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WWE NXT Results – June 18, 2024 – Capitol Wrestling Center – Orlando, FL

Results by: Richard Trionfo, pwinsider.com

Your announcers are Booker T and Vic Joseph.

With most of the participants in the ring, Je’Von Evans makes his way to the ring.

Joe Hendry comes out and he says that you say his name and he appears.  He says Cody Rhodes said this would be twenty-five men but it is twenty-four men and one sensation.  He will win this battle royal and take the title to TNA.  The entire WWE will be chanting WE BELIEVE and what they believe in is the answer to all life’s problems . . . Joe Hendry.

Match Number One:  Number One Contender Battle Royal

Page and Hendry have words for each other and then Oro Mensah takes Page to the floor.  A number of people, including Frankie Kazarian eliminates Hendry.  Tony punches Joe in the back and then Lexis King hits Tony from behind.  Edris makes the save for Tony and Tony sends Edris over the top rope to eliminate him.  Angel punches Tony and so does Humberto.  King tries to eliminate Kazarian but Frankie rakes the eyes.  Tony punches Humberto while Luca holds him.  Joe punches Tyler and Tyler punches back.  Thorpe is eliminated by Spears.  Crews kicks and punches Tank.  Joe punches Tyler and he tries to send Tyler over the top rope.  Ridge with a German suplex to Joe.  Blade chops Tony.

Tank punches Spears from the apron.  King kicks Joe while Ridge punches Angel.  Tavion helps out Ridge.  Bladeis sent to the arpon and Dempsey catches Blade on a head scissors but Charlie holds on to the ropes and Kemp kicks Blade and he goes to the floor but Charlie is also eliminated.  Kemp says it is an accident and then Kazarian eliminates Kemp and Borne.  Lee with a super kick and Luca with a shoulder tackle.  Spears chops Joe.  Crews and Humberto go to the apron and they both go to the apron.  Apollo is eliminated by a running knee from Angel.  Tony punches Tavion and Spears chokes Angel hanging over the apron.  Tyler tries to eliminate Joe in the corner but Joe with an elbow.  Evans hangs o and so does Tyler.  Tyler slides back in.  King with a double sledge while Evans sends Chen to the apron.  Chen with a shoulder to Evans and he returns to the ring.  Ridge is sent into the ropes by Tavion.  King chops and kicks Tank.  Joe is eliminated and he is not happy.  Luca punches Tyler and Tony punches Spears and follows with forearms.  Spears chops Tony and he gives him a head butt.  Spears with a chop and he misses a clothesline on Tony when he moves but he eliminates Luca.

Tyler with a head butt to Tony’s midsection.  Tank punches King and he tries to eliminate Chen but Tavion stops Tank.  Humberto punches Kazarian and Chen punches Tavion.  Evans with a clothesline to King.  Tyler is put on the turnbuckles by Tony and Ridge punches Tank.  Chen is sent over the top rope by Heights on an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Chen sends Tavion to the apron and they exchange forearms but Ridge knocks them both off.  Humberto kicks Tank.  Tyler chops Tony.  Lee is sent to the apron but he hangs on and he tries to stay in the match despite Spears’s efforts.  Angel and Humberto press Tank over their heads and Tank gets to his feet and he cannot get rid of them.  King hits Tank from behind.  King eliminates Humberto and then Angel is not happy with what King did.

Angel eliminates King and Tank eliminates Angel.  Tyler gets Tank up and gives him an airplane spin and Michinoku Driver.  Tyler gets Tank over the top rope and eliminates him.  Tony punches Tyler and Tony with a belly-to-belly suplex to Kazarian and Spears.  Tony sends Frazer over the top rope but he hangs on and kicks Tony.  Frazer with a springboard move but Tony catches him.  Frazer sends Tony to the apron and then hits a flying boot to eliminate him.  Lee tries to eliminate Frazer and Frazer brings Lee to the apron.  They exchange super kicks and Lee with a knee to eliminate Frazer.  Lee punches Ridge and Lee with a super kick.  Ridge with a short arm clothesline.  Ridge presses Lee over his head but Tyler with a jab.  Ridge is sent to the apron and Lee and Tyler join forces to eliminate Ridge.  Lee is nailed by Tyler and Bate with a rebound clothesline to Spears.  Spears with a boot to Bate and Bate with a knee lift and then Spears pushes Bate off the turnbuckles when Tyler goes up top.

We are down to Je’Von Evans, Shawn Spears, Dragon Lee, and Frankie Kazarian (and maybe someone else we might have missed).  Spears punches Lee and so does Kazarian.  Spears sends Kazarian to the apron and Kazarian with a sllingshot leg drop.  Kazarian sends Spears to the floor and then Evans eliminates Kazarian.

Evans and Lee exchange punches and Lee with a kick.  Evans with a kick and Lee with a German suplex.  Evans with a German suplex.  Lee floats over and hits a sit out power bomb.  Lee with a kick and he goes to the apron and hits a leg sweep.  Spears knocks Lee to the floor to eliminate him.  Evans with a jaw breaker to Spears and Evans hangs on the ropes and Spears punches Evans but Evans with a kick.  Spears catches Evans and Evans misses a clothesline.  Spears hangs on to the ropes when Evans clotheslines Spears.  Evans with a super kick when Spears goes for a springboard move.  Spears with a springboard round kick and he eliminates Spears.

Winner:  Je’Von Evans

The women are in LOCKER ROOM.

Fallon Henley enters and she says if anyone deserves a title match it is her.  She is told that she had her chance and didn’t win.

Everyone else talks about how they deserve a title match.

We see Lola Vice training and Roxanne says she saw Lola looking at her title.

Lola says she is not going to pretend to be friends to get close to Roxanne.  She is going to take care of everyone.

Roxanne says she doesn’t trust Lola or anyone else.

We go to commercial.

We see Ridge Holland in the back and Andre says he might not have won but it was a great perfromance.  Duke says he got a text from Riley, who is in the UK, praising his performance.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson say that they have finally accepted Ridge.  From a brute to a nerd.

Andre says if they have a problem with Ridge, they have a problem with them.

Luke and Karl tells them they don’t want a piece of him and they have to hold Thea back.

Match Number Two:  Lola Vice and Roxanne Perez versus Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend versus Jazmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne

Jacy, Perez, and Jackson sart things off and Perez with a kick to Jacy and Jakara with a side head lock to Perez.  Perez with a rollup for a near fall.  Everyone with a series of alternating rollups for near fall.s  Jakara with a waist lock and Perez with a standing switch and rollup for a near fall.  Jacy with a punch to Perez and Jakara with a clothesline to Jacy.  Lash tags in and she grabs Jacy and Perez.  Perez stomps on the foot and Perez and Jacy with punches.  Lash punches Perez and then Jacy goes for a crucifix while Perez goes for a cross body and Lash catches her.  Lash rings the bell with both of them. Jacy with a head scissors and Nyx with a clothesline for a near fall.  Perez sends Nyx to the floor and she connects with forearms to Lash.  Perez with a guillotine and Lola tags in and she gives Speedball kicks.  Lash with a slam to Lola.

Lash with a power bomb attempt on Perez and Perez escapes.  Lola with a back heel kick and they try to clothesline Lash over the top rope.  Lash is sent to the floor and Nyx is caught by Lash and Jacy with a cannonball to send Lash to the floor.  Jakara sends Jacy into the ring steps.  Lola kicks Jakara off the apron and Perez with a suicide dive to Jakara.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jakara has Lola in a Boston Crab and Perez throws Jacy off the apron.  Lola kicks Jakara away and Lolo kicks Nyx.  Perez tags in and kicks Jakara.  Perez with uppercuts to Jakara and Nyx.  Perez with a side Russian leg sweep to Jakara and a DDT to Nyx for a near fall.  Lola tags in and Jakara punches Lola but Lola with more Speedball kicks.  Nyx with a forearm and Lola with a forearm and Speedball kicks.  Lola with a shake before a running hip to Nyx and then she hits Jakara.  Jacy makes the tag and connects with a running forearm for a near fall.  Lash tags in and she misses an axe kick.  Lash with a forearm to Jacy and a bicycle kick to Lola.  Lash knocks Perez off the apron and she sets for a double suplex on Lola and Jacy and hits it.

Jakara tags in and they hit a wheelbarrow and cutter combination on Jacy for a near fall.  Nyx kicks Lash and Jakara with Edgeomatic .  Lola with a back fist and Perez tags in and hits Pop Rox for the three count.

Winners:  Lola Vice and Roxanne Perez

After the match, Perez stares at her belt and she raises Lola’s hand while Lola shakes her hips.

Perez with a back fist to the belly button.

Ava congratulates Je’Von on winning the battle royal.

Ethan Page shows up and he wants Ava to do something about Oro Mensah for attacking him for the fourth time.

Page wants Ava to kick him out of the company.  Ethan says he was never eliminated.  He says the results should be null and void and speaking to Ava as the winner.

Evans says he has another match in him tonight and he asks Page if he does.

Ava asks Evans if he means it.

Page says Je’Von might have all the heart but nothing between the ears.

Michin walks in the back.

Kelani Jordan walks in the back and she walks past a phalanx of women.  Sol tells Kelani she has it.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Michin versus Kelani Jordan for the NXT Women’s North American Championship

They lock up and and Michin with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Jordan with a head scissors but Michin with a cartwheel.

Luke and Karl make their way to ringside.

They shake hands and Michin with a back slide for a near fall.  Michin with arm drags and she avoids one from Jordan.  Michin with a rollup for a near fall.  Jordan goes for the Tiger Feint arm drag and Michin blocks it.  Michin hangs in the ropes and Jordan goes over the top rope to the floor.  Michin goes for a suicide dive and she almost flies into Gallows.  Jordan with a moonsault

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michin with a POUNCE for a near fall.  Michin with a bear hug.  Jordan with elbows and forearms.  Both women go for a cross body at the same time and they go down.  Jordan with a forearm and Michin with a chop.  They continue the exchange as they get back to their feet and Jordan with the advantage and a running forearm and a cartwheel into a back elbow.  Jordan with a splash into the corner and a sit out DDT for a near fall.  Michin with a German suplex for a near fall.  Jordan blocks Eat Defeat and she hits a step over spinning heel kick.  Michin with a Shotei to stop Jordan on the turnbuckles.  Michin gets Jordan on her shoulders and Jordan with a poisonrana for a near fall.

Jordan pulls Michin into position for a split legged moonsault but she misses.  Michin with a sit out driver for a near fall.

NIma and Price come out and Jaida Parker pushes Micin off the turnbuckles and she goes to the back.  Jordan with a split legged moonsault for the three count.

Winner:  Kelani Jordan (retains championship)

Kelly is with Ethan Page and she asks him about his night.

Page says he is still in the Batlle Royal.  Ethan says Trick never beat him at his best.  He got jumped at the hotel and then he let his emotions get to him.  He takes care of Je’Von tonight and then he is coming for Trick’s title.  He will also take care of Oro the next time they cross paths.

We have a video package for Izzi Dame and she talks about her prior time playing volleyball.  She says she will prove that no one can hang with her.

Oba Femi walks in the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Axiom asks Nathan what was that.  He asks Frazer why didn’t he tell him he was going to be in the battle royal.  Frazer says Axiom should have been in the match.  Frazer says he eliminated Tony D.

Luca Crusifino shows up and he says after what happened tonight, he has a contract for a Heritage Cup match.  Frazer signs it.

Axiom cannot believe that Frazer signed the contract.

We see footage of Tatum Paxley facing Jordynne Grace at TNA’s PPV last week.

Oba Femi makes his way to the ring.

Oba says this feels all too familiar.  Once again, Oba is still the North American champion and the ruler of NXT.  He told everyone who would listen, it did not matter how many stepped up to him, the result would be the same.  He went to Vegas and he did what he did best.  He dominated two men, two of the greatest NXT has to offer.  They are nothing like him.  There is no one like him.  He tells you to look into his eyes and who can take this title from him?

Wes Lee makes his way to the ring and he says that would be him.  You know and he knows and everyone knows that you didn’t pin him.

Oba tells Wes his little obsession with this title is beginning to irritate him.

Wes says he doesn’t care.  When he came back, he was gunning for one thing . . . Oba.  You know how badly he wanted to test himself against Oba.  Wes says he declined being in the battle royal because all of his energy is on HIS North American championship and getting it back.

Oba says Wes is going in circles and he is tired of it and he is done.

Oba starts to leave the ring and Wes yells at Oba and tells him not to turn his back on him.  Wes says Oba has everything going for him.  You are making headlines every week.  You have people like Big E saying that he is their favorite.  You are being treated like the greatest North American champion everywhere.  You know what he is for that title.  You have the chance to do it.  Wes says you will face a different kind of Cardiac Kid when they meet one on one.  You will know why his name is in all of the record books.

Oba tells Wes he has faith in himself and these people have faith in you.  They believe that you can win the title back.  Oba says changing those record books is what he cares about.  He says he will give Wes his one on one match.  This will be the first and final time you challenge for this title while he is champion.

Wes agrees with the stipulation.

Tank is in the back and he tells Hank he blew it.  Hank says he has good news and he is cleared to wrestle.  Tank says they have to get back on the right track.  Tank says they have to take on Pete and Tyler.

We go to No Quarter Catch Crew and Charlie asks Tavion if he knows why he is here and Tavion says he doesn’t.  Charlie yells at Myles and asks him why didn’t he tell him why he is here.  Myles says he didn’t hear him.  Charlie runs through Tavion’s resume.  He says Tavion is everyting they need.  He wants Tavion in the group.  Tavion says okay.  Charlie says he will one up him.  Next week, Tavion faces Damon because of Damon’s performance in the battle royal.  If Tavion wins, he is in.

We see Joe Coffey pissed off at Wes Lee getting another match

Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont attack Gallus.

Match Number Four:  Fallon Henley versus Carlee Bright (with Kendal Grey)

They lock up and Fallon with a waist lock and leg sweep into a side head lock.  Bright with a wrist lock and Fallon with a side head lock take down.  Bright with a head scissors.  Bright with a wrist lock and Fallon with a knee.  Bright with a head scissors take down and a cross body for a near fall.  Fallon with a chop and she runs Bright into the turnbuckles.  Fallon is sent to the apron and Fallon avoids Bright and kicks her.  Fallon kicks Bright in the corner and she chokes Bright.  Fallon with an arm bar and chin bar.  Fallon with a kick and Bright with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Fallon with a thrust kick.  Bright lands on her feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Bright with a sleeper and she gets on Fallon’s back.  Fallon backs Bright into the corner to get out of the hol.

Wendy Choo shows up and distracts Grey.  Fallon and Bright go to the floor and Choo chokes out Grey.

Bright with forearms and a drop kick.  Fallon with an Irish whip and Bright with a back elbow.  Bright goes to the turnbuckles but misses a cross body.  Fallon with a suplex and Shining Wizard for the three count.

Winner:  Fallon Henley

We go to Eddy Thorpe in the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment.  He is asked about what is next for him.

Eddy says he got a win in his return and he had a good showing.  He needs some momentum to face any of the championships.  He says he wants to be in the middle of this.

We are back and Evans says he is fine.

Trick shows up and congratulates him on his win and mentions the two matches tonight.

Trick says that Ethan is a bad boy who hustled into a title match.

Evans says that Page is goofy and Trick says he needs to take care of him.

Trick says he doesn’t think Ethan belongs in NXT.  He will always be an outsider.

Evans says he will do what he has to do and then they meet in Toronto.

Match Number Five:  Andre Chase and Duke Hudson (with Ridge Holland and Thea Hail) versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (with Michin)

Karl sends Chase into the turnbuckles and gives him a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Chase with a back body drop and a side head lock take down.  Chase with a shoulder tackle and Chase with a hip toss.  Chase sends Karl into the turnbuckles and Duke tags in.  They send Karl into the turnbuckles and they punch Karl.  Duke gets a near fall.  Duke with a wrist lock and a shoulder for a near fall.  Chase tags in and he gives Karl a drop toe hold and Duke with an elbow drop for a near fall.  Luke tags in and Chase punches Luke.  Luke with an uppercut and a belly-to-back suplex.  Luke with a boot to the chest and elbow drops for a near fall.  Luke sends Chase into the turnbuckles and he punches Chase.  Luke with a slam and a second one.  Karl tags in and he hits a back elbow and gets a near fall.

Luke tags in and he kicks Chase and gives him a snap mare and a reverse chin lock.  Chase with elbows and Karl tags in.  Karl stops Chase and he Irish whips him.  Chase with a boot and he avoids Gallows.  Duke tags in and connects with shoulder tackles and a forearm to Luke in the corner.  Duke runs through a clothesline and hits a shoulder tackle.  Duke with jabs to Luke and a U Elbow to Luke.  Karl with a kick and Duke with a handstandcanrana for a near fall.  Luke is sent to the floor and Chase with a thrust kick and cannonball to Luke.  Duke goes for a suplex and Karl gets to his feet.  Duke with a rollup and some help from Ridge for the three count.

Winners:  Duke Hudson and Andre Chase

Ava is with Kelani Jordan, Stevie Turner, and Robert Stone.  Ava says a lot of people are waiting for title matches.  Kelani says someone who doesn’t complain deserves a title match.

Arianna Grace thanks Kelani for talking about her and she accepts.

Kelani says she wasn’t thinking of Arianna.  She says she was thinking of Sol Ruca.

Arianna says Sol is nice enough but she doesn’t hold herself like a champion.  She surfs and all that suits her is the ocean.  She says she is better than Sol.

Stone suggests that she proves it and Ava makes the match for next week.

Trick Williams makes his way to the announce table to join Booker and Vic on commentary for this match.

We are back and Thea asks if they see what happens when they work together.  Andre wants to know why the OC was complaining and he asks Duke.  Duke says he didn’t do anything.  Ridge says they saw Duke get the pinfall.

Andre and Thea leave and Duke stares at Ridge.

Fallon Henley yells at Jazmyn and Jacy about how Kelani doesn’t deserve the title and Sol doesn’t deserve a title match.  They say they are sick of how things are going.

Next week Sol Ruca faces Arianna Grace.  We will have a Tag Team Turmoil match to see who faces the champions at Heatwave.  Nathan Frazer faces Tony D’Angelo for the Heritage Cup.

Match Number Six:  Je’Von Evans versus Ethan Page

Evans with punches to Page but Page hits Evans in the ribs.  Evans with chops as he avoids Page.  Page with a kick to the midsection.  Page with shoulders in the corner.  Page with a side slam for a near fall.  Page with a knee to the midsection and a hard Irish whip.  Page gets a near fall and another one.  Page with a slam and a boot to the back.  Page with knees to the ribs and more kicks to the ribs.  Evans with a cop and Page drops Evans on the top rope on the ribs.  Page goes for a Razor’s Edge but Evans counters with a rana and a double stomp to Page.  Evans with a super kick that sends Page to the floor.

Evans goes to the floor and Page runs Evans into the apron.  Page with a back drop driver onto the apron and he gets a near fall.  Page with a forearm to the lower back.  Page with another forearm to the lower back.  Page with a back breaker for a near fall.  Page puts Evans on the top rope and hits a butterfly back breaker.  Evans with punches and forearms followed by chops.  Page with a knee to the midsection.  Page with an arm bar and a modified abdominal stretch.  Page with a short arm clothesline.  Page tosses Evans onto the top rope and then pulls him up for a power slam and he gets a near fall.  Page with a Liontamer.  Evans lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and Evans with punches to the midsection.  Evans with punches and a back elbow.  Page goes for an Irish whip but Evans slides into the corner and kicks Page.  Evans with a rebound round kick and a springboard clothesline for a near fall.

Evans goes for a springboard cutter but Page moves.  Evans with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.  Page with a clothesline and Evans counters a power slam with a DDT for a near fall.  Evans goes up top and Page drops Evans on the turnbuckles.  Page with Ego’s Edge for the three count.

Winner:  Ethan Page

After the match, Page stares down Trick and he goes to the announce table.

Page puts his hands behind his back.

SHawn Spears attacks Evans and Trick goes after Spears.

Page attacks Trick and they both work him over in the corner.

Evans with a springboard double cutter to Page and Spears.

All four men are down in the ring.

We go to credits.

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