WWE NXT Results (May 14, 2024) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah News’ coverage of WWE NXT! Results are courtesy of Richard Trionfo of PWInsider. tonight’s announcers are Booker T and Vic Joseph.

We see Noam Dar down in the back by the scaffolding from Mallrats. The other members of MetaFour argue over Noam’s body.

Izzi Dame is with a visiting Kiana James. Kiana says that she befriended Izzi because she is a star. She says that Izzi is going to run NXT while she runs Raw.

Sol says she is going to ride the number one ranking in the combine to Las Vegas to become the first NXT Women’s North American Champion.

Match Number One: Izzi Dame versus Sol Ruca in a NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match

They lock up and Izzi with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Sol with a shoulder tackle. Sol with a waist lock and Izzi with a wrist lock into an arm bar. Sol tries for a reversal but Izzi sends Sol back to the mat. Sol with a back drop and she misses a boot in the corner. Sol with a kick out of the corner followed by another one. Izzi with a flip X Factorish move that sends Izzi to the floor. Sol with a kick and a moonsault off the ring post. They return to the ring and Sol gets a near fall. Izzi with an Irish whip and Sol floats over and Izzi sends Sol over the top rope to the floor. Sol Irish whips Izzi into the apron and then sends her onto the announce table.

Izzi with a back breaker and she gets a near fall. Izzi with a rear chin lock. Sol with a snap mare and she gets Izzi up but Izzi sends Sol into the ropes and hits a flapjack followed by an elbow drop to the back for a near fall. Izzi with a rear chin lock. Izzi with an Irish whip and Sol escapes a back breaker and connects with a back elbow. Sol avoids a kick and hits a series of shoulder tackles. Sol with a springboard shoulder tackle. Sol gets Izzi up on her shoulders and drops Izzi to the mat. Sol with a moonsault for a near fall. Sol misses a springboard move and rolls through. Sol tries to land on her feet on a back body drop. Izzi with a thrust kick for a near fall.

Izzi with shoulders in the corner and Sol floats over and Izzi catches Sol but Sol hits Sol Snatcher for the three count.
Winner: Sol Ruca

Ava is with The D’Angelo Family and she tells them they can’t do what they did with the referee and she asks where are Myles and Damon.

Tony says the ref had bronchitis and they don’t know where Damon or Myles are.

They say they can’t cancel the match because it is already advertised.

Ava says she won’t cancel the match but he will be fined $20,000.

They pay the fine and give a little extra.

Tony tells Ava ‘no funny business’

Malik and Edris are in LOCKER ROOM and Malik tells Edris to get his mind on the game and Edris says he will be good as he holds his rabbit’s foot.

Brinley Reece shows up and she throws the rabbit’s foot away. She says they don’t need that because they have her.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Lucien Price and Bronco Nima (iwth Jaida Parker) versus Edris Enofe and Malik Blade (with Brinley Reece)

Nima and Blade start things off and lock up. Nima with a knee to Blade but Blade with a kick. Nima with a back elbow in the corner followed by an Irish whip. Blade floats over and Blade escapes. Balde goes for a drop toe hold and Edris with a bulldog and kick. Edris with elbow drops. Edris removes the shirt and hits another elbow drop for a near fall. Nima runs Edris into the corner and Price with a knee. Nima with a boot to the chest and Price gets a near fall. Price with punches in the corner and Nima tags in. They set for a double suplex and Blade catches Enofe and they punch Nima and Price. Price and Nima with punches in the corner.

Edris and Blade with forearms and punches in the corner. Nima and Price go for power bombs but Blade and Enofe hit ‘ranas and drop kicks to send them to the floor. Blade and Enofe with flip dives. Enofe is tripped by Parker and Nima with a back elbow .

Reece goes after Parker and Edris and Price try to separate them. They prove they are ready for security because they cannot stop them. Blade and Nima join in the attempt to stop the assault and they succeed.

We go to commercial. We are back and Nima sends Enofe to the mat and he follows with a forearm.

Parker and Reece throw punches and then officials come out to separate them.

Enofe punches Nima because the match is still ongoing. Nima and Price with forearms to Enofe in the corner. Price gets a near fall. Price with a Urinage to Enofe. Price with a running clothesline into the corner. Price with a rear chin lock in a wheelbarrow position. Enofe with elbows to escape. Price sends Enofe into the corner and Nima tags in. Nima with lawnmower elbows in the corner. Price tags in and Enofe kicks Nima and avoids Price to get to Blade. Balde tags in and he punches Price and Nima. Blade with a forearm to Nima and a blockbuster to Price. Blade with a double cross body. Enofe tags in even though Enofe was working on his boot.

Nima with a running boot to send Blade over the top rope to the floor and Nima follows. Enofe drop kicks Price to the floor. Enofe’s boot comes loose and Price with a super kick. Nima tags in and they hit the suplex and spinebuster combination for the three count.

Winners: Lucien Price and Bronco Nima

Oro says he will take over Noam’s spot in his match. Noam says it was Trick or Je’Von, but Lash says she has her match so she has to go.

Match Number Three: Ivy Nile versus Lash Legend in a North American Title Match Qualifying Match

Lash with a take down and a near fall. Lash with shoulder tackles and she sends Ivy shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Ivy falls to the floor. Lash with a hammer lock and she sends Ivy into the apron. Lash with a hammer lock slam on the floor. Lash misses a shoulder and hits the ring steps. Ivy with a shoulder off the apron and then she send Lash into the ring. Ivy goes up top and hits a cross body. Ivy has a kick blocked and she misses a round kick but doesn’t miss a second one. Ivy with a running thrust kick into the corner. Lash drops Ivy onto the turnbuckles and hits a splash in the corner. Lash with punches on the turnbuckles but Ivy escapes and pulls Lash into the turnbuckles.

Ivy with punches on the turnbuckles and Lash grabs Ivy by the throat and sets for a super choke slam but Ivy counters into a bulldog for a near fall. Lash blocks a satellite head scissors. Ivy with a Dragon Sleeper and Jackson grabs her leg. Lash sends ivy face first to the mat and Lash with a bicycle kick for the three count.

Winner: Lash Legend

Sarah stops Je’Von in the back and she asks him if he attacked Noam.

Evans says he does not know who attacked Noam but he is going to have fun with Oro.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Carlee Bright tells Ava she wants Lola Vice tonight.

Ava says Carlee finished 13th in the combine and she could have finished in the top 12.

Carlee says she wants her chance.

Ava says she deserves a chance so she gets her match.

Ava gets a call and walks away.

Match Number Four: Oro Mensah (with Jakara Jackson) versus Je’Von Evans

Oro attacks Evans before the match starts and he kicks him. Lash makes her way to ringside as well. Evans with a punch and he blocks a kick. Oro flips onto the mat and Evans with a kick. Oro with a side head lock and he runs Evans’ face across the top rope. Oro with a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Evans blocks a suplex and he goes to the apron to avoid Oro i the corner. Evans avoids Oro and hits a head scissors off the turnbuckles. Evans with a drop kick for a near fall. Oro blocks a slingshot head scissors and Oro sends Evans over the top rope to the floor. Oro with a forearm to the back and he sends Evans back into the ring. Oro with an exploder. Oro gets a near fall. Oro with a chop.

Oro with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Oro with a reverse chin lock into a side head lock. Evans with punches and Oro with a knee and forearm to the back. Evans with a back slide for a near fall. Evans goes for a springboard move but Oro kicks the ropes to send Evans to the mat. Oro with a rolling kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Oro sends Evans throat first into the ropes. Oro wtih an Irish whip and Oro runs into a back elbow. Evans sends Oro to the apron and Oro drops Evans on the top rope. Oro chokes Evans from the apron. Oro with a springboard side kick for a near fall.

Oro with a forearm to the back and Evans with punches. Evans with a chop and forearm. Oro with a kick to the knee and a punch. Oro with a rolling kick and he hits a release overhead power bomb suplex. Oro has a kick blocks and Evans with a punch from the apron. Evans goes up top and Oro punches Evans to stop him. They exchange forearms on the turnbuckles. Evans goes to the apron and he punches Oro and hits a kick. Evans with a springboard clothesline. Evans with punches and chops. Oro with a kick and forearms. Evans with punches and chops followed by a jumping forearm. Oro misses a forearm tot he back of the head but he hits a back elbow. Evans avoids a springboard move from Oro and Evans with a springboard cutter, but Oro rolls to the floor. Evans with a plancha.

Oro with a clothesline and Jackson gets in the ring and Oro asks for something from Lash. Lash gets a chair and Trick comes out and he wants to know what Lash is doing.

Oro has to punch Evans without a chair. Ors with a rolling elbow to the back of the neck. Oro sets for a power bomb but Evans with punches and he lands on his feet. Evans with a kick and a back heel kick. Oro with a punch and Evans with a boot but Oro blocks it. Evans with a thrust kick and Evans with a twisting splash off the turnbuckles for the three count.

Winner: Je’Von Evans

After the match, Jakara checks on Oro while Trick checks on Evans.

Charlie Dempsey is with Kelly Kincaid and she asks about what he will do without the Catch Clause.

Charlie says they are on their way but they are in rough shape over what happened last week. Charlie says he has never cried a day in his life. This Cup is staying with them. He will beat Tony within an inch of his life for what he did.

Wes Lee makes his way to the ring.

Wes says the last time he was in this ring with a mic, things were different. He says he was in one of the darkest times of his life. He says he didn’t know if he would be coming back. He says everyone knows how much he loves NXT and how much he loves the North American Title. When he lost the title, it led to a series of events where he questioned his career. He says he missed this. He says he missed this so much, he was walking two days after his surgery. Then he was back in the gym busting his ass. He was focused on getting back here. He says he was supposed to miss nearly a year and in six months, he is standing back in this ring, feeling this energy.

Wes says he doesn’t know what to say.

Oba Femi’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Oba says he is not here to cut him down. He says he is impressed with him and he has always been. The heights you took this title to is nothing short of an accomplishment. You have taken it as far as you can. You get to sit back while he takes this title to heights you would never belong. He says the trials and tribulations that you have overcome show that you have the heart of a lion and of a warrior. Oba says he is a warrior and the mountain Wes cannot climb or conquer. You want a title match?

Wes says damn right.

Oba tells Wes to prove that he deserves an opportunity for the title that was once yours.

Wes says Oba checks every box of what a champion is supposed to look like. You have the size, speed, and freakish strength. Wes says he might not check as many boxes . . .

Ivar interrupts.

He tells Wes everyone is excited to have him back because he knows what it is like to come back from a career ending injury. He went through everything that Wes did. They have the same spinal surgeon. Ivar says when he came back, he had to fight for everything that he got. He knows that Wes is not afraid to fight for everything that he gets. You want a shot at Oba? Ivar says he wants a shot at Oba.

Josh Briggs comes out and he says it looks like we are in a bit of a pickle. You are so emotional. Wes, with your comeback story. Ivar, you showing who you really are behind the paint and Viking calls. This is a man’s game so he wants to throw out some facts.

At Stand and Deliver and him and Oba tore the house down and they stole the show. We both know how close he came to winning the title, with broken ribs. His ribs have healed and they need to run it back. When he wins the title, he will throw Wes and Ivar a bone.

Oba says they all have compelling arguments.

Wes suggests making it a Fatal Four Way.

Josh likes the idea.

Oba says this is why he is the champion and Wes is not.

Oba leaves the ring. He tells them to fight against themselves and the winner gets an opportunity against him.

Ridge Hollands is in the back and Kelly asks him if he is going to take on the OC two on one.

Andre Chase shows up and he says he doesn’t have to fight alone.

Ridge thanks Andre for being his partner.

Andre suggests that Ridge team with Riley and Riley is not excited but Thea says IT’S A TEACHABLE MOMENT.

Match Number Five: Ridge Holland and Riley Osborne versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Luke and Ridge start things off and Ridge with a side head lock and a shoulder tackle but Luke stays on his feet. Luke with a punch and he gets Ridge up but Ridge gets to his feet. Ridge gets Luke up but Luke gats to his feet. Ridge with a flying shoulder tackle. Riley tags in and he goes up top and hits a double stomp on the arm. Riley with a wrist lock and Luke with an arm bar and Karl tags in and he kicks Riley. Karl with an arm bar. Riley backs Karl into the corner. Karl with an Irish whip ad Riley leaps over Karl and rolls over Karl’s back and hits a drop kick. Riley drop kicks Luke off the apron and hits a shooting star press for a near fall. Riley with a front face lock.

Karl with a spinebuster for a near fall. Luke tags in and he kicks Riley and connects with punches and kicks. Luke with a slam and elbows to the clavicle. Luke with a reverse chin lock. Karl tags in and he sends Riley into the corner with a hard Irish whip. Karl with another hard Irish whip. Karl sends Riley into the turnbuckles and Luke tags in and connects with an uppercut. Karl tags in and Riley with a twisting senton onto Karl and Luke. Ridge tags in and he hits a shoulder tackle on Karl and another one. Ridge with a head butt and an arm trapped overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Ridge with an Island Driver for a near fall. Luke sends Riley to the apron and hits an uppercut.

Ridge with a splash to Karl and he gets him up for an Alabama Slam. Riley with a springboard drop kick but he hits Ridge and Karl gets the three count.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

We take a look at Carlee Bright.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Carlee Bright versus Lola Vice (with Shayna Baszler)

Lola with a leg sweep and a single leg take down. Bright with a victory roll for a near fall. Bright with a series of near falls. Bright with a side head lock. Bright blocks a hip toss and Bright lands on her feet on a hip toss. Bright with a cross body for a near fall. Vice sends Bright to the apron. Lola kicks Bright back into the ring and hits an axe kick to the back.

We see Natalya and Karmen Petrovic watching MONITOR in ROOM.

Lola with European uppercuts. Bright with a back slide for a near fall. Lola with a punch and knees to the midsection. Lola walks across Bright’s midsection. Bright with a rollup and Lola misses a kick. Bright with clotheslines and a drop kick. Bright with a handspring kick in the corner and she gets a near fall. Lola with a back heel kick as Bright comes off the turnbuckles. Lola with a round kick for the three count.

Winner: Lola Vice

After the match, Lola grabs Bright by the hair and . . .

Nattie’s music plays and her and Karmen make their way to the ring and they force Lola and Shayna from the ring.

Nattie asks Lola where is she going if she is the toughest in NXT and Shayna says she is the baddest.

Karmen challenges them to a tag match next week.

Ridge Holland walks in the back and Riley stops Ridge to apologize for what happened.

Ridge says he understands and there are no hard feelings. He says he hopes that they can trust him.

Thea ‘calmly’ hugs Ridge and says she can trust him. The rest of them trust him, even Riley.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Charlie Dempsey versus Tony D’Angelo for the Hertiage Cup

Round One

They lock up and Tony sends Charlie to the mat and goes for a front face lock but Charlie escapes. They lock up and Charlie with a wrist lock. Tony with a single leg take down and Charlie gets free. Tony with a rollup for a near fall. Tony with a waist lock take down and Charlie gets to the ropes.

Tony with a side head lock and Charlie with a snap mare take down for a near fall. Charlie with a cravate and he holds on when Tony tries to escape. Tony with a hip toss and he gets a near fall. Charlie with a shoulder tackle and a second one. Charlie blocks a hip toss and Tony with a victory roll for the three count.

Tony D’Angelo 1 Fall
Charlie Dempsey 0 Falls

Round Two

Charlie with a single leg take down and he gets a near fall. They go to a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Tony gets Charlie over and Charlie bridges to escape a cover. Charlie with a monkey flip but they hold on to the knuckle lock. Charlie with a straitjacket choke. Tony with a reversal but it is only momentary because Charlie returns to the choke. Tony with a reversal but Charlie bridges to reverse.

Charlie is sent to the apron and he connects with a shoulder Charlie with a sunset flip and Tony holds on and punches Charlie. Tony with an Irish whip. Tony with another Irish whip. Tony with a punch and Charlie with a European uppercut. They continue the exchange. Tony with a kick and Charlie with a running knee. Charlie goes for a butterfly suplex but Tony blocks it. Charie with a butterfly suplex into a cross arm breaker and the round ends.

Round Three

Tony gets Charlie on his shoulders but Charlie with a double wrist lock and he sends Tony elbow first into the turnbuckles. Charlie with a European uppercut and Tony with punches. Tony with a take down and Charlie goes for a cross arm breaker but Tony locks the hands. Tony goes for a rollup but Charlie keeps his shoulder off the mat. Tony gets a near fall and he goes for the one arm power bomb but Charlie counters into a Fujiwara arm bar. Charlie kicks the arm a few times.

Tony drops down for a victory roll but Charlie gets a near fall. Tony gets a near fall. Charlie with a back slide and bridge for a near fall. Tony gets a near fall. Tony with a slam and a fireman’s carry. Tony is sent shoulder first into the ring post and Charlie with a German suplex for the three count.

Charlie Dempsey 1 Fall
Tony D’Angelo 1 Fall

Round Four

Charlie with an uppercut and a wrist lock followed by a chop and he works on the arm with an arm wringer. Charlie with boots to Tony and he gets a near fall. Charlie with a wrist lock and he stomps on the elbow. Charlie with an arm wringer and he kicks Tony in the elbow. Tony with punches but Charlie with a double thrust to the throat. Charlie with a take down and a figure four arm scissors. Charlie rolls Tony around the ring to maintain the hold while Tony tries to escape.

Tony gets a near fall with a rollup. Charlie with a triangle and Tony with the one arm power bomb. Charlie with a forearm and Tony with a clothesline and belly-to-belly suplexes. Tony with another belly-to-belly suplex. Toy with a front face lock and a spinebuster as the round ends during the cover.

Round Five
Tony with a running forearm into the corner and Ton gets a near fall. Tony with a German suplex for a near fall.

Kemp and Borne attack Luca and Channing. Tony goes to the floor and he punches Borne and Kemp.

Tony punches Charlie when Charlie tries to stop Tony goin after Borne. Charlie with a rollup and bridge for a near fall. Tony with Fugedaboutit for the three count.

Winner and NEW….: Tony D’Angelo (new champion)

We go to the back and Wes Lee is down. So is Josh Briggs. Ivar is also down.

Joe Coffey says this is what happens when you deal with them. They say they are back.

We go to credits. Thanks for joining us, Rajahmaniacs!

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