WWE NXT Live Results (Nov. 1, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to NXT! Our official preview dropped earlier today. We’ll be celebrating Mandy Rose’s one-year anniversary as NXT Women’s Champion. R-Truth heads on down from the main roster to battle Grayson Waller. We’ll have the in-ring return of fan-favorite Odyssey Jones, who’s been on the shelf nearly the entire year. Or possibly the entire year. Am I Odyssey Jones’ brother’s brother’s keeper? We’ll also have an appearance by Born Breaker and a sit-down interview with the Schism.¬†Last week, the Rock’s daughter had a cameo–tonight is her debut! Thea Hail of Chase U will represent her peeps when she faces Kiana James in single’s competition.

WWE NXT Live Results (Nov. 1, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Opening Segment: NXT Champion Bron Breakker, North American Champion Wes Lee, and NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly

We open directly with Breakker making his entrance to a nice welcome from the lovely folks of the NXT Universe. He starts to talk about how awesome Halloween Havoc was but is interrupted by the NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly! They mock him, stating he constantly narrowly escapes with victories. Kit Wilson mocks Bron, barking, and they both take fake southern accents while asking “where’s my dogs at?” They tell Breakker “you’re the absolute worst and we’re sick of it!” Breakker hops on the mic and assumes a hybrid English/Australian accent, calling them wankers and asking them what they want. The crowd lightly chants “wankers.” They state that they should’ve started tonight’s program. They point out that they defended their titles last week, too, but theirs was bigger and deserved all the attention.
“It’s the pomp, it’s the circumstance, Bron–it’s our chance to bask in the sun,” they go on. They toss an insult at Wes Lee, leading to the new North American Champion Wes Lee coming out. He tells Pretty Deadly that they should shut up for the sake of everyone. He thanks Bron for the kind words (when he was addressing Halloween Havoc). Breakker tells them to quit bitching “and if you weren’t back there combing you hair for three hours before the show, maybe you’d have been out here first.” They’re verbally fighting over who got to the ring first. Lee compliments Pretty Deadly for their hair, leading Breakker to touch it and the crowd to chant “Greasy hair!” Bron agrees that he does take things too far sometimes, and he Ofers to take a step back and let Pretty Deadly have the spotlight. They thank him for being lovely. Wes Lee says he’s going to give them an introduction.
He starts to introduce them. “Please welcome to the ring, two of the tastiest snacks in NXT–your NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!” The crowd boos as the champs pose. Bron and Wes point out that Pretty Deadly have a pattern; they start talking and someone interrupts them, with Bron adding “it’s usually for those titles.” Pretty Deadly questions who’s coming for their titles–and Wes states it’s he and Bron! Wes misses the tag titles and Bron’s never had them, so he challenges them to put the titles on the line tonight as the crowd chants “Wes Lee Two-Belts.” Pretty Deadly accept the challenge, stating they’ll have the last laugh. Pretty Deadly exclaim things couldn’t get any worse……so cue R-Truth! The Raw Superstar makes his way out to a hot NXT Universe, rapping down the ramp to the ring, with Booker T on commentary exclaiming “what’s up” in time with R-Truth. R-Truth high-fives Wes Lee and Bron Breakker and we head to break–Truth’s in action, next!

Singles Match: Grayson Waller vs Raw’s R-Truth

We get our bell at 8:15pm, with the crowd hot for R-Truth as he takes command immediately. He easily handles Grayson Waller for the opening minute. An Atomic Drop from R-Truth turns into mutually assured destruction as a second is given to the Aussie heel. Truth slaps on a headlock but Waller escapes and slaps on one of his own. Truth escapes the hold himself and takes control again, briefly, until he pauses to yell “What’s up?” at the crowd–opening himself to a blind attack from Waller. Waller exits the ring and then enters–no clue why. Truth greets Waller’s face with a big right hand to send him back outside! Truth looks for a high-risk diving move but doesn’t hit it all on Waller. The camera cuts to Waller as a ref quickly checks on Truth and we head to picture-in-picture commercial break. Waller rolls into the ring during the break, and the camera remains on him as the ref continues to check in on Truth. We’re awaiting replays of the move and word from our commentary team. Waller is shown during the break, and only him, as he taunts the crowd and does his best to continue as the heel while medical professionals check on R-Truth. He does push-ups, stands in the corner and yells at them, and spends the entire three minutes just working the crowd. The ref is shown whispering something to Waller. Eventually, near the end of the break, we’re shown Truth and two officials. Grayson Waller admirably continues to stall, working the crowd and hopping on the commentary table to taunt them more as the officials continue to assist Truth. Waller does a Spin-a-rooni to honor commentary team member Booker T! We return as officials assisting Truth to the back, it looks as if his left knee may be injured but he is putting some weight on it. The ref calls for the bell at 8:22pm and stops the match. Replays show where it looks as if the back of Truth’s knee hit Waller’s head, injuring Truth.
Your Winner Due to Referee Stoppage, Grayson Waller!

After the Match: NXT Loves Grayson Waller

Waller hops on the mic as the boos roll in and the crowd start to chant “you got lucky.” He cuts a short promo, stating he’ll take on anyone on any roster, and that’s that.

Sit-Down Interview: the Schism

We get a pre-recorded interview segment. Joe Gacy, the artists formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans, and the Rock’s daughter are seated with Vic Joseph. Ava is asked why she chose to join the Schism. She says that the Schism were the ones who texted her and checked on her when she had her injury early in her training. She then questions why she was asked as to why she joined the Schism, when Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid joined Gacy. Gacy speaks, telling Vic that Ava is here “because we accept her for who she truly is and that’s why she chose the Schism.” Reid mentions the Schism is compared to groups past and present (okay?) but they’re different. Rip Fowler is growing his beard back! He speaks, again taking insult with the line of questioning (which was not insulting.) Vic then asks a question based off a tweet from Cameron Grimes, in which Grimes stated that Ava was “brainwashed.” She states no one brainwashed her and she saw what Grimes couldn’t–that the Schism could do so much more than one could individually. She warns that “you don’t get to reject the Schism and just walk away.” She announces next week, Joe Gacy will face Cameron Grimes for one final time.

Backstage: Chase University

Thea Hail is shown backstage. Andre Chase walks up and tries to hype her up for her match. She sadly looks to the side, where the flag normally held by Bodhi Hayward (who was released today) would be and the crowd goes “aw.” They question who’ll carry the flag and get an answer immediately as Duke Hudson bursts through a paper wall and basically adopts Bodhi’s gimmick. Seriously.

Singles Match: Kiana James vs Thea Hail w/ Chase U

We get our bell at 8:37pm and James takes an early lead. James uses elbow strikes to take Thea to the mat and work her over. James looks for an elbow lock and cinches it in as Thea attempts to escape but James adjusts her hold. James continues to dominate for another minute until Thea starts her comeback sequence. Thea with a middle turnbuckle cross-body! James rallies, hitting a side modified slam and covers! Duke Hudson discreetly puts Thea’s foot on the bottom rope and gets chewed out by Andre Chase. Chase sends Hudson to the back and Hail never gets a chance to recover, with James hitting her finisher–the 401K–and picks up the pin at 8:40pm! After the match, Andre Chase is attacked by former NXT UK Superstar Charlie Dempsey! He’s chased off when Duke Hudson hits the ring and helps Thea Hail to her feet, completing his evolution from Duke Hudson into Dodhi Hudsward.
Your Winner, Kiana James!

Singles Match: Odyssey Jones vs “Big Body Javi” Javier Bernal

Jones is out first to a great welcome from the NXT Universe after missing ten months of action! We head to break ahead of his match at 8:46. We return at 8:49pm with hype for the Breakker/Lee tag match before returning to the ring until Robert Stone warns Breakker that Von Wagner will take his title. Bernal finishes his entrance as we return and we get our bell at 8:51pm! Bernal looks to wrap up Jones’ waist; Jones just clubs him down to the mat and slaps on a wrist lock, torturing Javi before scoop slamming him hard. The crowd stays luke-warm for Jones–they seem more subdued than usual–and he continues to completely dominate. Jones hits a series of rolls on a prone Bernal to the crowd’s delight. Bernal attempts to turn things around and chains together a few strikes. Jones looks for a reverse Electric Chair but Bernal escapes and dropkicks Jones’ previously-injured knee! Bernal begins stringing together targeted attacks and holds, all aimed at taking big-man Jones’ knee out from him. Bernal slaps on a sleeper but Jones powers to a vertical base. Javi stays on his back, so Odyssey rams back into the corner, shaking him loose! Javi exits the corner and hops on Jones’ back again, only to be shrugged off. Javi looks for a side headlock but Jones slams him down, hits a series of shoulder thrusts and whips Javi into the ropes. Jone with another shoulder block. Jones mercifully puts Javi out of his misery at 8:54pm, picking up the win easily.
Your Winner, Odyssey Jones!

Toxic Attraction Celebrates Mandy Rose’s One-Year Anniversary

Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jack Jayne all make their way out to a ring decorated with white carpet and a sofa. There are large poster-sized photographs of Rose hoisting the belt after several different wins. Rose, in fish nets, lets Jacy speak first. Jayne touts it’s been “one year of proving everybody wrong.” She calls Rose the “baddest bitch in the game.” Gigi, rocking a pseudo-grunge look, continues the Rose hype, exclaiming that Mandy Rose was untouchable. She claims the fans mocked Rose and didn’t believe in her (okay?) but she’s “proven time and time again that she’s superior to every person in that locker room, man or woman!” Jayne calls her the measuring stick of NXT, and points out that Rose unified the NXT/NXT UK women championships and helped make Toxic Attraction the “most decorated female faction in” NXT history. Jayne calls for a video package that they put together for the champ. We get a video in black and white showing Rose’s career from NXT to the main roster and back. Color returns as we’re shown Rose’s return to NXT last year. We get more video and audio from the champ, starting with her first winning the NXT Women’s Championship, then we return to the ring. Rose thanks them for the video.

“Wow! All that, not bad for a piece of eye candy, huh? Because,” Rose continues, “that’s all I was to you people for four years! I was a peach. A barbie doll, a bottle blonde made in a lab, a centerfold bitch. That’s why two years ago I realized I needed to bet on myself and I made a choice to come here and rebuild myself, and it was the greatest decision I have ever made in my entire life! And with the help of my girls…Toxic Attraction has risen to the top. Numbers don’t lie, ratings don’t lie, merchandise sales don’t lie. And you people thought that I couldn’t hold the NXT Women’s Championship? Why? Because this title represents the greatest women wrestlers in the entire world, and I have proven every single one of you–for over a year now…” She changes sentences there. She tells us “put some respect on my name” isn’t just her catchphrase, but also “the damn truth.” She states she’s stepped on every single woman in the division while looking good doing it. She guarantees that no one will be kicking her off her throne.

“And if anyone has a problem with what I just said, you know where to find me. I work on Tuesdays.” Dry-ice fog comes up from the ring and Alba Fyre attacks! Fyre dispatches Gigi and Jack easily. Mandy flees the ring, so Fyre Superkicks the butler. Rude! Poor chap wasn’t doing anything wrong. Fyre puts Dolin through the table set up in the ring with a Gory Bomb and hops on the mic. “Mandy, this week I take out Gigi Dolin; next week, I take out Jacy Jayne. And in two weeks time? I take that title!” She drops the mic and Vic Joseph hypes their championship match in two weeks. We head to break!

Vignette: Scrypt Doctor

We return from break to a vignette, showing “security footage” from the Performance Center as a hooded person spray paints the building. A phone rings. “You have reached the WWE Performance Center. Please your name, number and a brief message after the beep and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience,” goes the automated answering system. We then hear a mystery voice. “You can screen my calls but you cannot screen my fury. One by one you all shall fall,” the mystery voice warns, stating “coming to NXT almost feels like home” and states they “will leave (my) mark” and signs it, “Sincerely, Scrypts.”

Singles Match: Indi Hartwell vs Zoey Stark w/ Nikkita Lyons

We return from break and get our bell at 9:17pm. Hartwell starts off with a shoulder thrust off a rope rebound, dropping Stark. Hartwell latches onto Stark’s left arm and uses it to pull Stark into several strikes. Stark reverses positions when Indi takes it to the corner, and throws shoulders to Indi’s gut. Zoey with a few chest slaps. The two engage in a chase that sees Stark hit a springboard cross-body for a one count. The lights go…well, they change color, as if the camera man vomited Skittles on the lense. Vic Joseph apologizes for the technical difficulties and states this is the third time it’s happened. Stark continues to dominate in the ring until a snapmare fails to set up a sliding dropkick. Hartwell rallies, taking it to Stark and dumping her over the top as we head to break at 9:19pm! Stark is livid, slapping the commentary desk as Nikkita attempts to calm her.
We return from break at 9:23pm and find Stark in control with a headlock on Hartwell. Vic Joseph throws us to footage from the break that saw Stark take control and use the ropes to gain leverage as she pushed a knee into the back of Hartwell’s neck. Hartwell starts to rally, covering for a short two after a running big boot. Hartwell attempts a suplex but Stark blocks it. We’re told that (redacted) will defend their titles in a rematch from last night’s women’s tag team championship match. See, no spoilers! The crowd, still subdued, weakly chants for both women as Hartwell and Stark struggle for control. Stark hits the Stark Special for a close two. She’s pissed that she didn’t win and takes it to Hartwell in the corner, stomping a mud hole in Hartwell as the ref counts a warning!
She stops at four then does it again! Lyons tries to talk some sense into her friend. Stark looks for a suplex but Hartwell drops her with ripcord lariats! Hartwell goes for another big boot but Stark sidesteps and fires off a Superkick in retaliation! Stark dumps Hartwell over the top rope. Stark exits the ring and slams Indi’s face into the commentary table in front of Booker T four times. Stark rips off the top of the desk and the crowd starts waking finally! Lyons attempts to talk sense into Stark and prevent the table move. Indi enters the ring and Stark does the same. Unfortunately, Nikkita Lyons’ little pep-talk distracted Zoey Stark long enough for Indi Hartwell to catch her with a big boot as she enters the ring! Hartwell covers and picks up the win at 9:27pm! Later in the program, Stark and Lyons are shown backstage. Stark admits her head’s not in the game and promises to do better. They’re approached by KC2 who taunt them–the two have a rematch for the tag titles next week.
Your Winner, Indi Hartwell!

Vignette: T-BARJOKOVIC; Veer Mahaan & Sanga

The artist formerly known as T-Bar and Dominic Dijakovic cuts a new promo, where we see only brief views of his stubble as he talks about unfinished business. We’re shown the NXT Championship belt and it looks like he’s returning to NXT! Backstage, Veer Mahaan warns Sanga that “they’ll take advantage of you,” referring to presumably the NXT Universe. Okie dokie.

Singles Match: Cora Jade vs Valentina Feroz

Jade is out first and literally has to wait five minutes for various BS. Finally Feroz makes her entrance and the ref calls for our bell at 9:39pm. Feroz is praised by Booker T and she starts off fast, taking it to Jade. Jade rolls otu of the ring after Feroz chains together multiple strikes, culminating in a sliding knee strike to the face. Feroz pursues Cora out of the ring–big mistake as Jade uses the opportunity to attack Feroz while vulnerable! Jade batters Valentina around the ring, using the hard side of the ring as a weapon while whipping Feroz into it and slamming her face into the apron. Jade takes the action back inside and uses slow rights to Feroz’s face to stun her opponent. Feroz takes a running attack to the back but manages to kick out at two. Jade continues to dominate, stomping Feroz before using the middle rope to choke Feroz as the ref counts his warning. Jade whips Valentina into the ropes and looks for another running strike. Feroz has it scouted and looks for an inside cradle! Jade escape and responds with a knee to the face. Jade whips Feroz into the corner and runs right into a boot! Feroz looks for a middle turnbuckle diving move but Jade moves. Jade with a senton followed by a textbook DDT to pick up the win at 9:40pm! After the match, Jade retrieves her black bat and threatens to beat Feroz until Wendy Choo hits the ring! Jade catches her with a shot to the gut but Choo’s on fire, taking down Jade before chasing Jade off with her own bat!
Your Winner, Cora Jade!

NXT Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs NXT Champion Bron Breakker & NXT North American Champion Wes Lee

Lee and Breakker are out first as Vic Joseph hypes the possibility of double double-champions! We head to break at 9:44pm and after I’ve run out of ways to justify putting “NXT” and “Champion” into one header. We get the champs entrance, complete with slow-mo poses and suggestive gyrations that would make Elvis Presley blush. Booker T praises the champs’ style. We get our official introductions and the ref calls for the bell at 9:51pm! Get ready for an overrun, folks! We start with the champs at a disadvantage as the NXT Champion bulldozes over Elton Prince after an extended sequence opening our match. Wes Lee takes the tag in and chops the arm. Lee locks onto Prince’s wrist but Elton starts to throw gut shots. Elton whips Wes into the ropes and pops him up, letting Lee crash hard to the canvas. Wilson pulls Lee into the Pretty Deadly corner and tags in Kit Wilson. The two attempt to double-duplex Lee but Breaker hits the ring and pulls Lee down to safety! Breaker then hits a double-Frankensteiner to the champs, sending them out of the ring and us to our final break of the night at 9:55pm

During the break, the challengers maintain control over the champs. Wes Lee starts to focus attacks on Prince’s left shoulder, wearing it down with a shoulder lock after softening it with rights. Lee slaps on a headlock and Prince attempts to whip him. Lee counters with a springboard attack and drops Elton Prince once again. Lee with a rear waist lock; Prince with a standing switch and a roll-up for a near fall. Lee fails to notice a tag, allowing Wilson to attack Lee from behind and slam him into the apron! Wilson takes the action inside and takes control for about seventy-five seconds, using a running corkscrew elbow strike to rock Lee. Booker T hypes Pretty Deadly and the fact that Lee’s in trouble. Breaker is chomping at the bit to get in the ring, but Pretty Deadly effectively use quick tags to cut the ring in quarters! Prince and Wilson take turns stomping Lee down into the canvas. Breaker paces on the apron, working the crowd up as they try to will Lee to his feet.
Prince continues to dominate Lee, dropping multiple elbow strikes until Lee rolls out of the ring. Lee enters the ring with Pretty Deadly hot on his heels, but he makes the tag to Breaker! Bron comes in absolutely on fire, a human wrecking ball that drops both of the champs, one after the other! Breaker with a leaping bulldog! Breaker takes down the straps and suplexes both champs at the same time! The crowd pops big for this! Breaker tags in Lee and tosses Lee, Lawn Dart style, to wipe out Pretty Deadly! Lee connects with a Superkick and tags Bron back in. Bron with a body slam. The camera director offs up a bit and we get weird, random shots. Finally Carmelo Hayes hits the ring and causes a distraction, allowing the champs to steal the win at 10:03pm!
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

After the Match: An Ending So Easy, a Caveman Could Do It

Wes Lee wastes no time in recovering and hitting a tope attack to Hayes at ringside! Hayes and Lee brawl to the back. Von Wagner attacks Bron from behind, leaving the champ laid out as we see Apollo Crews and JD McDonagh backstage, watching the events unfold. Who wants to bet we get a fatal 4-way in two weeks and Bron loses the strap? We end our show on that note and cut to USA Network’s showing of “Child’s Play 2.” Thanks for joining us!

Next Week on NXT

Alba Fyre vs Jacy Jayne; Kayden Carter & Katana Chance defend their women’s tag straps against Nikita Lyons & Zoey Stark in our main event. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs Hank “the security guard” Walker. Brutus Creed vs Damon Kemp in a Five-Minute Challenge.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s episode. What were your thoughts about tonight’s show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!


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