WWE News & Notes From WrestleMania Night One

Both Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair were said to be “ecstatic” about their women’s title match that headlined night one yesterday, according to a report by pwinsider.com. In fact, many of the other members of the women’s roster were so invested in the match that they made their way down to the photographer’s pit on the stadium floor to watch the match.

— As we saw yesterday, Raymond James Stadium was hit by a significant rain storm at the beginning of WrestleMania, causing scheduling issues to begin the PPV. PWInsider.com also reports that the delays caused stage managers to frantically start looking for talent backstage to put them on camera to cut promos as a way to fill time. Wrestlers had virtually no heads up and were told to say basically whatever they want as officials also had no clue as to when they would be able to commence with matches or how much content they needed to film to fill up time while waiting for the weather to clear up.

— Due to COVID-19 protocols, WWE had heavy security presence backstage and no friends or family were allowed as a result.

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