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WWE News: Becky Lynch Will Be Sidelined Several Months Due to Shoulder Injury

It was previously reported that WWE Superstar “Big Time Becks” Becky Lynch suffered a shoulder injury during her WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match against reigning WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at last Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam Event. Becky Lynch’s injury was believed to have happened after she was hit with a Jaded (Glam Slam) from Belair. Becky Lynch’s arm was then noticeably weak for the rest of the match and she was even favoring her shoulder at certain parts during the match.

WWE announced during last night’s post-SummerSam episode of WWE RAW that while Becky Lynch suffered a separated shoulder at last Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam Event, the injury was further exacerbated during last night’s WWE RAW following an attack from Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY and as a result of their attack, Big Time Becks is expected to be out of action for several months, but there’s no word yet on what month exactly or when she is expected to make her return.

You can check out WWE’s announcement below, along with Becky Lynch’s tweets

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