WWE NXT 2.0 One Year Anniversary Live Results (Sept. 13, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan 1.0 We’ve got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it’ll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview is up, tonight’s one year anniversary celebration is set to kick off with a steel cage match for the NXT Tag Team Championships! Reigning two-time champions, Pretty Deadly, have their sights set on the Creed Brothers. More championship gold is up on the line as North American Champion Carmelo Hayes face a Mystery Opponent selected by the NXT Universe in an online poll. The NXT Universe had more say in tonight’s show in selecting the special stipulation for the tag title match. In further tag action, Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark are set to tango with Arianna Grace & Kiana James and Cameron Grimes & a Mystery Partner of his choice take on Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo. And tonight will see the debut of Velveteen Dream 2.0 “the Super Diva” Quincy Elliott.

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0's One Year Anniversary episode!



WWE NXT 2.0 One Year Anniversary Live Results (Sept. 13, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome to NXT 2.0’s One Year Anniversary!

Commentators Wade Barrett & Vic Joseph welcome us to the Capitol Wrestling Center, and they’re ready to kick off this celebration with our tag team championship. The steel cage is set up already as commentary hype tonight’s anniversary.

NXT Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs the Creed Brothers

The Creed Brothers are out first to a good pop. We’re reminded the rules of this steel cage match–you can win by pin fall, submission, or escaping the cage. The champs are out next to boos and finally we start our first match! Both members of Pretty Deadly immediately attempt to climb out and the Creeds drag them down. Brutus prevents Kit Wilson from escaping out the cage by pulling him back through the door. Both members again climb the cage, on opposite walls, and the Creeds follow them up top. Brutus straddles the top of the cage and hammers Elton Prince’s back with clubbing blows, forcing him into the ring. Both Creeds continue to dominate the champs, using a series of suplexes in tandem to keep the champs floored. The Creed Brothers weaponize the cage, sending the champs faces into the steel whenever possible. Elton Prince continues to try to escape. Prince & Wilson work together to execute a jawbreaker in the corner for a close cover. Prince again tries to escape; Brutus pulls him off the cage and powerbombs him against the steel! The crowd rips off a “holy shit” chant to show their approval. Brutus pursues Wilson up the cage and both slug it out at top before both end up back on the mat. Julius Creed catches Prince with a snap suplex as Wilson attempts to escape the cage, sending Prince crashing into the canvas, the crowd roaring, and us to our first commercial break at 8:09pm!

During the picture-in-picture break, the champions take control and begin to execute double-team moves, dropping Brutus with a dropkick and isolating the big man as Julius rolls on the canvas. Prince stops to club and stomp away at Julius, ensuring the smaller Creed stays down, and the two turn their focus to him once they’ve sufficiently beaten Brutus. The champs waste precious moments taunting their opponents and giving each other props. Prince chokes Brutus in the corner on the ropes as the ref counts a warning. Pretty Deadly turn their attention to Julius and work together to continue to beat him down. Prince again attempts to escape; Julius drops Wilson and climbs the corner, battling with Prince in the corner. Wilson joins in and all three men stand perched on the ropes as we come back from break, with Julius attempting to fight off both members in the corner. Pretty Deadly position Julius on top of the cage and then execute a Superplex off the top turnbuckle, sending Julius crashing from the top of the cage to the floor and eliciting a loud “holy shit” chant yet again!

Damon Kemp suddenly hits the ringside and begins to climb the cage as the crowd loudly boos. Julius Creed climbs the corner and fights him off the cage, preventing Kemp from entering–but not before Kemp handcuffs Julius Creed to the top of the cage! Damon Kemp laughs his way up the ramp, yelling “how you like me now?” Brutus Creed finds himself in a handicapped match and goes full “Brutus Smash” mode, using big shoulder bumps and thrusts to bump the champs around before using a pair of belly to belly suplexes to lay out both champs. Brutus rushes up the turnbuckle sand attempts to help free Julius from his cuffs. Pretty Deadly call for the door to be opened but Brutus dives off the top, wiping both of the champs out! Brutus covers Wilson for a close cover, then notices Prince climbing out the cage. Brutus drags Prince back into the ring. Wilson grabs Brutus, attempting to pull him off, and Julius grabs Kit Wilson’s hair! Julius Creed holds Wilson by the hair and Brutus slaps on an ankle lock on Elton Prince! Wilson escapes just in time to break the submission attempt. Pretty Deadly hit their double-team finisher and then begin to dissect Brutus as Julius watches on, powerless to help his brother as the numbers ultimately win out. Wilson picks up the pinfall victory.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

Anniversary Video Promo

We get a video presented by commentary that covers the highlights of the first year of NXT 2.0. It’ll be on the WWE YouTube later tonight, if it isn’t up already!

Singles Match: Fallon Henley vs Lash Legend w/ Briggs & Jensen

Legend’s out first, followed by Henley who’s accompanied by Briggs, Jensen, and a Connor’s Cure local child. Legend starts off with a whip, which Henley turns into a single-leg dropkick. Henley follows it up with a side dropkick and chops Legend’s chest. Legend uses a big boot to send Henley flying to the outside, then pursues her. Legend slams Henley into the ground and the apron, yelling insults the entire time before taking it back into the ring. The NXT Universe rips off dueling chants as Legend begins to chain together offense in command of Henley. Henley ducks under a running elbow and throws rights, all while selling a left arm injury, then picks up steam as Henley starts her comeback, culminating with a big bulldog! Henley with a running side dragon kick to Legend’s head and that’s it, the 90 second match is over!
Your Winner, Fallon Henley!

In the Ring: Toxic Attraction Gloat; Alba Fyre Objects

Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are in the ring in street attire for our anniversary episode. Mandy points out that she said she’d unify the NXT Women’s and NXT UK Women’s championships and did that and, if she so chooses, she’ll get the NXT Europe Women’s Championship if she wants. Jacy Jayne takes a turn on the mic, hyping the faction as the most dominant in NXT, and she puts the current women’s tag champs on notice that they’re “borrowing” the titles from Toxic Attraction for now. Rose states they’re the baddest bitches in the room, and hypes her partners as the “soon to be three-time NXT Women’s” tag team champions and touts her own lengthy reign as she approaches milestones for length of run. “If there’s one thing you people should’ve learned this past year is to put some respect on my damn name!” And cue the music–out comes Alba Fyre! Fyre tells Rose that she may have unified both titles “but you know nothing about where I come from. You see, in Scotland we don’t brag on and on because we like the sound of our own voice. WE let the hard work do the talking for us.” Her hair is extra Kool-Aid cheery red tonight. She stands on the apron, her bat in hand, and enters the ring, threatening Gigi and Jacy with it before attacking both. She Superkicks Mandy Rose then hits her KLR Bomb (I forget it’s new name). Fyre heads up top but Toxic Attraction drag Mandy out of the ring and to safety. Rose retrieves her belt before Fyre can get it and they back up the ramp, yelling for Fyre to watch it.

Misc.: Cora Jade Speaks; Wendy Choo and Lash Legend; “the Super Diva” Quincy Elliott Arrives in NXT 2.0!

We get a vignette in which Cora Jade cuts another heel promo, trashing Roxy and all the stars of the Women’s division by name. Mackenzie is then shown backstage asking Choo for her opinions when Lash Legend approaches, angry that she lost a few minutes ago. The two exchange heated words. We then see clips from earlier today, during which “the Super Diva” Quincy Elliott arrived. We head to break.

Singles Debut Squash Match: Quincy Elliott(d) vs Sean Gallagher

We cut to the arena, where Quincy comes out in an outfit that looks like it belongs to the Anti-Goldust. The NXT Universe welcomes Elliott. Sean locks up with Quincy after the bell and looks for an arm bar. Quincy turns it into a mutual wristlock and then gyrates, confusing Gallagher. Sean fires off a few punches, which only fires up Quincy. Quincy drops Gallagher with a flying corkscrew elbow and, as the crowd chants “Super Diva,” he hits his version of the Banzai Drop to pick up the quick squash win!
Your Winner, Quincy Elliott!

Tag Team Match: the D’Angelo Family vs Cameron Grimes & a Mystery Partner

Cameron Grimes is interviewed backstage prior to the match and admits he doesn’t have a partner. It sounds as if we’ll get a two-on-one handicapped match unless he can find a partner–during this word from their sponsors! We head to break after the D’Angelo Family make their entrance. Grimes comes out alone and it looks as if this really is a handicapped match. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo take control for the first two minutes as the numbers game is in their favor. Both men work over Grimes until the Schism–Joe Gacy & the Dyads make their way out! Joe Gacy hops up on the apron and is willing to be Grimes partner! Grimes flips Tony D over his back and notices his new “partner” but hesitates, allowing Tony D to drive Grimes into the mat and cover for two. Tony circles Grimes, taunting him off-mic, and points at Gacy in the corner. Grimes throws rights into Tony’s gut, then a haymaker. Tony rushes Grimes back into the D’Angelo Family corner and works with Stacks to attempt a double clothesline.
Grimes counters and hits a double-Hurricanrana, taking out both members of the Family at the same time! Gacy is again chomping at the bit to get the hot tag, encouraging Grimes. Grimes again hesitates and Stacks looks for a back drop. Grimes stumbles into his corner and Gacy tags himself in! Gacy comes in on fire, dropping Tony D’Angelo and Stacks with suplexes and drops, Tony D is sent to the outside as Gacy drops Stacks. Grimes confronts Gacy, demanding to know what he’s doing. The D’Angelo Family attack and Grimes works with Gacy to help fight them off. Gacy hits his finisher, called the Upside Down, and covers to pick up the win for the team! Grimes is in disbelief and Gacy grins like a madman.
Your Winners, Cameron Grimes and Joe Gacy!

After the Match: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Gacy hugs Grimes afterwards and Grimes yells “I don’t get you” to Gacy. Gacy extends his arms and the fans chant “hug it out” but Grimes refuses to. The Dyad–the artists formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans–then attack Grimes from behind and beat him down at Gacy’s command. Gacy hits his handspring right fist signature to leave Grimes laying out and the crowd booing angrily.

Tag Team Match: Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark vs Arianna Grace & Kiana James

Lyons & Stark are out, with James & Grace–daughter of former WWF/E Superstar Santino Marella–are already in the ring. We start with James and Stark, with both women jockeying for control early. Stark uses a wrist lock and pulls James back, tagging in Lyons. Lyons with a shot to the gut of James followed by a suplex and a kip-up. James rolls out of the ring and slaps the apron, having a hissy-fit while fetching her bag. All four women are in the ring and the ref attempts to restore order as we head to break! We return and find Arianna Grace in control over Nikkita Lyons. The hot NXT Universe cheer for Lyons and she starts chaining together enough offense to drop Grace. Lyons nails a big side Judo kick and looks for a cover. The crowd has a new chant after a near fall–half chant “two,” half chant “what?” Okay.
Stark tags in and drops Grace with a back suplex. Stark charges Grace, but Grace dips back into the corner and tags in Kiana James. James looks shocked that she’s been tagged in and enters the ring, hesitantly. Stark fires up, dropping James with clothesline after clothesline after clothesline. James attempts to flee to the outside and Stark chases her–and runs right into a clothesline from James. James and Lyons trash-talk outside the ring and the ref warns Lyons off. James takes it back into the ring, stomping on Stark before covering for a two. Stark and James struggle, with both women exchanging blows. James whips Stark into the ropes and hits a textbook backbreaker over her knee, rolling Stark’s legs up for another two. Stark desperately seeks to tag in Lyons but James drags her back. James with a cheap shot, knocking Lyons off the apron! James turns and walks right into a pop up from Stark that sends James crashing hard to the canvas. Stark looks for a tag in but Lyons is still down; James, however, is able to tag in Grace. Stark fires elbows and kicks at Grace, then connects with a running sliding knee to the jaw! Stark with a kick to James but it opens her up to a big boot from Grace! Grace covers for two.
Stark hits the Z360–she spins her opponent in a standing 360 position and drops her across a knee. Lyons tags in, hits her split-legged finisher, and covers for the win.
Your Winners, Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark!

Singles Match: Javier Bernal vs Hank “the Security Guard” Walker

“Big Body” Javier Bernal is out first, followed by the security guard he’s butted heads with recently–Hank Walker. Walker has no entrance and wears street clothes for this match. The crowd is hot for Walker, big time. The bell rings and both men look to lock up but break up when Bernal realizes he can’t overpower Walker. Bernal wraps up Walker from behind and chops him in the back of the neck. Bernal slaps on a side headlock and wrenches the neck. Walker attempts to hoist up Bernal thrice to break the hold; third time’s the charm as he carries Bernal, who refuses to break the head lock, to the corner. The ref forces the break. Bernal slaps Walker, enraging the security guard. Hank throws Bernal back in the corner then throws him out of the corner and across the ring, yelling off-mic as the crowd again rises to their feet and chant for Hank. Hank charges the corner and Bernal dropkicks his knee, tripping him up and sending him face-first into the turnbuckle. Bernal fires off calf-kicks and again looks to work Walker’s neck.
Walker easily tosses Bernal across the ring, showing off some impressive strength. Bernal again suckers Walker into the corner but this time, Hank slaps on the brakes and sends Bernal’s head into the turnbuckle! Hank threatens a Lawn Dart but Bernal wiggles free and slaps on a sleeper. Walker breaks free and whips Bernal into the ropes, catching him with a Lou Thesz Press on the rebound! Walker strips off his shirt and the NXT Universe fires up for “Big Hang” as he squashes Bernal in two corners, then runs him over with a body thrust. Walker covers and picks up the win! The crowd really like this guy as he easily got the best pop of the night.
Your Winner, Hank Walker!

North American Championship Main Event Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Mystery Opponent

A poll taken over the weekend by the NXT Universe led to Wes Lee originally earning this title shot tonight. Lee was attacked earlier in the day and left in NXT Medical. With the breaking news that Wes Lee is not cleared to fight tonight. Carmelo Hayes is out first with Trick Williams to a great mix of cheers and boos. He hops on the mic with Trick. Williams tells us they’re too good to be this humble “and that’s why (we’re) still the center stage.” Hayes states he did Wes Lee a “favor,” taking blame for the surprise attack on Lee. Hayes goes on a rant about everyone wanting a piece of what he “built.” He quotes Shakespeare and drops his mic. Solo Sikoa, however, is back in NXT! The crowd erupts as the newest member of the Bloodline makes his way out ready to fight! Sikoa gets on the mic and reminds Hayes that he told him weeks ago, “I got next!” He drops his mic and lays into the champ! The champ is tossed out of the ring and Solo gets a ref in; this match is now official! Solo unloads on the shocked champ, beating him to the outside as we head to our final break of the night! During the break, Solo follows Hayes as he batters him around the ringside area. Sikoa takes it into the ring and Hayes gets the jump on him, giving the champ his first lead of the night! Hayes fires off chops to Sikoa, rocking him, but it only angers the Samoan Street Fighter. We return from break at 9:59pm as Sikoa takes Hayes to the mat and begins to work the neck.
Hayes distracts the ref as Solo attempts to get some offense in, allowing Trick Williams to take a cheap shot at Sikoa’s left knee. Hayes begins to focus his offense on Solo’s knee, working the joint with various holds. Hayes pounds the knee with fists and again twists the leg with an ankle hold as Solo tries to fight out of it. Hayes finally converts it into a single-leg crab and Hayes sits down on Sikoa’s butt, using the brace itself as leverage! Sikoa scrapes and claws across the mat and, just inches from the rope, is drug back into the middle of the ring by Hayes! Hayes again applies the half-crab. Solo again crawls across the ring, finally reaching the rope this time. Hayes shakes his head but ultimately breaks the hold when the ref counts his warning. Hayes approaches Sikoa, but Sikoa shoves him down with one leg. The crowd fires up for Solo once again. Hayes looks for his jumping jawbreaker signature but Sikoa catches him! Sikoa blocks two rights from Hayes then unloads a barrage of fists into Hayes! Superkick to the side of the head from Sikoa, followed by a Samoan Drop! Sikoa with a running hip attack to a seated Hayes in the corner!
Sikoa pulls the champ up for another Samoan Drop but Trick distracts Solo. Hayes with the jawbreaker finisher! Sikoa staggers on his feet but doesn’t fall. Hayes runs against the ropes but Solo catches him in a pop-up Samoan Drop for a very, very close call! The crowd loudly chants “that was three” in protest! Sikoa shuts down another attempt at a jawbreaker and climbs the turnbuckles. The crowd are on their feet, rising as Solo rises, and the younger Uso dives, splashing down on Hayes! Solo covers, hooks the leg, and picks up the win and his first taste of gold! Commentary question if the North American championship will go to SmackDown. Every member of the Bloodline has gold with this big win from Solo Sikoa.
Your Winner and NEW North American Champion, Solo Sikoa!

Next Week on NXT 2.0

Wendy Choo faces Cora Jade in singles action, and JD McDonagh takes on Tyler Bate.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s anniversary episode! What were your thoughts about tonight’s show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!



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