WWE NXT Results (June 25, 2024) – Orlando, FL

This week’s NXT episode features Trick Williams vs. Shawn Spears, Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey, Tavion Heights vs. Damon Kemp, Sol Ruca vs. Arianna Grace, as well as Tony D’Angelo defending his Heritage Cup Championship against Nathan Frazer. As well, we have a No. 1 Contender Tag Team Turmoil match where the winners will move on to challenge for the WWE NXT World Tag-Team Championships at WWE NXT Heatwave 2024

The show starts with Ava talking to the NXT officials regarding being focused and not having any distraction.

Match 1: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson -vs- Malik Blade & Edris Enofe -vs- Andre Chase & Duke Hudson -vs- Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne -vs- Angel & Berto

In the ring we are getting ready for the Tag Team Turmoil Match. Match starts with Malik Blade & Edris Enofe squaring off against Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne. Back and forth between the two teams Blade hits a double blockbuster to gain momentum. Bate gains momentum with a suicide bomb. Back and forth between Dunn and Enofe. Dunn and Bate hit the elimination and next we Angel and Berto. Berto and Bate start off – Angel pulls the rope sending Bate to the outside after a tag. Angel gives Bate a beating and they’re back in the ring for some showboating by Angel. Double team gory neckbreaker set up to a facebuster by Berto and Angel on Bate and they’re both taking it to Bate who counters with a headscissor takedown. Lots of back and forth until Berto and Angel have Dunn up on the turnbuckle. Apollo Crews runs down and distracts Berto and Angel and Dunn and Bate get the pin.

Gallows and Anderson come and take down Bate and Dunn as we head to commercial break. We return to see Anderson laid out and Bate getting the crowd riled up. Bate spins Anderson on his shoulders and now they try to double team Gallows. Anderson thwarts the double team and Bate and Dunn are laid out. Dunn gets an inside cradle after a magic city attempt and eliminate Gallows and Anderson.

Chase U comes down as the final team and a beating on Dunn ensues. Dunn fights back and takes it to Chase. Double team on Chase, until he makes a tag – Hudson comes in and takes out both Dunn and Bate. Headscissor in the corner to Bate and Hudson cleans house. Bate counters a powerbomb and gets Hudson on his shoulders. Hudson slams Bate to the mat and attempts a suplex. Bate counters and suplexes Hudson. Both men tag, and Chase and Dunn go at and Dunn takes control. Both men are on the turnbuckle – sit down powerbomb to Chase after a blind tag and Bate goes for the pin and Hudson breaks it up. Chase sent to the outside and Bate flies over the rope but Hudson sacrifices himself. Bate is rolled into the ring and Chase is off the top rope to the pin. Chase U is facing Axiom and Frazer at Heatwave.

Backstage the women are watching Roxanne attacking Lola Vice. Roxanne asks why everyone likes Lola now. She tells Karmen to back off and tells her to watch stars and one day she’ll get there. Karmen says she’s ready now. We see Ethan Page walk down the halls.

Back to Vic Joseph and Booker who mention the passing of Sika and we head to commercial break.

The show returns with Nathan Frazer and Dante Chen chatting it up. Chen says he has Frazer’s back. Axiom comes in and says he’ll be in Frazer’s corner too. Chen leaves Frazer and Axiom knock fists and leave.

Ethan Page makes his way to the ring and gets on the mic. Page talks about Heatwave and discusses the card for Heatwave. Crowd starts chanting for Trick Williams. Page slams Je’von Evans and says he pinned Je’von so he should be in and not Je’von. Page invites Ava to come out and change the match and she makes her way out. She makes her way to the ring and tells Page he’s full of himself and she doesn’t like being backed in the corner but that he has a point…and Shawn Spears music hits. He says she shouldn’t make rash decisions and says Page is walking in his footsteps because he pinned Je’von first. They take turns saying each is better and Spears says he will pin Trick Williams who comes out and tells Spears to sit his goofy ass down as he will beat him up later. He addresses Ava and says he doesn’t care who he faces but he will come out on top. Spears and Page attack Williams until Je’von Evans makes the save.

Ridge Holland is approached by Dunn and Bate and they ask what’s up. Hank & Tank comes and gives props to Gunn and Bate. We head to commercial break.

We’re back from commercial break to Stevie Turner and Robert Stone in the back. Stone talks about being an asset to Ava and Turner says she’s been doing a better asset than Stone. Turner talks about challenging Jordynne Grace. They go back and forth on who is better and we head to the ring for match two of the night.

Match 2: Wes Lee -vs- Joe Coffey
Lee takes out Coffey from the start until he’s distracted and Coffey takes the upper hand. Slams to the corner and backbreaker on Lee by Coffey. Elbow from Coffey, Lee counters with a kick and is met with some hits and kicks. Lee counters with a DDT and both men are laid out. Coffery is taken down with a spear and Lee takes out Coffey. Lee gets distracted and loses the momentum and Coffey takes him down. Headbutt to Lee and his placed on the top rope. Superplex attempt but Lee counters. Lee hits his finisher and gets the win. Oba Femi interrupts Lee’s celebration and says he’ll see Lee at Heatwave.

Sarah Schreiber is backstage and she catches up with the The D’Angelo Family regarding Tony’s match at Heatwave.

Chase U is backstage celebrating and we cut to the ring for match 3.

Match 3: Heritage Cup Championship Match: Tony D’Angelo (c) -vs- Nathan Frazer

Frazer and D’Angelo start off with some quick back and forth with Frazer rolling up D’Angelo within the first 40 seconds of the match. Bout 2 starts and D’Angelo takes down Frazer and throws him around for a bit. Frazer tries for a top rope double axe handle and is met with right hand. D’Angelo takes control and Frazer runs around D’Angelo until D’Angelo hits a chokeslam for the pin. 1-1 each and we start bout three. Frazer gets bulldozed in the corner and D’Angelo beats him down. Frazer counters and sends D’Angelo outside and hits a suicide bomb but D’Angelo catches him and throws him into the steps as we head to commercial break.

We come back to Frazer sending D’Angelo to the outside. Frazer hits some suicide dives until they’re both back in the ring. Two count on D’Angelo, Frazer launches himself onto D’Angelo for another two count. D’Angelo hits a spinebuster for a two count. D’Angelo has Frazer in the corner with 15 seconds left. Frazer hits a missle dropkick and time hits for bout 3 to a no contest. Both men regroup and start the fourth bout – elbows in the corner to Frazer and D’Angelo takes control. Frazer with a superkick for a two count – and attempts a cross body that D’Angelo counters to a spinebuster for a two count. Frazer gets back and inside cradles for a two count. D’Angelo is sent outside and Frazer follows and goes on the offense. D’Angelo into the steel steps… D’Angelo stays outside and Frazer hits a coast to coast when D’Angelo gets in the ring. This is awesome chants hit and Frazer gets on the top rope. D’Angelo follows and is sent down to the mat and Frazer hits him off the top with a Phoenix Splash and is cut off by the time. Bout 5 starts and Frazer is cradling D’Angelo. Frazer takes out D’Angelo and gets on the top rope for a Phoenix Splash. D’Angelo hits a top rope belly to belly followed by a spinebuster for the three count and to retain his cup.

Trick Williams and Je’von Evans talk in the back, Williams says he doesn’t need help and wants to do this on his own. Roxanne Perez makes her way to the ring as we head to commercial break.

Match 4: Roxanne Perez(c) -vs- Karmen Petrovic
Both superstars are in the ring as we come back from the break. Lola Vice makes her way out before the bell rings and makes her way to the announcers table. The bell rings and Perez has Petrovic on the ground. Petrovic gets her footing but is sent into the corner. Ref breaks it up and Petrovic hits Perez with a big kick. Perez with a bunch of punches and sends Petrovic to the corner. Russian leg sweep to Petrovic and Perez chokes Petrovic on the ropes. Two count on Petrovic and Perez continues to control the match. Submission chokehold on Petrovic who counters out into a cover. Petrovic kicks Perez and takes here down with a clothesline. Perez gets taken down but counters and both women are struggling. PopRox on Petrovic for the three count and Perez retains. Lola Vice confronts Perez who attacks but Vice connects with a 305 and lays out Perez. Vice leaves with Perez’s title.

Meta Four is on a video call with Noam. The other three of MetaFour chat it up with Noam and they talk about how much they all love eachother. Oro Mensah talks about his childhood and how he never fit in until he met MetaFour. He wants revenge on Page for taking out Noam Dar.

Joseph and Booker take us backstage with Gallows and Anderson brawling OTM. Jaida Parker comes in and is taken out by Michin.

Ava is backstage, Lola Vice says she wants a match at Heatwave against Perez

Match 5: Tavion Heights -vs- Damon Kemp
Kemp tries with the offence but Heights capitalizes. Kemp then slows Heights down with a chokehold and Heights counters with a shoulder breaker. Kemp gets his shoulder popped back in and Heights goes after him outside. Back in the ring, Kemp hits some elbows and smashes Heights head into the canvas. German suplex by Kemp and continues to assault Heights. Heights in the corner and then into an angle slam for a two count. Kemp continues to beat Heights until he counters and throws Kemp into a bear hug. Height gains momentum and hits a belly to belly and hits a second belly to belly for the three count on Kemp.

Backstage with have Kelani Jordan talking to Kelly Kincaid – she discusses the upcoming match against Sol Ruca and Arianna Grace. Jaida Parker comes crashing in and demands a match against Michin.

Brinley Reece is talking with Malik Blade and Edris Enofe when Izzy Dame comes and talks smack about Reece. Axiom meets up with Nathan Frazer backstage and Frazer talks about how he has so much to do

Match 6: Arianna Grace -vs- Sol Ruca
Grace and Ruca start with Grace taking down Roca who counters and has Grace immobilized. Grace comes at Ruca who takes down Grace and applies a chokehold. Ruca takes down Grace and hits an X-Factor. Ruca slips off the apron but comes back with slam. Ruca flies over the ropes and Grace takes her down. Grace now in control sending Ruca to the ropes. Grace hits a suplex and Ruca gets a roll up to a two count. Grace on the second rop with an elbow and then a running knee for two count. Grace tries to submit Ruca who counters out of the submission. Ruca with a couple take downs and Grace tries for a roll up. Grace tries for another second rope elbow but Ruca takes advantage and tries for a Sol Snatcher but slips. Ruca takes down Grace and successfully hits a Sol Snatcher for the three count. Kelani Jordan comes out to celebrate with Ruca.

Backstage Perez storms into Ava’s office who tells Perez she has a match against Vice at Heatwave.

We are back from commercial break and see Ruca and Jordan talking about Heatwave. Fallon Henley, Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx talk about doing something so they get their spots on the roster.

Match 7: Trick Williams(c) -vs- Shawn Spears
Shawn Spears makes his way to the ring. Ethan Page is on commentary as Williams makes his way out. Williams poses for a bit as Spears looks on – and we get the bell and both men trade blows and Spears makes his escape and both men are now on the outside. Back in the ring Spears takes down Williams and chops him in the corner. Williams fights back and chops Spears. Spears is taken down with a clothesline and then both men take each other down with a drop kick. Oro Mensah shows up and attacks Ethan Page outside and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Spears has Williams in a cross face. Williams crawls to the ropes and Spears breaks the hold. Right hands to William by Spears as Williams starts gaining momentum and is back on his feet. Spears is taken down and gets flap jacked. Spears tries to fight back with an arm drag. Spears takes down Williams for a two count. Both men are down and Spears is up first and hammers some elbows onto William’s head. Williams clocks Spears who hits a backstabber on Williams. Williams fires back with take down until he’s distracted from interference from the outside. Williams launches himself outside onto Spears but is clocked with the announce table where Spears then hits the C4 for the win. Spears gets the non-title win.

Turner, Stone and Ava discuss what they’re gonna do for the championship match at Heatwave. They settle on making it a fatal four way as the show goes off the air.

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