WWE News: Final Raw of McMahon Era Airs, Stock Price Rises Ahead of Sale

It’s indeed a significant moment in WWE’s history. The transition from the McMahon family’s ownership to Endeavor marks the end of an era for the company, which has been synonymous with the McMahon family’s leadership for decades. WWE has been a major player in the world of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, and this change in ownership signals a new chapter for the company.

The increase in WWE’s stock price over the years reflects the growth and success of the company in the public market. Starting at $17 per share when it went public in 1999 and reaching $100.65 per share on its final day of trading under WWE’s ownership is a remarkable achievement.

The transition to trading under the symbol “TKO” as part of the merged company represents the blending of WWE’s legacy with the future direction that Endeavor will bring to the organization. It will be interesting to see how this change in ownership impacts WWE’s programming, business operations, and its place in the world of sports and entertainment moving forward.

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