WWE NXT Results (11/27): Winter Park

WWE NXT Results (11/27): Winter Park, FL

The November 27th, 2019 edition of WWE’s NXT on USA Network took place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.

– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video package looking at some of the highlights from Takeover: Wargames four nights ago.

– The show kicks off with the entire NXT roster coming out to the ring to celebrate their victory over RAW and SmackDown at Survivor Series. The Undisputed Era comes out to interrupt the celebration, and Adam Cole asks what’s wrong with all of them. He says The Undisputed Era is the only reason NXT was successful at Survivor Series. Cole says none of you “are NXT,” but The Undisputed Era is. Cole says while they are all celebrating, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are preparing to defend their Tag Titles tonight. Cole starts talking about the prophecy of the Undisputed Era, but then Ciampa interrupts from the ring. Ciampa says everyone sees what’s going on except for Cole. Ciampa says this is the end of the Undisputed Era, and Ciampa is now focused on getting “Goldy” back from Cole. Ciampa says there’s nothing standing in his way now. Finn Balor comes out to interrupt. Balor says he’s standing in Ciampa’s way. Ciampa tells Balor that he’s a prince who just met his king, and he wants a match with Balor. Lee gets on the mic now and says he’s confident Ciampa would beat Balor, but now it’s time for Kyle and Bobby to get in the ring for their Tag Team Title match.

– Tom Phillips is on commentary tonight, filling in for Mauro Ranallo.

Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong (c) vs. Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic: Lee starts off strong and throws both Fish and O’Reilly out to ringside. Fish appears to be selling a knee injury, and he is pulled from the match. Roderick Strong will be filling in. Back in the ring, Lee and Dijakovic control the pace for the next several minutes. Dijakovic picks up Lee and slams him down on top of O’Reilly for the double team. Strong and O’Reilly are finally able to get the upper hand on Dijakovic after a double team, and Strong starts working over Dijakovic’s knee. Kyle tags in now and continues the offense on Dominik. Kyle goes over and slaps Lee on the apron, and Dominik takes the opportunity to fight back. Lee gets the hot tag and cleans house. Strong and O’Reilly try to double team Lee, but Lee grabs them and gives them both a double suplex. Both Era members roll out to ringside for a breather. On Lee’s way out of the ring, Strong takes out Lee’s knee. O’Reilly hits a running kick on Lee, then takes him back in the ring. Strong is the legal man and he looks for a diving headbutt off the top, but he misses. O’Reilly comes flying off the top, but Lee headbutts him. Dominik gets the tag and starts working over Strong in the corner. Dijakovic drops Strong with a lariat. Strong starts fighting back with a shot to Dijakovic’s knee, then O’Reilly tags in. O’Reilly looks for a triangle choke on Dijakovic. Dijakovic lifts up O’Reilly to turn it into a powerbomb. Strong tries to break it up, but Dijakovic grabs Strong by the neck. Dijakovic simultaneously delivers a sit-out powerbomb to O’Reilly and a chokeslam to Strong. Dijakovic beats on Strong and O’Reilly in the corner, then he picks up Strong on his shoulders. O’Reilly has tagged himself in, and he takes Dijakovic down to the mat then hits some kicks. O’Reilly and Strong roll outside to regroup, but Lee runs out and clotheslines Strong. Lee and Strong manage to take down Lee on the floor, but then Dijakovic goes flying over the top rope with a dive on the Era members. Back in the ring, Dijakovic hits a double chokeslam on Strong and O’Reilly. Dijakovic is slow to pin due to selling a knee injury. Adam Cole starts running down the ramp, but Lee charges and hits a Pounce on Cole that sends him crashing into some plants sitting in the crowd. Dijakovic is looking at Cole, and the distraction leads to O’Reilly and Strong double teaming Dijakovic for the three count.

Winners & still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Undisputed Era

– We go to replays as Strong, O’Reilly and Cole make their exits with the Tag Title belts.

– Candice LeRae is backstage for an interview. She says she’s sick of hearing about Dakota Kai, and Kai’s going to get what she has coming to her.

– Lio Rush and Akira Tozawa are shown in their locker rooms warming up for their Cruiserweight Title match tonight.

Shane Throne vs. Mansoor: They lock up off the opening bell and they trade holds and takedowns in the opening moments. They trade chops to the chest now and Mansoor gets the upper hand. Mansoor rolls him up for two, then hits a standing moonsault for another two count. Mansoor dropkicks Thorne out of the ring. Mansoor looks for a suicide dive, but Thorne catches him and suplexes Mansoor on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Thorne follows up with strikes and a shoulder lock. Mansoor fights back, but Thorne drops him with another suplex for a two count. Mansoor fires back with some kicks and Thorne falls back out to ringside. Mansoor connects with a dive at ringside now, then takes him back in the ring for a Blockbuster. Mansoor pins for the three count.

Winner: Mansoor

– Up next: Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai: Candice starts off fired up and laying into Kai. Kai turns it around and starts beating down Candice now. Kai hits a big boot to the face on the apron, then slams Candice’s face into the apron. Kai hits another big boot on the apron, then takes Candice back in the ring. Candice starts fighting back and targeting Kai’s knee, but Kai puts her down with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. They fight out to the apron, and Candice hits a German Suplex on Kai where it looks like they slip off the apron and just clip the corner of the apron. Back in the ring, Candice hits a Tornado DDT off the middle rope for a two count. Kai fights back with a headbutt and a big boot. Kai misses a shot and Candice connects with a knee strike to the head. Both women are down now, then they fight up the turnbuckle. Candice looks for a sunset flip powerbomb, and she hits it despite Kai trying to use the knee brace she hung on the turnbuckle as a weapon. Candice looks for a moonsault, but Kai rolls out of the way. Kai comes back with a slam for a two count. Kai looks for a powerbomb, but Candice reverses it and puts Kai in the Gargano Escape. Kai breaks free and rolls out to ringside. Candice looks for a dive, but Kai nails her in the head with a knee brace. The ref calls for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Candice LeRae

– Kair beats down LeRae at ringside after the match. Kai grabs a steel chair and talks Candice, but then Rhea Ripley runs out for the save. Rhea kicks the chair away and chases off Kai.

– Tommaso Ciampa is backstage for an interview about his match with Finn Balor tonight. Ciampa says whether he calls himself the Demon or the Prince, he knows exactly who Finn Balor is. Ciampa says it was himself and not Balor who made Goldy into the most prestigious Title in sports entertainment. He says tonight he’s going to get Balor out of his way.

– Back from the commercial break, we go to a video package looking at Cameron Grimes.

Lio Rush (c) vs. Akira Tozawa Rush’s Cruiserweight Title is on the line in this one. Rush scores lots of big offense in the opening moments of this one, and sends Tozawa out to ringside. Back in the ring, Tozawa starts to mount some offense and they end up colliding with a double bicycle kick in the middle of the ring. They fight out to the apron where Tozawa connects with a kick, then he gives rush a German suplex from the apron down to the ringside floor. This prompts a “Holy Sh–” chant from the fans. Back in the ring, Lio fights back and connects with a series of kicks on the challenger. Lio springboards off the ropes, but Tozawa catches him with a German suplex. Tozawa hits another suplex and turns it into a pin for a two count. Tozawa goes up top and looks for the senton bomb, but the Champion gets his knees up to block it. Rush goes up top and hits the Final Hour. Rush goes back up top and hits the Final Hour again fo the three count.

Winner & still Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush

– We go backstage for an interview with Finn Balor. Balor says he’s already taken out Gargano and Riddle, and now it’s time for Ciampa to meet the Prince.

Xia Li vs. Vanessa Borne: Borne starts off strong and beats down Li in the opening moments. Li finally fights back and she drops Borne with a powerbomb. Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen come down the stage to interrupt. Li sees them coming, but still hits a kick on Borne. Li pins for the three count after a short match.

Winner: Xia Li

– Shayna, Shafir and Duke hit the ring. Li tries to fight them off, and they brawl back and forth. Li connects with a spinning heel kick on Baszler. Li takes out Duke, then Baszler takes out Li with a clothesline. They beat down Li, then Shayna gets on the mic. Shayna takes issue with everyone trying to take credit for what happened at Survivor Series, because no one had a weekend like her. Rhea Ripley comes out to interrupt. Shayna and the Horsewomen retreat, but Rhea says she has something to say to Shayna’s face. Shayna comes back up on the apron, and Rhea walks over to the ropes so they are face to face. Rhea says she beat Shayna and will do it again, but now she wants it to be for the NXT Women’s Championship. Shayna says the reality is that when they face off, Rhea will be tapping or napping like the rest of them. Rhea says they should do it right now then. Shayna walks off and heads to the back.

– Still to come: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Finn Balor

– The broadcast team sends us to a video package looking at Killian Dane vs. Damien Priest vs. Pete Dunne from Takeover: WarGames, including footage of Priest being treated for injured ribs after the match. Priest and Dain are booked for a singles match next week.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Finn Balor: The opening bell sounds, and Ciampa and Balor trade strikes and takedowns to start off. Balor applies a side headlock, but Ciampa backs him into the turnbuckle for some punishment. Ciampa sends Balor off the ropes for an elbow to the face, then he follows up with a vertical suplex for a two count. Ciampa misses on a sunset flip, and Balor fires back with a dropkick. Balor sends Ciampa out to ringside, then dropkicks him through the ropes to the back of the head. Balor and Ciampa go back and forth on the floor now, until Ciampa slingshots Balor face-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Ciampa and Balor trade strikes again. Balor misses a shot and gets dropped on the corner, then Ciampa knees him in the face out to the floor. Back in the ring, another running knee strike from Ciampa for a two count. Ciampa connects with some loud chops to the chest on Balor now. Ciampa puts the boots to Balor in the corner, then Ciampa removes his own knee pads. Ciampa charges, but Balor hops up and intercepts him with a Sling Blade. Balor dumps Ciampa outside, then rolls out with him. Balor runs around the ring and dropkicks Ciampa into the fan barricade. Balor looks for a DDT on the ramp, but Ciampa reverses it into a suplex, and both men are down now. Back in the ring, Ciampa knees Balor in the face, then hits the powerbomb backbreaker for a two count. Balor tackles Ciampa and stomps on him, then hits a running dropkick. Balor climbs up top, but Ciampa meets him there. Ciampa gives Balor the Air Raid Crash from the top for another two count. Ciampa yells that this is for Johnny, then he walks over to Balor. Adam Cole runs out and hops on the apron, and the distraction leads to Balor rolling up Ciampa for a two count. Cole left his Title belt on the apron, and Balor grabs it to try to use it as a weapon. Balor ends up giving Ciampa an inverted DDT on the Title belt for a two count. The ref throws the belt out of the ring, and on the opposite side of the ring Cole hits a cheap shot on Ciampa. Balor follows up with the 1916 for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

– We go to replays as Balor gets to his feet and smiles at Cole. Cole gets in the ring and stands next to Balor, looking down at Ciampa. Balor surprises Cole with a kick to the face, and Cole is down. Balor leaves with Ciampa and Cole both laying in the ring. Balor heads to the back and NXT goes off the air.

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