WWE NXT Live Results (August 3rd, 2021) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back everyone to Rajah.com’s live results coverage of WWE NXT. Your host tonight, ’til death do us part, is the biggest name in narcissism today, Mike Hogan! We’ve got a great show lined up for us tonight with love and pride on the line!

Our official preview is up, and tonight we can expect a Love Her or Leave Her match as Gargano & Lumis battle over Indi Hartwell’s heart. We’ll have hot six-man tag action as Legado Del Fantasma & Hit Row clash as their feud heats up. We’ll see a continuation of the NXT Breakout Tournament, and a clash of undisputed proportions as Bobby Fish takes on Roderick Strong of the Diamond Mine.

So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (August 3rd, 2021) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Last Week on NXT

We open with a video package. In it, we get clips of Samoa Joe’s deal with GM Regal to activate Joe as a wrestler–and at the same time, gaining a title shot against Karrion Kross at TakeOver 36. We also get clips from the build-up to the Love Her or Lose Her match. We’re welcomed to the CWC by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, Tom Phillips’ failed clone Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us as we get right to our first match.

Tag Team Match: Hit Row vs Legado Del Fantasma

Out first are Hit Row, consisting of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Ashanti “Thee” Adonis, B-Fab (Briana Brandy), and Top Dolla (AJ Francis). Last time I’ll post their indie names, fyi. Out next come Legado Del Fantasma. Wilde & Mendoza represent LDF; Top Dolla and Adonis represent HR. The crowd is behind Hit Row in this. Adonis with a ram into the corner. Adonis takes Mendoza back into the corner with a Strong Irish Whip, bouncing his competitor painfully off the turnbuckle. Ashanti Adonis with a snapmare. Adonis goes up top and flies, but Mendoza dodges. Mendoza tags in Wilde. Both lock up and after two moves, Wilde’s sent into the Hit Row corner. Top Dolla is tagged in and grabs Wilde’s left wrist, holding him in place by it as he talks smack to Mendoza. Top Dolla with an impressive single-arm suspension hold above his head as Wilde begs him to put him down. Dolla sets Wilde up on the top turnbuckle then throws him down into the mat hard. Dolla and Adonis tag and work to double-team Wilde. Wilde looks for a Hurricanrana off the top, but Dolla catches him and swings Wilde right into a strike attack from Adonis. Adonis with a big lariat to lay out Wilde followed by a kip-up. Escobar gets on the apron, causing a distract, and B-Fab as well as Swerve move over to block him. Wilde uses the distraction to attack Adonis and sent him outside the ring. Wilde lays out Adonis as we go to break.
Back from the break. When we return, Wilde is in control and holds Adonis in a headlock. Adonis throws back elbows in an effort to gain some separation, but Wilde takes Adonis into the Legado corner. LDF utilize frequent tags, allowing each man to come in twice each and connect with running clotheslines in the corner, followed up with a double-suplex with Mendoza covering for a close two. Mendoza begins to focus on the neck, twisting Adonis’ chin and neck to the left. Hit Row attempts to fire up their partner. Adonis with a quick spurt of agility and a standing mule dropkick to gain enough separation to make the hot tag to Top Dolla. Dolla comes in big, squashing Mendoza in the corner as he tags in Wilde. Dolla with another charge, this time to Wilde in another corner. Dolla with a big bodyslam before yelling “who’s better than Top Dolla?” He runs off the ropes but is nailed by Santos Escobar in the back, at ringside, with a steel chair! The ref calls for the bell and the DQ.
Your Winners by Disqualification, Hit Row!

After the Match: the Legado Strikes Back

Legado waste no time using the chair and taking out the remainder of Hit Row as B-Fab is forced to watch on. Legado look to take out Adonis but he escapes. Legado gloat in the ring, and B-Fab sneaks in behind them. B-Fab with a chai rshot! Hit Row hit the ring, Top Dolla leading the way, and wipe out Legado as Escobar stands up the ramp watching his hermanos take the beating for him. Legado escape up the ramp and we see that Escobar has something from Swerve…his retainer? Bite block?

Backstage: General Manager William Regal and Samoa Joe

We cut to the backstage. Joe arrives and is met by Regal and Security. Regal assigns a Security detail to Joe to ensure Joe makes it to TakeOver 36 to take on Kross. Joe isn’t too happy about this.

Video Package: Ridge Holland

We get a short package from last week, when Ridge Holland returned, and are promised to hear from him–after this commercial break.

Singles Match: Ikemen Jero vs Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan

We return from break and Ridge makes his way out, accompanied by Dunne & Lorcan. Already in the ring is his opponent, Jero. The bell rings and both lock up. Holland drops Jero with a big uppercut, then delivers a stiff kick to the lower back. Holland with a sleeper attempt. Holland dominates the match, taking Jero outside and driving his body into the barricade and steel steps. Holland takes Jero back in and hits a vicious overhead suplex toss. The crowd starts to come alive as Holland disrespects Jero, ripping his jacket off of him. The crowd actually, apparently, really doesn’t like the thought of someone taking another person’s jacket and the in-house boos and thumbs-down soar to a new crescendo. Holland rips the jacket off Jero and throws it out. Jero throws a left; blocked. Jero throws a right; blocked again. Holland with a belly-to-belly suplex as the crowd loudly chants “you suck” over and over. Holland with another brutal belly-to-belly overhead suplex toss. Holland stalks Jero, circling the man’s flailing body, yelling “ten months” in reference to how long he was on the shelf with an injury. Holland with a big headbutt and strike before putting Jero out of his misery.
Your Winner, Ridge Holland!

In the Ring: Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Ridge Holland

Dunne gets on the mic and tells us that everyone thinks they’re a “bad man” until they meet a bad man. Dunne warns Thatcher and Ciampa that they’re the three most dangerous men in NXT, and dares anyone to prove them wrong. The crowd loudly boos.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Franky Monet, Jessi Kamea, & Robert Stone

Mac asks Franky about the loss last week. Stone starts to talk but Franky cuts him off. Franky hates saying the word “loss”. She tells them they lost because of Robert Stone last week. She tells Robert and Jessi that they may be used to losing, but she’s not a loser like them. She tells them they need a change, and Franky doesn’t lose. She essentially takes over the Robert Stone Brand, whatever is left of it, and tells them to take it–join her and be winners–or leave it, and be losers. Strand repeatedly insists they’ll take it as Jessi rolls her eyes at him and follows Franky off camera.

Single’s Match: Roderick Strong w/ the Diamond Mine vs Bobby Fish

Out first after the break is Bobby Fish to a decent pop from the crowd. Phoenix calls him “the Fish.” Out next is Roderick Strong, accompanied by Malcolm Bivens and the rest of the Diamond Mine. Our competitors ready-up for our match. The ref calls for the bell and both lock up. Strong powers Fish into the corner then looks for a left wristlock. Fish escapes and locks on one of his own until Strong pushes him back against the ropes. The ref forces the break. Fish with a Snapmare out of the corner and a kick to the back. Weak “let’s go Bobby” mini-chant from the crowd. Strong whips Fish into the ropes, and Fish runs through Strong. Strong catches Fish on the rebound with a high knee, then uses a side headlock takedown to drive Fish to the mat. Fish escapes and jockeys, looking for a head submission as the crowd does a decent “Bobby Fish” chant. Fish with strikes to Strong in the corner. Fish with a Snap Suplex out of the corner, floating over and locking in a side headlock. Strong and Fish once again jockey for position on the mat as this match stays heavily grounded and technical. Fish attempts to escape and Strong wraps up from the back. Fish pushes Strong against the rope, and the ref begins to count. Fish with a quick Snapmare followed by a kick to the lower back. Fish pulls up Strong and hits a big right that stumbles Strong along the ropes. Strong starts to fire back, starting with a big chop before both men exchange blows for a few moments. Fish takes control and shoves his knee into Strong’s face in the corner. Fish with a whip to the corner. Strong uses the top ropes to float up and over Fish, landing behind him, but Fish catches Strong with a kick that rolls Strong to the apron as we to to break!
During the break Fish retains control throughout. Fish takes his time dissecting Strong with powerful blows int he corner and continues to focus his assault on Strong’s neck back. Fish with several strong kicks to shut down Strong’s attempts at offense. Back from the break and the slow pace starts to pick up. Strong and Fish throw punches. Strong hops on a knee and backpedals to the corner, feigning injury and suckering the ref and Fish in. Strong dives out the corner, attacking Fish and taking control. Strong with a pin attempt. Strong with a headlock into a suplex with a pin combination, but Fish kicks out before one. Strong with a working head hold. Fish powers to his feet and throws left elbows to Strong’s gut, but Roderick shuts him down with a side Urinage for a close two. Bivens and the Diamond Miners cheer on their partner as he delivers a big backbreaker and locks in a neck/heel hold, pulling the right knee up while stretching the neck from the left shoulder. Fish breaks the hold and fights to his feet. Both men again exchange fists, alternating one after the other until Fish ducks under one. Fish lays out Strong with a back elbow. Fish with a running knee. Fish with a striking combination of kicks and fists that drops Strong repeatedly, including a very impressive spinning back kick. Fish with a close two pin attempt. The Diamond Mine slap the canvas, cheering on their man as the crowd finally wakes up and starts to chant “Fish! Fish! Fish!” Fish with a sleeper; Strong breaks it with a side suplex to gain some separation. Strong mounts a spurt of offense but Fish quickly shuts it down. The Diamond Mind cause an unseen distraction–even Wade Barrett on commentary didn’t see it–that allows Strong to gain the upper-hand. Strong puts away his former UE friend with a brutal modified backbreaker.
Your Winner, Roderick Strong!

Backstage: Cameron Grimes and LA Knight

Grimes is excited about a tag match with Knight. Knight expresses a concern that Grimes might not have his back tonight. Grimes tells Knight that if he weren’t a man of his word, he’d not be standing there wearing a butler outfit. So yes, he’s got Knight’s back. He then questions if Knight has his back and Knight insists he won’t blemish the Million Dollar Championship, so of course he has Grimes’ back. He then makes Grimes shine a spot on his boot.

Tag Match: the Grizzled Young Veterans vs the Million Dollar Champion LA Knight & Butler Cameron Grimes

Knight comes out to loud boos, whereas Grimes still gets the cheers. Grimes is going to fight in his Butler outfit it seems. The crowd boos as Knight poses and loudly chants “to the moon” for Grimes despite Knight trying to shush them. Out next are their opponents and two men who deserve much better booking than they get, the Grizzled Young Veterans. Drake and Gibson come out on the mic, calling the crowd morons and telling them that Grimes is living proof that you can polish a turd. They tell Knight & Grimes to stay out of their way because their mission remains the same. They’re the Grizzled Young Veterans and “s-s-s-s-s-s-soon to be recognized” as NXT Tag Team Champions. We start with Knight and Drake. Knight takes control early, sending Gibson into the corner and stomping his knee. Knight whips Gibson into the opposite corner, but Drake dives over the turnbuckle and absorbs the blow for Gibson. This allows Gibson to rebound off his partner and take down Knight. Gibson tags in Drake. Knight drops Drake with a neckbreaker and tags in Grimes. Grimes, in full Butler attire, scampers up top and flies off the top, taking out Drake. Grimes is distracted by Knight, who tries to coach him, and misses a tag between Drake & Gibson. Gibson attacks Grimes from behind. Gibson takes Grimes into the corner and tags Drake back in, and both men double-team Grimes. Drake takes Grimes into the corner and tags in Gibson. They look for another double-team move but Grimes sends Drake out of the ring. He turns into a sleeper from Gibson and struggles to reach his corner. Grimes with a snapmare. Gibson charges Grimes but Grimes with a big back-body drop to send Gibson flying overhead! Grimes dives for the hot tag but Knight hops off the apron! The crowd with loud boos and “You suck” chants as Knight tells Grimes to fight them himself. Grimes rips off his jacket and gloves and takes it to the GYV. Both men enter and attempt to gain the upper hand. Grimes with an incredible double modified Hurricanrana-type move that sends both Veterans down! Gibson’s sent to the outside as the crowd loudly chants “to the moon!” Grimes with another impressive, improvised spinning slam for a close two. Grimes rips open his shirt, yells “to the moon” with the crowd but is caught by Drake. Drake tags in Gibson and both men hit the Ticket to Mayhem on Grimes, picking up the win after the numbers were just too much for Grimes.
Your Winners, the Grizzled Young Veterans!

After the Match: Ted DiBiase

Ted comes down to the ring and comforts Grimes, informing him that Grimes needs to find a way out of the situation (as Butler to Knight). The Million Dollar Man helps Grimes to the back as we go to break.

Video Promo: Dakota Kai

We return from break and get a Kai-narrated video promo explaining her actions. She feels jealous because she wasn’t given a title shot. She takes credit for building Raquel from nothing and into the NXT Women’s Champion. She wanted Raquel’s help to regain the NXT Women’s tag team titles and felt betrayed, that Raquel got what she wanted because she had her own belt and from that point on–Kai felt like she was known as Raquel’s sidekick. “And I’m no one’s sidekick.” She tells us that the funniest part of all this is that Raquel didn’t even see it coming because she’s so wrapped up into her own business that she didn’t see the person next to her about to kick her head off. She reminds Raquel that Raquel said last week there was no one left. “What about me,” Kai asks, then promises to take Raquel out just like she brought her into the wrestling world.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with the Way

Candice and Johnny tell Mac that they’re protecting Indi with what they’re doing. Johnny wants to save Indi’s life and insists he’ll defeat Lumis tonight and end InDex, even if people hate that idea, because it’s what’s best for Indi and their family. We go to break.

Medical Update: Adam Cole

Vic Joseph gives us a video package from the end of last week, during which Cole’s victory celebration was interrupted by Kyle O’Reilly and a steel chair. NXT claims that Cole has a compressed neck injury and is not medically cleared to compete. Bad timing, what with that contract due to renew and all. We’re then promised next week both men will meet face-to-face.

NXT Breakout Tournament: Joe Gacy vs Trey Baxter

Trey Baxter (fka Blake Christian) faces Joe Gacy in tonight’s NXT Breakout Tournament match. This is our final first round match. Out first is Baxter to a decent crowd pop. Gacy makes his way out and we start things off with Gacy throwing Baxter across the ring. Baxter, the Cruiserweight, is easily tossed aside by the Powerhouse Gacy. Gacy looks for an early cover but Baxter escapes immediately. Baxter runs into a big shoulder and is laid out. Gacy with a big stomp attempt, but Baxter dodges. Gacy looks for a Lawn Dart but Baxter wiggles free, dropkicks Gacy in the back and sends the big short man outside the ring. Baxter looks for a suicide move but Gacy catches him mid-air and throws him against the ropes, to the ground, then into the ring. Gacy with a chin yank followed by a clubbing blow to the back of the skull. Gacy covers for one. Gacy dominates early on, countering Baxter’s speedy kicks with powerful kicks of his own. Baxter tries several times early on to get offense in but Gacy completely overpowers Baxter. Gacy clubs Baxter against the ropes repeatedly as the ref warns him, with the final blow stumbling Baxter to the apron canvas. Gacy with an apron-to-ring overhead suplex followed by a pin attempt. The crowd starts a light dueling chant. Gacy with a two-hand toss into the corner before charging it. Baxter dodges then drops Gacy with a big Missile Dropkick off the top! Baxter follows up with a pair of suicide dives that drop Gacy again and again on the outside of the ring! Baxter back into the ring and for a third time, the 23-year-old flies with a tope con giro that wipes out Gacy! Baxter lets Gacy into the ring and follows him with a springboard corkscrew elbow drop for a close two. Baxter attempts a rear naked sleeper but Gacy charges back into the corner and breaks him free. Gacy rallies fast, lifting Baxter to the top turnbuckle. Gacy stands on the middle rope, looking for a Superplex, but Baxter breaks the grip. Baxter sends Gacy off and hits a beautiful 450 Stomp to pick up the win in an impressive spot!
Your Winner and Advancing in the NXT Breakout Tournament, Trey Baxter!

In the Ring: Karrion Kross & Samoa Joe

We return from break and after a few words from Hartwell regarding our upcoming main event, NXT Champion Karrion Kross storms the commentary team and stands on their table. “You quit your job, Joe,” Kross teases him, stating Joe can’t make a different. A very pissed Samoa Joe charges out and takes out his entire security team, then locks a sleeper on Kross and puts him to sleep in the ring. Joe roars in excitement then leaves.

Video Package: Prime Target – WALTER/Dragunov II

Triple H opens a video package that features comments from Regal, Riddle, McIntyre and several numerous WWE and NXT UK superstars who all compliment the brutal feud and upcoming match at NXT TakeOver 36. Dragunov speaks, wondering how he can become a champion like Walter–a cold-blooded, fierce champion. We see multiple clips of Walter and Dragunov, and hear from both as they talk smack about each other and each man pledges to dismantle, destroy, and decimate each other in the United States. Walter promises everyone will know that Dragunov is full of doubt and fear; Dragunov tells Walter he’s wrong and threatens to expose him. Great video package and this write-up isn’t doing it justice.

Love Her or Leave Her Main Event Match: Johnny Gargano vs Dexter Lumis

As this match is starting roughly 8 minutes before the top of the hour (after entrances), expect yet another overrun! Gargano is out first, solo, wearing a The Way shirt. He points at Indi on it and tells the camera “this is for her.” The crowd is a healthy mix of boos with a few cheers. Out next is Michael Myers Dexter Lumis. Wade announces he’s for the “righteous man”, the “patriarch” Gargano, but Beth is fully in the corner of InDex. Dexter stalks his way out to the ring, enters and slithers along the mat like a snake, freaking out Beth Phoenix. Phoenix is so excited for InDex and hopes love is in the air. The bell rings and the crowd starts a loud dueling “Johnny Wrestling”/”Dexter Lumis” chant. Gargano tries to goad Lumis in, but Lumis just stands there. Gargano approaches but Lumis wraps him up around the waist. Gargano transitions into a headlock. Lumis shoves Gargano off and towards a corner. Gargano floats back over Lumis and takes Lumis down with a pair of hip tosses. Gargano with a left armbar before transitioning into an arm crank. Phoenix, Joseph and Barrett discuss the InDex drama and all the machinations involving flowers, Poppy, and the Way in their efforts to keep InDex apart. Lumis drops Gargano and slithers towards him, causing Gargano to slide out of the ring. Gargano lures Lumis too close and attacks Lumis, pulling him out of the ring and dropping him hard on the ringside floor. Indi Hartwell makes her way down. Gargano sends Lumis into the ring, rolls in to break the count, and out. The crowd loudly chants “InDex” over and over as Gargano tells Hartwell to go to the back. Hartwell is clearly torn between her family–represented by Gargano–and her love. Hartwell remains at ringside and watches as Lumis takes control, dropping Johnny Wrestling with a speedy elbow off the ropes. Lumis with a the whip to the corner, but Gargano gets a boot up as Lumis charges in. Gargano takes control once again, whipping Lumis into the ropes. Lumis dodges an attack and looks for a sliding attack but Gargano dodges and Lumis slides out of the ring, to the floor. Lumis then crawls under the ring. Indi Hartwell crawls mostly under, after him, and Gargano waves for Candice to come out. LeRae pulls out Hartwell, who pulls out Lumis as the crowd cheers. Gargano runs over and kicks Lumis from the blindside as we go to break.
Back from the break. Gargano maintained control throughout the break, slowing the pace with several working holds. Upon returning, Lumis begins to fight back and hits a desperate Sidewalk Slam–a beautiful one, no less–to lay out Gargano. Lumis with a series of rights that drop Johnny. Lumis with a Kane uppercut punch! Lumis looks at his hand and grabs Gargano. Lumis with a big back drop and a kip-up Drew style. Lumis with another drop and another kip, followed by a very close two cover attempt. Outside the ring, Candice fans herself in relief and the crowd chants for Lumis. Lumis looks for a Urinage but Gargano blocks with an elbow. Gargano sends Dexter outside and hits a Suicide Dive. Gargano sends Lumis into the ring and stops to blame Beth Phoenix for “this,” whatever that may be. Gargano goes for a springboard strike but Lumis catches him with another Kane uppercut punch! Lumis with another close two. Lumis climbs up top, stands tall and looks for a double foot stomp. Gargano moves; Lumis rolls out the way and right into a Superkick from Gargano for a damn-near three! The crowd with a big Dexter chant as we’re in overrun territory.
Both men exchange fists, the crowd booing and cheering in appropriate timing. Gargano with a Superkick. Dexter drops Gargano, looks at Hartwell and holds up his right fist as he places up on the apron. Lumis hops up to the top rope and looks for a gorgeous springboard elbow drop but Gargano dodges! Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape in the middle of the ring! Lumis looks into Indi’s eyes and she cheers him on. Lumis struggles, scooting closer and closer to the rope. He reaches out, gently strokes Hartwell’s cheek, then grabs the bottom rope! The ref counts and Johnny breaks the hold at four. As Gargano and Candice try to talk sense into Hartwell, Lumis rolls Gargano up for a close two. Gargano kicks out and the kick-out shoves Lumis into Hartwell, knocking her to the floor. Lumis floors Gargano with a big Kane uppercut and heads outside to check on Hartwell. Gargano chases with a Suicide Dive to Lumis! Gargano sends Lumis into the ring then hits the One Final Beat springboard elbow drop and puts away Lumis, picking up the win to loud boos.
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano!

After the Match: United and It Feels So Good

Hartwell looks heart-broken and heads up the ramp with Gargano and LeRae. Hartwell pauses multiple times to look back up the ramp. Lumis rises in the ring and the two lock eyes. Hartwell runs down the ramp and into the ring. Hartwell hits Lumis with a modified Lou Thesz Press, but instead of fists she pounds Lumis with lips. The crowd flips out as Lumis and Hartwell make out, Beth Phoenix exclaims this is the moment Erica we’ve all been waiting for and our program ends.

In Closing

That closes another episode from the Black & Gold brand. The final moments of the Breakout match, and the main event, were the highlights. What were your thoughts about tonight’s show? Let us know down below. Stay cool in this heat, stay frosty at all times, and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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