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WWE NXT 2.0 Results – August 2, 2022 – Winter Park, FL

The following results are written by Mike Hogan of Rajah.com

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (August 2, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Show Opener: Welcome to NXT!

The crowd, commentary team Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett, and the vacated NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship belts welcome us (from their podium) to NXT tonight and we waste no time in getting on to our first title match of the night!

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: the Diamond Mine vs KC2 vs Feroz & Valentina vs Toxic Attraction

NXT Veterans and fan-favorites KC2–Katana Chance & Kayden Carter–are out first to a bunch of “woot woot”‘s to their music. Valentina Feroz & Yulissa Leon are out, followed by the Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile and newest…recruit?…Tatum Paxley is out next, followed by former two-time champions Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne–Toxic Attraction! We use a traditional two-participant tag format, and while this has been billed as a Fatal 4-Way, this is actually a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match. The Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley take an early control until Kayden Carter and Katana Chance–KC2–get tags in. The long-time NXT Veterans use quick tags to try to isolate Feroz & Valentina but fail to do so. Gigi Dolin distracts Leon, and Jayne attempts a sneak attack but Leon & Ferroz avoid it and look for a cover. Kayden Carter and Yulissa Leon go back and forth briefly until Kayden connects with a low-angle Superkick! Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley pull Carter out of the ring, causing Katana Chance to get involved with an apron dive. Leon hoists up Ferroz and slams her partner into Carter. Ferroz and Valentina take a lengthy stretch in control, utilizing double-team finishers in an effort to pick up the win. Ivy Nile makes the save and Tatum Paxley powers to a vertical base with Ferroz on her back, then backs up and allows Nile to tag in. Nile covers and eliminates our first team! Jacy Jayne and Tatum Paxley square off briefly afterwards but KC2 eliminates them just moments later, leaving our final two teams as Toxic Attraction and KC2!

Valentina Ferroz & Yulissa Leon have been eliminated, 8:10pm; Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley have been eliminated, 8:12pm EST.

We’re down to NXT Originals KC2 and two-time former champions Toxic Attraction. Both teams line up and begin to slug it out. Gigi Dolin goes toe-to-toe with Katana Chance (fka Kacy Catanzaro) for a period. Gigi tags in Jacy and Kayden enters, causing all four women to wipe each other out. The ref checks on the superstars as the crowd loudly rips off an NXT chant for them. We’re left with Jacy Jayne and Katana Chance in the ring as our legal women. Jayne talks smack and both women exchange chops, then fists as the crowd eggs them on. Jayne takes a slight lead but Chance fires off a back elbow and tags in Kayden Carter. They set up a tag-team finisher but Gigi Dolin pulls Carter out of the ring! Chance adjusts on the top rope and wipes out Gigi at ringside! Gigi attempts to roll up Kayden but she avoids it. Kayden and Katana set Gigi up for a double-team finisher, culminating with a 450 splash from Katana Chance to finally pick up the win and the titles after three years of trying!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Women’s Champions, Kayden Carter & Katana “Kacy Catanzaro” Chance!

In the Ring Promo: North American Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

After a quick promo backstage featuring Joe Gacy and the artists formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans–now clean shaven, tidied up and known as the Dyads–we finally get to the ring where the A-Champion and Trick await us. The fans sing “happy birthday” to Melo as it’s his 28th birthday. Melo issues a challenge, stating the first person to get int he ring can get a title shot. Out comes Giovanni Vinci, and we’re reminded we’ve got limited commercial breaks tonight as–wait, Nathan Frazer streaks past him and enters the ring! What the deuce? Looks like Frazer gets the shot!

North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Nathan Frazer

Frazer and Melo go right at it with the bell and Giovanni Vinci joins commentary. He insults Vic Joseph’s face after Joseph criticizes Vinci for taking too long to walk down to the ring. In the ring, Melo shoves Frazer so Frazer slaps Melo. Nathan slaps on a headlock but Carmelo whips him into the ropes. Back and forth they go off the ropes, over and over and over, until Frazer drops Hayes with a speedy dropkick to the knee. Frazer slides past Hayes to the outside and crotches Carmelo on the ring post by dragging him to the outside! The fans chant “happy birthday” at various times throughout this match. Hayes looks for a Fade Away but fails; a second attempt proves fruitful, however, and Hayes covers for two. Hayes and Frazer continue the back and forth as both men continuously change the lead frequently. Frazer powers up to string together some offense, starting with a combination of strikes and following it up with flying forearms and an attempted 540 twist off the top. Hayes avoids it but Frazer rolls through and hits a downward angle Superkick to a seated Hayes, nearly picking up the win! Frazer dives to the outside, wiping out Melo as he attempts to flee. Frazer sends Melo in the ring and climbs the ropes. As Trick Williams distracts the ref, Giovanni Vinci shoves Frazer off the top! Hayes hits his finisher off the top and picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

NXT Heatwave Summit: NXT Champion Bron Breakker Meets With JD McDonagh

Wade Barrett hosts this summit as we return from break. The ring has a red carpet, a table, and chairs holding JD McDonagh and NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Wade starts the segment; JD quickly cuts a promo about the passion and fire for Bron and understanding that it may intimidate others. But for JD? It’s a stimulant. The crowd with a light “boring” chant for Jordan Devlin’s older brother. Devlin states Bron is a “roadmap for the pain I can inflict because this ring is my operating theater, and those muscles you work so hard to grow? I’m gonna tear them off your bones.” He concludes by stating the only sweeter sound than that will be when he’s announced as the new champ. Wade turns to Bron and gives him a chance to respond to “the Irish Ace.” Bron states JD is special, and states that he studied JD’s NXT UK career as Devlin was champion over a year. He calls him the smartest Superstar he’s faced yet. “So smart that you know not to challenge my speed, my strength, but my mind! That’s just the thing. Everyone has a plan until I break them in half! And you can call this an operating table (???) or whatever the hell you want but the fact is when this (the title) is on the line, I am an animal!” He promises to give JD a lot of pain at NXT Heatwave. JD chimes in that Bron likes to endure pain but JD welcomes it. Wade presents the contract–woot, bonus contract signing! JD refuses to sign first, bucking tradition after catching a “look of apprehension, maybe a little fear” on Breakker’s face. He tells Bron to sign first. Bron snaps at him and signs the contract so he can show JD how “not to fear anything with a heartbeat, pal.” Breakker’s…working on the mic stuff. Give him time. JD signs after Breakker. He states this summit won’t end in violence but, to show Bron how serious he is, “it will end in blood!” JD then uses the pen to prick his finger and signs his contract in blood. Well, that’s not sanitary and Breakker’s face screams “unclean” all over it. JD offers his slightly-bleeding hand for Bron to shake but in the age of Monkeypox, Breakker instead just holds up his belt to end our segment!

Singles Match: NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs Sarray

The Champ is out first and we head to a picture-in-picture break as “school girl gimmicked” Sarray makes her way out. The ref presents the title for this presumably non-title match and calls for the bell at 8:46, mid-commercial. Rose and Sarray lock up and Rose immediately uses a rear waist lock takedown to drive Sarray face-first into the mat. Rose taunts her, slapping the back of her head repeatedly and talking smack. Sarray attempts an arm bar but the two engage in a series of counters as both jockey for a hold. Rose fails with a chin lock; Sarray needs a third attempt to lock in a wristlock but still can’t slap on an arm bar. Rose ends the sequence with a rising knee and an Irish Whip that sees Sarray duck under a clothesline and fire off a cross-body to drop the champ as we return from break!

During the match, Wade Barrett mentions having a diary and Vic Joseph mocks him fro being a nearly fifty-year-old man with a diary. Rose takes a stretch in control, constantly attempting pen attempts while alternating working holds. Sarray starts her comeback after a failed pin attempt, gaining a bit of separation with a dropkick to Rose’s face. Commentary questions if Rose is ready for Zoey Stark in two weeks at NXT Heatwave. Sarray uses a scissors takedown and a drop toehold to set up a middle-rope shotgun dropkick that drops the champ. Sarray with a Northern Lights Suplex for a close two! Sarray stalks the champ into a corner and looks for a grapple but Rose counters with a spinebuster for a cover attempt of her own. Rose with a big strike that drops Sarray and, just like that, Rose covers for the win. After the match, Rose threatens to beat Sarray with a steel chair until Zoey Stark hits the ring to make the save. Stark challenges Rose for her gold in two weeks on NXT Heatwave.
Your Winner, Mandy Rose!

Tiffany Stratton Promo

Stratton’s vignette basically states that everything she does is pretty and she’s not happy with losing the battle royal recently.

Backstage/Ring Side Brawl: Duke Hudson and Axiom (fka A-Kid)

Axiom is interviewed backstage, albeit briefly, when Duke Hudson walks up. Hudson tries to bully Axiom and doesn’t take kindly to Axiom sticking up for himself. Hudson attacks Axiom and beats him backstage, down the ramp, into the ring and leaves him laid out. Duke gets on the mic, makes a remark about heroes always letting you down, and starts to walk off. Axiom gets on the mic. “Duke! Things have changed! But you’re wrong! I can make it and I can prove it, right here right now!” And we’re getting a match!

Singles Match: Duke Hudson vs Axiom

A ref makes his way out and the two begin to brawl to the ringside. The crowd chants “Let’s go Duke” as he takes it back inside. Axiom fires off a series of low calf kicks and a springboard dropkick to Duke’s left knee to stagger the bigger Superstar. Axiom charges him in the corner–and runs right into a Urinage from Hudson! Hudson slams Axiom into the mat and stomps him, pounds him with dropping elbows and uses the ropes to assist with an axe-handle drop. The crowd chants “Duke’s a hero” haha. They don’t like Axiom it seems. Hudson attempts a huge Razor’s Edge but Axiom counters at the last second with a head-scissors. Axiom rolls up Hudson, steals the win and hauls ass up the ramp!
Your Winner, Axiom!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: the Creed Brothers(c) vs the D’Angelo Family

We get our introductions and start with Julius Creed and Tony D’Angelo, who’s representing the D-Fam with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. Julius slaps on a headlock and keeps it on for several long moments despite Tony’s best effort to escape. Finally a frustrated D’Angelo tags in Stacks, who’s quickly shoved back into the Creed Brothers corner. Brutus tags in and overpowers Stacks, driving him to the mat and using an old school Gator Roll! Brutus with a hip toss to Stacks; Stacks shoves Brutus but Brutus angrily shoves back. And harder. Julius tags in and delivers an Atomic Drop to Stacks, who stumbles to his corner. Tony D’Angelo tags in and locks up with Julius. Both look for a suplex and we go to break as Tony gives way to Stacks and the D’Angelo Fam take their first lengthy run on offense.

During the break, Tony and Stacks effectively isolate Julius to their side of the ring, keeping him from making the hot tag to Brutus. Tony uses working holds on Julius in an effort to wear down the Greco-Roman athlete; Stacks focuses on Julius’ leg and left knee, as well as strikes to soften up Julius. Stacks slaps on a half-crab as we return from break. Julius manages to flip him off and tags in Brutus, and Channing escapes out of the ring. Brutus pursues him and runs him over in the ring, hitting the man so hard he’s sent out of the ring. Brutus exits and takes him back in as the NXT Universe chants “Brutus Smash!” Brutus misses with a strike and Stacks uses the steel steps to smash Brutus’ left hand. He tags in Tony D, who begins to focus his assault on the fingers and left hand of Brutus. Damon Kemp is shown on the outside, as are the artists formerly known as LDF.
Tony D takes the upper hand over Brutus and continues to work it over, slowing the pace while alternating using the ropes to punish the older Creed brother while verbally berating and taunting the younger. Stacks comes in and looks for a reverse arm bar with a digit manipulation hold. Brutus powers to his feet and delivers a huge right elbow that rocks Stacks. Brutus reaches for Julius and manages to break free, but Stacks chops the knee out. It looks like he wasn’t supposed to break free in that moment. Channing takes a cheap shop on Julius then returns his focus to Brutus. Stacks heads up the ropes and leaps onto Brutus’ stretched foot! Brutus tags in Julius as Stacks tags in Tony D and here we go, hot tag time!

Julius easily clears the ring of both D’Angelo members, then focuses on Tony D with an exploder suplex out of the corner. Julius with multiple running forearms and clotheslines, followed by a belly to belly suplex toss and a dropkick tot he gut after an Irish Whip! Julius pulls down his straps and runs at Tony D. Both men take each other down with a leaping kick and the crowd shows them some love! All four men end up in the ring as the ref loses control. Tony D gets a crowbar as Legado distracts the ref but Santos Escobar shows up, snatches the crowbar, smacks Tony D and gets a huge Legado chant from the crowd as the Creeds put away Tony D to retain!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, the Creed Brothers!

A House Divided: Legado Del Fantasma Reforms!

Escobar, Elektra Lopez, Cruz Del Toro (fka Raul Mendoza) and Joaquin Wilde all reunite on the ramp as the crowd chants for LDF. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks look on from the ring, stunned as it appears LDF has seceded from the D’Angelo Family.

Video: Roxanne Perez’s Thoughts on Cora Jade; Jade’s Response

Roxanne both hypes how she knows Cora better than anyone and they were besties, as well as her newfound anger fro Jade after Jade both betrayed her and trashed her half of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship on-air a couple of weeks back. Perez states she doesn’t know who this Cora is, and ends it with “Okay bitch,w e both know the truth. You want me out of your life? I couldn’t agreed more. So let’s settle this once and for all in two weeks at NXT Heatwave. After the video, Cora Jade declines the match backstage. Mandy Rose approaches Jade to talk business, attempting to recruit Cora Jade to take out Zoey Stark. Jade takes a pass; Rose criticizes McKenzie Mitchell for even being present during the interview; then Rose offers to let Cora Jade fill in for Zoey Stark at NXT Heatwave if she can manage to take her out before then. Jade states she’ll take it under some consideration.

Singles Match: Joe Gacy w/ the Dyads vs Jensen w/ Briggs & Henley

Jensen, Briggs and Fallon Henley make their way out ahead of this match. We head to break! We return and get started with Gacy and Jensen absolutely unloading on each other. The two slug it out around the ring and into the corner. Haymakers are let loose as they battle out of it. Gacy sends Jensen into the corner and hits a Facewash right to rock Jensen. Gacy does his best Bray Wyatt/upside down in the corner pose then plants Jensen hard into the mat, following it up with an elbow drop. Close two but Jensen gets the arm up just in time. Gacy screams at Jensen and the two begin to exchange blows. Jensen with a spinning heel kick to the jaw rocks Gacy! Outside the ring, the Dyads approach Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs goes to stand up for her. This allows Pretty Deadly to hit the ring, who attempt to attack Jensen but are quickly sent outside! Sadly this distraction sets up Gacy’s finisher, giving him the win. After the match as Gacy attempts a creepy, quick promo, a fan yells “Gacy likes pineapple on pizza.”
Your Winner, Joe Gacy!

Singles Match: Alba Fyre vs Lash Legend

We’re on our seventh match of the evening with our main event still set to come. Alba Fyre makes her way out and we go to picture-in-picture break as Lash Legend makes her entrance to conserve some time. The bell rings at 9:42–mid break–and we’re off! Fyre slaps the heck out of Legend then attempts a Tornado DDT. Legend shrugs her off but Fyre connects with a DDT for a quick two count. Fyre attempts to whip Lash but Legend slaps on the brakes and drops Fyre with a running Big Boot. Lash talks smack to the crowd–presumably as it’s a break; she may be wishing them well–and starts to focus on Fyre’s neck. Lash uses a neckbreaker hold to wrench Fyre’s spine back as she’s forced to end back as the taller Legend kneels,cinching the hold in. Finally Legend grows tired of waiting for the tap and slugs Fyre as we come back from break!

We get “breaking news from Sonic” as we’re told that Roderick Strong couldn’t attend tonight’s show..but he could tweet. O-kay. They made a big deal out of it, not me. Legend takes a lengthy turn on offense, continuing to focus on Fyre’s neck. Fyre starts to fight back when Legend looks for a Superplex. Fyre connects with a knee to Lash’s head, sending her flying. The former Kay Lee Ray, Alba Fyre, attempts a diving attack but Legend avoids it and retrieves Alba’s bat! Fyre fires off a pair of Superkicks to rock Legend and force her to drop the bat, then follows it up with the Gory Bomb! Fyre ascends the ropes and hits the Swanton off the top to pick up the win! The fans show her love afterwards as commentary praises the former NXT UK Women’s Champion.
Your Winner, Alba Fyre!

Falls Count Anywhere Main Event Match: Solo Sikoa vs Von Wagner w/ Mr. Stone

We get our intros and finally this match starts off. Both men spend the first two minutes slugging it out in the ring, with Von Wagner slightly coming out on top. Commentary discuss Wagner’s lack of respect. Wagner battles Sikoa to the outside and drives him into the floor hard, stunning him. The action eventually heads back inside and Wagner fetches a trio of chairs and some steel steps, shoving them in the ring. Wagner works Solo over with chair shot after chair shot, then sets up a back drop on the chair, followed by a cover for two. Robert Stone–or rather, Mr. Stone–continues to encourage Wagner, who again resorts to chairs to work over Sikoa. Wagner sets up two chairs, front-to-front, and uses a scoop slam to send Sikoa through both! Wagner again garners another near fall, and again he starts to rearrange weapons around the ring. We enter overrun territory! Wagner sends Sikoa outside and stalks him around the ring, running him over with a stiff clothesline. The crowd gets raucous and rowdy, cheering on Sikoa and Wagner both as Stone orders Wagner to clear the commentary table!
Wagner spends precious seconds talking smack to Solo, allowing Sikoa to fire off a snap Samoan Drop on the commentary table–but it doesn’t give! Solo covers outside the ring for a two, then begins to slug it out with Wagner as they battle to the back! They battle past Carmelo Hayes in a car and Solo shoves him, then the two battle back to the dumpster. Wagner throws Sikoa in the trash and closes the dumpster. Stone yells to Wagner over and over that it’s done and “you got the crown,” whatever that means. Solo pops up out of the dumpster and uses a bag of trash to aide his escape from the dumpster. The two again slug it out, backing up towards the building. Von Wagner takes control as they battle back into the backstage area as Stone yells for Von to get a weapon and “finish this.” Solo uses a fire extinguisher to gain some separation and they move back to the ring, where Solo comes alive with his comeback sequence! Solo with a Superkick followed by a huge Samoan Drop to rock the caveman. Solo retrieves a chair and delivers stiff shots to Wagner’s spine and rear, four times in a row as the crowd cheers him on. Solo then uses the steps, positioning them in the middle of the ring as he sizes up Wagner. Solo with aside Urinage slam onto the steps! Solo puts an arm over to cover Von, but Wagner kicks out! The crowd rips off another “NXT” chant. Solo climbs the rope but Stone grabs his legs! Stone holds onto Solo’s leg and the ref warns hi. Solo pulls Stone up and headbutts him off the ropes.

This gives Wagner ample time to recover, however, and he drops Solo off the corner, sending the action back outside! Solo sends Wagner face-first into the ring post and hits a Superkick as Wagner approaches. Again Wagner approaches like the god-damned Terminator, and again Solo hits a Superkick! This time, Wagner falls back on the table. Solo enters the ring, climbs the turnbuckles and hits an Uso Splash off the top, through the commentary table, to destroy Wagner and pick up the win!
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!!

Next Week on NXT 2.0

Cora Jade vs Zoey Stark; Nikkita Lyons vs Lash Legend; Wes Lee vs Trick Williams in a 3-Round Match (six minutes per round).

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