WWE NXT Live Results (Oct. 4, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to NXT! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan. We’ve got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it’ll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview listed a pair of matches and a special segment. We’ll have the return of The Grayson Waller Effect with tonight’s guests being Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez. In singles action, Andre Chase takes on Von Wagner. And in six-woman tag action, Toxic Attraction look to tango with Alba Fyre and Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark. We’ll also have more build up towards Halloween Havoc and a bunch of other fun things, surely.

Andre Chase; Von Wagner Cora Jade; Grayson Waller; Roxanne Perez


All this and more tonight on NXT!


WWE NXT Live Results (Oct. 4, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center


Welcome to NXT!

Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph welcome us to NXT and we waste no time cutting to the ring.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly: Address of the NXT Commonwealth

“Sir” Kit Wilson and “Sir” Elton Prince are shown with a podium, UK flags displayed, and both members of Pretty Deadly wearing red and white and yellow robes. They call this state of the NXT Commonwealth into order and talk about Pilgrims coming to America to make it a better place. “Fast forward a few years and we make the trip across the Atlantic” and claim they make America a better place, too. Who knew Pretty Deadly wanted to make America great again? The two give themself verbal pats on the back and then discuss the hunt for a new challenger. They then laugh, stating they’ve already beaten anyone. They say they’ve got Gallus’ number and it’s “1-800-UGLY-DENIM.” They continue to make jokes about “sweater vests and oily ab men” not being good enough. “And don’t even get me started on the Boring Brothers,” they jest about the Creed Brothers. They praise Damon Kemp as he attempts to “close the doors on the Diamond Mind forever” and then praise the Dyad, even though they’re “creeped out” by them. Elton Prince then decrees that they should be awarded the tag team championships forever as there’s “not a challenger in sight.” They’re then interrupted by the Brawling Brutes!

The Brawling Brutes Confront Pretty Deadly; Brawl Ensues!

Ridge Holland and “the Bruiserweight” are welcomed to a huge pop from the NXT Universe! They take exception with Pretty Deadly talking smack about Sheamus on social media. Pretty Deadly attempt to beg them off, claiming they were hacked by Kevin Smith, Kevin Patrick, and Kevin Owens. The Brutes attack them, beating them out of the ring! They’re interrupted by theme music as it’s time for our first match!

Singles Match: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams vs Oro Mensah

Melo and Trick are out first and send us to a commercial break at 8:11pm! We return as Oro Mensah makes his entrance and at 8:15pm, we get the bell. Oro and Melo lock up, with Mensah starting off strong. Mensah easily battles the former two-time North American champion into the corner and uses an arm drag to take him down to the mat. Hayes fires back, dropping Mensah, but Mensah fires off a series of attacks from a squat position, dropping Hayes! Mensa with a beautiful, corkscrew headscissors takedown followed by a quick pin for one. Mensah and Hayes battle to the ropes and Hayes chains together several offensive moves as Mensah’s vulnerable on the apron, culminating with a springboard Tornado DDT from Hayes in the ring to Mensah on the floor! Hayes takes it inside and covers but only garners a two. Hayes takes control for a stretch, dropping Mensah with quick strikes and a springboard clothesline. Melo covers often, but only picks up short two’s. Hayes changes tactics and begins using working holds on Mensah’s neck, trying to wear the rookie high-flyer down. Hayes finds himself tripped into the turnbuckle as Mensah attempts to mount a comeback.
Hayes throws a right; Mensah blocks! Mensah with a right of his own and a chop followed by a whip into the ropes. Hayes is back dropped on th rebound and Mensah continues to unload, dropping Hayes thrice more before kipping up! Hayes attempts to block a gut kick but Mensah with a step-up kick counter, then follows it up with a springboard cross-body splash! Mensah with a rolling driver that sends Hayes scrambling into the corner. Mensah eyes Hayes in the corner and charges; Hayes steps out of the way and Mensah takes out Trick Williams, on the apron! Hayes attacks Mensah then heads up top, hitting his diving Leg Drop to pick up the win/steal the win! Impressive performance from Mensah.
Your Winner, Carmelo Hayes! (5 minutes)

North American Championship Qualifier Match: Andre Chase vs Von Wagner

We keep the fast pace rolling, as Chase University’s theme plays as Hayes is still celebrating. Hayes joins commentary as he wants to see who’s joining “his” ladder match. We head to break! We return and get the bell at 8:28pm. Both men meet in the center of the ring and Chase throws gut shots to Wagner. Wagner drops Chase with a big blow but Chase pops back up and leaps on Wagner! Scrappy one, that Andre Chase kid. He turns the tables on Wagner in the corner and begins to focus his attack on the left knee, hitting it with multiple strikes and a leg pick. Wagner gets some offense in, briefly, before Chase fires up his comeback barely 90 seconds in. Chase streaks around the ring, battering Wagner from front and behind. Chase blocks a fist and unloads on Wagner then drops him hard to the canvas! Chase does the “Chase U” kicks and the crowd, hot as ever for Chase U, get into it! Mr. Stone (Robert Stone) hops on the apron to distract Chase. Thea Hill takes out Mr. Stone at ringside, but the whole snafu distracts Chase. Wagner drives Chase into the mat and covers for a close two. Wagner with a running Big Boot, followed by a driver, manages to steal the win at 8:32!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Ladder Match, Von Wagner! (4 minutes)

North American Championship Ladder Match Update

We’ve got four of our five competitors determined: Carmelo Hayes, Wes Lee, Von Wagner, and Oro Mensah will be joined by another member. Next week, Nathan Frazer will face another Superstar in the final qualifier match.

Singles Match: Lash Legend vs Wendy Choo

Lash Legend is shown talking smack backstage before we head to a break. We return and get Choo’s entrance, with commentary specifically commenting for the second week in a row that Choo’s showing a bit more of an aggressive side and hinting at a possible end to the pajama-phase of her gimmick. Lash attacks Choo in the ring before the bell, so the ref calls for it at 8:39pm. Legend maintains control for the first two minutes, using the ropes to choke and torment Choo despite multiple warnings from the ref. The larger Legend woman-handles Choo and the former Mississippi State and WNBA stand-out continues to use her mouth to insult as much as her fists to injure. Choo starts her comeback about three minutes in, dropkicking Legend and attempting a roll-up for a very close two. Legend looks for another Big Boot but Choo side-steps it and Legend’s boot gets hung-up on the top rope! Choo climbs the ropes after kicking Legend down and hits her finisher off the top, picking up the quick win. at 8:43pm.
Your Winner, Wendy Choo! (3.5 minutes)

Backstage: Wes Lee, Channing Lorenzo

Wes Lee is interviewed and talks about wanting to get his hands on Melo. “Stacks” Lorenzo walks up and warns Lee that his actions have consequences and confirms that Tony D’Angelo was injured last week.

Video Promo: Gallus Brag About Being Suspended

We get a video with Gallus explaining that their recent actions have led to their suspension. They vow they’ll return and when they do, the Gallus boys will be on top.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Contendership Match: Toxic Attraction vs Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark

This was originally advertised as a six-woman match, but Mandy Rose and Alba Fyre have been removed and it’s now a contendership match! Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin of Toxic Attraction make their way out and we head to break! After a promo for KC2, we return and get our entrances. Stark starts us off and seems equally matched as she takes on both members of Toxic Attraction, who are experts with the quick-tag isolation philosophy. We head to a break early and, after technical difficulties (my apologies), we return as Stark & Lyons begin a lengthy comeback sequence that sees both women hit aerial attacks to Toxic Attraction in and out of the ring. Gigi Dolin attempts to rally her team but Jacy Jayne falters when tagged in. Lyons picks up the win for her team at 9:03pm! They’ll face champions KC2 at, presumably, Halloween Havoc.
Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons! (10 minutes)

The Grayson Waller Effect, feat. Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

We’re shown Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez, separately making their way backstage as we’ve got Waller’s talk show up next! We head to break at 9:09! We return at 9:13 and get an “opening credits” for the Grayson Waller Effect, which consists of his sneak attacks on several superstars and clips from his matches. We cut to the ring and he’s got a “late night talk show” setup in the ring, complete with fake plants. Waller states he’s got security here, keeping him safe from Apollo Crews, and puts up his “live on Instagram” feed. He calls out his first guest, “the Tony Hawk of NXT, Cora Jade!” She makes her way out to boos and new, heavier music, complete with jeans and black top and a black bat in hand. Roxanne Perez is called out next and comes out wearing a gorgeous outfit. Grayson starts off with a jab, stating he’s sorry he didn’t have a booster seat for Perez. Jade and Perez get on the mic, with Jade asking “how many people did you have to cry to to get this rematch?” They trade jabs and Waller tells them, “Ladies, ladies, stop interrupting me. This is my show, okay?” He asks Perez how she feels, and she states she feels nothing, “unlike Heatwave (in which I) was filled with emotions.”
Jade accuses Perez of another sob story; Perez reminds Jade that they came up together and had plans, but Jade threw it away. Perez states she’ll leave Jade behind at Halloween Havoc and move on. Jade promises everyone will realize Perez was a “whole lot of internet hype and not a whole lot of talent. You’re just not good enough to part of the Generation of Jade.” Perez then states that Jade spent a year putting on a fake act that “everyone” saw through (so why didn’t Perez see the Jade attack coming?) Waller again chastises them and then has news. “You’ll be choosing each other’s opponents and the whole WWE roster is game.” In two weeks, they’ll pick opponents for each other, and tease having one another fight Omos. Again Waller snaps at them, yelling to stop interrupting him. “Your match at Halloween Havoc is a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match!” Perez is excited but Jade isn’t. Waller points out the various match types on the wheel and wants to do a Grayson Waller exclusive and spin it right now!
“And if it lands on Spinner’s Choice, Grayson Waller chooses the match on Halloween Havoc!” Perez comments “Good one” and Waller says they both suck! Haha. He heads down to spin the wheel and is met by a cloaked individual in a hood. Waller looks under it to confirm it’s not Apollo Crews, announces “I knew it wasn’t Apollo Crews,” then spins the wheel. It lands on a Weapons Wild Match. Jade and Perez begin to brawl in the ring and Security separate them, or attempt to at first. Waller laughs and records it on his Instagram live–until he notices Apollo Crews behind him! Crews drags Grayson out of the ring while security’s busy with Jade & Perez! Crews drags Waller under the ring, unseen by security! Finally security separate the two women. Waller crawls out of the mat and his eyes are bloody, a “vision” Crews apparently had some time ago. His pants are also torn up and he crawls up the ram, sending us to break. Someone call Olivia Benson.

Singles Match: Julius Creed vs Duke Hudson

A backstage confrontation, in which Hudson mocked Brutus, set up this match. The bell rings at 9:37 and Creed hits about four moves, picking up the win seconds later at 9:38pm. Okay. After the match, Brutus Creed & Ivy Nile show up. Brutus, sporting gnarly bruises on his right shoulder from the chair-shot beatdown he took last week, angrily takes his frustration out on Hudson. Brutus, Smash, for a longer time than the damn match. Finally Damon Kemp is shown in the balcony. He gets on the mic and tells Brutus he had his match “and now it’s your brother’s turn.” Julius says he’s his “brother’s keeper.” Kemp replies “Julius, you might be my brother’s keeper but he’s my bitch.” Oh! Kemp states that if Julius beats Kemp at Halloween Havoc, Brutus gets another match. He states he’s got stipulations, though, and the Creeds question it. Kemp states the stipulation isn’t about Julius but is, instead, about Brutus. “I’ve got things I want to accomplish here, and I can’t do that (with you) looking over my shoulder….Julius, when I beat you (at Halloween Havoc) you’re not gone from NXT. Your brother (Brutus) is.” Brutus accepts on behalf of Julius. Julius warns Kemp that he’s colder than Kemp and beating, pinning, and submitting him isn’t good enough. He states he’ll send Kemp out the same way out that Kemp sent out Roddy, and picks the stipulation–an ambulance match! Yep, the match was under a minute and the post-match chat was 4 minutes.
Your Winner via Squash, Julius Creed! (< 1 minute)

Debut Singles Match: Hank Walker(D) vs Xyon Quinn

We cut backstage where Hank Walker and his security guard friends are excited as he’s having his debut match as a contracted NXT Superstar. Quincy Elliott shows up to give Walker a head’s up that Quincy pissed off Xyon last week. We head to break. We return as the newly-named “the Samoan Ghost” Xyon Quinn finishes his entrance. Hank Walker makes his way out and we get our bell at 9:41pm! Hank is the fan-fave and starts quick, but Quinn takes control with a sliding neckbreaker. Quinn uses the ropes to punish Hank and follows a back drop with a cover for a short two. Quinn turns to working holds, using a sleeper and neck wrench on Hank. Hank powers to a vertical base and throws big rights into Quinn’s ribs. Quinn fires back with a pair of headbutts. Quinn uses a Strong Irish Whip to send Hank into the corner but Hank rebounds off the turnbuckles and drops Quinn! Hank strips off his shirt to make sure we see the giggling loose belly flesh as he starts his comeback, clotheslining Quinn in and out of the corner. Quinn dodges a Big Boot attempt and hits a…not a Superman Punch, let’s call it a Daredevil Punch. Quinn covers and picks up the win at 9:43! Quinn looks to attack Hank post-match but Quincy Elliott shows up to make the save. They bump fists then Quincy spanks Hank on the butt and dances in the ring.
Your Winner, Xyon Quinn! (2 minutes)

Backstage: Cameron Grimes, a Mystery Person, and the Schism Grows

Cameron Grimes is shown backstage imploring a mystery person, dressed in a red hoodie, a black book bag, and a mask. He implores the person to help him take on the Schism but finds himself beatdown three-on-one by the Schism’s Joe Gacy & the Dyads. Finally they welcome the mystery person to the Schism; their identity will be revealed at a future date.

NXT Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs the Brawling Brutes

Ridge Holland and Butch–the Brawling Brutes–make their way out to new music and a great welcome from the NXT Universe. They’re taking part of a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match this weekend at Extreme Rules, which is this Saturday night. We head to break at 9:48pm ahead of our main event and seventh match! At 9:54 we return from break and hype for next week’s card (coming below). We cut to the ring and find Pretty Deadly out, and get our official introductions. We get the bell a minute later–expect the weekly overrun to continue! Final update coming about 10:05! The crowd loudly chant “Pete Dunne” and we start with Ridge Holland and Elton Prince. Holland with a hip toss before Prince tags in Wilson. A hip toss for Wilson, too, but Wilson quickly fires off elbow strikes before attempting a suplex. Holland counters with a suplex of his own and tags in Butch to a great pop. Holland holds Wilson up for Butch to attack, then Butch begins to work the digits on both hands. Wilson screams in pain as Dunne manipulates the small joints and stomps on his elbow. The crowd loudly chant “Bruiserweight” now. Prince distracts the ref and Butch, allowing Wilson to use a Hair Mat Slam to drop the Bruiserweight! Prince tags back in and engages in a quick running exchange with Butch that leads to a clothesline laying the blonde out! Butch tags in Holland and the duo work together to hit Nine Beats of the Bodhran, with the tenth strike being a charging knee to the back from Butch! We head to break at 9:58!

Back from the break at ten o’clock sharp! We’re told Pretty Deadly have maintained control over Butch throughout the break. Wilson and Prince used quick tags to cut the ring in half and isolate Butch. Butch tries to fight out of the corner, throwing elbows at both men, but the champs double-team Butch in the corner. The crowd pops for Butch, trying to cheer him to his feet as Pretty Deadly switch to verbal jabs instead of physical ones. This costs them as Butch begins to fire off rights and chops, battling out of the corner and to the middle of the ring! Butch with a huge chop to drop Prince! Prince whips Butch into the corner to prevent a tag but Butch drops Wilson, rolls past Prince and makes the hot tag to Ridge Holland! Holland drops Prince with shoulder after shoulder, battering the champ with a splash in the corner before hitting Wilson with a spinning slam! Holland continues to beat Wilson and Prince, and body slams Prince on top of Wilson! Holland covers for a two. Holland pulls Prince up for a Powerbomb but Prince twists, drops to his back and mule kicks Holland! Prince with a series of strikes but Holland fires off a desperation clothesline to drop him! The crowd pops big as Butch wants the hot tag. Both men crawl towards their respective corners at 10:03pm. Wilson tags in and hops on Holland’s back, preventing him from making a tag. Kit slaps on a sleeper but Holland marches forward and tags in Butch! Butch with a Sunset Flip off the top turnbuckle, dropping Kit Wilson from Holland’s shoulders to the canvas hard! Butch covers for a close two and the crowd erupts in an “NXT” chant! Butch stomps Wilson’s face in while holding his arms then starts to focus on a shoulder and elbow submission. Prince tries to pull Wilson towards the ropes from the outside of the ring but Butch stomps his hand and uses an apron Moonsault to wipe out Prince ring-side! Wilson attacks Butch in the ring but he uses a snap German Suplex to drop him. Butch fights both tag champs in the ring as Holland’s slowly recovering at ringside. Pretty Deadly work together for a double-team lung-blower that nearly picks up the win! Holland hits the ring to make the save. Butch is down as Pretty Deadly use a tag to attempt to double-team the Bruiserweight.
Butch fights them off but Wilson hits a strike that drops Butch and nearly secures the retention. The crowd’s on their feet at 10:05 as Pretty Deadly look for their double-team finisher but Holland clotheslines Prince over the top and follows him outside! Butch transitions Wilson into an arm bar submission but Prince makes it in to make the save. Butch snaps the fingers of Wilson and hits a modified Bitter End! Prince again makes the save, breaking up the pin and the crowd boos loudly. Holland is up and rolls in the ring, where he and Butch double-team Prince. They turn their attention to an isolated Wilson in their corner and use a quick tag for a scoop powerslam/head kick combination! They start to cover but IMPERIUM hit the ringside area! The Brawling Brutes are distracted, allowing Pretty Deadly to finally hit their double-team finisher and pick up the win at 10:07!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly! (12 minutes)

After the Match: The Wolves Are at the Door

As IMPERIUM and the Brawling Brutes brawl brutishly to the back, Briggs & Jensen and Edris Enofe & Malik Blade both appear, putting Pretty Deadly on notice that they’re both coming for the titles!

Next Week on NXT

Bron Breakker vs “Big Body Javi” Javier Bernal. Axiom vs Nathan Frazer in the final match of their best-of-three series. Wes Lee vs Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo.

Halloween Havoc Updates

The North American Championship Ladder Match will have five opponents: Carmelo Hayes, Wes Lee, Oro Mensah, and Von Wagner, who will be joined by a fifth TBD Superstar. Damon Kemp faces Julius Creed in an Ambulance Match; if Julius loses, Brutus Creed is gone from NXT (Kemp wants to torment Julius, hence the choice). JD McDonagh vs Ilja Dragunov vs Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship is officially official.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s episode. What were your thoughts about tonight’s show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!



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