WWE NXT Results From Orlando, FL. (11/7/2023)

The road to WWE NXT Deadline 2023 begins tonight.

WWE NXT returns at 8/7c tonight on the USA Network from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida with the fallout from the two-week NXT Halloween Havoc 2023 special events.

On tap for tonight’s show is the return of new NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria, Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner, Noam Dar vs. Akira Tozawa for the Heritage Cup, as well as Iron Survivor Qualifying matches with Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley & Tyler Bate vs. Dijak, the latest from Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes, NXT World Champion Ilja Dragunov and more.

Featured below are complete WWE NXT results from Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The following report was written by eWrestling.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 8-10pm EST. on the USA Network.

WWE NXT RESULTS (11/7/2023)

The John Cena-narrated “WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together.” opening signature airs to get us started and then a lengthy recap video package showing highlights from NXT Halloween Havoc 2023 airs.

NXT Heritage Cup
Noam Dar (C) vs. Akira Tozawa

We shoot inside the Capitol Wrestling Center as Vic Joseph and Booker T welcome us to the show while the fans chant “NXT! NXT!” in the background. The theme for Akira Tozawa hits and out he comes with Chad Gable, Otis and Maxxine Dupri of Alpha Academy.

The “Junior Cadet” of Alpha Academy heads to the ring for his NXT Heritage Cup opportunity. The commentators point out that in seven previous meetings, Dar has never defeated Tozawa. Tozawa settles in the ring and his theme dies down.

Now the theme for Noam Dar hits and out comes the NXT Heritage Cup Champion “Super Nova 11” Noam Dar. He makes his way out accompanied by The Meta-Four and heads to the ring with his NXT Heritage Cup trophy in-hand. He settles in the ring and his theme dies down.

Vic and Booker run down the rules for a Heritage Cup bout and then the bell sounds to get our opening contest officially off-and-running here on the post-Halloween Havoc edition of NXT on USA. Tozawa takes Dar down to start off the first round. He works him over on the ground but Dar gets back up.

In the corner, we see Tozawa unload on Dar with a flurry of strikes. Dar catches Tozawa coming off the ropes with a big knee to the grill. The fans chant “You still suck!” as we reach the final one minute of the opening frame. Tozawa fights back and does a little hip-dance that pops the crowd and the commentators.

Tozawa heads to the top but gets distracted by The Meta-Four at ringside. He heads down to the floor to deal with them but is attacked from Dar behind. In the ring, they rush to the top-rope and we see a big super-plex right at the bell to end round one.

Alpha Academy and The Meta-Four rush to the ring to get their guys in the corners and revive them. As soon as the second round begins we see Dar jump into the lead and quickly score a pin fall to go up 1-0 in this one. He hits a cheap shot just as we head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return, we see Tozawa pull off a submission to tie things up 1 to 1. In the final round, however, The Meta-Four sneaks in and pulls Dar out of the way as Tozawa comes off the top for a senton. This allows Dar to pick up the pin fall and win 2-1 to retain his Heritage Cup Championship. After the match, Alpha Academy saves Tozawa from a Meta-Four attack.

Winner and STILL NXT Heritage Cup Champion: Noam Dar

Xia Li Confronts Lyra Valkyria

Now we head over to the commentary desk, where Vic Joseph and Booker T talk about the Iron Survivor Challenge. We then see the social media video of Mick Foley announcing the first two qualifying matches for tonight, which has Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley and Dijak vs. Tyler Bate.

We see Lyra Valkyria walking backstage as she is getting ready to go to the ring. On that note, we head into another quick commercial break.

When we return, we see Lola Vice boasting about winning the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. Kelani Jordan says she wouldn’t have won if it weren’t for Elektra Lopez. In comes Roxanne Perez who warns Lola not to get too cocky. They exchange words and Lola walks off.

Back inside the CWC, the theme hits for Lyra Valkyria and out she comes for the first time since capturing the NXT Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch at NXT Halloween Havoc: Night 1. She settles in the ring and fans greet her with a “You deserve it!” chant.

Valkyria says those who say you should never meet their heroes never met Becky Lynch. She calls Lynch a class act and talks about not only meeting but beating her hero to gain the finest prize in NXT. As she talks about the many contenders in NXT that want a shot at what she’s got, we see Xia Li being stopped by security as she comes through the crowd.

Lyra tells security to let her though. They do, but remain on the apron. Valkyria asks if she can help her. Xia asks if she saw what she did to her hero Becky Lynch last night on Monday Night Raw. Xia tells Valkyria she plans to take her title. Security tries to get in between them but Xia roundhouse kicks him and knocks him out. Valkyria holds the title high and tells Xia to come and get it.

Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match
Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley

We see Tiffany Stratton make her way to the ring for our first of two Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying matches tonight after a video package featuring Tyler Bate talking about his qualifier later tonight against Dijak. We then head to a pre-match commercial break.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Alpha Academy backstage when they reveal they will be returning next week to appear on Super Nova Sessions. They are approached by Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey, Myles Bourne and Damon Kemp and a match is made for later between Otis and Gulak.

Now we shoot to another area backstage and we see a referee coming out of Shawn Michaels’ locker room. He says HBK asked him to use his best judgement during the Bron Breakker and Von Wagner match. We also see someone walking into HBK’s office in the background.

Back in the arena, Fallon Henley’s theme hits and she makes her way out to the ring. She settles inside the squared circle and her entrance tune dies down. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with our first Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match of the evening. After some back-and-forth action early on, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Stratton hit an insane fall-away slam over the top-rope, with Henley crashing and burning hard on the floor at ringside. It seems to hurt her knee so Stratton begins focusing her attack on the weakened limb of Henley when the action resumes in the ring. Soon after, Stratton pulls off the win.

Winner and qualifying for Iron Survivor Challenge: Tiffany Stratton

Baron Corbin Interrupts Wes Lee’s Backstage Interview

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell is standing by with Wes Lee. The two dance together and then Lee talks about his hiatus and how he’s back and has his sights set on Dominik Mysterio and recapturing his NXT North American Championship.

In comes Baron Corbin to talk trash to Lee. Lee tells Corbin that Ilja Dragunov is gonna beat the breaks off of him. He says the only thing that would be better is doing it himself. Corbin tells him they would both fail.

Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner

We see Bron Breakker walking backstage and he is approached and asked about his match with Von Wagner, which is next. Breakker brings up HBK telling the ref to use his best judgment tonight. He says he’s gonna decimate whatever is left of Wagner tonight.

Back inside the CWC, the dogs begin barking and then Bron Breakker’s theme hits. Out comes the former NXT World Champion to a ton of boos for our next match of the evening. He barks and heads to the ring as we head into a quick pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, Von Wagner’s theme hits and out he comes with Robert Stone as the crowd goes pretty wild. He settles in the ring and the fight is immediately on between he and Wagner. The commentators remind us about HBK telling the ref to use his best judgement for this one.

The brawl quickly spills out to the floor where Wagner begins to manhandle Breakker after flattening him with a big boot. Back in the ring, Wagner continues to work over Breakker in the corner. We see Breakker take over, but not for long as Wagner beats him down and begins clearing off the commentary table.

In the ring, however, Breakker takes back over and hits a big Spear to score the pin fall victory. After the match, Robert Stone hits Breakker from behind with a weapon. It hurts him but only angers him more than anything. He goes to manhandle Stone, but Wagner recovers and beats him down and puts him through the commentary table at ringside. Wagner and Stone hug for a big pop.

Winner: Bron Breakker

McKenzie Mitchell Asks Carmelo Hayes About Interaction With Trick Williams

We go backstage to McKenzie Mitchell who is standing by with Carmelo Hayes. She asks him about Trick Williams’ return last week. She shows video of Hayes’ reaction to Trick coming to the ring and picking him up with authority.

Hayes says his reaction was because his friend was back so soon after such a vicious attack. She asks how he knew it was such a vicious attack. He says because he saw him get loaded into an ambulance right after it happened. He gets offended and ends up walking off.

Roxanne Perez & Kelani Jordan vs. Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez

Back inside the CWC, the theme for Lola Vice hits and out comes the 2023 NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament winner accompanied by her friend Elektra Lopez. The two head to the ring for women’s tag-team action in our next match of the evening, as we head into a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see a lengthy vignette from The Brawling Brutes duo of Ridge Holland and Butch, who vow to knock O.T.M.’s teeth down their throat next week. We return in the arena and out comes Roxanne Perez and Kelani Jordan. Before the match starts, Arianna Grace comes out doing her beauty paegant routine.

She sits at the top of the stage and watches as the bell sounds, with a mic in-hand. Perez and Lopez kick things off for their respective teams. Lopez starts off strong and Vice sneaks in a cheap shot to help add to their early offensive momentum. This one doesn’t last much longer, as Perez and Jordan take over. Roxanne hits Pop-Rox and Jordan finishes them off for the pin.

After the match, we see Arianna Grace stand up and announce Perez and Jordan as the winners, but says all of you are the real winners. Eventually Karmen Petrovic comes out and attacks her from behind and yells at her to shut up. After this, we see another Joe Gacy vignette.

Winners: Roxanne Perez & Kelani Jordan

Otis vs. Drew Gulak

We return inside the CWC where we hear the familiar sounds of the Alpha Academy theme music. Out comes Otis for our next match of the evening. As he settles inside the squared circle, we shift gears and head into a quick pre-match commercial break.

When we return, we see a video package with Ilja Dragunov responding to the attack from Baron Corbin last week. He vows to tear him apart. We shoot backstage and we see Baron Corbin watching this and dealing with remarks from others before walking off.

Back inside the arena, we see Drew Gulak in the ring with Charlie Dempsey, Myles Bourne and Damon Kemp. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one, which doesn’t last long.

Otis turns Gulak inside-out with a huge clothesline, hits his catapillar and finishes him off for the easy win. After the match, we see Otis and the rest of Alpha Academy dancing around in the ring to a big pop.

Winner: Otis

Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match
Dijak vs. Tyler Bate

Backstage, we see Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James both talking like stuck-up chicks and then they agree that it will come down to them two in the Iron Survivor Challenge. They each claim to know who is gonna win. James walks off. Stratton says she likes her.

We head to another commercial break after this, with Vic Joseph and Booker T hyping the second Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match tonight pitting Dijak one-on-one against Tyler Bate. That is coming up next.

When we return, we see Jacy Jane waiting on Andre Chase and the rest of Chase U by herself when up comes some representatives of The Family, who hand her some papers for Andre Chase. Chase walks up just as she was about to open it. He tells her that’s illegal.

Thea Hail and Duke Hudson also show up and Jane denies what she really was talking about and then brings up Chase and Hudson’s title shot. Chase dismisses the rest of Chase U and Hudson says that’s a good idea and they can now strategize for next week.

Hudson and Hail walk off. Jane walks off after making a face at Chase. Chase opens up his papers and looks freaked out as he sees them. A rematch for the tag titles seems set for next week. Back in the arena, Dijak’s theme hits and out he comes for the Iron Survivor Challenge qualifier.

He settles in the ring and his entrance tune dies down. Tyler Bate’s theme hits and out comes “The Big Strong Boi” for this Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one.

We see some back-and-forth action and then Dijak jumps into the offensive lead as we head into a mid-match commercial break. When we return, we see Bate hitting an avalanche fisherman’s suplex off the top-rope for an enormous pop to shift the offensive momentum in his favor.

Dijak takes back control of the offense and heads to the top-rope. He comes off and connects with a huge high spot and lands on his feet. He lets out a war scream and the two begin duking it out again as fans chant “This is Awesome!” Bate starts to take over again. He looks for Tyler Driver ’97 but Dijak avoids it.

Now we see Dijak hoist Bate up and launch him in the air. On the way down he catches him with a big stiff knee. He immediately goes for the cover and gets the three-count. With the win, Dijak qualifies for the 2023 Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline 2023.

Winner and QUALIFYING for Iron Survivor Challenge: Dijak

Trick Williams, Carmelo Hayes Go Face-To-Face

In the parking lot, we see Trick Williams pull up in a car and pop-out. He begins walking towards the CWC as Vic Joseph say he and Carmelo Hayes go face-to-face in the ring — next. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

When we return, it is announced that Lita will pick the Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying matches for next week’s NXT. Chase U vs. The Family for the tag titles is also confirmed for next week’s show. We then shoot back inside the CWC and we see Carmelo Hayes is already standing in the ring.

He wastes no time in calling out Trick Williams to sort things out. He says this is bigger than the NXT World Championship. The theme for Trick hits and out he comes to chants from the crowd of “Whoop that Trick!” as Booker T does the hip-hop ad-libs. Best entrance in the game, by far.

The two immediately get into things. ‘Melo says he can tell Trick has a lot to be upset about after being blindsided. They talk about their history and Trick then asks why can’t Carmelo be there for him the way he was for him when it was his time. He says it’s his time now and ‘Melo ain’t there for him the same way now.

Trick says he has to ask. Hayes says ask him what. He talks about how he knew Trick was destined for greatness from the beginning. When the NFL didn’t work out, he knew Trick was still destined for greatness. Hayes asks if that answers his question. Trick says he wants to have his moment and have his main events.

Williams says whenever Hayes needed him, he had his back. He asks where Hayes is when he needs him. He says he didn’t even see what happened, but all he knows is he wasn’t there for him. Hayes says so you didn’t see who did it?

Trick says he got hit in the side of the head and the next thing he knew he was waking up with refs over him and the only voice he heard was Hayes’. Hayes asks again if he didn’t see who did it. Trick asks why is that all he’s focusing on. Trick asks him outright if he did it. Hayes asks if he wants the truth.

Before anything else can happen, the theme for Lexis King hits and out comes the former Brian Pillman Jr. He says we have quite the paradox here. He says we’ve got the friend who was brutally assaulted and the first man at the scene of the crime was his best friend.

Hayes says he knows he’s new here and tells him to mind his business. Trick tells him the same. King says it seems to him like everyone already knows who did it. He says it also could’ve been someone new trying to make an impact. Someone who’s dark and twisted. He asks Trick if he’s sure it was ‘Melo who assaulted him. Trick warns him again to leave.

Lexis King says he wants to say what everyone else in this business is thinking. He says he’s been sucking his thumb for weeks. He goes to attack Lexis but Lexis moves and Trick ends up taking out Hayes instead. Trick looks shocked that he did that. He looks down at Hayes and offers his hand to pick him up. Hayes takes it and stands up.

The two hug but Hayes has a mean look on his face, gritting his teeth. Trick’s theme hits and the show goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!

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