WWE NXT Live Results (Nov. 22, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Results Courtesy of Cageside:

The following results are courtesy of Cageside Seats’ Claire Elizabeth: The show opens with a recap of Isla Dawn playing a key role in the main event last week. Toxic Attraction make their entrance and Mandy Rose takes point on a promo. She says that’s another one bit the dust, but she’s the only queen in NXT and for 400+ days she’s defended her NXT Championship and now they have to create a revolutionary match just to figure out who her next opponent is gonna be. The Iron Survivor Challenge, and she’s going to be watching NXT Deadline very closely because she can’t wait to see who’s willing to go to war to share a ring with her.

Onto the tag half of the stable—

Enter Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

They say Toxic Attraction can’t just do what they want and the only reason Mandy is still champion is because of Isla Dawn, and her words aren’t the only phony thing about her. Toxics fire back and say they’ve diminished the value of the titles and will fade right back into obscurity after they win them back, and a brawl breaks out. That Damn Numbers Game leaves the tag champions laying!

We see Tony D’Angelo rolling up and telling Wes Lee he hasn’t forgotten what he did but he wishes him luck. Lee says it was a misunderstanding but whatever, you know where to find him.

Cora Jade is walking backstage decked out in barbed wire and spikes and telling Wendy Choo how she’s gonna pay, and we go to break.

Backstage, Grayson Waller and Duke Hudson are chatting.

Eventually, Waller says, Duke will show his true colors.
Cora Jade vs. Wendy Choo

Choo hot out the gates, taking her hard into the corner, striking away, whip across, arm wringer, swinging her around and taking her down, hammerlock, Jade breaks with a back elbow and bowls her over with a shoulder block! Drop down, hip toss, a little back and forth gets Wendy two off a schoolboy and she follows with a dropkick!

Big boot in the corner, good night elbow drop comes up empty and Choo pulls Cora out of the ring! Big forearm, overhead arm drag and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Jade is in control but Choo sidesteps and she hits the ropes hard! Right hands, whip across, overhead belly-to-belly, handspring Stinger Splash, up to the second, sleepytime crossbody… NOPE! Cora goes and gets a kendo stick but Wendy cuts her off with a boot!

Referee DA Brewer warns Choo off when she picks it up and Jade takes advantage to throw Choo’s drink into her eyes…

Cora Jade wins by pinfall with a half-halch DDT.

Now on to the good stuff!

Backstage interview: Kiana James; Big Bod Javi

Mackenzie (spelling?) is shown backstage asking James about her upcoming match with Ivy Niles. James is cock-sure and arrogant, leading Mac to ask her about her “getting it donee” last week against her opponent. Big Bod Javi walks up with a list of people he wants to fight. On it is Elon Musk (“I don’t want to pay $8 for a checkmark” for his “two thousand million” followers), Drake the Rapper (“have you heard his last album? If you have, you understand my problem with him.”) and in spot “number 250” is a man who’s retired, that Big Body Javi thinks he can pull out of retirement. We never hear the name. He calls his list the “Big Body Files” and we head to break!

Universities in America are Pretty Deadly

Thea Hail and a headband-wearing Duke Hudson, both of Chase University, are shown talking when Pretty Deadly walk up. They insult Duke, asking when he’s going back to the “old Duke Hudson” who wasn’t very good but “at least he tried” to look fashionable. Hudson begins brawling with both men as Thea Hail yells guttural in encouragement.

Singles Match: Kiana James vs Ivy Nile

We head to break at 8:31pm! We return at 8:35pm for the above segment and then cut to the ring for an 8:37pm bell. James starts off taking Niles down but failed to latch onto the leg. The crowd comes alive for Ivy while Booker T and Vic Joseph hype the heck out of Nile’s MMA and technical background. James continues to string together moves, using short holds and basic duplexes to carry a lead for the opening two minutes. Nile looks to rally and James stops her short with a backbreaker before hooking the leg for a pin attempt. Nile again attempts to rally and looks for a submission; James with a nice arm breaker to escape. Niles scores a big blow that sends James rolling out of the ring, threatening to walk away despite having dominated the match. She’s blocked by Fallon Henley and returns to the ring. Nile hits her finisher, taking down James, and celebrates with the Diamond Mine afterwards. The Creed Brothers praise Nile, dis Veer Mahaan & Sanga—Indus Sher— and names-drop many NCAA guys he fought bigger than his lumberjack self. Brutus Creed, sporting hair and looking a smile more like Glenn Jacobs, hops on the mic, too, talking smack about their future opponents. They then challenge Indus Sch
er to a match at Deadl1ne.
Your Winner, Ivy Nile!

Backstage: Chase U Get Exciting News

Chase is shown interviewing a potential recruit backstage when Duke Hudson runs up. He informs Chase he just ran “all the way” there and is completely out of breath. Must be a huge backstage area! Hudson struggles for breath then tells Chase Pretty Deadly were talking smack bout them. Hudson continues to struggle for breath and gets Chase worked up, informing him he’s got them a tag team title match—tonight and to a big pop! Mario—the recruit being interviewed—shares his enthusiasm, to which Chase replies, “Marion what the fuck are you still doing back here?” They get hyped up for the match and we head to the ring!

Singles Debut Match: Scrypts vs Guru Raj

Scrypts makes his debut and way out with a mask on. He stands on the barricade and leaps from it, over the top rope, into the ring in an athletic display. The ref calls for the bell at 8:51pm. Scrypts gives Guru Raj no quarter, nor is any asked for, and he uses a few high-athletic spots to pick up the win within a minute. We head to break!
Your Winner, Scrypts!

In the Ring: the Schism’s Snackcrifice

We return from break at 8:59pm and find a table set up in the arena. Seated at it are five chairs, holding Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid (the Dyad), Joe Gacy and Ava Raine. He cuts a speech about being thankful. Ava takes off her mask and tells us about yearly stories of families torn apart by the “tradition of Thanksgiving…dysfunction remains the norm,” she states, adding that blood family can’t be counted on but the Schism can. They point out that there’s an empty spot at their table and a young person makes their way out as the crowd chants “sacrifice.” Gacy goes on, talking about inclusivity, then welcomes the new person to the Schism—and promptly sends him through a table as the crowd loudly chants “Sacrifice!”

Singles Match: Sol Ruca vs Zoey Stark

Sol Ruca comes out to new beach-style music (think “Misrilou” by Dick Dale; yes I love the song and I’ll plug it all dang night!) We get our bell at 9:15pm as commentary question what’s going on in Stark’s mind. Ruca and Stark start off evenly matched. Ruca shows off some great athleticism with a leap frog followed up by a 180 plant-and-hit dropkick. Stark fires back a Superkick that rocks Ruca, dropping her and nearly costing her the match. Ruca starts to recover and chains together a few moves. Stark wastes no time avoiding a duplex and starting her own comeback. Stark finishes Ruca off with a running knee at 9:18pm, picking up the win! After the match, Stark looks to inflict damage on Sol Ruca. Nikkita Lyons makes her way out and chases Stark off with a roundhouse kick.
Your Winner, Zoey Stark!

Outside: Malik Blade, Edris Enofe, Mr. Stone and Von Wagner

Edris and Malik attempt to recruit Von Wagner into their dance group (with the not-present Odyssey Jones). They mention he’s got moves, then reference his loss to Bron Breakker last week. They don’t realize Von took offense and he plays along, as if he wants to join them. He then takes of his blazer, calls them losers, and beats the tar out of them. He then rips up the sweater vest—the one from last week’s promo, left to by the young Superstar by his late father or the such—and the crowd boos loudly. Jones shows up to chase off Wagner.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs Chase U

Duke Hudson, Thea Hail and Andre Chase—Chase U—make their way out to a HUGE pop from the hot NXT crowd. We head to a break at 9:21pm! The bell rings at 9:27pm and we’re off! Wilson and Prince struggle early on as a hot Chase U absolutely dominate the opening minutes. Andre Chase comes off super aggressive, eager to earn his first gold in the WWE. Chase batters Wilson and Prince both, then simultaneously when Pretty Deadly attempt a double-team. Chase with a head scissors takedown while applying a DDT, dropping both champs! The crowd stays on fire for Chase. Andre continues to stay hot, hitting a side Russian leg sweep! He introduces the champs to a teachable moment, hitting the Chase U Stomps! Hudson and Hail cheer on their professor and we head to break at 9:32pm!

We return at 9:35pm and find Pretty Deadly suddenly in control over Andre Chase. Chase weathers their offense for a couple of minutes, then makes the hot tag to Duke Hudson. Hudson is a human wrecking ball, running over both of the champs. He body slams Wilson, then slams Prince onto Wilson, then slams Chase onto Wilson! Hudson with a new finisher, akin to the bionic forearm, and covers for a super-close two. It’s so close the crow loudly chants “that was three!” Prince looks to interfere and Andre Chase enters the ring, dropping him over the top rope. He turns and walks into the path of Hudson looking to plant Wilson, and is knocked down by the move! The miscue costs them the titles as Pretty Deadly quickly double-team Duke Hudson during the chaos and pick up the win. Thea Hail leads them to the back, with Duke Hudson rubbing his head and Andre Chase–pulling up the rear–looking pissed. It almost looks like Chase is going to attack Hudson but he doesn’t.
Your Winners AND STILL Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

Next Week on NXT

Roxanne Perez vs Indi Hartwell in singles competition.

North American Championship Main Event Match: Wes Lee(c) vs Carmelo Hayes

We get our official introductions ahead of the 9:53pm bell. Hayes and Wes exchange leads in the opening two minutes, with both champ and challenger seemingly evenly matched. Both men engage in a simultaneous strike that sees both run off opposite ropes, flip and dropkick each other. We head to our final break of the night right at 9:55pm with a picture-in-picture break! During the break, the challenger takes control over Lee and starts to use working holds to contain the high-flyer and drain his stamina. Hayes focuses primarily on the neck, hooking the left arm under Lee’s own chin as he wrenches it to the side. We return from the break at 9:57pm with Hayes still in control. The crowd rips off a dueling chant as we return. Hayes hits a springboard lariat to drop the champ and covers for a close two. Another dueling chant. Hayes batters the downed champ, pounding the prone Lee. The champ starts to rally when he catches a charging Hayes with a pop-up lawn dart strike to the top turnbuckle. Lee catches a recovering Hayes with a German Suplex that sends Melo flying!
Lee and Hayes begin to slug and slap it out in the middle of the ring, with the crowd “ooh” and “hey!” ‘ing them both as they ramp of the pace and we hit overrun territory!
The champ use a snapmare to set up an overhead kick. Lee with a running clothesline followed by a European uppercut! The champ presses the assault, using a neckbreaker and a beautiful Hurricanrana driver for a close cover! Damn, son! The crowd chants “fight forever” and Hayes rips of fan inside cradle for a close cover. Hayes with a round-the-world (inverted) face driver for a second near fall! Don’t know what that move is? Best watch the match then! Hayes approaches the champ and walks into a kick. Lee with a Superkick to Hayes, then looks for a stomp. Hayes counters with a modified code breaker, then ascends the ropes! Hayes leaps but Lee moves. Hayes rolls through and Lee catches him with a Meteora on the landing for a close two! The crowd are on their feet in disbelief! Lee with a cartwheel scissor kick to Hayes! Trick Williams hits the ringside area, and Lee hits him with a tope con giro! Hayes recovers and attacks the champ, taking it into the ring. Hayes climbs up but Lee rises and catches him with an uppercut!
Lee and Hayes continue to struggle for control. Hayes sends Lee into the turnbuckle face first, but Lee avoids a lariat and hits a kick to the back of the head! Lee with a unique kick to the challenger that leaves him stunned! Michinoku Driver from Lee! The champ covers at 10:05pm and retains despite Williams’ attempt to make the save!
Your Winner AND STILL North American Champion, Wes Lee!

He’s Baaaaaack….

Suddenly we hear the sound of a cage and a graphic comes across the tv. Lee turns around to see Domini Dijakovic, now known as Dijak! He hits an inverted driver on Lee, leaving the champ laid out and the crowd goes from cheers to boos to end our show!

In Closing

Thanks for joining us folks, and please accept my sincerest apology on the late results! That whole “outside life” thing isn’t all its cracked up to be! Y’all come back and see us tomorrow night for Dynamite!


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