WWE NXT Results From Capitol Wrestling Center In Orlando, FL. (3/14/2023)

WWE NXT is back tonight.

The Road to NXT Stand & Deliver 2023 during WrestleMania Week continues this evening, as WWE NXT returns with a new episode on the USA Network at 8/7c.

On tap for tonight’s show from the Capitol Wrestling Center inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. is an appearance by Johnny Gargano, Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly for the NXT Tag Team Titles, Apollo vs. Dabba Kato, Wes Lee’s North American Title Open Challenge and more.

Featured below are complete WWE NXT results from Tuesday, March 14, 2023. The following report was written by eWrestling.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 8-10pm EST. on the USA Network.

WWE NXT RESULTS (3/14/2023)

This week’s post-Roadblock episode of NXT on USA kicks off with the usual “WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together” opening signature narrated by John Cena.

We then shoot to an extensive video recap of the entire NXT Roadblock 2023 themed event from last week’s show, including the scary ending with Roxanne Perez collapsing.

Johnny Gargano Kicks Off This Week’s Show

Now we head inside the CWC inside the WWE PC where Johnny Gargano’s theme hits and the return of Johnny Wrestling to NXT kicks off tonight’s show. For the first time in 15 months Gargano will speak on NXT.

The first triple-crown champion in NXT history settles in the ring and gets a ton of love from the crowd as Vic Joseph and Booker T sing his praises on commentary. After his music cuts off, a loud “Johnny Wrestling!” chant breaks out. That shifts into a “Welcome home!” chant as Gargano starts off by asking where he left off with things.

He says the last time he was in the ring Grayson Waller attacked him with a steel chair. He tells the NXT Universe to keep an eye out for him. He says the last time he spoke in this ring he said he was gonna teach his son to be the best man he can be and finish what you start.

He says it’s WrestleMania season and there has been a lot of talk about finishing your story lately. He says he’s back in NXT to finish his story. He says 15 months ago his story left off on a cliffhanger. He says when he returned on Raw he felt like a piece of him was missing.

He says the last time he was in NXT he was beaten down by Waller. He says Grayson stole his moment from him. He says he hates to say this but he kind of respects it. He says that’s why he gave Waller a gift — he waited. He wanted to see what he would do with that moment.

He says the last guy who took him out was called Tommaso Ciampa and he went on to become one of the greatest NXT Champions of all time. He says he sat back and watched Grayson. “What did you do?” He says Waller had two chances and he failed.

Gargano says Waller disrespected NXT and that’s something you’ll never do. He says you never disrespect a man’s home. As he continues to talk we hear Vic Joseph and Booker T talking about something else. “What is this?”

We hear their headsets drop down. As Gargano continues talking in the ring we hear Vic off-camera showing Gargano his phone and saying, “That’s your house! Grayson Waller is at your house!” Gargano drops the mic and runs off.

Axiom Following Wes Lee Around All Day

Now we shoot to “earlier today” footage and see Axiom approaching Wes Lee while he’s arriving at the building for tonight’s show, where he will defend his title in another NXT North American Championship open challenge.

Axiom says he’s gonna follow Lee around all day to make sure he doesn’t lose his title opportunity this time. Lee says there’s eight hours to go before the show. He says he’ll follow him around. They head off to get some food.

NXT Tag-Team Championships
Gallus (C) vs. Pretty Deadly

After that we head back inside the CWC where Pretty Deadly heads to the ring. Vic Joseph and Booker T continue to react to the opening segment as we head into a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Gargano freaking out backstage on the phone telling his family not to open the door. McKenzie Mitchell follows behind him trying to get a word but Gargano heads into his car and speeds off.

Now we head back inside the CWC where the NXT Tag-Team Champions Gallus make their way out to the ring for the latest defense of their tag-team titles. Once the official pre-match ring introductions are wrapped up, this championship contest gets underway.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. We see Pretty Deadly jump off to a good start. A big slap to Mark Coffey only angers one-half of the tag champs. As he starts to shift the offensive momentum in his favor, we hear the crowd breaking out in dueling chants in the background.

Pretty Deadly makes the tag and hit a double-team spot to take back control of the offense. We see multiple pin attempts but Coffey avoids being finished off. He then hits a deep arm drag and controls the challenger before reaching over and tagging in Wolfgang.

We see Wolfgang brutalize Pretty Deadly and then tag back in Coffey. The two hit some double-team spots on one member of Pretty Deadly. The other member tries hitting the ring but the two gobble him up as well. They dump them out to the floor and pose for the crowd as we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Pretty Deadly is now in the offensive driver’s seat. The two take turns beating down Coffey and then do the same to Wolfgang on the floor, who they take out by bashing into the commentary desk.

They grab the tag belts and sneak in a title shot to the dome of Coffey that the referee didn’t catch. They go for the immediate follow-up pin attempt but only get two. Wolfgang hits the ring. The distraction allows Coffey to get back involved. Gallus hits their finisher and Wolfgang gets the pin fall victory to retain the titles. Good match.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag-Team Champions: Gallus

Fallon Henley & Josh Briggs Sneak Around Kiana James’ Office

We shoot backstage and see Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs on a covert mission. Because of this, Briggs is dolled up in goofy hunting gear ala Bobby Bacala in The Sopranos (minus the eye-burning orange).

The two break into Kiana James’ office and snoop around with flashlights in the dark for clues. They find the dreaded “piece of paper” on her desk running down action on James’ NXT schedule.

Finally they find a notebook that shows “Operation: Boyfriend” mission detailing her plot to befriend them and team up with them. They look through it and notice something about drinks and dinner with Sebastian. Briggs is giving her the benefit of a doubt. Henley isn’t buying it.

Now they see a card for the flowers. They read a card that says, “Thanks for the date it was truly an unforgettable night — and morning. Love, Sebastian.” Henley is pissed. Briggs is trying to avoid getting caught. Henley takes a picture of it and they walk off.

Shawn Michaels Makes Bombshell Announcement

Now we shoot to a medical update on NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez from Shawn Michaels. He runs down plans to start qualifying matches for a tournament that wraps up in a ladder match at NXT Stand & Deliver to determine the new champion. The full details are in some tweets on HBK’s official Twitter feed.

We head to a commercial break. When we return we hear a doctor running down Roxanne Perez’s test results in a broken English accent. Perez is essentially okay but because they can’t determine the reason for her collapse, the doctor can’t in good conscious medically clear her.

NXT Women’s Title Qualifying Match
Sol Ruca vs. Zoey Stark

We head back inside the CWC where Sol Ruca makes her way out and heads to the ring. Out next is Zoey Stark. The two are in the ring and ready to rock. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with the first NXT Women’s Championship Qualifying Match.

Ruca jumps off to an early offensive lead. Stark heads to the floor to re-group as the fans get on her case with negative chants. They continue to rally behind Ruca as the athletic freak of the NXT women’s division continues to deliver punishment.

Booker T and Vic Joseph talk among themselves on commentary about some of the wild things they envision Ruca being able to do in a ladder match, if she makes it to the finals at NXT Stand & Deliver 2023.

The action spills out to the floor where Stark blasts Ruca with a super kick that shifts the offensive momentum in her favor. Back in the ring, she puts the boots to Ruca and eventually finishes her off for the pin fall victory to advance.

Winner and ADVANCING: Zoey Stark

“Sincerely Scrypts”

We shoot to an odd vignette. In a robot voice we hear someone talking while hands are shown writing notes on paper and crumbling them up. It finishes up, “Sincerely, Scrypts.”

NXT Women’s Tag-Team Title Eliminator
Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley

From there we shoot back inside the CWC inside the WWE PC where the duo of Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn head down to the ring for our next match of the evening. They will compete against two other women’s tag-teams in this bout to decide who advances to earn the next NXT Women’s Tag-Team title match at NXT Stand & Deliver 2023.

As the duo settles inside the squared circle, we head to a pre-match commercial break. When we return from the break, we see Kayden Carter and Katana Chance in the ring finishing up their ring entrance, in progress.

Now the theme for the third and final team in this bout hits and out comes Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. The two head to the ring as highlights are shown from last week of Ivy Nile celebrating with The Creed Brothers to the dismay of Paxley. The commentators question if they’re on the same page as the bell sounds to start this one off.

One member of all three teams is legal at all times in this match. We see Alba Fyre doing well early on but then it is the duo of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance who hit some nice double-team moves to control the action. Ivy Nile starts to dominate the action by herself as the commentators sing her praises.

A well-placed super kick from Fyre stops her momentum. She then tags in Dawn and the two hit some double-team spots on Nile. Nile lands a kick of her own to buy herself some time. She finally heads over to make the much-needed tag to Tatum Paxley, however Paxley refuses it. She hops off the ring apron and backs off, leaving Ivy hanging.

This results in Carter and Chance taking over. Fyre and Dawn slow down their momentum. While this is going on inside the ring, we see Paxley cheap-shotting Nile on the floor. She feeds her back into the ring where Fyre and Dawn score the pin.

“We have new … oh my god!” says Vic Joseph as the bell sounds. We have new … challengers for the champs is I’m how sure that was going to end. After the match, we head to another commercial break.

Winners and ADVANCING to title shot: Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

Tony D’Angelo & Stacks Approach Bron Breakker

As we settle back in from the break, we see Bron Breakker backstage when Tony D’Angelo and Stacks walks up on him. Breakker tells them he was impressed with the Jailhouse Street Fight last week.

D’Angelo and Stacks talk about plans for tonight and Breakker geeks out about Italian mafia movie and TV references. They offer to help out with a crowbar attack but Breakker says he’s fine.

As Breakker walks off, D’Angelo says it’s time to bring some gold to the family. It’s not the NXT World title or North American title, however, he has his sights set on the NXT Tag-Team titles for himself and Stacks.

Ilja Dragunov Wants To Rid Himself Of JD McDonagh For Good

We head back inside the show venue for tonight and hear the familiar sounds of Ilja Dragunov’s theme music. He comes out like an operatic Seth “Freakin'” Rollins doing the conductor gimmick as he heads to the ring.

He settles in the ring and his music dies down. He gets on the mic and talks about JD McDonagh always cutting his legs out from underneath him. He says he has no choice now but to continue his ascension by ridding himself of McDonagh once and for all.

JD McDonagh’s theme hits and out he comes. He talks about how he and Dragunov are a lot more similar than he might want to believe. Dragunov tries responding but McDonagh cuts him off and says he has always tried following and copying him.

Dragunov goes on to talk about how pain makes him feel alive and makes a difference in his life. He says he chooses that life. McDonagh says it’s funny he says that because he’s figured him out. He says he could not be more wrong.

He says Dragunov’s greatest strength is what he is willing to put his body through. He says it’s also why he has no title over his shoulder right now. He says he’ll never get tired of finding new ways to make Dragunov suffer.

He says the two are destined to do this a long time. Dragunov disagrees and vows to end their issues next week. He says when he’s through with him, there will be nothing left but a random pile of body parts.

The two go face-to-face and McDonagh closes things out by saying he is going to end Dragunov next week. The two then begin brawling in the ring, which spills out to the floor. The two duke it out all the way to the back in a savage brawl.

Pretty Deadly Want To Host NXT Stand & Deliver 2023

We shoot backstage where McKenzie Mitchell is standing by with Pretty Deadly. She says after their loss tonight, they aren’t currently scheduled to be on the show at NXT Stand & Deliver.

The two decide that they don’t need Stand & Deliver, but rather Stand & Deliver needs them. They decide they should be the hosts of NXT Stand & Deliver 2023 and walk off to try and make that happen.

Wes Lee Caught In Dragunov-McDonagh Violent Tornado Of Chaos

Now we shoot to a different location backstage where we see NXT North American Champion Wes Lee heading to the ring. As he does, we see Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh continuing to brawl past him.

They swallow him up in their violent chaos and Lee starts drilling the two as well. A ton of officials try and break things up as we head to another commercial break.

Andre Chase Explains Chase U Philosophy To Duke Hudson

As we settle back in from the break, we see Chase U backstage. Duke Hudson reiterates his issues with Chase U’s losing record. Andre Chase tries to explain his philosophy behind Chase U and how it has actually benefited Hudson more than he thinks. He walks off and then we see someone walk up wearing a mask.

Grayson Waller Still Outside Johnny Gargano’s Home

Now we shoot to a Twitter video update that shows Grayson Waller outside of Johnny Gargano’s home. He comments about him living the high life and then says it would be a shame if Gargano left his door unlocked in a bad neighborhood. He says he better check and then heads to do exactly that.

NXT North American Title Brawl Continues

We head to another backstage location where the entire roster seems to be brawling to try and get to Wes Lee as the next to accept his North American Championship open challenge. The pile of bodies brawl out to the ring where Wes Lee is standing.

JD McDonagh drills him and heads back to the brawl at ringside. Lee recovers and hits a diving splash onto the pile of bodies. The brawl continues.

McKenzie Mitchell Talks To Dragon Lee

Now we shoot backstage where McKenzie Mitchell is standing by with newcomer to the scene in NXT, Dragon Lee. The masked star talks about loving it here in NXT if things are always like they are in the arena right now with the massive North American title brawl going on.

Apollo Crews & Dabba Kato Settle The Score … Next

We see an extended video package hyping up our next match of the evening, which will see former friends turned bitter rivals Apollo Crews and Dabba Kato going one-on-one. After it wraps up, we head to another commercial break.

McKenzie Mitchell Talks To Jacy Jane

After we return from the break, we see McKenzie Mitchell standing by backstage with Jacy Jane. Jane has her arm in a sling and claims she had her shoulder separated as soon as the match began. She vows to break Gigi Dolin’s face and walks off.

Apollo Crews vs. Dabba Kato

Now we head back inside the CWC where Apollo Crews’ theme hits. Out he comes and as he settles into the ring, we hear Vic Joseph promoting Edge’s appearance on the latest edition of the WWE After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves.

Apollo settles inside the squared circle and his theme music dies down. Now the theme for his opponent, Dabba Kato, plays. The massive man emerges from the back and heads to the ring. As he does, Crews leaps off the top-rope and splashes onto the giant on the floor.

The two begin brawling at ringside before the bell even sounds to start this one off. As they near the ring again we see Kato beating down Apollo. Vic questions if the bell has even sounded yet. It hasn’t but a loud chop from Kato to Apollo is heard — clear as day.

We see some more brawling and then Apollo starts to take over. The bell sounds to officially get this one off-and-running. Back in the ring we see Apollo continuing to take it to Dabba, who eventually catches Apollo coming in with a big boot. As he drops him, the fans boo and Vic Joseph talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break we see Apollo fighting back into competitive form as he blasts the big man with right hands. Kato cuts his attempted comeback short and starts manhandling him again. Vic Joseph and Booker T confirm JD McDonagh vs. Ilja Dragunov for next week’s show.

Apollo starts firing up on offense again, as he takes over and grounds the big man before heading to the top-rope where he leaps off with a frog splash for a close near fall. The action spills out to the floor again where Kato hits a big chokeslam on Apollo onto the steel ring steps.

Kato heads back into the ring where he stands tall as the referee begins counting Apollo out. At nine and a half, Apollo finally leaps into the ring just in time to avoid being counted out. Once in the ring, however, Kato hits a sit-down power bomb immediately for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Dabba Kato

Shawn Michaels Makes A Deal With Wes Lee

We shoot to a video from the NXT_Anonymous Twitter account that shows Wes Lee being told by Shawn Michaels he should cool it with the NXT North American Championship open challenges due to the havoc it is causing.

Lee insists he does. Michaels says he’ll have a multi-person match to determine his challenger for Stand & Deliver. He tells Lee he can pick the people in the match.

Kiana James Can’t Find Fallon Henley

Now we shoot to Brooks Jensen and Kiana James backstage. James tries calling Fallon Henley and is freaking out because she is nowhere to be found and their match is up next. She heads off as we head to another commercial break.

NXT Women’s Title Qualifying Match
Kiana James vs. Gigi Dolin

We head back inside the CWC when we return from the break, as it’s time for our second NXT Women’s Title Qualifying match of the evening. With that said, out comes Kiana James. She settles in the ring and awaits the arrival of her opponent.

Now Gigi Dolin’s theme hits and the former Toxic Attraction member heads to the ring. The two and ready to rock and the bell sounds to get this one officially off-and-running.

Dolin dominates the offense straight out of the gate as the crowd cheers her on. James gets in a little offense, but very little, before Dolin takes back over and finishes this one up with a pin fall victory. That didn’t last long!

Winner and ADVANCING: Gigi Dolin

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn Attack Kiana James

Once the match wraps up, we see Kiana James by herself recovering when out of nowhere Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn sneak attack her from behind. The commentators bring up the fact that Fallon Henley is nowhere to be found.

Johnny Gargano & Grayson Waller Brawl At Gargano’s Home

After that we shoot to Johnny Gargano’s house where we see “Johnny Wrestling” arrive. As he exits his car and heads to his front door, we see him jumped by someone in a hoodie. Grayson Waller says “Welcome home!” and commences to punching the crapola out of Gargano.

Gargano begins fighting back and the two have a brawl all over the front yard of Gargano’s home. Someone opens the door and says, “Johnny” but Gargano tells them to go inside. Waller then takes over and begins beating down Gargano on his front steps.

Now we see Gargano fight back and begin bashing the back of Waller’s head against his home. Waller yanks Gargano face-first into the same wall and then grabs a rake. He uses it to beat Gargano up with the stick handle.

We see Candice LeRae and their son watching on as Waller continues to pummel what is now a lifeless Gargano in his front yard. Waller picks his lifeless head up and yells, “This is your husband, huh?! This is your daddy, huh?! This is who you’re impressed with?! He’s not the same no more!” He drops Gargano’s head and walks off. Candice and their crying baby come over to check on Gargano.

NXT Stand & Deliver Main Event Contract Signing

Now we shoot to the backstage area where we see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams heading towards the entrance to the ring. We also see NXT World Champion Bron Breakker heading out as well. Vic Joseph informs us that the contract signing for their title tilt at NXT Stand & Deliver 2023 is up next.

On that note, we head to another commercial break. When we return we see Kiana freaking out backstage asking where Fallon was as Brooks Jensen tries to console her. In walks Briggs and Fallon. They are informed of the tag title match they have at Stand & Deliver.

We return inside the CWC where Carmelo Hayes emerges backstage. Trick Williams follows behind him as he heads to the ring. The fans chant “Melo! Melo!” as he settles inside the ring, which is decked out with the fancy carpet, desk and computer chairs for this contract signing.

His music dies down and now the theme for the reigning, defending NXT World Champion Bron Breakker plays. Out comes the top dog in NXT barking as the fans do as well. He heads to the ring for our main event segment of the evening, which kicks off as the clock hits the 10/9c hour, of course!

Breakker’s music dies down and as the two begin talking back-and-forth, they are immediately interrupted. The theme for Pretty Deadly hits and out comes the hosts of NXT Stand & Deliver. They tell the two not to mind them and to continue talking.

Hayes tells Breakker that everyone can feel it. He says on April 1 there is a changing of the guard. He says the man who made the NXT North American title the A-title is gonna finally capture the world title. He tells Breakker that he’s coming in second at Stand & Deliver.

Pretty Deadly reacts with “Ooh’s” and “Ahh’s” in the background. Breakker responds and says he wants to see the Carmelo Hayes who beat Ricochet and did things differently. Pretty Deadly do the same thing and the two tell them to shut up.

Carmelo Hayes says ok and he’ll tell Breakker what he wants to see at Stand & Deliver. He says he wants the guy who tapped out Tommaso Ciampa and breaks through walls, not the guy in suits inducting his pops into the Hall of Fame. He says he wants that guy so it’s that much sweeter when he still beats that version of him. “I am him,” Hayes concludes.

Again Pretty Deadly jumps in and interrupts as they point out that Breakker is the yin to Hayes yang, or vice-versa. Whatever. They are told to shut up again. Breakker and Hayes continue with their back-and-forth hyping their main event showdown during WrestleMania Week.

Hayes signs the contract and tells Bron he’s not giving an inch at Stand & Deliver. He slides it over and hands the pen to the champ, who signs it as well. The fans break out in dueling chants as Breakker closes by saying, “Neither am I.” Pretty Deadly proclaim it official as Breakker and Hayes stand up and del…shake hands.

Breakker heads out to leave on one side of the ring while Hayes does the same on the other. Pretty Deadly stops them and says they can’t end it like this. They say people want some drama.

The two take their shirts off and stare each other down before turning and putting Pretty Deadly through the table in the ring. Breakker hoists his title up high as he and Hayes stare each other down as this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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