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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – August 9, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (August 9, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Video Opening Package: Last Week’s Fatal 4-Way for the Women’s NXT Tag Team Championship; Tonight’s Card

We open with a video highlighting last week’s gauntlet match to crown new tag champs. The final two teams were Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (KC2) and former two-time champions Toxic Attraction. KC2 finally won, picking up the titles that have been denied to them for far too long. We then hear from Zoey Stark and Cora Jade, who face each other; Wes Lee, who faces Trick Williams in a Rounds Match; and, lastly, from Tony D’Angelo who promotes his final meeting with Santos Escobar.

Singles Match: Nikkita Lyons vs Kiana James

Kiana James comes out, glasses on, and we hear briefly from Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark–who are one of two NXT tag teams taking place in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. We get both entrances and James removes the glasses prior to the bell. Both women lock up and James forces Lyons into the corner. Lyons has ditched the green ring gear for new, red white and blue colored ring gear that looks great. James unloads on Lyons briefly with fists and elbow strikes, then attempts to work Lyons’ left arm to wear it down. Lyons is quick to break free and looks for a running big boot in the corner. James ducks and Lyons’ leg gets stuck on the middle rope. James turns her focus to the left knee–the one injured earlier this summer that cost Lyons about four to six weeks of rehab. James continues to focus on Lyons’ knee as they take the action outside the ring and back in. James alternates pin attempts and attacks to the left knee. Commentary–“Bad News” Wade Barrett and “Not Tom Phillips” Vic Joseph–hype the damage done to Lyons’ MCL and praises James for the strategy to try to take down the fan-fave. Lyons rallies, however, and hits her split-leg finisher to pick up the win! Post match, however, James attacks Lyons with a foreign object, leaving Lyons laid out.
Your Winner, Nikkita Lyons!

Backstage: the Creed Brothers & Apollo Crews; Roderick Strong Joins Them

The Creeds are shown seated backstage with Apollo Crews, going over footage. They thank the veteran for watching the film with them and giving them his valuable insight. Strong approaches and snaps at them for allowing Crews to watch footage with them. The Creeds take offense at this and the group argue. Strong tells Crews he can’t be “part of the Diamond Mine” (which Crews never expressed an interest in joining) and Strong tells Crews he can’t watch footage with them anymore.

Rounds Match: Wes Lee vs Trick Williams

Wes Lee is out first, sporting boxing gloves, and we go to break during his entrance! We return and Williams is out, escorted by North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, and Williams is also wearing gloves. So perhaps less NXT UK rounds, more boxing rounds-style match? We get a “Tale of the Tape” showing their vitals as if this were a boxing match. Barrett informs us Williams has a history in boxing whereas Wes Lee does not. Here’s the rules: there will be six rounds, consisting of three minutes each. You can score a fall by pin, submission, or knockout–a knockout, we’re told by Vic Joseph, would immediately end the match regardless of the round counts. The instant a pinfall or submission is scored, the round is over and we begin the next. The first person who scores two rounds won will win this match. Lee starts off strong, slugging it out with the larger Williams and battling the trained-boxer (per Barrett) into a corner. Williams with swings and misses as Lee uses his agility and speed to duck under and dip back to avoid blows. Williams locks onto Lee’s head and Lee unloads blows to Williams’ gut until Trick hits a knee to Lee, rocking the smaller man. Williams backs Lee into the corner and unloads multiple blows. The ref’s already got black latex (or non-latex) gloves on–used for blood, but no one’s bloody yet. Williams and Lee both slug it out as the timer counts down and we end round one with no falls made!
End of Round One: Lee 0 – Williams 0
Lee and Williams get a few seconds breather and go back at it. Carmelo Hayes immediately interferes with a distraction, allowing Williams to drop Lee within sixty seconds and pick up his first point!
End of Round Two: Lee 0 – Williams 1
We go to picture-in-picture break as round 3 starts! Round three takes entirely place during the break. Both men continue to box it out and Williams looks for a series of Haymakers, looking for the same strategy that scored him his first point. Time expires and we return from break!
End of Round Three: Lee 0 – Williams 1
Lee and Williams go right at it as the new round starts. Williams swings and misses with a Haymaker but Lee manages to drop Williams and pick up his first point! After the bell, Trick takes a cheap shot with a Haymaker that levels Lee. Barrett mentions Lee may be knocked out and his the twenty-second round break to recover.
End of Round Four: Lee 1 – Williams 1
Williams immediately goes after the downed Lee, stomping him and dropping an elbow on him to soften him up. Both men have shed their boxing gloves, by the way, and Lee resorts to a more traditional wrestling playbook as he uses multiple suplexes to drop Lee, covering each attempt for nada. We’re reminded that the next person to score a point will win this. Williams drives Lee into the mat and attempts to back-to-back covers for nada. Hayes cheers on Williams as Lee slowly rises. Williams looks for a roundhouse but Lee ducks and Williams is rope-strung! Lee with a series of kicks that drop Williams! Lee blocks Williams right and unloads with rights and lefts of his own, battering Williams against the ropes as we have under forty seconds in this round! Lee whips Trick into the ropes and hits a knee facebuster! Down to 20 seconds as commentary encourages Lee on! Lee puts on a boxing glove and hits a big right to Williams that drops Williams! Lee covers with less than ten seconds to go to pick up the pin and the win!
End of Round Five: Lee 2 – Williams 1. Your Winner, Wes Lee!

Backstage: Chase University with Arianna Grace

Arianna Grace approaches Thea Hail and Andre Chase. She complains about Thea and Bodhi, who were throwing frisbees on Chase U property earlier when an errant throw hit Grace in the face. Chase suggests the two work it out in a match tonight in the ring; Grace states she’s thinking “more of a lawsuit.” Andre stands and curses her out, telling her it happened on Chase University property so its under his jurisdiction and he states Thea Hail will make her match debut tonight against Grace! We go to break.

In the Ring Promo: North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Giovanni Vinci

Hayes starts out by calling Lee a cheater. Eventually Vinci makes his way out and the two exchange words, setting up a future North American Championship match.

Video Promo: Bron Breakker; JD McDonagh

We get our weekly video hyping NXT Heatwave and the upcoming NXT Championship match at it. That is all.

Singles Debut Match: Thea Hail(d) w/ Chase U vs Arianna Grace

Grace, niece of famous WWE Superstar Santina, starts off aggressive right out of the gate. Grace takes Thea down tot he mat and immediately slaps on a modified shoulder bar, working on wrenching the shoulder and neck for a few lengthy moments. Andre Chase leads the crowd in cheering for Thea, and Hail powers to a standing position. Grace hops on her back, keeping a sleeper on, but Hail drops back to break the hold. Hail blocks a right from Grace and follows it up with an elbow strike, followed by a series of running double-axe handle strikes that drop Grace. Hail follows it up with a pair of splashes to the corner. Hail with a beautiful running rolling neck breaker! Hail kicks Grace, screams in rage, and hits a standing Moonsault for a close two! Chase uses the ref’s warning to Hail, backing her up, to hit a big boot. Grace with a move Barrett calls the “Wasteland,” new name of her finisher, and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Arianna Grace!

NXT Medical: Solo Sikoa; Cameron Grimes Joins

Solo Sikoa is shown backstage and an NXT medical official informs Solo he’ll be on the shelf for six weeks as he recovers from the battle he had last week with Vinci. Cameron Grimes comes up to check on him and praises Solo’s performance last week. Solo thanks him for the high praise, considering the locker room all look up to Grimes. They briefly discuss the Hayes/Vinci title match next week.

Singles Match: Apollo Crews vs Roderick Strong

No, not a chat as I previously listed the title stub–this is a match! Strong comes out solo and Barrett criticizes his Diamond Mine members for not having his back, all while ignoring the fact that Strong didn’t have the Diamond Mine’s back last week. (He called it a “test” earlier in the program, testing the Creeds). Crews and Strong lock up and the crowd seems to be equally behind both men, firing off dueling chants throughout the match. Commentary briefly touch on last night’s Bobby Lashley vs Ciampa match and both commentators praise Ciampa’s performance and the fact he had ample time to open a lot of eyes last night. As for our match? Strong and Crews slow the pace like molasses as they resort to slower, working holds for a few moments. Crews starts to fire back a comeback, running off the ropes and dropping Strong with a big dropkick. Crews takes Strong into the corner and fires off chest chops. Strong attempts to escape and Crews looks for Suplex. Strong floats over and kidney shots Crews before dropping him with a knee to jaw strike. Strong takes another turn in control and focuses his attacks on Crews, using a backbreaker to great effect before attempting to corner Crews. Crews again rallies, fighting out of the corner, but Strong shuts it down with a perfect dropkick to Crews’ face as he leaps off the middle rope! We head to break with Strong in charge!
Back from the break. Vic Joseph informs us that Strong’s maintained the control throughout the break and has focused on the lower back of Crews. We watch as Strong uses a modified Camel Clutch to torment Crews back. Crews endures it and fights out, and the two clash as Crews starts to string together some offense. Crews uses suplexes and big forearm shots to rock the leader of the Diamond Mine. Crews wraps up Strong from behind and starts to execute Suplex City–the real one, where you hold on and whip up to your feet, not that lazy “every German Suplex is “Suplex City” Lesnar BS we’ve gotten the last several years. Strong blocks the third suplex and drops Crews with a big right. Both men are down and slow to rise. Commentary praises both men as “cardio monsters.” Crews looks for an atomic drop on Strong; Strong counters and sends Crews tot he apron. Crews looks for a shoulder thrust through the ropes but Strong has it scouted and connects a knee to Crews’ head! Strong drops Crews to the outside and takes him back in after a second strike, covering for a close two. Strong slaps on his submission, the Strong Hold (modified Boston Crab, elevated, kneeling on Crews’ back). Crews escapes and the duo go back and forth, with Crews looking for a Military Press but Strong escapes it. Crews hits a Powerslam to rock Strong then finishes him with a one-hand slam, finally picking up the hard-fought won!
Your Winner, Apollo Crews!

Backstage: the Mine is Caving In

An upset Roderick Strong confronts Damon Kemp, Julius & Brutus Creed backstage. He wants to know why they didn’t come have his back during his match; they remind him just as he tested them last week, they tested him and “he passed.” He angrily wants to know how he passed as he lost the match. He snaps at them, destroys Kemp’s tablet, and Julius Creed informs him that JC is more worried about their eight-man tag. He states he knows who the problem is and he’ll deal with it next week, but won’t name names *cough cough Strong cough cough*.

Final One-on-One Accord: Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar

We’re shown Escobar in a vehicle, driving to the arena while on the cell with someone. Both men sit at a table outside, backlit by a beautiful water fountain cast in shades of blue light. Escobar states he feels Tony D never expected to see him again. The two trade some barbs, with Escobar stating Tony D is only the “Don of NXT” because he cheated Ciampa out of a win. The two agree to a match at next week’s NXT Heatwave. In a Street Fight, Escobar takes on D’Angelo with the following winning stipulations: if Escobar wins, Legado Del Fantasma will be freed from the control of Tony D’Angelo. If Tony wins, however, Escobar will leave NXT and the remainder of LDF will remain with the D’Angelo Family. We head to break!

Tag Team Match: Pretty Deadly vs Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

Malik and Edris put on a short, but fast-paced match with Pretty Deadly. Pretty Deadly take a commanding lead early on but Edris helps take control, battering Kit and Prince around the ring. NXT UK Tag Team Champions Briggs & Jensen w/ Fallon Henley, make their way to the ring. Edris covers Kit but Prince makes the save. Prince attempts to retrieve a weapon but is stopped. Kit, however, manages to use the distraction of the NXT UK Tag Champs’ status (down at ringside, thanks to Prince and a steel chair) to pick up the win over Edris Enofé & Malik Blade. After the match, Lash Legend attacks Fallon Henley and seems to have aligned herself with Pretty Deadly!
Your Winners, Pretty Deadly!

Backstage: Cameron Grimes; Joe Gacy & the Dyads

Backstage, Gacy seems to attempt to recruit Grimes (and Barrett comments on this). Grimes leaves, and when he’s asked where he’s going, he simply says he’s going home. Okay.

Singles Main Event Match: Zoey Stark vs Cora Jade

Cora Jade makes her way out and we cut to the back, where Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark hype both their upcoming WWE Women’s Tag Team Tournament match as well as Stark’s tonight. Lyons hypes up Stark and we head to break ahead of our main event! When we return, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose joins commentary to scout her opponent for next week’s Heatwave. We finally get things under way and Cora Jade jumps to an early lead. We’re reminded by commentary and Rose about her deal with Jade last week–if Jade can take out Stark before Heatwave, Jade gets the title shot against Rose. While Jade continues her commanding lead throughout the break, Barrett calls Rose the best NXT Women’s champ in history and is irked when Vic Joseph reminds him of the only undefeated NXT Women’s Champion, who went nearly three years undefeated–the legendary Asuka. Throughout the break, Jade continues to work over Stark. Jade’s offense is a series of strung-together kicks and strikes, attempting to work Stark over in the corner multiple times all the while trying frequent covers to wear down Stark. Jade uses a vicious strong Irish Whip to rock Stark off the turnbuckles and resumes her tactic of stomps and punches. Stark attempts to fight back but Jade again drops her, using a jawbreaker and another pin attempt for yet another close fall.
We return from break with Stark starting to get some offense in as we hit overrun territory! Final update will come in 6-10 minutes once our program ends! Note that throughout the match, the crowd is hotly behind both Stark and Jade. Jade shuts down Stark’s offense and continues to work her over. Jae looks to retrieve a foreign object–not a bat but some kind of black pole–but she swings, misses, and eats a German Suplex from Stark! The ref removes the object and both women get to their feet. Stark starts her comeback, dropping Jade twice with a flurry of strikes. Stark with a back kick to the gut that drops Jade to her knees, then follows it up with a sliding kick to cover for a two of her own. Stark uses another big German Suplex to plant Jade and covers again at 10:03, but no joy. Stark rises and sizes up Jade, yelling for her to get up. Cora looks for a low-angle Superkick but Jade sidesteps it and clubs Stark on the jaw! Jade looks for a running corner-assisted Bulldog but Stark avoids it and hits with a Superkick!
Rose sighs audibly every time Stark covers for a close call. Jade starts to chain together more offense, kicking Stark in the gut against the ropes before hitting a perfect Hammerlock DDT for another close cover of her own! The crowd fires up as we pickup the pace towards our ending. Jade hits her Sliced Bread (the aforementioned corner-assisted flipping Bulldog) and gets a close two.
Roxanne Perez shows up at ringside with the foreign object and distracts Cora Jade! Stark hits a Superkick, then her finisher and picks up the win, covering Jade while pointing right at Mandy Rose! After the match, Roxanne Perez attempts to attack Jade and chases her to the back with the foreign object. Rose attempts to sneak attack Zoey Stark, but Stark sees it coming and drops Rose with a Superkick! We end our program with Stark hoisting Rose’s title above the fallen champion.
Your Winner, Zoey Stark!

Next Week: NXT Heatwave

NXT Championship: Bron Breakker(c) vs JD McDonagh. NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose(c) vs Zoey Stark. North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes(c) vs Giovanni Vinci. Street Fight: Tony D’Angelo vs Santos Escobar; if Tony wins, Escobar leaves NXT and if Santos wins, Legado Del Fantasma are freed from the D’Angelo Family. Singles Match: Cora Jade vs Roxanne Perez.

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