WWE Money In The Bank 2021 Results

WWE Money In The Bank Results (7/18/2021): Dickies Arena, Fort Worth, Texas

WWE returns to the pay-per-view arena this evening, as they present Money In The Bank tonight live via the WWE Network on Peacock.

On tap for tonight’s show, which emanates from Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, is a seven-match card with a single championship bout reserved for the Kickoff Show.

Scheduled in the headline spots for the show tonight are Roman Reigns vs. Edge for the WWE Universal Championship, Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship, as well as the Men’s and Women’s Money In The Bank ladder matches.

Also in store for the WWE Universe at tonight’s special event is Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship and a Raw Tag-Team Championship contest, with AJ Styles & Omos defending against The Viking Raiders — Erik and Ivar.

Featured below are complete WWE Money In The Bank results from Sunday, July 18, 2021.


The “Then. Now. Forever. Together” WWE signature plays to get things started and then we see the WWE Money In The Bank Kickoff Show logo flash across the screen.

From there, we shoot inside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas where the camera pans around a jam-packed arena and settles over at the pre-show panel, where our host Kayla Braxton introduces her usual panelists, which includes Jerry Lawler, Booker T, JBL and Peter Rosenberg.

The fans chant for Lawler and then Braxton, prompting some clowning in the direction of Rosenberg. The panelists then start talking about their excitement for a capacity crowd being back for this show and then they begin looking at the card for the event this evening.

After some quick discussion about the card itself, we shoot to our first extensive video package previewing tonight’s show. The first video package looks at the history of the Money In The Bank event itself and what is at stake in the men’s and women’s Money In The Bank ladder matches.

Once the package wraps up, we shoot back to the pre-show panel where the aforementioned hostess and panelists introduce Sonya Deville. Deville joins the Kickoff crew as usual and she helps them discuss the history of the men’s and women’s Money In The Bank matches and the subsequent briefcase cash-ins that followed each annual classic.

They continue to chat about this topic and then begin focusing on tonight’s women’s Money in the Bank ladder match in particular. From there they welcome in Liv Morgan, who appears via split screen from backstage in her fancy gear. She is super emotional from the jump and literally struggles to get virtually every word out of her mouth as the panelists talk to her, as she is super emotional.

Liv Morgan’s interview is wrapped up after she vows to do anything it takes to emerge victorious tonight. After that, we head to a quick commercial time out and then return to the panelists, who switch gears and begin focusing on the Raw Women’s Championship match for this evening, as the Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley video package is introduced.

We hear thoughts from all the panelists about the Ripley-Flair bout, including their predictions – with everyone picking Charlotte to recapture the Raw Women’s title tonight except Rosenberg, who went with Ripley to retain. Sonya Deville is thanked for stopping by and exits the panel.

The pre-show moves on and we focus on the next match on tonight’s card, which features the Raw Tag-Team Championships at stake with AJ Styles & Omos defending against The Viking Raiders. They give their predictions after we see the extensive video package and then we take another quick commercial time out.

Once the ad break wraps up, we return to the panel where they begin to talk about tonight’s WWE Championship match on the card before sending us to the elaborate pre-match video package for the Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston bout. Afterwards the guys give their predictions and then we continue to move on.

Next, we are shown a bad ass video package that recaps Friday Night SmackDown from a couple of nights ago, which featured the return of a sold out WWE Universe crowd in the building. We hear a loud reaction from the fans behind the panelists when finally we see The Miz roll in via his wheelchair along with John Morrison.

Miz and Morrison have trouble talking over each other every time one or the other attempts to speak. Finally we hear from The Miz, who explains how Money in the Bank is a career-changer and claims Morrison is ready for that tonight. They thank the duo for stopping by and send us down to ringside.

SmackDown Tag-Team Championships
The Usos vs. Rey & Dominik Mysterio (C)

We see Michael Cole and Pat McAfee at ringside as they introduce us to the lone bout on the pre-show, with our SmackDown Tag-Team Championship match coming up next.

On that note, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of The Usos as the fans inside the Dickies Arena react. They pose on the ropes to the fans and their music fades down.

Now we hear the theme for the reigning and defending champions coming into this match, as Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio get a cool special entrance for this championship contest.

Cole talks about The Usos looking to become seven-time tag-team champions with a potential victory tonight, and then we are shown highlights of a recent six-man tag bout involving these two teams.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our first match of the evening. Jimmy Uso and Dominik Mysterio are starting things off for their respective teams. A graphic flashes on the screen touting that “#MITB” is trending number one on Twitter.

We hear a big reaction from the fans as this one gets underway. Dominik takes it to Jimmy with some punches and a big dropkick before holding his hand and walking the ropes into a nice arm-drag.

Rey Rey tags in but Jey does as well and it is the latter who pulls into the offensive lead. Uso slides Mysterio under the bottom rope and out to the floor. He brings him back in the ring and tags Jimmy back in. Jimmy picks up where Jey left off, taking it to the masked legend. Jey sneaks in a cheap shot from the floor behind the referee’s back.

Dominik tags back in and begins to take over. After getting the hot tag he takes turns beating down and throwing each Uso out to the floor. He heads to the top rope for a splash onto both Usos on the floor, howevery they catch him and ram him into the barricade with authority.

The younger Mysterio is rolled back into the ring, directly into the corner of the challengers, and Jey goes to work on him and taunts him all-the-while. The Usos continue to control the action until Uso is knocked off the top and crashes on the floor at ringside, giving Dominik time to recover enough for this one to get interesting again.

Each guy tags in, however it is Rey Rey who comes in with a full head of steam. He takes out any-and-everything that moves, including a big flying Mysterio off the top for a close near fall on Jey Uso. Mysterio goes to finish Uso off but a blind tag is made that he doesn’t see. Jimmy comes in and takes over. He hits a pop-up Samoan drop on Rey for a close near fall.

Jey tags in again and both Usos set up for a double-team spot but Dominik pulls Jimmy out to the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Rey sets up for the 6-1-9. He hits the wrong Uso with it and when going for the West Coast Pop follow-up, he springboards right into a super kick from Uso. Uso follows up with a top-rope Uso Splash into a pin attempt but somehow Rey manages to kick out.

Seconds later, however, as both Usos set Rey up for a big spot, Dominik clears one out of the way briefly, but the other gets Rey down and covers him. From there, the other Uso pops under the bottom rope and adds some leverage to the legal Uso’s pin in the ring. We have new champions.

Winners and NEW SmackDown Tag-Team Champions: The Usos

We head to another quick commercial break after the pre-show match wraps up and when we return, we head back to the panelists who share their thoughts on The Usos capturing their seventh tag-team titles, as well as the hot crowd inside Dickies Arena.

From there, they shift gears to talk about the WWE Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Edge for later tonight. The elaborate video package for tonight’s main event then airs.

The video package for Reigns-Edge wraps up and we head back to the panel for some final thoughts from the experts before they give their predictions for the match. They wrap up the Kickoff Show after that and folks, it’s now time for the 2021 WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

We flash the warning screen for potential online piracy people and then the elaborate cold open video package airs to kick off this year’s WWE Money In The Bank PPV event.

From there, we shoot inside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas where the camera pans around a sold out venue to a show a rabid WWE Universe on hand to witness tonight’s show.

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs. Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega vs. Tamina vs. Natalya

The camera settles down at ringside where the commentary duo of Pat McAfee and Michael Cole welcome us to the show and then get us ready to head inside the squared circle for our first match of the evening.

Fans roar as the ring announcer begins the formal pre-match introductions for our first of two Money In The Bank ladder matches scheduled for this evening.

On that note, we hear the familiar sounds of Alexa Bliss’ theme and out she comes with a sadistic smirk on her face. She tears her entrance gear off and shows she is all business tonight. Liv Morgan comes out next and the fans give her a decent reaction coming out as well.

The “Almost Super Hero” is introduced and the colorful Nikki A.S.H. makes her way out and down to the ring. Her music fades down and now we hear the familiar sounds of the Hart Family guitar screech when out comes one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions — Natalya. Out next is her partner, Tamina.

Now we hear Zelina Vega’s theme and out she comes. She settles in the ring and her music dies down. The theme for Naomi hits and she gets a big reception from the WWE Universe coming out.

After Naomi glows herself in the ring, her music dies down and the lights go out. When they come back on, Asuka’s theme hits and “The Empress of Tomorrow” makes her way out and down to the ring as the commentators talk about her being the odds-on favorite to win this one tonight.

With all of the participants finally in the ring at 15 minutes past the hour, the bell sounds and we see everyone except Alexa Bliss run out to the floor at ringside to try and get a ladder to bring into the ring. Bliss remains by herself on the ropes, where she stood for each ring entrance of every participant.

Finally, Bliss hops off the ropes and skips around the ring as other participants filter in and start duking it out around her. Tamina emerges as the last woman standing in the ring. Bliss hops on her back but Tamina slams her down and picks up a ladder. She lays the ladder over the bottom rope in the corner and slingshots Bliss into it from underneath.

Asuka and Tamina end up in the ring alone together with a ladder set up in the middle. They trade shots. Asuka knocks Nattie off the ring apron as she tried to re-enter the ring. She then takes out Tamina and re-adjusts the ladder set up in the middle of the ring. She slams the legs of the ladder onto Tamina a few times and begins climbing it. Tamina bench presses the ladder off of her to nearly throw Asuka off, but Liv Morgan hits a double stomp to stop her.

Nattie and Liv tug-of-war over a ladder and some spots are done while they hold the ladder between Tamina and others. Bliss hits the ring and attacks Natalya from behind. She crawls up the ladder towards a freaked out Liv stuck in the corner but Nattie grabs her and plants her on the mat with a bulldog.

We see Natalya look down and notice Bliss is simply laughing at her. She tries to attack but Bliss trips her up face-first into the ladder. Bliss cleans house and then picks up a ladder and unfolds it, setting it up in the middle of the ring. When she finishes, Zelina Vega hits the ring and climbs. Bliss climbs up the other side. On top of the ladder, Zelina gets frozen in the gaze of Bliss. Bliss climbs down and the seemingly hypnotized Vega climbs step-for-step with her. Bliss tries sprinting back up the ladder but Nattie slams her off it from behind.

Naomi power bombs Liv onto Vega who was laying on a ladder bridge set up on the bottom rope in the corner of the ring. Naomi hits a double stunner to take out Nattie and Tamina. Naomi and Nikki A.S.H. duke it out but Naomi ends up slamming her down on a ladder before following up with a leg drop while she was laying on the ladder.

As Naomi goes to climb the ladder, Nattie hits the ring and stops her, throwing her out to the floor. As Nattie begins climbing, Vega jumps on her back. Nattie keeps climbing with Vega holding onto her back. Vega nearly unhooks the briefcase once they get up there but Liv hits the ring and yanks them off. She appeared to land on her leg awkwardly upon landing.

All of the participants end up duking it out in a wild brawl scene in the ring, except for one — Nikki A.S.H. The “Almost Super Hero” climbs a giant ladder set up at ringside and dives onto the entire pile, taking everyone out. She sets up a ladder and begins climbing but Bliss hits the ring and stops her. She hits her with her own version of Sister Abigail.

Bliss looks up and begins climbing the ladder as the fans come alive. Once again, however, it is Natalya who hits the ring and stops someone in mid-climb. Tamina joins her and now both women’s tag-champs beat down Bliss with a ladder on the floor at ringside.

We build to a spot where three ladders are set up side-by-side-by-side in the middle of the ring. All of the participants end up climbing up each side of each ladder and once all are up near the top they trade shots and duke it out while Nikki A.S.H. climbs up behind them and over them to retrieve the briefcase and win the women’s MITB ladder match. She gets a big pop.

Winner and NEW Ms. Money In The Bank: Nikki A.S.H.

The Usos Acknowledge The Head Of The Table Backstage

After a quick ad time out, we return back live and are shown highlights of The Usos capturing their seventh world tag-team titles by defeating Rey & Dominik Mysterio in the Kickoff Show earlier this evening.

We see The Usos backstage with their new title belts and they approached by Roman Reigns as Paul Heyman watches on. Reigns talks about being the one who did the heavy lifting for them to do the easy part and win their titles back.

He reminds Uso what he did for his brother and says his brother already knows. He insists that now that he has done his part for them, they do their part for him. Both acknowledge him and they hug it out, with the camera showing Uso’s eyes not being sincere the second Reigns isn’t watching during the hug.

Raw Tag-Team Championships
The Viking Raiders vs. AJ Styles & Omos (C)

From there, we head back inside a sold out capacity crowd inside Dickies Arena where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of The Viking Raiders as the challengers for our next championship bout of the evening make their way down to the ring.

As Erik and Ivar settle into the squared circle, we are shown highlights from recent weeks and months showing them leading into this title showdown tonight. When we return live, the commentary trio from Raw of Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are introduced and take over the call for this red brand title affair.

The theme of the champs, AJ Styles and Omos, begins playing and they make their way out with their titles with them. As they settle in the ring we see highlights from Monday night’s go-home show where each team squared off in a pair of one-on-one bouts, splitting them 1 to 1 with Styles losing his but Omos winning his.

We hear the bell and it is Omos who will be starting things off for his team. We see The Viking Raiders tag before anything happens and when the other teammate enters the ring, they use their five seconds to double-team Omos to start this match off. Unfortunately this smart idea didn’t work out, as Omos knocks Erik out of the ring and beats down Ivar.

Omos then tags Styles in and “The Phenomenal One” picks up where the big man left off, taking it to one-half of The Viking Raiders. Ivar ends up bull-rushing Styles into the corner and tagging in Erik. The fans break out into a wildly loud, random “AJ Styles!” chant as The Viking Raiders once again tag to keep a fresh man in the ring at all times as they continue to soften up Styles.

Styles fights back into competitive form and then finally tags Omos back in. Omos launches Styles over the top rope and he lands into a hurricanrana on Erik on the floor. Styles is back as the legal man now and he rolls Erik back into the ring and goes to work with Erik grounded on the mat, slowing things down and controlling the pace.

The big man tags back in and Omos takes some time rag-dolling both challengers before giving the fans what they want after more loud chants for “The Phenomenal One,” as he tags Styles back in. Styles ends up on the wrong end of a two-on-one beatdown by Erik and Ivar, who take turns taking it to Styles, including a huge double-team springboard into a clothesline spot that nearly ended the night for the Raw Tag-Team Champions.

Instead, the match continues and Omos is tagged back in again. He does some feats of strength spots and nearly finishes off The Viking Raiders, however when he goes for an arrogant standing foot-on-chest pin attempt, they kick out at two. With both Ivar and Erik in the ring taking it to Omos, we see him finally slowly dropped to one knee. He doesn’t go all the way down but is knocked out of the ring. He is victim of a big dive from one of the Raiders.

Meanwhile Styles is back in and he goes to work duking it out with the other Raider. He ends up on the receiving end of the Viking Experience finisher from the duo, but the pin attempt is broken up when Omos launches one Raider onto the other before the ref’s count reaches three. Omos ends up hitting his two-handed chokeslam on Erik and scores the pin fall for his team.

Winners and STILL Raw Tag-Team Champions: AJ Styles & Omos

Story Time With “The Scottish Warrior” Drew McIntyre

After the match, we shoot backstage where a member of the WWE broadcast team is standing by when he introduces the one and only Drew McIntyre.

We hear a roar from the fans inside Dickies Arena as “The Scottish Warrior” appears on screen. He says something feels different. He asks the fans in Fort Worth to make some noise. They loudly and happily oblige.

McIntyre goes on to say if we never hear ThunderDome again he’ll be happy. He talks about his journey and how tonight is his last opportunity to regain the WWE Championship if he becomes Mr. Money In The Bank tonight. He walks off.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston vs. Bobby Lashley (C)

After the backstage interview segment with Drew McIntyre, we head back inside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. where the Raw commentary trio of Smith, Graves and Saxton send us to the video package for our next match of the evening.

On that note, the extensive video package airs to tell the story leading up to tonight’s WWE Championship showdown pitting “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley one-on-one against former title-holder Kofi Kingston.

The video package wraps up and when it does, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme music of The New Day. Kofi Kingston makes his way out and heads down to the ring as the WWE Universe in attendance chants “Kofi! Kofi!” as we see split-screen reminders of Kofi Mania when Kingston captured the WWE title in the past.

We see the future WWE Hall of Fame legend settle into the ring by himself as the fans continue to chant his name and his music fades down. Now they chant “New Day rocks!” at him and then lightning strikes and we switch gears and prepare for the ring entrance of our “All Mighty” WWE Champion.

With that said, the cool video graphics flash across the screen, culminating with a big graphic of “The All Mighty” one himself, Bobby Lashley, as the WWE Champion emerges at the top of the entrance ramp and poses as MVP accompanies him and The Hurt Business duo head down to the ring looking ready for business tonight.

He settles into the ring and climbs on the ropes and poses while still wearing the title around his waist. Pyro explodes and he hops down and walks around the ring holding his title high in the air. The ring announcer handles the formal pre-match ring introductions for this championship contest as Lashley and Kingston stare each other down.

Finally the bell sounds and we are off-and-running with our WWE Championship featured attraction between Bobby Lashley and Kofi Kingston. MVP holds the foot of Kingston but it has no affect, as Kofi still comes out of the gate with a full head of steam, taking it to Lashley and attempting some quick near falls.

Lashley ends up taking over from there, blasting Kofi and turning him inside-out with a big clothesline. MVP is already taunting the fans at ringside as “The All Mighty” WWE Champion is buzz-sawing himself through Kofi here in the early goings with repeated spears on Kingston in the corner of the ring. Kofi rocks Lashley with a big kick but then lands in his arms on a follow-up splash attempt, and is ultimately spinebustered down to the mat with authority.

We see Lashley takes back over. He military presses Kingston and shushes the crowd before dumping Kofi out to the floor at ringside. He heads out to the floor and hoists him up on his shoulders and hits somewhat of a modified F5 on Kofi into the steel ring post.

Back in the ring, Lashley continues his dominance. It looks like he is going for The Hurt Lock but he opts instead to deliver more brutal punishment to Kingston. He beats Kofi down and just mauls him on the mat with vicious ground and pound. He hoists Kofi up and slams him down with the dominator slam. And another. The commentators are talking about the referee needing to call this one before Kofi gets seriously hurt.

Lashley yells and taunts the fans, saying this is what you wanted. He picks Kingston up and yet again blasts him with another dominator. He does the “shush” hand gesture to the fans and then picks Kingston up in The Hurt Lock. He yanks and squeezes away with his finisher on Kingston. The ref calls for the bell and that’s it. Lashley brutally decimates Kingston with relative ease to retain.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Bobby Lashley

Raw Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley (C)

Once the WWE Championship contest wraps up, we head to another quick commercial break. Upon returning, the commentators set up the video package for our next bout of the evening.

With that said, the video airs telling the story leading up to tonight’s Raw Women’s Championship showdown between reigning title-holder Rhea Ripley and former multiple-time champion Charlotte Flair.

The video package wraps up and when we return live inside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX., we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of the Raw Women’s Champion. Rhea Ripley emerges as pyro explodes and the fans react as she heads down to the ring.

Ripley settles inside the squared circle as highlights of her first capturing the Raw Women’s title are shown. Her music fades down and the fans start letting out the WOOO! chants. We hear the familiar sounds of Charlotte Flair’s theme music as “The Queen” emerges in her extravagant entrance robe.

The bell sounds for the first time as Charlotte takes her entrance robe off. The ring announcer handles the formal pre-match ring introductions for the challenger and champion for this Raw Women’s Championship contest. The bell sounds again and now we are off-and-running with our final women’s bout of the evening here at WWE Money In The Bank.

Early on the WWE Universe lets their voices be heard as they break out in a loud “We want Becky!” chant for Becky Lynch as soon as this one gets off-and-running. Charlotte flips off the fans and Ripley takes advantage of her being distracted.

After jumping off to an early lead, it isn’t long at all before Charlotte reverses the momentum and starts taking it to the reigning and defending Raw Women’s Champion. Everytime Ripley tries fighting her way back into competitive form, we see “The Queen” cut her attempt short and continue to remain in control of the action.

As Charlotte and Ripley take the action out to the floor, the fans let them hear it again with another loud “We want Becky!” chant. Ripley runs and leaps off the steps, blasting Flair before sending things back in the ring to continue taking it to the challenger with a wide variety of kicks. Ripley is now firmly in control of things for a few minutes.

Ripley heads to the top rope but ends up leaping down into a Boston Crab attempt by the challenger. Charlotte takes back over control of the action, avoiding kicks of Ripley and blasting the champ with some of her own to send her crashing down to the canvas.

The two nearly botch a spot it appears, but it is saved as Ripley muscles her way out of the situation and powers Charlotte way up and over for a suplex that pops the crowd. She goes for the cover and the fans bite on it, but Charlotte kicks out. Charlotte gets up and starts eating chops from Ripley. She no-sells them and Ripley goes nuts hitting her with many of them, but Charlotte continues to no sell them.

We hear the fans come alive. Ripley runs at Charlotte but eats a big boot for her efforts that sends her crashing out to the floor. “The Queen” heads to the top rope backwards. She comes flying off with a big moonsault onto Ripley on the floor. The crowd goes nuts. Charlotte rolls Ripley back in the ring.

Charlotte goes for the Natural Selection but Ripley avoids it. Ripley locks Charlotte in a unique leg submission. Charlotte reverses it into a pin attempt but Ripley kicks out. Ripley then kicks Charlotte’s head nearly off. She looks for Rip Tide but Charlotte counters into a big DDT for a close near fall that popped the crowd huge.

“The Queen” decks Ripley with a back elbow after some back-and-forth action. On the pin attempt she is caught by the ref putting her feet on the ropes. She gets in the ref’s face and while distracted, Ripley recovers and attacks from behind to regain the offensive lead in this championship encounter.

Ripley takes Charlotte up to the top rope and looks for a superplex. Charlotte avoids it and knocks Ripley off. She comes flying off with a Natural Selection off the top rope and immediately covers her, but Ripley kicks out at two and three-quarters to the shock of “The Queen” and every WWE fan in attendance inside Dickies Arena, as they break out in a defeaning “This is awesome!” chant afterwards.

Charlotte grabs Ripley’s leg and goes for the figure four but Ripley kicks herself free, knocking Charlotte face-first into the middle turnbuckle in the corner. She rolls out to the floor holding her neck. Ripley reaches through the ropes after her but Charlotte reaches up and slams her face-first into the steel ring post. She grabs Ripley’s left knee and crushing it with the steel steps and steel ring post.

She heads back in the ring and wraps the figure four on Ripley’s leg and transitions into the figure eight. Ripley taps out. We have a new champion.

Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Kevin Owens vs. Ricochet vs. John Morrison vs. Riddle vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Big E. vs. King Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins

When the Raw Women’s title bout ends we head to another commercial break and then return to see several of the competitors for the upcoming men’s MITB ladder match backstage.

Riddle talks with Shinsuke Nakamura and others and puts on an impromptu rock performance which Kevin Owens walks upon and then we head back inside the arena where we get ready for our co-main event of the evening.

From there, we shoot back inside Dickies Arena where Owens’ theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop from the Fort Worth fans. The rest of the competitors in the bout then make their respective entrances down to the ring.

John Morrison tells The Miz he wants to win this on his own during his entrance. As Big E. makes his entrance some apparent Peacock streaming issues appears to be spreading enough that social media is buzzing about it.

Rollins comes out and now Drew McIntyre makes his way out to a big pop from the Texas fans as he carries his family sword out and soaks in the love from the WWE Universe.

All of the participants in this year’s men’s Money in the Bank ladder match are now in the ring and are looking up at the briefcase hanging above the center of the ring. The bell sounds and all eight men collide and start duking it out.

We see Rollins and Morrison talking smack loudly to each other on the floor when Riddle kicks one from the ring apron and Ricochet flies from the ring onto the other on the floor. In the ring, McIntyre and Big E. are left alone and they stare each other down.

Riddle hits the ring but Big E. suplexes him down. They look at each other but Ricochet flies in. McIntyre catches him and dumps him on the floor. They look at each other again. They knock other participants to the floor and finally they start brawling.

McIntyre manhandles Big E. and launches him across the ring. Seconds later, Big E. hits his crazy spear on McIntyre in the ring that sends both guys sailing through the ropes and crashing out on the floor at ringside.

In the ring comes Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and a ladder. Nakamura takes out Owens and then starts setting up the ladder. Morrison hits the ring and kicks Nakamura and finishes setting the ladder up. He begins climbing but Nakamura knocks him down.

Morrison climbs the top and jumps over the ladder and spins, crashing onto Nakamura and eliciting a big “Johnny Drip-Drip” chant from the fans inside Dickies Arena. He climbs the ladder and Nakamura climbs up the other side. Nakamura slaps a triangle and armbar on Morrison on the top of the ladder, while hanging upside down.

Rollins comes over and breaks it up and now he sets his sights on Morrison. The fans chant “Drip Drip Drip” but they decide to gang up on Nakamura together. They put the boots to him together and then each pick up a ladder and clothesline him with it. Then they knock Big E. and McIntyre off the apron with it before knocking Riddle senseless in the ring with it.

Owens hits the ring and pops the fans by putting his body on-the-line to use it as a weapon, launching himself onto ladders on other participants in the match. Morrison and Rollins end up gobbling him up together and dumping him on a ladder with a vengeance.

They taunt Owens and enjoy their work a bit too much and when they turn around, they see a “Scottish Warrior” glaring at them ready to do battle. And battle they do, as McIntyre starts single-handedly beating down Rollins and Morrison by himself until finally the two-on-one advantage is too much for him to overcome.

Rollins and Morrison lay McIntyre on a ladder. Morrison climbs the ropes while Rollins holds him. Morrison hits his crazy starship pain spinning flip splash off the top rope onto McIntyre while he was laying on the ladder. Both guys took some big punishment from that one.

This leaves Seth Rollins alone in the ring so he tries to climb until Ricochet and Big E. hit the ring to stop him. Riddle then hits an RKO out of nowhere to re-enter the picture as the pace picks up in the ring with multiple competitors duking it out at the same time.

Riddle and Nakamura exchange their kicking skills until McIntyre enters the picture and shows his off, taking them both out with a Claymore Kick. He hits a Future Shock DDT on another participant and then sends Ricochet face-first into a ladder laying up against the corner of the ring. He then hits the ropes and dives over the top and splashing onto everyone on the floor.

McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick on Rollins led by the fans. He sets a ladder up and begins climbing. Veer and Shanky hit the ring and pull McIntyre down and start beating on him. They throw him out to the floor where Jinder Mahal beats him down with a steel chair, blasting him with it over and over and over and over again. He orders Veer and Shanky to drag McIntyre off to the back with him.

We see Riddle climbing the ladder in the ring but Ricochet climbs to the top rope in the corner and walks the ropes. He leaps onto the ladder and knocks Riddle off. Riddle pushes the ladder over and Ricochet jumps off it as it was being pushed over, he lands and leaps off the top-rope and jumps, splashing onto the pile of participants on the floor.

Back in the ring, Riddle and Ricochet are on opposite sides of the ladder duking it out. Rollins sets up a ladder next to him and begins climbing. Big E. yanks him down and throws him out to the floor. Riddle hits an RKO out of nowhere on Big E. and then another one on Nakamura. Rollins hits a Stomp on an unsuspecting Riddle. Nakamura hits the GTS on Rollins.

Nakamura climbs up one ladder but Morrison climbs up another with his drip stick. He sprays it in Nakamura’s eyes to blind him and knock him off the ladder. Owens hits the ring and blasts Morrison with a Stunner. Nakamura hits the ring again so Owens hits him with a Stunner too. Ricochet hits the ring and Owens goes for the Stunner but he avoids it, so Owens connects with a Pop Up Power bomb instead.

Owens climbs the ladder and gets one hand on the briefcase but Rollins stops him and powerbombs him off and over the top rope where he lands on a ladder bridge set up on the ring apron and announce table, breaking it in half. Rollins sets a larger ladder up next to a regular sized ladder, both of which are in the middle of the ring. He begins climbing alone in the ring but Big E. hits the scene and climbs up as well. Big E. hits a Big Ending on Rollins off the ladders. He climbs back up the ladder and unhooks the briefcase.

Winner and NEW Mr. Money In The Bank: Big E.

WWE Universal Championship
Edge vs. Roman Reigns (C)

After another commercial break following the men’s MITB ladder match, we shoot backstage and catch up with an enraged Seth Rollins who complains about what just transpired in tonight’s co-main event, which saw Big E. capture the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

From there, the pre-match video package airs to get us ready for tonight’s main event, with the WWE Universal Championship on-the-line next as Roman Reigns defends against Edge here at WWE Money In The Bank.

The video package wraps up and we shoot back live inside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance music of “The Rated-R Superstar” as Edge emerges to an enormous roar from the sold out WWE Universe in attendance.

We watch as the WWE Hall of Fame legend soaks in the moment he never got that he envisioned when he made his long-awaited return to WWE after so many years in retirement. He gets the full pyro and fireworks treatment and rock star reception from the fans that someone with his level of experience earns.

He finally settles into the ring and his music fades down. After what feels like forever in silence, finally the bad-ass new’ish theme song for “The Tribal Chief” hits and out comes the reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion coming into this match, “The Head of the Table” himself — Roman Reigns.

Reigns takes his absolute sweet ass time posing with the title at the top of the entrance ramp before he begins making his way down to the squared circle. As he finally does, Paul Heyman hoists the title up behind him and follows as they make their way to ringside while the commentators read a tweet Reigns posted earlier today about this match.

With both guys in the ring, the music for Reigns fades down and the ring announcer begins his long, drawn-out, formal pre-match ring introductions for both the champion Reigns and the challenger Edge. The bell sounds and we are now officially off-and-running with our final match of the evening.

Neither Edge nor Reigns budge when the bell sounds. Instead, they simply stand still in their respective corners of the ring and stare each other down. They slowly close in on each other as the fans break out into loud dueling “Let’s go Edge!” and “Let’s go Reigns!” chants.

Finally these two collide and lock-up and after being pushed back into the corner, Edge pie-faces Reigns, shoving him by the face. They back up and circle and lock up again and now Reigns does the same thing to Edge. They lock up again and now we see the power advantage by the younger, stronger Reigns, as he rag-dolls Edge and launches him out to the floor at ringside.

Back in the ring, they lock up again and once more we see Reigns out-muscle Edge and bully him into the corner. He pushes his face again and headbutts him. He headbutts him again. Now he leans him back in the corner and starts pounding on him with clubbing forearm blows.

Edge fights back into competitive form and yanks Reigns’ arm down over the top ring rope. He rams it into the steel ring post next and then again in another corner of the ring. Edge is clearly focusing his attack on the arm of the champion now. Reigns rolls out to the floor out of frustration and waves his hands like he’s leaving. He stops and talks with Paul Heyman and then re-enters the ring and walks right up to Edge, punching him in the mouth.

We hear from Pat McAfee and Michael Cole on commentary that Heyman just asked Reigns what his father would do, bringing up his legendary Samoan bloodline. He brawls with Edge, who once again gets the better of the exchange, before the action spills out to the floor, where Reigns takes over with a big back suplex on Edge on the floor. He rolls into the ring to break the referee’s count and then rolls back out and rams him into the steel ring post.

Reigns brutalizes Edge some more with a vicious continued assault on the floor at ringside, and then he brings him back in the ring and does more damage to his foe in there. He starts pounding him on the ground while he’s already seemingly completely out of it. Now he starts walking around talking trash about how Edge is trying to take money off of Reigns’ table and how he asked for this, all-the-while he continues to pummel him in what is quickly becoming a one-sided affair.

This same scenario continues for what seems like forever until a back-slide attempt from Edge catches Reigns off guard following a Superman Punch counter. Edge blasts Reigns and now both guys are down and out as the ref counts and the fans count along with him. Edge and Reigns finally both make it back to their feet at the count of nine.

Both guys are up now and trading punches, with the fans booing on every Reigns shot that connects and cheering everytime Edge lands a shot. Edge yanks an unsuspecting Reigns down and goes for the cover, only for Reigns to kick out just in time to keep this one alive. Reigns is down now as Edge looks wide-eyed around at the WWE Universe inside the sold-out Dickies Arena. Michael Cole says Edge realizes that this is his moment. Edge starts drilling Reigns with right hands.

Reigns cuts Edge off coming in and goes for a big shot but Edge reverses it and blasts him with an Edge-ecution for a close near fall. Edge locks Reigns in the crossface after stomping away at him while he was hung upside down in the corner in the tree of woe. Edge yanks away on the crossface as Reigns crawls and struggles to try and make it to the ropes to force the ref to break the hold. Just as he gets close, Edge drags him back a bit away from the ropes. Reigns finally makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold.

We see Edge back himself into a corner and stalk Reigns, waiting for the champ to get back to his feet. He finally does and Edge sprints across the ring looking to spear “The Tribal Chief” out of his boots, however Reigns catches Edge coming in and sinks in a standing guillotine choke. He squeezes for all he’s worth but eventually Edge pulls the two through the ropes and they crash out to the floor, where Edge is finally free from the hold.

On the floor, Reigns stalks Edge now with intentions of a vicious spear of his own. Instead, Reigns sprints at Edge and goes for a spear, only for Edge to move and Reigns boars through the barricade. Edge stops the referee’s count and heads out to the floor just as Reigns was getting up. He charges at him and this time connects with a spear that puts him through another barricade.

Edge hoists a lifeless Reigns up on his shoulders and brings him back into the ring. Once in the ring he goes for the pin but Reigns hangs on and keeps this one alive. Edge looks around wide-eyed at the WWE Universe inside Dickies Arena as they begin chanting his name once more.

Reigns cuts a move attempted by Edge in mid-stride. He decks Edge and then hits the ropes and connects with a Superman Punch that levels “The Rated-R Superstar” but also takes out referee Charles Robinson in the process. He goes down clutching his knee, which we are shown immediate replays of.

Now we watch as Reigns surveys the situation and then slides under the bottom rope and out to the floor, where he grabs a steel chair. He breaks the leg off the chair, the same piece that Edge used on him in the past. He takes it and heads into the ring. He locks Edge in a crossface with the steel chair leg the same way Edge did to him, but as Reigns is sinking it in, Edge starts biting at the hands of Reigns.

Edge gets free and starts freaking out on Reigns with repeated shots. Now he takes the steel chair leg and uses it as leverage for a crossface of his own, which unlike Reigns, he gets fully applied on the champ. He yanks back and squeezes for all he’s worth but as it looks like the champ is fading, we hear the fans boo.

We discover that the fans are booing because the new SmackDown Tag-Team Champions and known Reigns henchmen, The Usos, are on their way down to the ring to break this up. Before they can, however, Rey and Dominik Mysterio run out and attack The Usos from behind before they can do anything. They beat them down and run them off to the back while Edge continues to crank back on the crossface with the steel chair leg.

Things end up continuing due to no referee. Edge ends up spearing Reigns out of his wits. He goes for the cover but still no one is there. Finally, a ref sprints down and starts making the count, however just as he is about to hit the mat for the count of three, Reigns recovers just enough to kick out. The fans break out into a loud “This is awesome!” chant as both Edge and Reigns slowly pull themselves up to their feet in opposing corners of the ring.

As they do, we see Seth Rollins hit the ring out of nowhere. Edge notices this and decks him, but then turns around right into a big spear from Reigns. Reigns goes for the cover and gets the win to retain his title in an excellent main event.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

John Cena Confronts Roman Reigns To Close Out The Show

Once the match ends, as Reigns’ music plays and he gets his title and begins soaking in his victory, we see in the background that Rollins is back in the ring and firing away at Edge with a flurry of punches while he is still out from the match-ending spear by Reigns.

Finally, Reigns’ music dies down and we see he and Rollins square off and stare at each other face-to-face. While this is going on, Edge recovers and gets back up. He attacks Rollins from behind and knocks him out of the ring. He knocks him over the barricade and they brawl through the crowd to the back.

Back in the ring, Reigns’ music plays again briefly and then stops as he picks up a microphone. He says now the whole world can acknowledge me. As soon as he finishes saying this the theme for John Cena plays and the sold out crowd inside Dickies Arena goes bonkers as the man himself emerges.

The crowd noise gets even louder as Cena emerges at the top of the entrance ramp and plays to the wild fans. He soaks it in the moment and pulls out a Never Give Up towel. He flashes it to the camera and then begins his sprint down the entrance ramp, sliding into the ring in trademark Cena fashion. He hits the ropes and throws his hat into the crowd as the crowd pops again.

Cena leans on the ropes and takes in the moment, looking around at the crowd still going nuts inside the Fort Worth arena. Cena puts his hands on his hips and looks over at Reigns. He strokes his chin and turns towards Reigns. He walks up to him one step at a time.

Finally, he then gets in his face and does the “You can’t see me!” gesture just as that lyric came in his theme, which is still pumping in the background as the crowd continues to go nuts. He poses on the turnbuckle in the corner one more time as the 2021 WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!


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