NXT Results May 28

WWE NXT Results – May 28, 2024 – Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Your announcers are Booker T and Vic Joseph.

Ava is in the ring and she welcomes everyone to NXT.  She says they have the best women’s division in the game and they are pushing barriers and making history.  In two weeks, we will find out who becomes the first NXT Women’s North American Champion.  Ava mentions that we have a special guest tonight and she brings out Sexxy Red.

Ava thanks Red for being here tonight.  She says she knows how much Red wanted to come here.  Ava says Red has an announcement about Battleground.

Red says she will be hosting Battleground.

Ava asks Red to reveal the North American Title belt.

Tatum Paxley crawls into the ring and she goes for the belt.

Michin comes out and stops Tatum and connects with forearms.  They go to the floor and Michin sends Tatum into the ringside barrier.  Michin chokes Tatum against the ringside barrier and then they go into the ring and the referee starts the match.

Match Number One:  Michin versus Tatum Paxley in a North American Title Qualifying Match

Michin with an elbow and Irish whip.  Michin with a kick but Tatum with punches and chops.  Michin with an Iish whip and she misses a Yakuza kick.  Tatum with a knee and kicks/

Jaida Parker makes her way to the ring to distract the crowd.

Tatum with an Irish whip and Michin sends Tatum to the apron.  Michin with a leg sweep and baseball slide to send Tatum to the floor.  Michin with a suicide dive. Michin sends Tatum back into the ring and gets a near fall.  Michin with kicks and she takes Tatum to the mat and gets a near fall.  Michin holds on to a guillotine and she connects with a knee.  Tatum backs Michin into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold.  Tatum with a sunset flip power bomb into the turnbuckles.  Tatum chokes Mia in the ropes.  Tatum gets a near fall.  Tatum with a rear chin lock.  Tatum goes for a seated splash to the back but Michin turns over and gets a near fall.  Michin with forearms and Tatum with a forearm to send Michin to the mat.  Tatum with an Irish whip and a cross body into the corner.

Tatum gets a near fall.  Tatum with a body scissors.  Tatum with a rollup for a near fall and she holds on to the body scissors.  Michin leans back to get a near fall.  Michin leans back to get another near fall.  Michin with a back elbow and a boot against the ropes.  Tatum blocks a kick and connects with a forearm.  Michin with a running shoulder tackle and both women are down.  Michin with forearms and a back heel kick followed by a German suplex.  Michin with a chop and head butts.  Michin with a cannonball and she gets a near fall.  Tatum with a spinning cradle driver for a near fall.  Tatum with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Tatum leans back on the mat while Michin goes Tranquilo in the ropes.  They crawl to each other and smile.  Michin goes too sweet to the forehead.  Michin misses a kick and Michin counters with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Michin lands on her feet on a belly-to-back suplex.  Michin with Eat Defeat for the three count.

Winner:  Michin

After the match, Jaida has words for Michin.

Joe is in the back wtih Mark and Joe talks about what Ava did to them.  He says that Ava is only letting two of them.

MetaFour show up and want to know why they attacked Noam.

Mark says they attacked a lot of people, but not Noam.

Joe does not appreciate being accused.

Oro says Gallus didn’t do it so it was Trick.

Lash says Trick didn’t do it.

We are back with a look at what happened between Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler after their loss.

Lola is in LOCKER ROOM and Arianna Grace shows up as the locker room leader and she asks why do we need another barbaric NXT Underground match.

Grace says she knows that they lost the match last week and the Latina Fire was burning hot.  She says that Shayna is a dangerous person.

Lola says that she is dangrous too and Grace will find out herself.

Grace swears in fear.

Match Number Two:  Riley Osborne (with Thea Hail, Andre Chase, and Duke Hudson) versus Ridge Holland

They lock up and Ridge backs Riley into the ropes but they hold on to the tie up and Ridge sends Riley face first to the mat.  They lock up and Ridge with a break but Riley slaps Ridge.  Ridge misses a punch and Riley with punches of his own.  Ridge with a knee and forearm.  Riley with a punch and Ridge with a European uppercut.  Ridge with a hip lock take down.  Riley with punches.  Ridge with chops and shoulders.  Ridge with a snap mare and a reverse chin lock.  Riley with a drop kick and a front face lock.  Ridge with a short arm clothesline that flips Riley.  Ridge with a hard Irish whip.  Ridge with European uppercuts and a hard Irish whip.  Riley with a senton to Ridge off the turnbuckles followed by an enzuigiri and a shooting star press for a near fall.

Ridge and Riley go to the floor and the referee checks on them.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ridge with a reverse chin lock.  RIley with a jaw breaker but Ridge with a sleeper and an elbow.  Ridge goes for a suplex but Riley gets to his feet and he gets a rollup for a near fall.  Riley goes up top but Ridge with a press slam.  Ridge with a splash in the corner followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Ridge sends Riley to the apron.  Ridge gets Riley up for a power slam but Riley escapes and kicks Ridge to the floor.  Riley with a drop kick and he goes for a suicide dive but Ridge wtih a forearm.  Ridge goes for the ring steps but Thea convinces Ridge not to do it.  Ridge sends Riley back into the ring.

Riley with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Riley with punches and forearms.  Riley with a flying clothesline or two followed by a drop kick.  Riley with a running uppercut into the corner and many chops.  Ridge punches Riley away and Ridge kicks Riley in the leg off the turnbuckles.  Ridge with Redeemer for the three count.

Winner:  Ridge Holland

Ridge wants to shake hands with Riley but Riley doesn’t want to do it.  Riley leaves the ring.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are with Kelly Kincaid.  She asks them about the tag champs.

Karl says they get the silent treatment.  Luke says they are sick of being overlooked and dodged.  Karl says they have had many title reigns.  Last week is what happens when they are treated like Outsiders.  Luke says the attacks will continue unitl they get a title match.

Karl says they can keep running.

We go to the back and Oro Mensah is down and Jakara and Lash are freaking out.

Match Number Three:  Edris Enofe and Malik Blade (with Brinley Reece) versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Karl kicks Edris and Blade tags in and they hit a low kick and bulldog combination for a near fall.  Edris with a double sledge to the back off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Blade tags in and they hit a double drop toe hold and a double drop kick.  They take care of Luke.  Blade accidentally knocks Enofe off the apron into Brinley.  Edris calls for help and Blade is in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Luke with a reverse chin lock on Blade while Edris shows concern about Brinley on the apron.  Luke with punches in the corner.  Luke with an uppercut and he tags in Karl.  Karl with a hard Irish whip.  Karl with another hard Irish whip.  Karl with uppercuts in the corner and Luke tags in and he kicks Blade and follows with a suplex for a near fall.  Luke with a head butt and Blade with a jaw breaker.  Enofe has words with Karl and Blade is in his corner for the tag but Edris isn’t there.  Luke pulls Blade out of his corner and goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Blade gets to his feet.  Edris tags in and he connects with a forearm to Karl and he punches Luke.  Edris with drop kicks in the corner followed by a wraparound bulldog.  Edris knocks Karl off the apron.  Edris goes up top and Luke avoids a frog splash.

Luke with a choke slam and he tags in Karl.  Karl knocks Blade off the apron and it is time for Magic Killer for the three count.

Winners:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the match, Axiom and Frazer with missile drop kicks and they send Gallows and Anderson to the floor.

Frazer says as long as they are champions, you are not getting close to the titles.  You might be two of the best but . . .   Axiom says they will see you at Battleground.

We take a look at what happened last week with Dante Chen.

Dante says last week was the greatest night of his life.  He has waited for two years for his chance and he finally got his.  He was happy for other’s success but he knew one day he would get his chance.  He says the response he received coming out, he will always remember.  Dante says he is hungry for more wins.  He is ready for whatever and whomever is in front of him.

Lexis enters LOCKER ROOM to tell Dante that was a fluke win last week.  He tells Dante that will never happen again.

Dante says he will prove it wasn’t a fluke.

Lexis asks him when he wants the match and Dante says to do it tonight.

Roxanne Perez walks in the back.

We go to commercial.

Trick and Je’Von are in LOCKER ROOM.

Trick thanks Je’Von for having his back.  He says that they need to be ready for Gallus.

Sexxy Red enters LOCKER ROOM and she says she loves it here with all the sweaty guys.

Je’Von says since she is the host of Battleground, she should hang out with them.

Roxanne Perez makes her way to the ring.

Roxanne wants everyone to acknowledge that she is the only woman in the WWE who has appreciated this title from the beginning.  When she won this title until she regained the title, she has seen it go from waist to waist and were held by women who used it as a vehicle or stepping stone to get bigger results.  Roxanne says at 13, she started training for the NXT Women’s Title.  No one can says they were working for this title for nine years.  She says this title represents future greatness for many but it means present greatness.

She says she cannot believe that she is finding out her Battleground opponent this way.  She is the face of the NXT Women’s Diviision, the best division in wrestling, she deserves to be treated better.  Roxanne says if Ava doesn’t want to give her the respsect she deserves.  Who is it going to be?

Ava makes her way to the ring.

She says she doesn’t know why Roxanne is doing this Roxanne against the World thing.  She never said Roxanne is a bad champ.  Will she be champion after Battleground?  She will be defending the title against . . .

Jordynne Grace.

Jordynne comes to the ring and the crowd says what Vic wouldn’t.

Jordynne says some may remember her from the Rumble earlier this year, but if you don’t, she wants to officially introduce herself.  She says she is the TNA Knockout champion.  She says Roxanne is a great champion and she has built her name in NXT the same way she has in TNA.  Who has built the stronger foundation?  She says she wants to find out so at Battleground, she will be challenging her for the NXT Women’s Championship.  She says that she will leave Las Vegas a double champion.

Eddy Thorpe says that for some fire is a destructive force.  To him and his people, fire means so much more.  it is a doorway to the spirit world to talk to our ancestors.  As he stares into the sacred flames for guidance, he says that he has found his vision and the path has been illuminated.  Through the cleansing of the fire, Eddy Thorpe has been reborn.

Lola Vice bounces in the back and walks.

Arianna Grace is cautiously nervous walking in the back.

We are back and Andre asks Riley if he is okay.

Riley says Ridge can’t be trusted.

Thea brings up how Riley didn’t shake Ridge’s hand.

Duke says he sees what Riley is saying.

Thea says she is done with that and she has a match with Jazmyn next week.

Ridge shows up and he says that was a hell of a match.  Ridge asks if everything is okay.

Match Number Four:  Lola Vice versus Arianna Grace

Grace with a back slide for a near fall.  Grace tries to calm down Lola and Grace with a rollup for a near fall.  Grace blocks a kick and Grace with a leg sweep and a jackknife cover for a enar fall.  Grace ducks to avoid a kick and Lola with an axe kick and European uppercut.  Grace kicks Lola from the turnbuckles and Lola with a punch.  Lola with an Irish whip and she pushes Grace into the corner and connects with punches.  Grace kicks Lola away and connects with an elbow after an Irish whip.  Grace with a suplex and an elbow drop.  Lola with a spinning back fist for the three count.

Winner:  Lola Vice

Lola tells Shayna she has two options next week.  She knocks her out or taps her out.  Shayna can choose.

Shayna Baszler’s music plays and she is stopped by security.  Lola is held back by security in the ring.

We have a video package for Carlee Bright.  She says she dedicated her life to cheerleading.  It led her to the University of Minnesota on a scholarship.  When she graduated, it was her chance to do something she wanted.  Wrestling became her new love.  Get ready because NXT’s ray of sunshine has arrived.

Natalya is with Carlee, Karmen, and Kendall.

Izzi Dame tells Nattie that none of them have a spot in NXT.

Karmen says Izzi is not going to say that to a living legend and you are not going to use your negative energy.

Karmen and Izzi have to be separated.

We see Damon Kemp, Myles Borne, and Charlie Dempsey training.  Damon asks Charlie if he is alright.  Charlie says it feels like he lost a piece of himself when he lost the Heritage Cup.  He needs to win it back.  Charlie sys they need to look at how Tony runs his family.  They need structure, family, and a chain of command.  That is the only way they end up on top of NXT.

Myles says he wants Tony next week but Charlie says Damon has it.  Charlie tells Damon capeche and Myles wonders what does that mean.

Jakara tells Lash she is nervous about Oro.  First Noam, now Oro.  Jakara says one of them is next.

Lash says Trick will tell her the truth after everything they have been through.

Match Number Five:  Lexis King versus Dante Chen

Chen with a punch and chops to King.  Chen with a splash into the corner and a running boot to the chest.  King with an Irish whip and Chen floats over but King with a super kick and punches.  King slaps Chen and he sets for a suplex but Chen with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Chen with punches and chops.  King with a clothesline and a jackhammer for a near fall.  Chen with a crucifix for the three count.

Winner:  Dante Chen

After the match, King attacks Chen and he pulls Chen to the apron.  King with forearms to the chest and he pulls Chen to the floor.  King pulls up the mats and he sets for Coronation on the mats instead of the exposed floor.

We take a look at Josh Briggs.  He says he was signed to NXT in 2020 and he was trying to become a star.  He got a little brother and a little sister.  It was about them.  He decided to move on.  He says he got his hand raised a few times but what is he betting on?  Is he a man of mayhem in his mind.  He might not know who he is now, but he will find out.

Shawn Spears is interrupted by Kelly.  Shawn says he is shocked at how talented the youth are but they are unguided.  He says there is one who does not have it yet.  Shawn says he has been down that path before and he says he will help guide the youth to their maximum potential.  He says he will be the answer.

Shawn walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tony shows up while Adriana, Luca, and Channing are talking.

Tony says nothing is done until they deal with No Quarter Catch Crew.  He says the Cup is growing on him.  Tony asks about the Catch Clause and Luca says he is working on it.

Channing asks if they need to take someone on a ride.

Tony says they will beat him at their own game.

Fallon Henley joins Vic and Booker on commentary for the next match.

Match Number Six:  Kelani Jordan versus Wren Sinclair in a NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifying Match

They lock up and Jordan with a take down and Wren with a head scissors.  They lock up and Jordan with a wrist lock and Wren with a reversal.  Jodan with a reversal.  Wren with a reversal and take down.  Jordan with a single leg pick and a front face lock.  Wren with an arm bar.  Jordan with a wrist lock take down and a drop kick.  Jordan with another drop kick.  Jordan goes for the Tiger Feint arm drag but Wren blocks it and she sends Jordan into the corner.  Jordan with a back elbow and a twisting pescado.  Jordan sends Wren back into the ring.

Jordan with a splash for a near fall.  Wren goes for a sunset flip and Jordan with a matrix.  Wren and Jordan exchange covers for near falls.  Jordan gets back to her feet and she goes for a back slide but Wren blocks it.  Jordan with a belly-to-back suplex and she hits the split legged moonsault for the three count.

Winner:  Kelani Jordan

Vic and Booker run through the card.

Ava is in her office and Stevie Turner wants to know what Jordynne Grace has done to earn a title match.  She says her invite must have gotten lost in the mail.  Stevie asks Stone to help her get a shot if she got one for Dante Chen.

There is a knock on the door and Jordynne Grace enters.  She says she agrees with Stevie.  She wants to show why she is the Knockout champion.  She suggests they have a match so Stevie can show everyone what she can do and that Jordynne can show Roxanne what to expect.

We see Joe ‘Big Bully’ Coffey and Mark Coffey walk in the back.

We see Trick Williams, Je’Von Evans, and Sexxy Red walking in HALLWAY.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kelly is with Wes Lee.

Wes says it felt great to get the win last week, but he didn’t like having to share it with Joe.

Kelly asks about Gallus’ statement about taking the NXT Title.  Wes says they mean it.  Their first step is the North American title, but they won’t make it to step two because he needs his title.  Wes says he would love to have a singles match but . . .

Oba Femi shows up and he says that the number of opponents will not matter because the outcome will be the same.  The title stays with him.

Wes says that he has proven people wrong his entire career.

Next week, Tony D’Angelo faces Damon Kemp for the Heritage Cup.  Stevie Turner faces Jordynne Grace.  Thea Hail faces Jazmyn Nyx.  We will have an Inside Look at Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice.

Match Number Seven:  Je’Von Evans and Trick Williams (with Sexxy Red) versus Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey

Mark and Trick start things off and Trick with punches.  Trick with a side head lock.  Trick with a shoulder tackle and a slam.  Evans tags in and Joe tries to interfere but Evans with a slingshot head scissors to Joe and they take care of Mark so Trick, Red, and Evans can do stuff outside the ring.  Evans goes over the top rope when Joe pulls down the ropes.  Joe sends Evans face first into the ring steps.  Evans with punches to Joe but Joe punches back and he Irish whips Evans a few times and hits a back breaker.  Joe with a double jump Vader Bomb Elbow drop for a near fall.  Joe with a head butt to the midsection and Evans with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Joe with a cross body and Mark tags in.and they chop Evans and Mark gets a near fall.  Mark with a forearm.  Mark with another slam.

Mark with a cobra clutch.  Evans gets to his feet and he punches Mark.  Evans with forearms but Mark with a slam and Joe tags in.  Joe with an elbow drop to the back and he gets a near fall.  Joe with a cravate and knees to Evans.  Evans with a back body drop but Joe stops Evans from making the tag.  Evans lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and he leaps over Joe to tag in Trick.  Trick with clotheslines and a jumping side kick to Mark.  Trick with a flying clothesline to Mark when Joe ducks.  Trick with a flapjack to Joe.  Trick hits a double uranage and he gets a near fall on both men.  Trick with a forearm.  Joe holds on to the ropes and Joe with a head butt and he tags in Mark.  They hit a double choke slam for a near fall.

Evans with a springboard clothesline to Mark.  Trick punches Mark and Mark punches back.  Trick with a round kick and he misses a cyclone kick by a good distance.  Mark with a jumping thrust kick for a near fall.  Joe gets the title belt and Red takes the belt from him.  Evans with a plancha onto Joe and Trick with a jumping knee for the three count.

Winners:  Trick Williams and Je’Von Evans

After the match, Lash Legend comes out and she makes her way to the ring.

Red and Evans leave the ring.

Lash says Trick has to be honest to her.  She asks if Trick attacked Noam and Oro.

Trick . . .

The lights go out and they come back on and . . .

Ethan Page attacks Trick from behind and pushes him into Lash.  Page punches Trick.

Page says he took out Noam and Oro.

Page with a running knee to Trick in the corner.

Page holds up the title belt.

We go to credits.

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