Cody Rhodes interview highlights

WWE News: Cody Rhodes Back to Normal Training; Update on His Return

— Cody Rhodes has been out of action since June due to a severely torn muscle in his chest that required surgery. At that time, his expected return to WWE was in the January-February timeframe and according to theWrestling Observer Newsletter, it appears his recovery is going well and remains on track.

— Rhodes has been working with “top level trainers” to put on size and strength and currently is weighing in at 240 pounds, which would be probably be the most he’s ever been in his life. Rhodes is also reportedly “back to normal” when it comes to training and lifting weights. While there is no word on exactly when we will see Cody back on TV, the Observer adds that it will likely be a surprise though the natural angle for a return against Seth Rollins is questionable since Rollins has transitioned into a popular babyface.

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