WWE News: Kevin Owens Officially a Babyface, Jason Jordan Pulling Triple Duty, more

— Kevin Owens is finally officially a babyface on WWE’s internal roster sheet, according to pwinsider.com. While he has been playing that sort of role for some time on Raw, WWE still had him listed as a heel until this week.

— While WWE’s viewership this week tanked to just over 1.7 million viewers – a huge drop from recent weeks with the NFL back in season, fightfulselect.com reports that internally, WWE was bracing for an even worse number.

— With Triple H taking over from Vince McMahon this summer, there was an expectation by some producers that their workload would be decreased, however, that hasn’t happened as of yet. Jason Jordan is one producer who has been pulling double and sometimes triple duty due to all the cuts from earlier this year that have yet to be backfilled.

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