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WWE News: The Miz Reveals That He’s Dealing With a Shoulder Injury

— The Miz appeared on Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast yesterday and dropped some news about an injury he’s dealing with:

“I have a bursa sac that I burst that just keeps blowing up. It takes so long and then it’ll go away, I don’t know if you can see it, literally it just keeps coming back. Fluid comes in, it goes away, comes in, goes away. I’ve messed up my shoulder a little bit and then you’re trying to work out, work through it, and trying to make sure you maintain your body and physicality.”

— The Miz was scheduled to wrestle Dexter Lumis on Monday’s WWE Raw, but the match never happened after he attacked Lumis with a chair. The injury revelation obviously explains why he wasn’t able to wrestle, but noted that he will wrestle a dark match after Smackdown this Friday. He hasn’t wrestled since October 1 at a house show and the last time he wrestled on TV was way back on September 5.

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