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WWE: News on Brock Lesnar’s Creative Plans For WrestleMania 39; Lesnar Nixed Match Against Bray Wyatt

– Brock Lesnar is set to face Omos at WWE’s upcoming WrestleMania 39 event in a month but the path to get there was not a simple one, according to details reported by, as multiple opponents were either planned or pitched for Lesnar before creative locked in Omos.  

– As early as the fall of 2022 and soon after WWE handed control of creative to Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE approached “Stone Cold” Steve Austin about the prospects of facing Lesar at WrestleMania which Austin declined with other reports suggesting that the financial terms of the offer was quite a bit lower than Austin expected.  On a side note, WWE then upped their offer and pitched Roman Reigns as an opponent for Stone Cold, which he presumably also declined. 

– Later that fall around the time of Survivor Series,, WWE reportedly considered a Lesnar vs. Gunther match at WrestleMania but this idea was apparently nixed fairly quickly and it is believed that this match wasn’t really considered for any significant period of time.   

– Other opponents that were suggested for Lesnar include Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt, and it is believed that in the case of Wyatt, Lesnar himself actually nixed that match for reasons not clearly known.   On the latest <i>Wrestling Observer Radio</i>, Dave Meltzer suggested that the original plan was for Lesnar to beat Lashley at Elimination Chamber and eventually leading to Lesnar vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania.  He also hinted that there was another opponent lined up for Lesnar before the Wyatt idea, but didn’t know who that was beyond that it wasn’t Gunther.  

– Lesnar is now set to wrestle Omos and while this is the “current plan” for WrestleMania, WWE is reportedly ready with a “backup” in case they want to go in a different creative direction.  For what it’s worth, it is still believed – but not confirmed – that Vince McMahon is responsible for the Lesnar vs. Omos match, but the fightful report notes that regardless on whether that is true or not, Lesnar  “personally approved” it. 

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