Looking At WWE Money In The Bank Roof Stunt

WWE Money In The Bank: Looking At Set-Up, Execution & Aftermath Of Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black’s Roof Stunt

WWE pulled off their highly-anticipated stunt at their Money In The Bank 2020 pay-per-view this past Sunday night, as Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black were thrown off of the roof of WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut by “King” Baron Corbin.

So, how was this stunt set up and executed, and what was the aftermath?

Let’s take a look …


The stunt was filmed along with the rest of the Men’s and Women’s Climb The Corporate Money In The Bank Ladder Match at the company offices in Stamford, CT. in April, a couple of weeks prior to the mostly live PPV event held at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

As we reported here at eWrestling.com leading up to the PPV this past Sunday night, Vince McMahon walked Mysterio and Black through the MITB roof stunt prior to it being executed by the WWE Superstars themselves.

“… some people who know what happened at the taping of the match (or at least a significant portion of the match) back in April note that Vince McMahon was seen showing unnamed talents who were to be the ones who go off of the top of the roof at WWE Headquarters that the company set up the stunt safely.

In most cases like this throughout WWE history, such as Shawn Michaels’ infamous zip-line entrance from the rafters down to the ring at WrestleMania 12., Vince McMahon himself has demonstrated dangerous stunts by personally doing them himself first. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not McMahon, 74, did so in this case, however if he didn’t, it is likely that he had a stunt-man or another professional of some kind walk Mysterio and Black through the process before asking them to do so.

With the “Climb the Corporate Ladder” matches in particular expected to air with the “cinematic style” that was used for the critically acclaimed “Boneyard Match” and “Firefly Fun House Match” at WrestleMania 36 last month, it is believed that the roof-top-stunt will be incorporated into the PPV broadcast by being edited in to the match in some form or fashion …”

For additional behind-the-scenes news and notes — including video clips and photos — from the taping of the stunt and the Climb The Corporate MITB Ladder Match at WWE Headquarters back in April, click here.


Thanks to a production error during Sunday night’s PPV, you can see for yourself how WWE pulled off the rooftop stunt.

During the pay-per-view broadcast, a production error led to the revealing of the WWE ring crew preparing a giant cushion for Mysterio and Black to fall on after they were thrown off of the roof of the WWE corporate building by Baron Corbin.

The safety method was also used when a stunt man was hired by WWE to be launched out of a window at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. for a television commercial the company filmed to air during the NFL Super Bowl XXXIII broadcast in 1999.

The scene saw a man exploding out of a window near the top floor of WWE Headquarters as Vince McMahon stood outside the building to deliver his commercial-concluding line, “Get it?!”

WWE released an interesting “behind-the-scenes” video in February of 2018 that shows the roof-top stunt at WWE Headquarters being set up in advance of the filming.

“In December 1998, WWE produced a commercial to run during Super Bowl XXXIII,” read the teaser for the video. “Take a look behind the scenes with footage that has not been seen in nearly 20 years.”


After being thrown off of a roof of a giant building such as WWE Headquarters, one would assume Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black would be kept off of television for at least a few weeks or months to sell the injuries sustained in such a fall … right?


Although the Money In The Bank PPV went off the air leading fans to believe Mysterio and Black were simply launched a hundred-or-so feet to plummet to their death, both killed the illusion by posting on social media after the show.

Immediately after the PPV, Black took to his official Twitter page @WWEAleister to post a photo of a ghost.

Meanwhile, Mysterio posted a lengthy 24-year anniversary message and photo-collage to his wife on his official Twitter and Instagram pages @ReyMysterio.

To make matters worse, the two returned on television the very next night on the post-Money In The Bank episode of Monday Night RAW.

Not only that, but they were in good enough physical condition despite falling over a hundred feet just one night prior — according to WWE story lines — that they managed to compete in a tag-team contest during the show.

Mysterio and Black joined forces to take on “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins and Murphy in a match that was designed to write Rey Mysterio off of WWE television.

The company used an injury angle, with Rollins and Murphy viciously attacking the eye of Mysterio to explain why he won’t be on television.

Ryan Satin, the “WWE Backstage” on FOX Sports 1 (FS1) news correspondent and host of “The Ryan Satin Sheet” segment on the popular WWE on FOX weekly series, took to Twitter after the Money In The Bank PPV to address rumors that Mysterio is “on his way out of WWE.”

“If the rumors are true and Rey Mysterio is possibly on his way out of WWE, killing off his character by throwing him off the roof is certainly a unique exit,” wrote Satin after the PPV on Sunday night.

He added, “I also like that this allows Aleister Black to return as an even darker entity out for revenge for his murder.”

While murder will no longer be the motivation behind Black’s quest for revenge, a violent eye injury will apparently have to suffice.

Following the post-MITB episode of RAW, Satin returned to social media to comment on his previous post speculating about the follow-up to the roof stunt at the PPV.

“So much for that,” he wrote.

The entire WWE Money In The Bank roof stunt and its’ subsequent follow-up could be summed up with those same four words.

Which four words best describes the WWE Money In The Bank roof stunt in your opinion? Let us know by sounding off in the eWrestling.com Disqus comments section below.

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