ve done this a few times before and–” Sami Zayn interrupts Roman to a pop. When Paul Heyman tries to interrupt Sami, the crowd rips off a monstrous Sami chant. Sami tells Roman that on SmackDown, Roman put Sami in charge of handling Jey–he told Sami Jey was his “problem now.” Sami speaks up for Jey and promises that things are covered and he can do this. Roman states, “he really is an honorary Uce? Okay, he’s all yours.”
Sami talks to Jey. “Jey, here’s the thing buddy, we all love you. We all love you, this is your family, your family, and we all love you very much.” He then talks about a chat with Roman about the future of the Bloodline, and he feels he and Roman really connected personally. “(And) we feel that your behavior of late hasn’t been very ‘Uce-y’.” The crowd chants “Uce-y” haha. He then tells Jey to look at Jimmy. “Who doesn’t love Jimmy? How do you not love Jimmy, look at that smile?” The crowd pops and Roman and Heyman look like they’re really enjoying themselves. Sami turns to Solo and gives him props for a crowd pop, too. He turns to Jey, stating “we just need you to be cool. You think you can be cool?” Jey puts on his angry face and stares at Roman, who tells him “don’t look at me!” Jey asks Roman if he’s joking, if he’s ribbing him. Sami interrupts. “I hate to be ‘this guy’ but you kind of–” and he’s interrupted by…Matt Riddle!
Riddle asks them why they’re talking about last Friday when they should be talking about last Saturday when he tapped Rollins out in the fight pit. “Roman, Roman, I know you’ve beaten me before and we have some kind of stipulation where I can’t challenge you bro but (c’mon!)” He enlists the NY crowd to chant for it, and they reciprocate with a loud “bro” chant. “The people want it, Roman,” Riddle states. Roman turns to the crowd. “Brooklyn, should we give him one more chance tonight?” HUGE pop! “Nah!” HUGE boos! Roman tells him to step back in the back of the line. Riddle challenges any member of the Bloodline to step up and the crowd loudly chants for Sami. Jey prods him on, reminding Zayn sarcastically that he said he could step up. Sami talks to Riddle, attempting to “handle this.” He asks if Riddle thinks he’s funny, and Riddle says “yeet.” Sami Zayn chastises him because “saying yeet…is a Bloodline thing.” He states the Bloodline can say it but he never wants to hear Riddle say it again. The crowd chants “yeet” and Riddle repeats it, to which Jey eggs Sami on, stating “he’s low-key disrespecting you.” He tells Sami to step up, so Sami challenges Riddle to a match tonight!

Singles Match: Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory

The youngest “Mr. Money in the Bank” in company history is out first to a mixed reaction, leaning towards boos. “Rebel Heart” starts up and the crowd gives Gargano a light but nice welcome. The ref calls for the bell at 8:29 and both men immediately clash, with Gargano chopping the shit out of Theory around the ring. The crowd with a Gargano chant and pop as he stomps away at Theory. Gargano with a clothesline to Theory that leaves him rocking. Theory takes control eventually, and uses a back drop on the apron as we head to break to gain control. During the picture-in-picture break, Theory maintains control for the bulk of it, sending Gargano into the timekeeper’s area before snapping a selfie. Theory spends more time jawing off and messing around than fighting, leading to Gargano to rally as we return from the break. Gargano with a dropkick. Gargano streaks under the ropes and finally hits a springboard spear. Theory escapes the pin attempt and fires off a package driver, covering for two. Theory talks smack to Gargano, slowing the pace again. Gargano starts to fire back and the two exchange forearms twice before Gargano hits a side kick to drop Theory’s knee.
Theory looks for the A-Town Down but Gargano escapes. Theory transitions into a Gargano-Escape lock on Johnny Wrestling! Johnny escapes and locks it on Theory in return, right in the middle of the ring. The crowd chants to tap but Theory powers to his feet, hoisting Gargano up in a cross-body. Gargano escapes another A-Town Down attempt but Theory fires off a Superkick right away, dropping Gargano. Theory kneels besides Gargano’s head and pounds away, then positions on the apron. Theory looks for a springboard rolling cutter but Gargano Superkicks Theory in the face, sending him outside! Gargano with a suicide dive into a Tornado DDT on the floor! Damn! Gargano sends Theory in the ring, posts up on the apron, and yells for Theory to get up. Gargano hits the One Final Beat springboard Tornado DDT! Gargano covers, Gargano wins at 8:38!
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano! (9 minutes)

Singles Match: Rey Mysterio vs Chad Gable

Rey is out first to a decent pop. The Alpha Academy–Chad Gable and Otis–are out next. We’re shown the “Young Rock” actor, Uli Latukefu, in attendance tonight. Commentary recap Rey’s match at Extreme Rules when he was “beaten to a pulp by his own son” Dominik Mysterio. We start our match at 8:45! Rey and Chad go back and forth for about a minute or so when the Judgment Day theme plays as Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley make their way out, distracting Rey and sending us to a break! We return and neither Gable nor Mysterio have a strong lead. Gable with a German Suplex for a short two, and Kevin Patrick praises Gable on commentary for hitting a German Suplex on Braun Strowman last week. Gable looks for a second German back to back but Rey escapes. Gable’s quick to transition to an ankle lock, but Rey finally sends Gable out of the ring. Rey looks for a suicide or tope dive but Otis catches him! Rey counters, sending Otis into the ring post. Rey attempts to enter and is attacked by Gable, who looks for possibly an inverted Alabama Slam. Rey escapes, sending Chad across the middle rope, hits the 619, his finisher and picks up the quick win at 8:53!
Your Winner, Rey Mysterio! (8 minutes)

Rey Confronts Dominik; the Judgment Day Respond & AJ Styles Joins His Friends

After the match, Rhea and Dom move into position. Rhea taunts Rey and Dom takes up position behind him. Rey confronts Dom, who insist his father beat him like they’re in Mississippi. Rey refuses and, instead, clasps his hands behind his back, telling Dom to hit him. Dom slaps Rey. Finn Bálor & Damian Priest hit the ring but Rey manages to quickly neutralize both, sending them outside. Dom capitalizes on it, attacking Rey and dropping his father. He continues to yell “hit me” as the crowd rips off a very loud “you suck” chant. Dom continues to yell “let’s go, hit me! We’ve got to do it, now! Hit me!” Dom hits his face repeatedly then curses his father out in Spanish. How rude! Finally Dom attacks Rey again and Rhea restrains Rey’s arms. The crowd boos loudly and we cut to break with the Judgment Day standing tall over the fallen lucha-legend. We return from break and the Judgment Day own the ring. The lights are blued out, as per the normal Judgment Day branding, and Rheas insults the crowd. She claims TJD owns Raw and Priest reaffirms their belief in this as a group, then praises his boy Finn Bálor for winning.
Finn says “Like I said before, if you come at Finn, you best. Not. Miss.” Bálor then goes on to brag about making Edge say “I Quit” at Extreme Rules Saturday night. Priest, Rhea and Dom all get asked what Bálor made Edge say, and they all joke with him, parroting “I quit!” We get still photography an video of the match, including when the Judgment Day hit the ring to attack Edge repeatedly, including cuffing Edge to the top rope. Beth Phoenix, Edge’s wife, and Rey Mysterio both hit the ring (separately) to attempt to make the save. Rey was taken out by his son, who finally beat up his dad, and Beth Phoenix–after a brawl with fellow powerhouse Rhea Ripley–was able to free Edge. Edge nearly had the match won, a metal-bar-assisted Crossface on Bálor…when Rhea Ripley dropped Beth Phoenix with brass knuckles, set up a single-woman con-chair-to and threatened to make a brain slushie out of Phoenix’s head if Edge didn’t quit. Edge quit but Ripley still hit the con-chair-to anyways. We return to the ring at 9:06. The Judgment day continue on, denigrating Edge and Phoenix more before turning on to “Uncle Alan,” AJ Styles. Bálor tells AJ he’s got an ultimatum for him, so AJ Styles is polite enough to come on down to a decent pop. Bálor smiles and attempts to recruit him, non-verbally. Styles talks. “Finn, as long as we’ve known each other, it’s down to this? An ultimatum?” Finn tells Styles he made this harder than it needed to be, but Styles isn’t done talking. “Finn, I’m not out here to argue with you. You’re right, everything that I ever needed was standing right in front of me.” Finn grins. “With my back against the law, I’ve been alone for far too long. And there comes a time in a man’s life when he needs friends. Hell, in my case, I need family. So since the first time that we met in Japan until now in the WWE, am I not my brother’s keeper?” Styles then kneels before Finn to boos. Finn offers him a hand up and Styles takes it.
The two hug to more boos. Finn gets on the mic. “I’m so proud of you and I knew that you would finally come around.” Styles answers, “I wasn’t talking about you” and The Good Brothers/The OC are back! Gallows and Anderson join Styles to a decent pop and a “holy shit” chant from the crowd. Bálor jaws off but we can’t make it out due to the censor and the crowd’s chant. The OC reunited–Gallows, Anderson and Styles–begin to brawl with the Judgement Day. The OC take the upper hand with Gallows brawling with Priest to the timekeeper’s area. Rhea grabs Dom and escapes through the crowd, leaving Bálor alone with the OC! The Prince hauls ass, sliding through the ring and escaping up the ramp before his Judgment Day friends join him.

In the Parking Lot: the Bloodline Leave; Jey Has a Mission

Roman and co are shown leaving. Roman stops Jey from leaving and tells him to stay behind to ensure the Honorary Uce wins his match later tonight. Jey isn’t happy about it, especially when he finds out Roman’s taking Solo with him as well–leaving Jey, well, solo tonight with Sami.

Singles Match: Candice LeRae vs Bayley

Bayley’s out first, solo, and we get clips from her Ladder match against Raw Champ Belair at Extreme Rules that saw the champ retain. Candice LeRae is out next to a decent pop from the NYC crowd. Kevin Patrick (commentary) informs us LeRae and Bayley have history going back to a tag team they formed a decade ago, and points out Bayley’s mentioned in the past that she looks up to LeRae. We get the bell at 9:24! The Poison Pixie clashes with the Role Model, taking command early as we head to a quick break. During the break, Bayley maintains control for the first minute or two, focusing her attacks on LeRae’s knee. LeRae starts to string together some moves during the break, and twice rolls Bayley up for a quick two. LeRae drops Bayley with a big forearm then rubs feeling into her left knee as we return from break at 9:28pm. LeRae continues to maintain control but pauses after most moves to check her knee. Beautiful step-up Senton to lay out Bayley for another cover attempt! Bayley rushes LeRae into the corner to gain some separation and charges the corner. LeRae kicks Bayley off and climbs the turnbuckles. Bayley pops up and dumps LeRae over the ropes, catching her left knee in the ropes. Bayley brings LeRae into the ring and LeRae quickly rolls Bayley up out of the blue, picking up the win at 9:30! Bayley attempts to attack LeRae but Candice quickly flees up the ramp–until Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky attack! Damage CTRL spend the next three minutes beating down LeRae.
Your Winner, Candice LeRae! (6 minutes)

Backstage: the Miz & Maryse

The Miz is shown walking backstage in a sharp black suit with a pretty button up shirt and a purple tie. Maryse is in a semi-transparent mesh top on a black dress that looks great and she presents her husband with a baseball bat for his birthday. We’ll hear more from the A-Lister after this break.

In the Ring: the Miz’s Birthday Celebration; Uninvited Guests Crash the Party

We return to find the ring set up and decorated, and Maryse calls out her husband. He’s got the “giant bat” she gave him earlier and the segment consists of various innuendos, including her telling the Miz she got him a big bat to go with his massive balls–two big red beach balls on the canvas with pictures of the Miz on them. Ultimately Dexter Lumis shows up and again attempts to put the Miz to sleep! The Miz struggles and in the fight, Maryse is sent into the cake set up on the table–but a glancing blow as she avoided a face full of cake. Lumis retrieves a butcher knife, pops a balloon and after the crowd loudly chants for him to eat the cake, he eats a slice.

Backstage: DX, Chico & Chico’s Friend, and The Miz & Maryse

HBK, X-pac and Jesse James are backstage with Chico and his unnamed friend (later to be revealed local talent Joe Torres). They hype the two up, encouraging them to take on Omos two-on-one, and send the poor lads off to their squash fate. The Miz & Maryse show up and complain about what Lumis just did. Road Dogg tells the Miz he’ll make him a deal–next week, the Miz faces Lumis in a match. If the Miz wins, Lumis is gone; if Lumis wins, he gets a contract for Raw and gets the Miz’s gift balls.

Squash Match: Omos w/ MVP vs Spaghetti Squash (Chico & Joseph Torres)

Omos and MVP make their way out, where Joseph Torres and Chico await them. We get the bell at 9:50pm; Omos finishes the match before the clock strikes 9:51, winning with a double-chokeslam.
Your Winner, Omos! (< 1 minute)

Video: Bray Wyatt’s Return at Extreme Rules

We get the entire return of Wyatt from ER, post Riddle/Rollins match, to the shocked crowd.

The United States Champion Has a Beastly Problem

Lashley is out to a decent welcome and he gets on the mic. He starts to address his role as a fighting champion when Brock Lesnar arrives! The crowd pops big for “Yellowstone” Brock Lesnar, who smiles all the way down to the ring and grabs a mic at 10:07! Brock gets on the mic and speaks. “Well, holy shit!” The crowd pops at this. He keeps it short, wishing Bobby Lashley a good evening before attack with an F5! Lashley is down! Lesnar pulls Lashley up and hits a German Suplex, then follows it up with another F5! The crowd loudly chants “one more time” and Lesnar soaks it all in. Lesnar slaps on a Kimura Lock! Lashley’s unable to escape and groans in pain as Lesnar wrenches the arm back. Finally Lesnar breaks it and paces the ring, eying the champ. His theme plays, he grabs his cowboy hat, and poses for one more pop. We head to break at 10:11!

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs Seth Rollins

We return about 10:15pm and get replays as refs and officials check on Bobby Lashley. Commentary repeatedly state Lashley can’t fight. Rollins makes his way out with taped-up ribs. Lashley starts to leave and Rollins yells repeatedly to get hi the ring and demands refs get him in the ring. The crowd sings his theme as he argues with refs. Rollins gets on the mic. “I know you can hear me! You’re not going to get out of the match that easy!” He reminds Lashley of his words, that he’s a fighting champion. “C’mon, you’re supposed to be a fighter! Bobby, you’re supposed to be a champion! Bobby, you’re supposed to be a soldier! But you’re not! You’re a disgrace to the US Title and you’re a disgrace to your country.” Ooooh! The crowd and Lashley don’t like that! Lashley takes the bait, however, and enters the ring, insisting the ref ring the bell. And we get the bell at 10:18pm. Lashley immediately goes for a Spear but Rollins hops up, countering with a Pedigree! Rollins covers for a two. Rollins heads up top and hits the Frog Splash, covering for another close two! The crowd are on their feet as this match is hot out the gate. Rollins continues his offense, hitting every signature move he has on the injured champ. Rollins ends the chain of offense with a big Stomp! Rollins conducts the audience, who are on their feet now, to sing his theme as he posts up in the corner! Rollins yells for Lashley to get up and hits another Stomp! Rollins covers and, at 10:21pm, Bobby Lashley’s 3-plus-month reign comes to an end.
Your Winner AND NEW United States Champion, Seth Rollins! (3 minutes)

Backstage Interview: Kevin Patrick and Bobby Lashley

Lashley is shown, favoring his injured arm, when new backstage interviewer Byron Saxton asks him for his thoughts.

Bray Wyatt Vignette: Revel in What You Are

Commentary are interrupted by a distorted video/vignette, showing Bray in his new white mask with audio clips cutting in, distorted and clean, saying things such as “I used to play…in the only place I could truly be free” and “Revel in what you are.” Okie dokie.

Singles Main Event Match: Matt Riddle vs “Honorary Uce”  Sami Zayn w/ the Usos

Riddle is out first to a decent reaction and we head to break ahead of our main event! After a break, “the Honorary Uce” is out with the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos (Jimmy is here, too–my bad for stating earlier it was only Jey & Sami). They get a great welcome and head on down. We get our bell at 10:35pm. Sami takes control and is distracted by Jey Uso. Sami informs Jey that Roman told him to handle this, and he can, all on his own. Sami returns his attention to Riddle and dodges an apron running kick. Zayn wipes out Riddle at ringside and we head to break!

Back from the break. Zayn maintained control through the break and as we return until Riddle hits a variant of a Pele, dropping the Honorary Uce. Both men rise and Riddle starts his comeback, firing a series of strikes into Zayn before taking him down with a suplex. Penalty kick from Riddle, followed up with a standing Senton and a big forearm! Riddle charges in but Zayn counters, using Riddle’s momentum against him to hit a Michinoku Driver! Sami covers for two. Zayn exits to the apron and climbs the turnbuckles, slowly, too slowly as Riddle pops up and runs up the ropes! Riddle looks for a Super RKO off the top but Zayn fights him off with a headbutt! Zayn dives through the air and Matt catches him with a jumping knee, covering Sami for two. Jey Uso is shown frequently, looking generally angry/constipated, but he looks concerned as Riddle climbs the turnbuckles! Riddle fights off Sami’s attempt to interfere and continues his climb. Sami cuts Riddle’s legs out from under him, causing Riddle to crash into the apron hard.

Jey Uso hops up on the apron and looks to attack Riddle but Sami Zayn stops him, asking him what he’s doing before reaffirming that he’s got this. Riddle uses the distraction for a pin attempt then sends Sami outside, hitting a Floating Bro from the apron to Zayn as we go to break at 10:46!

During the break, we’re shown Riddle and Zayn jockeying for control. The fight continues into the ring and up the turnbuckles. Riddle looks for a Superplex but Zayn fights out of it and reverses, hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two! Jey’s shown jawing to Sami. Zayn pulls Riddle to his feet but comes to regret it as Riddle transitions Zayn’s attempt at a hold into a submission attempt! Zayn reaches desperately for the ropes and nearly taps, but manages to get a boot up on the bottom rope! The ref counts a warning and Riddle takes as much of the count as he can before breaking.
Riddle works the crowd and turns, dropping to pound the mat Orton-style! Riddle’s calling for the RKO and leaps but Zayn shoves him off as we return from break! Both men run off opposite ropes and clothesline each other! Both men are down! Both men look tired and start a slow exchange of strikes. Sami with a running kick; Matt with a ripcord knee! Sami suckers Riddle in and hits an exploder suplex in the corner. Zayn looks for the Helluva Kick but Riddle counters it with an Orton-esque powerslam! Riddle looks for the Orton DDT/draping DDT but Zayn counters, popping him over the ropes and to the floor. Riddle unloads in Sami once again in the corner and, much like Orton, hits an RKO outta nowhere to quickly end our match at 10:52pm!
Your Winner, Matt Riddle!

D-Generation X’s 25th Anniversary

As Riddle leaves up the ramp, we hear are you ready? The old DX tron video plays and the crowd goes wild as DX are back once again! The foursome roll out in a USMC Jeep, complete with a fireworks cannon on it. They’ve got glow sticks and shirts and throw them out to the crowd as they make their way to the ramp in the vehicle. There, they dismount and head to the ring on foot. They line up in the ring as Trips works the crowd and they do the DX crotch chops in unison with pyro. X-Pac gets on the mic first at 10:55pm. X-Pac welcomes Brooklyn and fires them up. “Road Dogg” Jesse James does his old introduction, but substitutes “D-geriatric X” in place of “D-Generation X.” Triple H speaks, addressing the fact it’s been 25 years since DX formed. He asks who hear”s been watching since the beginning and the crowd pops. “All of you ain’t that damn old,” Triple H jokes with the crowd and with HBK. “But right now I just have one thing I wanna know: are you ready? No, Brooklyn, I said, are…you…ready?” Big pop from the crowd who are eating this up. “Then…for the thousands in attendance…for the millions watching at home…and for 25 years, we would like to say ‘thank you’ and ‘we love you all.'” Big pop. Triple H continues after joking that he had to catch his breath. They stoop low and we get those famous words: “Let’s get ready to suck it!” HBK hops on the mic and gets a huge chant from the crowd. Definitely the most popular member of DX in ’22. “Now you’ve gotta promise me, if we’re back out here 25 years from now, you’ll put us out of our misery! And if you ain’t down with that, we got two words for ya: suck it!” The crowd cheers it with him and all four members of DX not contracted elsewhere pose on the four corners, holding up the X crossed wrists to send us off the air and the crowd home happy.

Tomorrow Night on NXT

Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark in tag team action. Axiom vs Nathan Frazer in the final match of a best-of-three series, and the next Superstar added to the North American Championship Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc will be determined/announced. NXT Champion Bron Breakker opens our show in singles, non-title action against Javier Bernal. Alba Fyre (fka Kay Lee Ray) is set to take on Jacy Jayne of Toxic Attraction, and Nathan Frazer & Axiom (fka A-Kid) have the final match in their best-of-three series with a spot in the upcoming North American Championship ladder match at Halloween Havoc also on the line. Also in singles action are Wes Lee and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo, who’re on a collision course after a war of words last week.

Friday Night on SmackDown

Fallout from Extreme Rules; they’ve teased more Bray Wyatt when SmackDown airs live Friday from New Orleans.

Next Week on Raw

The Miz vs Dexter Lumis: the Miz wins and Lumis is out, but if Lumis wins he gets a Raw contract. And the Miz’s giant balls (props). Elias returns to Raw next week! No update on Ezekiel’s status so far.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.



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