Triple H's NXT TakeOver: XXV Pre-Show Media Conference Call (5/30/2019)

WWE News: Notes From Today’s Pre-Smackdown Talent Meeting Led By Triple H

— As reported earlier, WWE held an all talent meeting today prior to Friday Night Smackdown and below are notes compiled from and

– Triple H led the meeting and thanked all the wrestlers for all their hard work and said he understood there were concerns stemming from Vince McMahon’s return to WWE
– He re-iterated that McMahon is back only to spearhead possible efforts to explore opportunities to sell the company, to determine who they should sell to or whether it should even be sold at all.
– He addressed “rumors” of a sale already being completed, suggesting that such a transaction would take much longer to complete. He urged talent not to believe “rumors” that they read online.
– Triple H commented on Vince McMahon’s influence in WWE, re-assuring talent that there will be no changes to either the creative or the creative process and that all decisions pertaining to creative still run through him. He even noted that while Vince and he may discuss creative, Vince will defer to him when it comes to final decisions.
– Kevin Dunn also spoke at the meeting and noted that he worked for Vince for 40 years and since returning, Vince has not said anything about shaking things up internally, at least from a talent and creative perspective.

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